Cubby cubbin’ it, ya’ll

I’m sure ya’ll have seen this one, but I just had to post an official pic. Peeps down at the San Diego Zoo had two lion cubs, of which "Koza", below, is one. Unfortunately, his twin died.To encourage social behavior they introduced a Mastiff puppy for Koza to play with. The photos are very sweet.


Big thanks to Wendy "Hot Coffee" D.



  1. Whaaaaaa i love him!

  2. The pictures of those two are adorable, and the picture you posted is so precious… It will definately be an icon in about 2minutes after I finished cropping and adding text XP

  3. Oh, they did not….they did….GAH! This is just like the hamster and the snake. ;-; Shoot me now! Too cute…over..load…error! Error!

  4. omg! this cub is sooooo sweet, i could jst pick him up and cuddle him!!

  5. “that damn dog took a bath in my water bowl again? fer serious?? oh, i will get him back this time you can be sure of that…”

  6. This story is off-the-charts-cute! Here’s a link to the adorable video.

    (Click on the video “Zoo Pairs Lion Cub, Puppy”)

    Try to make it through *that* without fainting from overload! 🙂

  7. The exppression on the cub’s face in the above photo is priceless. And the playing photos – AAAAAA! Of course, it will be interesting once Koza gets stronger… 🙂

  8. omg its soo cute so cute
    so cute its making me sick with cutness

  9. Beauregard says:

    Oh wow, he is so beautiful but so completely adorable, like a cartoon kitten with those eyes. LOVE the extra photos, especially #s 4 and 13.

  10. Oh I love his widdle puddy paws!!! The pics on the origin site show some great paw-age!!!!

  11. His face almost looks human, with that enigmatic Mona Lisa smile on his anerable face…

    (…oh man, I actually SAID “anerable”…see what y’all have done to me?!)

    #4 is the CUTEST pic I’ve ever seen! It’s gonna be a wallpaper ASAP.


  12. [09:56] schmoopie: i saw that! followed the link from CO. isn’t it great? lookit ’em play!
    [09:56] schmoopie: of course, in a year, the tiger will eat him.
    [09:56] theo: OK, *NOW* I want a dog.
    [09:56] theo: No wait.
    [09:56] theo: I want a LION.
    [09:56] schmoopie: does it have to come with its own tiger?
    [09:56] schmoopie: er, lion. sorry.
    [09:57] schmoopie: right now doggie seems to be getting the best of him in most of the tussles. but i’ll be that’s going to rapidly change.
    [09:57] theo: Just bidin’ his time wit dem big ol paws…
    [09:57] schmoopie: …and big ol fangs…
    [09:58] schmoopie: that’s not going to be a small dog, either. but not lion-sized.
    [10:01] theo: You had the bowl all morning! It’s MY turn, pupface!
    [10:01] schmoopie: LOL!
    [10:02] schmoopie: in the lion’s sudden snarl, the pup hears a warning of things to come…

  13. Do not look into the eyes, you will be in his power…. *too late*

  14. those eyes …

  15. look at those eyes! so sweet and innocent looking.

  16. Theo! you forgot: “end scene” (dramatic pause for applause)


  17. So, uh, why was it necessary to Photoshop that animal’s eyes? They look completely bogus.

  18. See, that’s why it’s *your* blog.

  19. Huh. Those photos of the pup and cub together seem not so sweet to me… more like the cub is thinking “get this spastic freakin’ puppy away from me!” It seems seriously annoyed.

  20. The absolute cutest ever!

  21. Hey peeps — StuffOnMyCat is back up. FYI.

  22. OK I’m posting way too much but one last thing…

    Mack, I watched the video in the article that Mo linked to, and those cub eyes aren’t retouched. See for yourself. You may “Aaaawwwwwwww” in safety and confidence.

  23. OMG, THE EYES! I think I might cry. Hold me.

  24. Look at that expression!! It’s so sweet! It’s like he’s saying, “Uhhhh, I didn’t do it, honest. Look how cute I am. How could something so cute do anything bad?”

    I love him. He wants to be my Valentine!

  25. Hee!

    In the video, there’s a moment where Cairo the dog is getting called out for something and he has a very similar expression on his mug.

    “What?!? I didn’t do anything…”

  26. I can’t believe how cute he is…

  27. This has soooooo been photoshopped…

  28. You are soooooo not paying attention…

  29. looks too photoshoped, really don’t like it

  30. Unfortunately this cub had to be euthanized after someone was careless and removed a barrier keeping him from a lioness that was not his mother. She mauled him beyond repair 😦

  31. well, that sucks.