Roo ‘n’ Rack

Yes, I said it. So sue me. I’d like to see a class action against Cute Overload. The judge would throw it out on principle. Oh, and It’s a male "rack" this time. I hope you’re HAPPY!

[I am—just LOOK at those ‘Roo lips!]


HUGE props to E. Collison, Special Forces, CO Army and Animal Pictures



  1. Dude, is it possible to be BOTH “juicy” AND “beady”!?

  2. E. Collison says:

    Yowza (blushing) and a thousand thanks… I cannot tell a lie – I saw this in a baby animal photo pool and absolutely *had* to send it in.

    Cheers to one and all!

  3. LOL! that Roo is so smiling!

  4. High BEF, but don’t the flowing eyelashes cancel that out?
    How adorable!

  5. Lick My Pickles says:


  6. I am a fan of Beady Eyes, myself. I don’t see what is so bad about them. 🙂

  7. Doubleclick says:

    I’m disgusted by your pun. It should have been “rack and ‘roo in”.

    I’ll get my coat.

  8. Well, I still think that introducing human clumsiness into the beastful cuteness is a bad idea. Also, should you proceed in this vein, you may prefer to select a rack w/o acne on it.


  9. It’s not acne – it’s a marsupial allergy.

  10. What a sweet Roo! He looks so kissable… and that’s not a case of BEF – those eyes are big and dreamy…

  11. are those his eyelashes? He couldn’t be any cuter, it should be declared illegal to be so cute!

  12. is it soft & warm, as well as beady-eyed and long-lashed? does it have little tickly-claws? such wee whiskered confection! O! *falls over.*

  13. Aww, these brauds need to stop sticking animals down their tops though. I’m not sure if they want us to stare at that or their breasts…otherwise, it’s sooo cute. Poor thing.

  14. IHateToast says:

    are we sure it’s a roo joey? could be a pademelon, wallaby, or any other smaller macropus type thing. i love to say macropus. (it’s a real word, so feel free to say it around your child who is surfing net instead of playing outside).

    i also think the dots are from a man with a shorn chest. no hair, dots? the boy be smoove.

    ah, meg, i love this site. thanks!

  15. what I’d give for those lashes….

    mama roos are sooo lucky.. they get to squish cuteness all the time!

  16. i don’t know what to say about this – it’s just so adorable! where the heck did that guy get this little roo anyway? lucky!

  17. LOL to everyone – a male rack.

    clearly this is the site for people with a sense of humour.

    keep it up meg – everything you touch turns to cuteness gold.

  18. Big thumbs up to ya Meg – for everything!

  19. It’s funny how so many people got all jumpy with a female ‘rack’, but is fine with male ‘racks’. XD
    And that is SUCH a beautiful Joey! Must be a girl =D

  20. i move for more male racks, pimply or no.

  21. It isn’t acne, it appears to be tiny joey claw marks. This cat doesn’t haave a thick coat of fur like the real mother would have, so when thone ANERABLE little macropus claws go grabbing about, it is going to leave marks on our pink-monkey flesh.

  22. Way too cute – I want a roo too!

  23. Methinks Meg is a bit confused.

    Males don’t have “racks”, hun. 🙂

  24. ROTFLMAO!! Take and anatomy class, Meg, sweetie. Males have nipples but not a “rack”… at least not the males I know don’t have boobs.

    Looks like Meg is into stirring up controversy. Guess just having a good site got b-o-r-i-n-g. LOL!

    Folks who like this will love love love
    Check it out!

  25. C-O-O-O-O-L!!

    Meg is into being sarcsatic and offensive. Love it! What a gal/guy!

    There’s hope for a “camel toes and puppy paws” and “bunnies ‘n butts” section yet! Right on!! *slurp*

  26. Thank you for continuing your faboo site in the face of criticism. Regarding men and racks: men can get breast cancer, therefore, they have breasts; therefore, we can call ’em “racks.”

  27. what part of “if you don’t like this site don’t come here” do people not understand?

  28. How about Racks & Yaks?

    (per link… I have to think that one of those alternate names for “yak” is a phonetic spelling of a word in one of the asiatic languages. You’ll know it when you see it.)

  29. Oh, I disagree. There certainly are men out there with boobs. Manssiere, anyone? Or did you prefer The Bro?

  30. I can’t believe you even noticed said “rack” when there’s such a cute little fella hanging out in there!

  31. katie u’d believe it if you u knew how many billyuns of times i’ve looked at this pic.

  32. love it – lol – you go girl

  33. meatloaf’s pendulous bosom in fightclub ends this conversation. men have racks, eventually….you’ll see

  34. Cutest. Roo. EVAH!

    How little is he?? You think of kangas as so big (and indeed grown ones are) but compare the size of this little guy’s eye to the buttonhole right next to it! He’s TEENY! And I WANT ONE! (That is, until it gets really big and can hop up and smack me in the butt with powerful feet and push me into a lake. Then it can go live on a Happy Kangaroo Ranch. Some restrictions apply. Offer not valid in Nebraska.)

    Tracy < --rambling

  35. CurlyGirly says:

    This site makes me happy 🙂

    Meg … keep up the good work!!!

    Finn and Theo … keep up the good commentary.

  36. wait…can you hear it in the distance….a small 6 year old boy is fainting due to his life being mortally wounded from hearing his chest is called a rack…but wait… there’s another sound of his parent’s heads exploding.

  37. For some reason, this particular link’s image doesn’t open in a new window. Aww, the little kangaroo’s cuteness is deadly though.

  38. This obscenely cute baby animal is causing me to NOT work very hard at all. I keep checking on him. Yup, he’s still cute. Be back in a minute…

  39. Men don’t have breasts? Guess is going to have to shut down… Oh and I WANT THAT ROO

  40. Awww!!! I love the proportionally big eyes of that li’l roo.

    (And I’ll pretend that the guy doesn’t actually have “moobs”. A chest more like Matthew McConaughey’s. Yeah, that would work. 🙂

  41. Adorable!! Nipples would make it better, but I still love this pic.

  42. “Rackne” anyone?

  43. The roo lashes…the roo lashes…*explodes from the cuteness*

  44. I wanna baby animal to carry around in my shirt! It shall be my squishy.

  45. Just as some creatures can be so ugly they’re cute, so too can some people write such egregious garbage which, once read in context, becomes sublime. Irony is a many-splendored thing.

  46. E. Collison says:

    Oh, c’mon there, lighten up a bit!

    It’s not just the ‘roo lips, it’s the nose… ultra-cuteness defined.

  47. KnifeGhost says:

    Yeah, sauer’s right. Keep this blog family-safe. sauer would never ever post inappropriate content in a public forum. *rolls eyes*

    Meg’s blog, Meg’s rules. Anyone who doesn’t like them is within their rights to leave.

    Who could object to this picture? Dude’s just carrying the little guy in whatever pouch-like structure he can supply — just like Nature intended it.

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