Snake on Thumb

Snake_on_thumb_1‘MK Ferg’ (looooove that name, I could say it all day; ‘Ferg!’) sent inthis delightful teeny snakie-kins. It’s a Pueblan Milk Snake! And it’sanerable.

Hint: if you click on the photo, you can see the snake smile. Also, I tried to make this photo as close as possible to actual size.



  1. GAH!!! Notcutenotcutenotcute!

  2. It’s so tiny! I’d want one, only I’d be scared of losing it.

    I’m not much of a wuss. I love snakes. <3

  3. I grew up in the country, snakes only bother me if they’re 1.) poisonous, and 2.) within a hundred miles of my son.

    Other than that, I’m probably one of the few girls who doesn’t scream at the sight of creepy-crawlies. Unless they’re parasites. THEN I get queasy. But I doubt you’d find them on Cute Overload…

    That snake looks almost like jewelry. He’s so cute!!


  4. Ellen Collison says:

    >>That snake looks almost like jewelry.< <

    Yeah – more chic than cute, I think…

  5. Mike Ferguson says:

    What are you talking about, this snake is not scary, hes so small, ill send a picture of my boas, lets see if those snakes get on the main page. I actually retured the one above so i could get two red tail boas.

  6. Aww so cute and teeny! I think I’d prefer a bigger snake, as someone else above said, I’d be afraid of losing the little guy.

  7. Ahhh!! I concur with the earlier post. As a snake-phobic this was definitely not cute in any way, but scary and unpleasant. Please hide the scary, scary snakes and spiders.

  8. ah, but grasshopper, it is only through confronting fear that we overcome it.

    (a snake’s not cute even when it smiles?? man, y’all are tough.)

  9. Beauregard says:

    Wow, I’m not afraid of snakes, but I’ve never considered them cute. This one though- he’s pretty cute due to his size and crafty ability to arrange himself.

  10. Not cute!

  11. It is cute! Compears to the photoes of snakes I have seen it is! There are lolots of cute snaikeys in animations I have seen 🙂

  12. “Red next to yellow can kill a fellow,
    “Red next to black is a friend of Jack”

  13. NOT CUTE NOT CUTE. I need a safe snake free environment. I can’t be expecting to see puppies and kittens and then see a snake. I can’t even look at pictures of them!!

  14. No more snake photos pretty please. Not cute, really.

  15. NOT







  16. I looooooove snakes! My bf and I have four adorable corn snakes. And that is a very very cute little snake! If you have to restrict snake photos, could you at least let them have their own page that people who are snakeophobes could ignore? Equal rights for cute snakes!

  17. I’m pretty snake phobic myself, but I think that it’s not fair to leave them out just because I don’t prefer them. They are fascinating animals and this little guy is as cute as a snake is going to get. I say them them have their snakes, just scroll on by…

  18. it’s a photo!!!! you are not in any danger, chill. and i know lots and lots of girls who like “creepy crawlies” and i know lots of wussy men who don’t.
    i like snake, he is cute

  19. I love the tiny snake smile!


  20. VERY CUTE!

    The title says: Snake on Thumb…if you have an issue with snakes, don’t click. Come on. Don’t deprive the rest of us.

    Please continue posting little snakes!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t have a snake phobia, but I’ve never felt they fit the criteria for “cute.” Beautiful maybe–and this one is very photogenic–but not cute.

  22. Awww. That looks like Sning from the Incarnations of Immortality series. I always wanted a Sning.

  23. Agh snake agh snake! Snaaake snaaake, ooooh it’s a snake… it’s a badger– stopping.

    Snake. 😀

  24. Gah, I can’t believe you guys don’t think this is cute. He’s adorable — especially if you click on the picture, it really looks like he’s grinning happily.

  25. IS TOO CUTE. Him lovely, want him. SMILEY AWWW!

    I’d almost be in favor of segregating the adorable cold-bloodeds just because it makes me so mad to see people freak out over something like this. Big ol’ babies.

  26. MEG!!! what are you thinking???
    Snakes are creepy.
    Creepy is the opposite of cute.
    A small creepy thing is more insidious than a big creepy thing. It gets inside. It could be anywhere. It gets to you. EEW!
    Make it go away.

  27. Yeah…snakes are not cute…ever.

  28. Snakes are lots of things, but CUTE??? I don’t think so. I agree with Dara– when you’re looking for kittens and puppies and see a snake, it’s not the same.

