Rule #16—Shoot. Nevermind.

For the longest time, I was planning to do Rule #16: Possums Can Never, Ever, EVER be Cute. I mean, it has ALWAYS been irrefutable—undeniable! Until now.

As my younger sister said as soon as she grew strong enough to beat _me_ up for a change: "Ah! so NOW the TABLES ARE TURNED!"

It’s true. Possums can be cute, and here is the proof, thanks to one Meg C.:


And again in an artful pose, just waiting to be re-created in your Drawing 101 class:


Big props to serg at University of SouthAustralia who posted the original photos that Meg C. found. Schweet.



  1. Holy cute possum! Who woulda thunk it?

  2. how are possums not cute? look at that schnozz!!! it’s so squeal-worthy. let me illustrate my point…..

  3. Why can’t they remain like that forever? I’m sure people would take a liking to them.

  4. Meh. Li’l baaaaaaaby possumkinses, like most baby animals, are exempt from the Never Cute designation. Otherwise…

  5. I always thought of opossums to be creatures of the devil, but this one is rather cute.

    I suppose only the fullgrown ones are imbued with evil.


  6. Do I smell a cuteness trifecta? Rules 2, 13, and 14? Oh, shoot! and now with Rule 16!

  7. Wook at da cuuute widdle possum! You’re right, though, hashi, grown ones are ‘creatures of the devil’…

  8. Juicy#13 on the top pic looks suspicious! has it been photoshop-enhanced?? i smell a rat!! er, apossum.

    [shoot, i’m just grumpy cos i need an intervention or something to tear me away from this.]

  9. omg – it’s the wittle fingers and toes and tail….help me..faint

  10. AuntieMame says:

    Is there a rule for “If you can curl your tail, it’s cute”?

  11. Rule #16: If your ears are bigger than your head, it doesn’t matter how un-cute your species in general is.

  12. You sure that’s a possum? Looks like the sugarglider my friend had in college…

  13. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  14. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  15. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  16. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  17. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  18. I think the tail is unparalelled in cuteness and untility

  19. Doesn’t that top picture look like Fievel from An American Tail? All he needs is an oversized newspaper-boy’s cap.

  20. can’t something be so ugly it’s cute, just out of sheer empathy? meg? any comments?

  21. i seriously think that second one is a painting.


  23. oh my, now that is darn cute!

  24. ::thud::

  25. It looks like the little creature from “The Flight Of The Navigator!”

  26. BWAAHAHAHA!! Casey, I was about to make the same observation!

    (I always wanted that cool spaceship, too…)

    The second pic looks like it’s been worked on, but I gotta agree–baby possums are CUTE. Adult ones, however, look…oogy…


  27. mejezabel says:

    opossumbly cute!

  28. I once held the Rule 16 opinion myself…until one night a small gray baby possum wandered into my house to nibble the cats’ food, and I spent the better part of an hour trying to shoo it back outside. Unfortunately, I couldn’t accomplish it because…it was just too *polite*. When I tried to shoo it somewhere with my shouts or my big scary broom or something, it would simply walk with a complete lack of hurry to some other hiding place, like “Okay, if you don’t like me there, I’ll just go over here, then. Don’t mind me!”

    It ended up perched on the end of a rolled up piece of posterboard that was standing in a corner, head in and little butt sticking out, as if hiding his eyes would make the big crazy lady go away. Now that I knew how utterly docile it was, I finally took a chance and just picked it up by the tail (which promptly wrapped around my wrist, of course), hustled over to the front door and deposited him gently on the front stoop. There was a tiny thin trail of wetness after him as he wandered away in bewilderment — the poor thing got so nervous being picked up that he peed!

    As said before, adult possums are hellspawn. But that little guy was the sweetest. Cutest. Thing. (say it with me now) EVAH!

  29. Awww he’s adorable! The first picture he looks so sad, like he’s saying, “Please don’t hurt me.”

  30. yes, many things can be so ugly they’re cute … a baby moose, earth shoes … but this little guy’s a clear winner!

  31. “I shall call it, ‘Possum in repose.'”

  32. iHateToast says:

    OOOpossums are never cute. possums like the ring tailed and brushtails are precious. they don’t look at all like those scaryass things that you see in the States.

    and then baby of precious is muah.

  33. OK, I have to say in possums’ defense that what they lack in cuteness, they do make up for in civility. They are constantly coming up on my back porch to eat out of food dishes I leave out for the random stray cat. I have sat and watched cat/possum etiquette for long periods of time, and the possum usually waits his turn quite willingly. But last night was the best. Cat said “You go first” then possum said, “No, after you” and so on and so forth until finally the possum gave up and took a bite or two and then left out of courtesy. So there is a cuteness about possums… You just have to watch a while to see it come out in the personality. Besides, I like the way they waddle just like my fat cat. It’s kinda cute.


  34. oh my geez! supah cute!

