Lazy Saturday

Plucked from the “Baby animals” cluster by E to the C, it’s a prosh “Blue Oriental” kittle.Dreamz1_blue_orientalThanks go out to Dreamz1 Flickr stream



  1. Adorable, and such a beautiful color. I want to nibble on his/her little paw pads ^.^

  2. iHateToast says:

    i love paw pads. they’re plump and soft and smell like corn chips!

    it’s sunday 6:30 am Brisbane time…. and i’m off to a great start with cuteoverload. bring on life’s uglies… i’m protected by a proshield. like a panty shield, but with less adhesive and okay to display in public.

  3. So cuuuute!!!
    Floppy bat ears!!! Pointy nosy!!!

  4. camelqueen says:

    that is a cute cat it looks like my friends cat named Yoda but only hers is black and died lol yay its snowing out side!!!!!!! but its not sticking!!

  5. It’s the holy paw! The holy paw!! *Squeals and dies*

  6. Alejandra Barahona H. says:

    Esto es lo mejor que he visto en muchisimo tiempo, sigan poniendo fotos para verlas siempre, me alegraron el día.

    Soy de Chile, y desde aqui los felicito por lo que han hecho.

    Congratulation, your page is really great

  7. E. Collison says:


    “E to the C”?! You’re making me feel like I should start rhyming on “Walk This Way.” 🙂

    And hey, there are lots more lovely kittens in that baby animal photo pool…

  8. I want to pet the little paw – please!

  9. I love how cats can squeeze their eyes shut so tight you can barely see a crease. This gives them Cozy Superpowers. You can’t look at them without an intense desire to curl up and take a nap yourself. He has big ear to head ratio, but the domed skull counteracts to provide full cuteness factor.

  10. eeee! cat feet!!!

  11. what tyhe hell does prosh mean?

  12. Look into my paw. You are getting sleepy…very sleepy.

  13. Hey, I understood the Spanish post from Chile, and I dont’ even speak Spanish. It’s thanks to the Power of Cuteness, I tell ya!

  14. cool dude dog lover says:

    I have never seen a blue cat before. Adorable.

  15. I don’t think this is what is meant with the expression “all ears”, but… this baby could be named Dumbo!

    And that PAW! *kiss-kiss-kiss*

  16. The best pic..thank you for posting. I want to bite that little paw…

  17. Oh, now I know that my dearest Logan is not only alive and well after running away from the new house, but he is apparently the proud papa of his exact likeness!!!

    Way to go, you stud, Logan! I miss you, but the sweetness that surely is your progeny makes it all worth it!!!

    Nothing like a blue-grey kitty… I wish I weren’t addicted to this site… L

  18. Wow, that is just beautiful. Beyond cute and aww.. to just.. what a beautiful thing nature has given us! Cats rule! Yeah! 🙂

  19. sooooooooooooooooo cute….
    and so tender……
    it makes me feel like i just want to hug him forever!!!
    sweet dreams baby..

  20. wow!!!! i had never seen blue cat before so lovable cat muah!!!