“Like, totally Bok!”

So then I was all "bok!" and she was all "Bokeee!", and I was all, "no bokking way!" and she was all "bok." and I was all "GET OUT—you did not just bok!" and she was all "bok."




  1. Lol at that dialogue.

    What the bok!

  2. OMG that is to cute duh it is cute overload

  3. The chicks get me every time…

  4. Jan Spencer says:

    OH too friggin funny with the “Bok”… ROTFLMAO

  5. if that little chick is a male and he’s born into the egg laying industry, he won’t be alive for much longer. males arent needed. but at least he doesn’t have to live a life in tiny cages like the females. go vegan.

  6. that is so bokking cute.

  7. D.R. Tong says:

    Hey Meow, guess what? Baby chicks don’t come out of their eggs fuzzy and immaculate. It’s a posed photo, so get over it.

    God these “vegetable rights” types are so annoying. If I read one more post about donkey cruelty, I’ll go postal…

  8. I think it’s nice of people to care about the animals, it’s not like their posts are offending or trying to insult anyone.
    Now I find the posts from the ones who found the ‘kitty and racks’ pics offensive…to be pretty offensive.
    And aww the baby chick is so cute! Maybe it’s related to Chickie? That one’s a singer, this one’s a model. Everything makes sense now! *bok*

  9. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Gotta say I love the caption with this one! So much so that I commented about it here! You crack me up Chick!…I’ll be bok, bok, bok, bkay for more!

  10. LL Cool F says:

    Yes, go vegan. Just like the pug-fugly lead singer from Deathcab for Cutie.
    And when you do go vegan, do your very best to stfu about it. Do that.

  11. Bok

  12. Like, oh my god that is SO bok!

  13. E. Collison says:

    This is painfully cute!

  14. Lick My Pickles says:

    Ppl just enjoy the cute little bok!

  15. Love the bokking conversation, but the chickie looks a little tired and sad…

    Must be the bokking photographers stressing the lil guy out 😛

  16. The next time I go to the Museum of Science and Industry, I’ll never look at those baby chicks the same bokking way 😉

  17. chicken1mama says:

    as I always say, CHICKS RULE

  18. that theater isn’t very crowded. what’s playing? Gigli?

  19. meow- the males become our YUMMY KFC! (I worked in a hatchery back some time ago)
    mmm… KFC!

    heee hee hee… “and she was all ‘Bok’. “

  20. So boking cute!

  21. We raise chickens–sorry, this little one is neither tired nor sad–but did just recently pip out.

    Tired chicks look like other tired creatures–their eyelids get a little droopy.

    Great pic!

  22. his beak makes him look all frowny. so motherbokking adorable…

  23. that is the funniest comment yet meg. freaking hilarious – keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Can’t believe this hasn’t been done already:

    Bgack me with a spoon!

  25. 여기 너무 귀여운 동물 사진이 많이 있는것 같아요~ ^^
    자주 자주 놀러올께요~

  26. Heh! The bok dialogue makes this more than anything else!

  27. cool dude dog lover says:

    You’re right, but ya gotta admit, the bird’s cute too.

  28. meg,

    love your comment. this is so cute. it’s great to come to a website that is just happy all over the place.


  29. Omg! That One must of been like, where in the world am I, all I see are eggs.. loL

  30. anonymous coward says:

    “Bok” is hello in Croatian.