  35. Charles Buchanan says:

    iHateToast is right–this is an Australian possum, which is a whole different animal from the American opossum. How to tell them apart? Possums are always cute. Opossums are not. 🙂

  36. Those are australian possums. The Virginia opossum (American type) is a different critter.

    But I think that American “o”possums are so ugly, they are cute. You just have to love something so sorry-looking.

  37. I’m sorry but ALL baby possums can be cute :

  38. Whoa. RKEM is just plain right. Thou shalt click.

  39. Possums are cute. Always have been, always will be.
    Rule #17???
    SPIDERS are never cute. Neither are centipedes. *shiver*

  40. Yeah, those are Possums, which are not quite the same as Opossums. I used to hate opossums, but I worked at a wildlife rehab center over the summer and we had tons and tons of baby opossums, and they were truly adorable. They have these giant heads and ears and wee little people hands! Opossums are very misunderstood. They are great to have around your garden because they eat slugs and bugs and only like fruit that has fallen from the tree. They are pretty harmless. They do grow up to be kinda ugly, but they are still just ugly sweethearts. Who fart a lot.

  41. Wow, the picture of the baby possum on the flowers is PRETTY as well as cute!!!

  42. American opossums may not be cute, but Australian possums are!

    That said … eeee, curly tail! 😀

  43. yeah– that second picture is definitely a painting.

  44. Very cute

  45. What can I say? Just plain cute to boot! Even animal babies are special as shown in this photo.

  46. Doubleclick says:

    Hey! Stop knocking the American opposum! They most certainly are cute, especially the adults.

    Sure, they’re a bit sticky-looking compared to your average rabbit, but it’s that Oscar-the-Grouch-ness that makes them so appealing to me.

    My fiancée and I were driving through Pennsylvania at night and a car sped around us, overtaking. About 500 yards down the road we found an opossum writhing on its back in our lane, almost certainly struck by the speeding car.

    We got out and I carefully lifted it up. It was easily as beautiful as any other animal I’d seen. Had we been in another place we would have taken it to a vet’s, but the people who stopped and saw it looked us like we were crazy and said nobody around there would deal with opossums. We had to move it into the nearby field and watch it until it was able to walk away.

  47. As many have already said . . . that possum is just sooo cute *__*

    And another . . . he looks like a cute little puppy awww

  48. Awwwww cute! =3

  49. tigerfood says:

    I lived in Australia for a year and there are possums EVERYWHERE, at least in Brisbane…and the Australian possum is reaaalllly cute, baby or adult!

  50. Now those are “puppy dog” eyes if I ever saw ’em!
    Soooo sweet.

    And there are some creatures that are so ugly, they’re ugly. Like Sam (RiP)
    Dang. He looks like the Crypt Keeper’s dog, poor thing. 😦

  51. NO NO! “Possums” are an Australian animal, they are very cute. They are not the same as the North American OPUSSUM.

  52. Catcher, what about Happy Face Spiders? These guys cured me of my arachnophobia:

  53. Cowshark, that thing is not cute. When I looked at it, I shrieked and swore and nearly fell off the bed. Spiders are evil. Yes, I know I am being unfair, because they are good for the environment and all that (eating bugs), but they are SCARY. They have too many legs…what do they need all those legs for? For crawling all over you and laying eggs in your ear while you sleep…


    BTW, the baby possum is super cute.

  54. Awwwww, that little guy looks like he’s saying “Where’s my mommy?” I had no idea they were born that small. What a cutey!

    My parents have an opossum that lives around their house, they’ve named him and call him they’re little garbage disposal…and they wonder why he’s been getting fat 🙂

  55. I couldn’t be bothered to read all the comments because I was in such a hurry to say I think BABY possums are the cutest baby animals in local wildlife… If you don’t think so, then you haven’t met one!!! rescue.htm

    They have the curiosity of 10 juvenile cats and the dexterity of, well, something very dextrous, and they have such BEF that they actually pull it off as charming. Like Jude Law or something.

    Tried briefly to find a photo of a momma with her brood clinging to the fur on her back… priceless!!! When I do find it, you’ll be seeing my submission and changing your tunes about possums!! (we’ll change that nickname from “nature’s garbage collectors” to “nature’s recyclers” or something very eco-friendly like that)

    Save the cuteness!!

  56. Marsupial Gal says:

    Ohhhh, opossums and possums and ‘possm’s are the sweetest animals alive! The babies are cute but I really wish people would get over the idea that adult possums are “evil.” Reality check: They are polite (as others have noted), they will keep roaches and beetles and RATS out of your yard and home, they are clean (albeit smelly), they are shy and gentle, and they are physiologically unable to carry rabies. So there. Oh, and they make baby possums.

    P.S. If you DO find a wounded or car-struck opossum, please check to see if it has babies in its pouch. Sometimes they live even after the mother has been killed.

    That’s right, opossums — our ONLY North American marsupial — carry their young in their POUCH. What is not cute about that???

