"Plantgirl" writes in that her son found this bébé duckulence. He’s anerrrrable! Well, basically any little animal that can fit in your hand is adorable. Hey, I think I smell another Rule coming on!




  1. There once was an cutesie duckling, with feathers all stubby and brown… *quack quack* :))

  2. Is that a mallard? When my sister & I were kids, we fostered a mallard duckling through our museum of natural history, and later released him. We had a male Siamese at the time, who was afraid of the duck.

    “Ducky Lucky” was the duck’s name, and “Ching” was the cat. My little sister was generally the one to name our pets.

  3. It looks like a Mallard, Theo…though there are several species with similarly-marked duckie-lings, the yellow fuzzy is usually a bit darker.

    Either way, it’s hopelessly adorable. I love duckies!! Especially when they’re walking behind their mother in a cute little line…*LOL*


  4. …Ah, Theo–your links are as entertaining as your comments! 🙂


  5. this should be a jigaw puzzle. (the green parts might be a bitch, tho.)

  6. how freakin adorable!!! i love baby ducks!

  7. duckies, hammies, bunnies – i now want them all! pretty soon, my cats are going to catch on to my secret addiction and they will do an intervention and force me to go to cute overload anomymous.

  8. yay duckies! but I have to say, I don’t know about the whole “if it fits in your hand, it’s cute” rule. I’ve seen some mighty freaky pocket-sized critters!

  9. “I’ve seen some mighty freaky pocket-sized critters!”

    Good point.

  10. mejezabel says:

    It’s Monday and I really needed a cute fix! My doctor recommend a dose of something anerable to fix my quackitude!!

    Meg – you’re my Dr. Squealgood.

  11. Monica D. Lopez says:

    these is really cute i remember there was these time that we fond a bird aut side in the middle of winter we took it in but it died the next day that was really sad but it’s cute.

  12. thx for my Monday Cockroach fix, theo. gave me warm fuzzlies.

    meanwhile, now that baru’s is gone (long live baru!), i’m experiencing terrible hamster withdrawal.

    *takes a quick hit of hami-wan*
    (shaking subsides.)

  13. Awww…baby ducks always quack me up.

  14. Hitler did a lot of good things, especially in the early part of his leadership.

  15. *nods* i’ll have to agree

  16. “CuteThis” and “jizane”: troll much?

    Finn — I have a friend in San Fran who’s a dog trainer & no-kill animal shelter volunteer; another total kawaii-holic. She also inexplicably has a thing for Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Like, always wanted to have them as pets, dressed up as one for a Halloween dance, etc. Go figure.

  17. this was a mallard. and we did find its mommy. awwwa

  18. its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  19. don’t look at the cuteness ahhhhhhh *thump*

  20. Should people be touching animals that young? Isn’t it bad for them?

  21. If we didnt pick him up, he would have been hurt. the larger ducks were picking on him. His mom took him back no problems.

  22. This would be cuter if it was in some chick’s rack.

  23. tiny duck tiny duck quack qua-quackity quack…

    i like the ducklings so very much…

  24. cool dude dog lover says:

    Ohh! Are those his ducky brothers and sisters in the background?

    Yeah! More rules! Rule of Cuteness # _: Things that can fit in your hand no-trouble are cute.

  25. dell fred thro canberrra got to go says:

    stop chocking me freak

  26. when a beak is smaller than a fingernail: automatic cute.