  29. i don’t like snake’s sorry

  30. I am by no means a fan of snakes, but his little smile is too adorable and he’s very teeny…Yep..cute!

  31. To the above whiners: get out of my gender. You’re embarassing the rest of us. It’s a picture! What are you, ten year old girls? Don’t like, pass over.

    I find this little one adorable. I’d love to have a pretty snake like that, though I’d want mine at least big enough to curl around my arm instead of my thumb. I could freak out people by walking outside with it. <3

  32. The_Dude_Abides says:

    To those who fuss about snakes and other mammals not being cute: Don’t be such a cute dictator and/or get your own blog if you don’t like what’s on here. If seeing something you don’t think is cute is the worst thing in your day then you’re doing really well. Don’t fuss! Just move along. One person’s cute is another person’s eyesore. Lighten up, this is supposed to be a happy website. If you must fuss, take it to LiveJournal and let the rest of us bask in the cuteness.

  33. I really like snakes, they’re great! This particular one is super small and so precious. His smile is the best. Have you ever held a snake? It’s fascinating the way they move and slither and they’re just all around cool. This one looks like an bracelet, non?

  34. I love and admire your blog, but:

    Snakes, no matter how they look like, are YUCKY! 😦

    Please don’t post such stuff again! 😦

  35. NOT CUTE! ahhhhh so not cute… don’t care how little it is a snake is NEVER cute and should NEVER be on a site called cuteoverload

  36. ridgemama_orama says:

    awwww. snakies are cutie-mers, ‘specially when they are so clearly happy and smilin away. awwww!!!

  37. wow, i’ve never seen so many pansies, and i own a pansy farm! seriously, you ophidiophobes need to be bitten by something fierce.

  38. Awwww…

    Poor snakes always get such a bad rap! This little guy isn’t creepy at all! He’s a sweetie, and looks so well-mannered. I want one.

  39. Indeed. I know plenty of people who are phobic of rodents, but I like how people have been civil about it here IMHO. Some reptiles having a bad reputation isn’t any different.

  40. Awwwwww soooo cute!! I want one! I’ve always loved snakes and reptiles and amphibians and all other animals all over the world… unless it has more than 4 legs. More than 4 I don’t like it. Cute little teeny tiny baby snakey.

  41. A snake that can curl around a person’s thumb, especially with the little “smile”, is cuter than the gratuitous boob shot or those dumb shoes. I vote for having the occasional cute snake shot.

  42. I am scared to death of snakes, but damn it; this is cute.

    All you haters should acquaint yourselves promptly with the rules of cuteness. You can find it on the left margin. Under categories*.

    *see nos. 2&14

  43. He’s a sweetie! Milk snakes are very docile and affectionate. I like his little smile.

  44. SO CUTE!

  45. Not to point fingers, but what is cute about that?

  46. Oh, puh-leeze.

    I’m full-blooded female and adore snakes to bits– kudos on this post! I get the feeling that you won’t do it again due to the naysayers above but it’s adorable. Elegant. Chic.

    I love mammals, don’t get me wrong, but really, variety isn’t a sin.

    Neither is freedom of expression. It’s Meg’s blog, girls! She can post what she wishes!

  47. Doesn’t this violate some cuteness, ahem, rule of thumb?

  48. Thank you for posting the cute snakey pic and pooh on all the whiners. I LOATHE dogs but don’t bitch about the quantity of puppy pics posted. Let us reptile-lovers have some of our brand of cute too!
    I love this little guy. I guess I should have taken pics of my baby corn snake back when he could fit in a Dixie cup. 😀

  49. Stop being snake haters.

    This snake is ADORABLE.

  50. stephanie says:

    no snake hate! snakes and lizards and other reptiles can be JUST AS CUTE as buns and kitties and pups. Just scalier.

  51. Eeeee, eensy! 😀

    I have a snake called wilf hes a corn snake

  53. I’m a girl and I LOVE snakes! I’ve always wanted one. I held a milk snake on my birthday and almost convinced my dad to buy it for me as a gift, but my mom talked him out of it. Now that I’m all moved out, maybe I can finally get one. Awesome animals, and YES they ARE cute!

  54. And by the way, I’m kind of offended that so many people find snakes creepy. Honestly, what have snakes done to all these people who are afraid of them? I’ve never understood it. It’s like they’re against legless creatures, who are SO COOL!