  57. I once had a baby possum in my closet. It was very cute. Irritating, but cute.

  58. Actuallly, those are opossums. Possums dont have the prehensile tail. Though it really doesn’t matter, thay’re still freaking cute!

  59. Opossums are always cute!! 😛

  60. A possum killed my cat! I’m serious!

  61. They’re never, ever, ever cute. Ever. I’ve even defended a snail and a black widow spider, but I will never be able to call those little hell beasts cute. Ever. Especially when they live in your garage and hiss at you every chance they get.

  62. Uh, is it worth pointing out that this morning there was about 3 possums in the middle of the road, in a way you dont wanna think about? nah, didnt think so

  63. YOUKIDDINME?! says:

    Possums CANT, I REPEAT CANT, be cute. Especially when their in the middle of the road with their guts and blood, as . . . . has pointed out

  64. wow, i’ve never seen anything like it. i’ve often wondered what these look like as babies. same with squirrels, i’ve always wanted to see a baby squirrel.


  65. That little guy is saying “PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS CUTE, DONT EAT ME!!!!!” darling photo. LUV LUV LUV baby critters!!

  66. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  67. awwww i think thats cute looks a bit like a little mousy yeah do a mouse picture and god i would be thankful!!

  68. Hey the HONEY possum is perhaps THE cutest animal alive. They are so small! They live of the nectar off a specific flower! If you still doubt that a possum can be cute check out these links:

    NOW, tell me they aren’t cute! One sad thing though…these little things are endangered 😦 I think the world should should be filled with honey possums to make everyone happy with their cuteness!

  69. Genevieve says:

    I knew someone that had a opposum as a pet (we would sometimes get them as babies at the vet I worked at when the mom would get hit by a car). She said it was one of the best pets she ever had. Very sweet. They only are “mean” in the wild because it’s their defense. They aren’t very fast but they have big nails and hiss. They are really sweet animals.

  70. The honey possum is really interesting looking with that crazy eating-nectar-out-of-flowers nose! (the true cuteness only shows in Mousey’s third link though.

    Is there a rule somewhere about animals sticking their noses in flowers? Because, THAT is always cute!

  71. Wow. I’ve encountered a couple of these nasty “dogs from hell” and then been spat at and chased. These photos just cannot be showing anything close to a possum. Can they?

    Love the curlicue tail.

  72. I love the first pic. It looks like a mouse

  73. Ah, c’mon now. Opossum are cute little things. Sure, they’re a bit scruffy-looking, but as was said above, they make up for any aesthetic faults with their wonderful personalities.

    I’ve known a couple of people to have opossum as pets, and they both said they were such sweet, affectionate little things. Also, they really like grapes.

    Those of you who think they’re hateful have no idea what you’re denying yourself. They’re really good-natured animals. The hissing and so forth is done out of fear of you. Believe me, I’ve lived in Georgia all my life and met quite a few opossum. They’re harmless.

    One more thing: everyone’s joked about opossum as being roadkill, but I once saw something heartwrenching. Two opossum, probably mates. One was clearly dead in the road, and the other was hovering over the body, droopy-eared and lost-looking, sniffing at the dead one. It looked up at me as I drove by, with this forlorn look. I immediately felt guilty, though I’d done nothing, personally.

    How can any animal that mourns its dead be ugly to you?

  74. All life morns their dead in there own ways. It is just that we haven’t really learned we our just an animal like all other animals ourself’s. This is where knowledge of other things in life is good to know. Everything in life trys to say alive when treatend. Just think if something came after you and you didn’t know anything about what was coming at you was. What would you do? How would you act? Knowledge gives us the wonder of knowing how to survive. It is an instinct that all living things have. So hopefully with knowledge everyone can learn to respect other living creatures which should be, Exactly equal all living things are made up of the exact same thing Particles, So then the difference truely lies in what Knowledge makes up our personalities. Being different because of where we live. Meaning that we don’t learn universal knowledge. We are a part of the solarsystem, which is only another part of the milky way galaxy. We are an intelligent life form. we truely need to learn we are not alone. respect should be given to all living things including that which makes life possible. The EARTH!!! Knowledge that we are all wonderful animals of the planet earth. Respect to you mr. or mrs, O Possum

  75. Cristina says:

    omg idk r u sure thats a possem that is way to cute to be a possem.

  76. O.K now from the pictures that I have seen…Opossums are NOT cute and honey possums ARE the cutest EVAH!!!!!!No seriously,they have those adorable long noses!!!!

    I think the second picture is a painting because,well,it doesnt look real enough.And the top pictures all like,PLEASE DON’T EAT ME FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CUTE,FURRY AND SMALL!!!!!!

    Ther’re soooooooo cute

  77. Toltrin says:

    OK, 2 rules when keeping Opposums for pets. 1, They ARE cute when small, but when they get to be an adult, they are aggresive animals. 2, NEVER EVER feed a Opposum DRIED fruit. 🙂

  78. ahhhhhhhh

  79. I love your animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1