Supercat_1 Don’t worry, Lois, I’ll save you!

Click the link for the full effect with sound

Here’s the entire set of stills, from Junku’s photo set on Flickr.

Thanks for submitting, Holi D. and Becca. Thanks for nagging me, Theo. [geesh!]



  1. *made*my*day* thank you!!

  2. That’s Fuwari and Kin from Junku’s Flickr photostream:

    Those kitties are awesome!

  3. That is fricking hysterical. Made even better by the much calmer kitty sitting behind the one in flight.

  4. FREAK OUT! La Freak, c’est chic!! *cue disco music*

  5. That cat looks so joyous! So “WHEEEE!” 😀

  6. I want a flying cat!

  7. hahaha – I want to know what the kitty is jumping at! maybe the link says, but my job won’t let me have access to that page. blah.

  8. I believe I can flyyyyyy….
    I believe I can touch the sk hi hy!

    *bliss.. that made me laugh.*

  9. Ha! That is *so* my cat!

    R.I.P. David.

  10. Meow House says:

    He looks like Dracula: “I vant to bite your neck!”

  11. i am imagining kitty jumping into my arms

  12. hahahahahaha that is so awesome. That cat is just giddy I tell you. And the other one’s just like “…uh? okay…” ..heee

  13. The flying cats…

    It might be nice if you linked to the owner’s slideshow, rather then to someone who just steals nice pictures.

  14. Here are all of his flying cat pictures:

  15. I agree: please give credit to Junku. 🙂

  16. Hahaha, this is the best picture eveh! It absolutely made my day!

  17. What a great photo! Thanks for the link to the photographer’s page, others. Every single photo is worth checking out.

  18. Okay! That totally got me when I clicked the picture. Made me nearly die of cuteness, and made my cat get off her lazy butt to come examine what the heck that loud music was pooring out of Mom’s computer!


  19. Meg — I was going to say that I’d seen these pix before on Junku’s Flikr series, but it looks like someone beat me to it. Please do give credit & include the source link in the post proper.

  20. That is quite seriously the best flying cat picture ever.

  21. Who actually lives in an apartment that is this ultra-modern and pristine?

  22. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “If you’re happy and you know it clap your paws!”

    A great shot! A rare one too, I suppose.

  23. omg. watch the slideshow at a speed of 1.5 seconds while listeing to Lemon Demon’s “Dance Like an Idiot (Aaron’s wall of sound mix)”:

  24. chets momma says:

    people, go to the flickr site to see 9 pages of junku’s cats. your head and your heart will explode from the cuteness and absolute kitty joy! i can hardly stand it myself…..!

  25. Must visit the original Flickr set:

  26. Wow! What great pics. I don’t even really like cats, but…gosh them are some cute kitties! Also, I want to move into that fabu apartment immediately.


  28. Yay!

  29. Simply amazing!

  30. Where on earth is that cat going, and in such a hurry! Does a splendid treat await?? ;]

  31. Ready or not, Catnip here I COME!

    Up, Up and AWAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  32. Woods walker says:

    We actually had a cat that was named Super Cat. He has been in cat heaven for a very long time. My older brother named him.

  33. Oh man.. that’s awesome!!

  34. Hahahaa…. I did the thing with the slideshow that Adrianna recommended with the “Dance Like an Idiot” remix, and it was great. I had never heard the song before either – Great song, and a really fun way to watch the slideshow. Thanks for the suggestion, Adrianna!
    Oh, and my husband almost fell of his chair laughing when I showed him the “Dance Like an Idiot” Flying Cat Circus.

  35. once more i’m reminded how much my cats suck. they just lie around and sleep all day, then yell at me to feed them when i get home, then go back to sleep.

    if i had fun, jumping kitties like these, i might like cats.

  36. Way too funny…I love this site and look forward to peeking in daily.

    I have my co workers hooked now too!

  37. Meow House says:

    Man I bet those kitties were in for a looooong nap after filming that! 🙂

  38. Up Up and away!!!

  39. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Count me in with all who have said now and prior and in future… to please give credit and links back to originals just my.02!

