Must…get…to milk!

I’m… so… tired, but I… must…. reach… bottlecap…of  milk! [naps for a moment]

[pulls self up] ehn! must, reach…. delicious… milk!


must… not fall…in!

Robert Seber, you are a genius.



  1. Actually he looks like he’s smelling it… “Ewww, it’s buttermilk”….

    What a cutie!!!!!

  2. Little pink nosey!!!

    I love the caption, as well. Especially the ‘ehn!’ 🙂

  3. I love your captions!

  4. I love your captions!

  5. OMG!! *Squeals* SO CUTE!! I about fell out of my chair ’cause of the the cuteness!! Love your caption. gonna go faint, cuteness overload!!

  6. OMG! *faints*

    adorable 🙂

  7. lol cute =)))))))))))

  8. It’s so wee and aergaoreargfvkaweofaiwrjvk sorry got carried away with cuteness. Rule #14!!!!

  9. The captions make the picture! Love it!


  11. that bottlecap of milk can last a lifetime!

  12. Wahaaaa!

    Meg, is this what you do full-time? Because I’m pretty sure it’s better than my job. Sigh.

    Back to refuctoring T-SQL for client data migration extracts, with a pinch of reconditioning wheezy old laptops thrown in…

  13. w0rd to theo: this IS your job.

  14. w0rd to meg: CO makes even the bush administration not quite so bad.

    a brazillion thanks.

  15. Reminds me of when I had 300 hammies in my room (not exaggerating–my Mom presented me with a male and female, not quite prepared for their, erm, proclivities. They quickly populated any container they were put into!) and I’d hold the babies in my hand. They were so tiny and helpless…*sigh*


  16. wasn’t there a star trek episode about that?

  17. Theo, I’m right there with you.

    SO SO TIIINY 😀 I want a swarm of them to overrun the Bush administration and set up a new system of leadership. Hey, overthrowing in the Constitution!

    And this site, is the Constitution of Cute. I think instead of rules, they should be Amendments in said document.

  18. The Trouble with Tribbles, finn?

  19. See? This site always makes me feel better.

    Have a comic link.

  20. this is the sweetest valentines gift anyone can receive

  21. hashi, you draw well. you got the whole left brain/right brain thang goin’ on doncha.

    (i’m terrorised by a mound of work so i’m taking refuge here. like a baby hamster. u cnt see me.)

  22. Hey, since it’s V-Day, here’s a date for anybody who needs one:

    RIGHT(‘0’ + CONVERT(varchar(2), DATEPART(mm, COALESCE (tblAddresses.UpdateDate, 0))), 2)
    + ‘/’ + RIGHT(‘0’ + CONVERT(varchar(2), DATEPART(dd, COALESCE (tblAddresses.UpdateDate, 0))), 2)
    + ‘/’ + CONVERT(varchar(4), DATEPART(yyyy, COALESCE (tblAddresses.UpdateDate, 0))) AS ls_addr_update_date

    …gah. Not cute.

    So what’s our tally at now, for those avoiding their workload? I count three definites, so far.

  23. yr SQL + my siteflows = good UX.

    howz that for romance??

  24. wittle nose… wittle nose!

  25. “please sir, may i have some more?”

  26. Does anyone have any remedies for “AWWWWWW” overdose?

  27. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  28. BOTTLECAP of milk!!! Sooooooo precious! 🙂

  29. Thanks, finn. 🙂 I think I do, but I seriously lack creative abilities in certain aspects.

    Theo, that is indeed a cute date 😉 She got a friend by any chance?

  30. Well, I guess I’ve also got a “time” snippet. They seem to get along pretty well.

    Not off-topic or anything.

  31. SCCCcchhhllluuuurrrpp.

  32. Man, what a cute little critter. If you haven’t clicked the “fall in” link, you’re missing out on some major Cuteness.

    Still…I sure hope that milk was hamster safe!

    (see namelink for list of hamster-safe foods I found – I had no ideas the lil buggers could have fish!)

  33. tinnytinscutest!

  34. thank you very much for the list Grace! I have a hamster and likes to do researches on what they can or can’t in my spare time. And the list you provided is one of the most informational ones i’ve ever read ^___^ *quickly gets new veggies for hamster*
    By the way, roasted peanuts don’t contain salt right?

  35. “ehn!”


  36. And it’s a roborovski hamster…That breed seems to have perfected the art of making people melt into puddles of squishy goo.

  37. Omigod, the cuteness!!! I can’t stand it!!! EEE, so CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  38. *passed out from cuteness*

  39. mouseluver says:

    aww cute howd u get hamster to do that lol