Bunny, dish, carrot

Lisa asks that we “show her the bunny” (wince) so here he is! Teeny bun-bun, served up in a dish. Oh, and a large carrot. Thanks, LL Cool Leese.Snow1ioana1



  1. My, that is quite the carrot. Cute *and* hardcore.

  2. …..wow….. just wow

  3. Oh Theo, we must share the same messed up mind…

  4. Awwww!!!!!
    Dis is do cute!!! I have to copy that onto my heartdrive.

  5. New category: Bunnies & Boners

  6. I’D EAT HIM! ^_^ *genki evil smile*

  7. Gah! Too much cutenss…

    *head explodes*

  8. The lil thing doesn’t look that impressed by said carrot. Maybe s/he thinks it’s more than s/he can handle!
    I’m a veggie, but if someone served me bunny in a bowl like this in a restaurant, I’d give in and take it home with me 🙂

  9. I am more than a bit concerned that this seems to be taking place in a kitchen…

  10. i’ll have the same as her please. good enough to eat. yummy

  11. The bunny looks intimidated by the carrot.

  12. Nobody has ever, previously, cornered the market on both Cute and Porn. Never before has a heartbreakingly adorable bunny starred in her own little porn vignette. “NSWF” has a whole new meaning.

  13. AWWWWWWW!!!! I WANT THAT LIL BUNNY!!! So adorable, no beyond adorbale, I want to snuggle him and kiss him and love him to death!

  14. marshmello says:

    tat freaking carrot is harassing the poor bunny! what kind of joke is this!!

  15. that carrot look awfully phallic.

  16. Red and white, remind me of Swiss

  17. This is the teeniest cutest bunny ever. What a great pic. I hope the carrot doesn’t hurt him…

  18. Agree with John Salmon … Cute + Porn – now that’s a first!!! Ado-freaking-rable!

  19. Mmmmm, PIE….

    (Sorry. Sorry. Weebl and Bob fan of three years good standing. Sorry.)

  20. is that a carrot or are you just happy to see me….sorry i just had to

  21. look at the bun-bun

  22. Aren’t we missing a recipe here?

  23. also missing Sexy Chicken…

  24. uhh… how bout we make a new category called… “cock and bunny”… i don’t know. but really it looks wrong.

  25. cool dude dog lover says:

    Can I have some wine with that?

  26. Hehe!! he fits in the bowl!! How Osm!

  27. Um…hate to burst your bubbles…but there isn’t a carrot in that picture >.> had too…but the bunny is just TOO CYUTE!!! *melts into a mindless blob*

  28. whats that bunny trying to do??? Get eaten!?!?
    Its so cute people!

  29. I am not going to eat that carrot, it’s too big and I’ll get fat, and when I get fat you’ll eat me, and I don’t want that. You’ve already put me in this bowl…

  30. please tell me what kind of bunny that is!!!??

  31. teehee. it’s in the bowl! classy! it eats and sleeps in the same place.

  32. Awww…the carrot is about to eat the bunny!

  33. “put ’em up rabbit!” “but its duck season!” “its rabbit season” “its duck season!” “its rabbit season” “ok it rabbitt season” “ok…well there goes the duck” BOOM!!!