  40. Kinda reminds me of my kitty Underfoot. Only she attacks butts. No kidding–she runs across the room and tries to pounce on your butt as you’re walking by. Itgoes like this: *thumpitythumpitythumpity* *four paws hit my butt* *thumpitythumpitythumpity…*

    I imagine she looks like Superkitty when she does it… ^__^


  41. what a fantastic shot!

  42. stephanie says:

    janessa, junku lives in Toyko. Clean by necessity, cause its not very big.

  43. Meow House says:

    All should check out the other cat photo/slideshow sets Junku has on his site. He loves his kitties!

  44. Finn, if you put some effort into playing with your cats, you could all have more fun, though not all cats are fliers. These kids remind me of a young guy I took care of years ago– he’d go after the flying toy, without a moment’s care where he was going to land, or which way up… but I kinda wish they were landing on a softer floor!

  45. There’s a famous photo of the great choreographer Balanchine with his wonderful “flying” cat, Mourka :

    Mr. B. used to say that the only creatures worthy of his choreography were cats…

  46. High Five! (Say in Borat voice.)

  47. My….head…just…burst…from
    laughing….I dont really think that applies to cute, but boy, it got ME on the floor laughing!


  49. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  50. Too cute!! Attack of the flying Tum Tum !!! her Tummy is tooo cute!!!

  51. i’m guessing everyone’s resisting the temptation to photoshop a cape on this picture?

  52. My cats back home can “fly” like that if you use a laser pointer, but Junku’s flying cats were just amazing. How in the worls does he get such crisp photos? Everytime I try to take a photo of a flying cat, the photo is all blurry! He must have one of those high-tech Japanese cameras…

  53. Aww, how funny!

  54. I couldn’t help but comment to the above commenters. Meg DID link to the entire photostream, and she DID give credit. You guys should really consider reading the WHOLE post prior to complaining…

    I know that she didn’t get it there to begin with, but she corrected it. So lay off, would ya?

    You’re distracting her from her quest for cute with all this extraneous complaining!

    Just my $.02.

  55. Ahem: Katey, when this was first posted, Meg hadn’t yet linked to the Junku photostream. And trust me, we do read this stuff. All of it. Like trembling addicts.

    1 more thing… after the $#!%storm of commentroversy over the “racks” and “bitches” posts, do you really think any of us are going to distract Meg from this, her most holy and divine mission?

    Erm, OK… from her blog. Whatever. (Although I’m still mystified by the on-again-off-again tip jar.)

  56. Speaking of, where are the racks? Why don’t some of you chicks send in pictures of your racks?

  57. And by “chicks” you mean…?

  58. …anyway, Tasha, this link’s for you.


  60. This is the BEST photo in the world!!! I love that his mouth is open, too. Very engaged. And so much funnier when countered with Peaceful McPeacfulson chillin’ there in the background.

  61. Just for the record, Supercat is a her. Any cat with both black and orange patches is (99.9% of the time) a female. So she’s Wonder Woman!

  62. I find it kinda annoying that cuteoverload frames all the entries so you always get their url? Please try to remove it. thanks.

  63. Fly meeee to the mooonnn!!!!
    finally the day makes sense!!

  64. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  65. this photo made me laugh so hard, I almost fell of my chair! purrfect!

  66. 😦 They took it off. I can’t see it. Oh well.

  67. I seriously crack up EVERY TIME I look at this one…

  68. Kristine says:

    It’s like “Put me in Coach!”

  69. Out of all the photos on cute overload, this made me laugh the hardest. It definitely made my day. It’s such a “yay!” photo: the super-hero cat. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  70. Out of all the photos on cute overload, this made me laugh the hardest. It definitely made my day. It’s such a “yay!” photo: the super-hero cat. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  71. Watch-a me sing-a le Opera…

    LAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! LalalalalalalalalaLAAAAA!!! *and the audience goes wild*

  72. Finally Junko got his credit. I’ve seen so many of his shots stolen in different places.

    But Junko is my idol to what comes taking photos of cats 🙂

  73. Love the web 2.0 reflections on the calm cat!

  74. This is obviously a doctored shot, right? I mean, who would be so stupid as to take a cat out in a boat like this one?

  75. That looks so fake thats how cute it looks. I fell out of my chair due to the cuteness. I…. loved it. Sooo cute!! Hahahaha. So adorable. Everyone should see it. How cute can cat pictures get!? I already have shown all seventeen of my reletives .