Sis? Is…is that you!?

Going to the DailyKitten site is like visiting the twin you never knew existed. I instantly felt cozy there! I wonder whhhhyyyy? A daily dose of kittens—what could be better?11360392781sthobophotoThanks for the tip, Monica H.!



  1. I almost exploded after seeing today’s Daily Kitten, and reading this little Hobo’s story.


    (you gotta stop this… I’m a 35-yr-old I.T. dude, fer crysakes; it’s unseemly)

  3. Awwwwww cute kitty 😀 ^_~

  4. I’ve been visiting the Daily Kitten for a while now. It was so upsetting when there was no post yesterday. But all was well when I saw TWO posts today to make up for it. Wheeeeeeewww!

    Theo, I too am a closet awwwwwww’er so I feel your cute kinda pain.

    By the way, another regular site for me is stuffonmycat. Anyone know why it’s been down for several days now?

  5. Never heard of that place xD

  6. Hey Theo, what if we did a ‘men of CuteOverload’ calendar? I mean, a guy that likes Cute and has a sense of humor?! Is that even possible? [say in Seinfeld voice]

  7. Ehh… I’m not into the calendar idea for myself. Feel free to use the cat, tho.

  8. I also have been a regular at since before I found Cute O. I find that each one satisfies a different area of my cutie bone.

  9. I like the Daily Kitten quite a bit, but prefer Cute Overload because of it’s variety in cuteness (helloooooo swimming hedgehog), lovely pastel stripes, plus you have more than one update per day.

  10. omg…those eyes…that face…the nose… and the white chest…please… stop…gasp…faint…thud

  11. That website…It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and…d’awwww. THOSE KITTENS. They are cute enough to be edible.

  12. What a beautiful kitten!

  13. I “awwwwwed” out loud.

    Stop it.

  14. Woods walker says:

    Meg, I am a over fifty retired Army National Guardsman and I visit this site everyday. I will keep doing so as long as it is posssible. I fear little and love cuteness. If you knew what I looked like you would have second thoughts on a “Men Of Cute Overload” calender. Woods Walker

  15. OMG that is to cute that home page is awsome

  16. Great Whiskered Eyebrows, meg — that is one cute animal.

    Woods Walker, thx for the mantra that got me thru a 3hr death march on the bike this morn.


    v affirming.

    and theo, shut up & get in the calendar already.

  17. cool dude dog lover says:

    It’s like he’s seen a ghost!

  18. I think that hummm guys who fear little and love cuteness are purty darn cool in my book…and kittens with huge eyes make me want to faint from the cute quotient…ahhhhhh fainting…

  19. Chuckle chuckle cute pic

  20. That little girl’s name is Hobo, and we just love her. What a surprise to see her pic here! Thanks for all your admiration. Her story is just a miracle. She is growing quickly, almost 7 months old now, and just had her spay done yesterday. We love her very much, and although she’s grown into those bat-ears a bit, her whiskers are as long and white as ever. There are more pics of her on my blog.