Dude, I’m Audi

So dude, thanks for having me over—your Superbowl parties are always great. [high five] I gotta get home—I got a thing. Yeah.


So, yep, I’ll just be onnnnnnnnn muh way. Late!


🙂 Ben T.!



  1. Hehehe…that makes me giggle.

  2. (*Page Claim*)

    Aww! Does anybody know which team he wanted to win? He prolly wanted the Steelers to win, ’cause the Seahawks might eat him, he’s so cuteh. ^^

  3. ohmigosh! what kind of turtle is that? i have to have one!

  4. ohhhh turtles – i love turtles. my first pet as a small child – i remember the little silly kidney bean shaped plastic pool and the palm tree.

  5. Jamie, I’m pretty sure we’ve got our standard Eastern Painted Turtle here. And they are definitely cute & fun to play with when they’re little. I did a trimester of work-study at our campus’ Trailside Museum in college, and we had some of these, along with an assortment of other reptiles. (see link)

  6. So very cute! They will get very big and can live long – my partner has two 12 year old turtles the size of dinner plates.

  7. To rainbow – I totally had the same little habitat for my turtle! His name was Toby, and he eventually grew to be about 8 inches long, once we moved him into a large aquarium.

    Just as a caveat, see my link below. Always, ALWAYS wash your hands after handling pet turtles!

  8. Wow…so little!

  9. soo wee and precious!

  10. I love these guys! We see them basking around the local river almost year-round, since the water rarely gets cold enough to do more than slow them down a bit. Sometimes they’ll be piled two or three deep on a log!


  11. Haha the picture itself was cute and funny, but the caption made it hilarious.
    especially the “So, yep, I’ll just be onnnnnnnnn muh way” part because I can just imagine it saying that while trying to ‘fly/swim’ away from his hand. XD

  12. CurlyGirly says:

    I love the little furries, but there are not enough reptiles and amphibians on this site … SO CUTE!!!

  13. wickedbored says:

    That’s crazy cute! It can’t be real – that came out of a gumball machine!!!!

  14. LL Cool F says:

    Someone needs a manicure.

  15. AWWWWW. I think it’s a sort of terrapin, but not a red-eared slider like the three I have. They start out really tiny, then get bigger and bigger. I’ve had mine for a very long time. But I’ve never seen SUCH a little one before. <3

  16. Looks like my babe Jake when we first got him – painteds are absolutely adorable. They also have a great personality (well… for turtles!) and always seem to cause lots of antics – Jake enjoys painting us little messages on the walls with his poo when he has free reign of the house!

  17. that little dude is in much better shape than i was after the game, itellyouwot.

    and laura, methinks maybe bobby sands came back as your jake???

  18. Hee. I don’t normally think of turtles as cute, but something that tiny can’t be anything but. Aww. ^_^

  19. hi~

  20. i hope that turtle dosint get lost in a sock

  21. I’ve seen sea turtles that little, but not land turtles. Sooooooo cute!!!!

  22. You know what would make that cuter? If it was in some chick’s rack. Preferably a big rack.

  23. Actually, that would be adorable!

  24. Aw bless the little wee thing!
    Turtle power!!

  25. the little turtle is cute and it has my name how cute