Welcome, Londoners

Article_london_times_1Read about Cute O in the Style section of the Sunday Times today, did you? Well welcome to the Cuteness™! Click image to pop, so you can read it. We’re listed on the ‘Loving it’ page in the column of ‘Going up, Going down’.

Thank you sooo mach! [say in British accent]

  Style01  Style02   Style03_1

Super props to Peter D. for scanning these pages.



  1. congrats hey! 🙂

  2. Filet-O-Fish says:

    That is so NICE! Congratulations!

  3. “one, two three … ahhhhh”?

  4. Great! Congratulations!

  5. ohh yay, thats so cool that my fave blog is in a british magazine

  6. why am i so stupid i go on this website every day and luagh my head of at all the cute pistures when they are supposed to be cute not funny

  7. I dont know why i wrote about the website when im suposed to be writing about the stupid magazine things,well anyway they are shit

  8. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Coolness! Congrats again…Your Site is ssssooooo famous!
    & while I’m at it I too have asked you to “show me the bunny!” You have…Abundantly so! Thanks again! I know tis because you get so many posts that it’s hard to remember who all wrote what comments…No worries! I’m just sayin’.

  9. cool dude dog lover says:

    How is this cute?

  10. Congratulations! Viva la cuteness!

  11. zillahgirl says:

    Possibly because it’s related to the site itself, cool dude, can we have one drama-free comments thread?

  12. here’s something that’s more “intellectually cute:”


  13. Behold, the Sunday Times covers not just London but the whole of the UK. My brother (Peter D, possibly not the same one) pointed this out to me yesterday. You were also mentioned in the daily press (The Scotsman, I think) a few days previously, with bunny picture.

    But you have had a UK presence for a while already. At least, you’ve had me.

  14. …I’m a UK cute fan, too! And from the North Of England, so I’d say “So mooooch”…

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Kirsten, I’m not your brother. 🙂

    I caused the London confusion in my e-mail to Meg,
    I didn’t know if there was a US Sunday Times so
    I called it the (London) Sunday Times.

    It’s delivered to all parts of the UK, even
    the wild part of Wales I live in.

  16. i saw that! i was all ‘AHHHOHMAHGAWDDZZZ! CUTEOVERLOAD!’ but i did that out loud ^__^

  17. well i’m from northern ireland and i read it!

  18. what dose that have to do whith cute

  19. How wonderful! Forgive me for adding the “London” to it—so glad it’s all of UK. Thanks for clarifyin’.

  20. That’s quite OK – just wanted to make it clear you ARE taking over the whole country, not just the metrop. I’m in Scotland myself…

    (Those Peter D’s who are not my brother undoubtedly outnumber those who are…)

  21. This is where I heard of this site. Huzzah for the Times!

    Oh and another thing, even when you type a brittish accent is sounds bad.


  22. pistache268 says:

    Yes, that’s how I got here. Very good magazine. And tons of people buy it. Big newspaper!