Back to the Monday grind

That weekend was waaaaaaay to short. Maybe some coffee will wake me up.


Props to Bumpoowilly!



  1. Sweet Hammie! What is it that makes cute little critters even cuter what they’re placed in cups?…

  2. Beauregard says:

    Hammie! I drink you!


  4. That’s a sweet cuppa!

  5. “…as the future Mayor of CuteVille, I promise that every Citizen will enjoy the privileges of a Corvette in every garage and a Hamster in every cup…”


  6. May I please kiss his teeny pink nose??? *smooooch*

  7. Awww… it’s Lipton’s Cup-O-Cricetinae!

  8. “Hamster, Hamster Helper
    Helps you
    Make a great meal.”

    thank you for the hammie, meg. monday is not so … monday-ish now.

  9. That photo’s got “Photoshop” written all over it…but it’s still cute.

  10. oh no…it’s too much…i will definitely have a cup of that cuteness…it makes mondays and tuesdays and all days at work bearable – or hammie-able.

  11. Too….cute!!!Must…suck…lemons!

  12. Thank you!!! This helps my mood.

  13. Q – nice one.

  14. Ah, the “every slightly unusual scene must be Photoshopped” response. It doesn’t look Photoshopped to me; the shadows, lighting and depth of field are consistent and realistic.

    And really, it’s not such an unlikely scene that it would need to be Photoshopped — most hamsters fit nicely in cups, no?

    It’d be even more classic if the hamster’s name was Joe, but that’s probably too much to ask.

  15. *sings*
    The best part of waking up, is Hamster in my cup!

  16. *points above to the comment posted by Joanna*

    I started singing that…in tune. With an added part of “With French Vanilla cream~!”. XD

  17. Waiter, there seems to be a hamster in my cup.

  18. Excuse me, lisa, I don’t think every slightly unusual scene must be Photoshopped. Just this one. There is merely something about the hammie that is not consistent with the background.

    But anyway, my point was that, although I’m not convinced that this scene occurred naturally, it is still very cute. Happy?

  19. Alyson, sorry to pick on you. I read a few other photoblogs where it seems every slightly interesting photo gets a reactionary commenter who says: “OMG it must be Photoshopped!” It’s tiring and predictable, especially as 95% of those photos are perfectly plausible, both technically and in terms of the content.

    Which isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of Photoshopping going on out there — some of which is very skilled.

    Still, this shot looks realistic to me, particularly with the lighting, the color balance and the shallow depth of field. You can even see a color-cast reflection from the hamster’s fur on the white interior of the cup; I doubt your garden-variety Photoshop forger would have thought of that.

    But yes, we both can agree it’s cute!

  20. hm that looks photoshopped. i’m not convinced.

  21. Aw, he’za fat pile’o fur!

    In a coffee cup!

  22. Jessica — it’s not Photoshopped, it’s GIMPed. Heh.

    And anyway, really, who cares? This isn’t about forensic evidence for a court of law; it’s about da CUBBLEKINS in the court of AWWWWWWW. If someone can successfully make a pic cuter with a little digital wizardry (and good luck with that), hell, more power to ’em. Makes my day either way.

  23. It makes me want to change all my Rs and Ls to Ws. As in: “wook at his wittle nosey and cwossed eyes! i wuv hammie.” for such a little guy, he sure is a chunk, which is subliiiime! (sing sublime like a choir of angels, please.)

  24. [coughing] it’s to cute can’t take it [thump]

  25. Tim – i don’t care, either.


    but it’s much cuter if it looks real.

  26. Woods walker says:

    A rodent in my coffee cup is never cute. Some other place is okay though.

  27. Meg, you deserve to be placed under arrest for attempt to mass-murder using intolerable hammie-cuteness as your weapon!

  28. He looks so much like my old hamster. I still miss him. Anyways, hes ADorable and I love hamsters they are SUPERCUTE

  29. Has anyone commented on the clever joke in the caption? (Grind? Get it??)

    Good one, Meg! 🙂

    And it doesn’t look at all Photoshopped to me. I agree with whoever said that untampered-with photos are funnier, but this one looks completely legit. I mean, why take the trouble to Photoshop something when you can just stick a hammie in a cup and take a picture?