i love you, egg


Hi folks, there appears to be the possibility for some users to get a virus when visiting the iloveegg site. I did not get a virus when I looked at it multiple times, but perhaps it’s a PC thing and not a Mac thing, not sure. Boo, viruses! I am removing the link to the site. Thanks to those who commented and Nong, Christophe and Alexander for writing. 

You can still see the movie other places; namely here!


This is the most ridiculous thing ever; the iloveegg.com site. There appears to be no real purpose to the site other than professing love for eggs in the form of wallpapers and movies.

You gotta see the lil’ movie.[Warning! this song will get in your head, and ping pong around!] I highly recommend singing it out load to annoy your housemates.


Oodle doodle! Thanks for sending, Melody D. and Amber C.!



  1. E. Collison says:

    Viva Japão!

  2. Sweet Jumping Jehosophat.

    While I love the ninja eggs bounding from the rooftops, what gets me is that there were almost certainly tryouts for that song, and someone didn’t get the job because there wasn’t enough emotion in their voice.

  3. E. Collison says:

    Big WHOOPS – ¡¡¡Viva Korea!!!

    Best jingle I’ve heard in a long, long time, too.

  4. Marshmallow says:

    I first saw that song ages ago, and it had me ROFLing for weeks

  5. E. Collison says:

    I feel compelled to point out that there are *many* little movies on this site – a full 11 episodes of I lovegg-dom.

    Must-see TV indeed…!

  6. hmm don’t think i have heard that one

  7. Cute – in a similar theme there is also http://www.muffinfilms.com

  8. Be careful with this site, my anti-virus detected a trojan. 😦

  9. Be careful guys, I got a virus too, on like each page inside the egg page. I don’t think it’s totally about loving eggs.

  10. Very old, but a classic.

  11. “They wish to be reborn.” indeed!

  12. Mr. Fluffy says:


    What an annoying song!!!

    must… find… new… song…

    MeowMeowMeowMeow, MeowMeowMeowMeow.. no wait, that’s an even worse song…

    *head goes bang*

  13. When I first heard this song, I could NOT stop listening to it. Or. I went insane. It may have been both.


  14. AuntieMame says:

    They’ve got vitamins and minAIRals, too.


  15. The pics look way cute… but every time i go the website, my comp freaks and says it discovered a Trojan.

  16. Reminds me of the Weebls Choccy song, which I personally love. 🙂


  17. The flash is very cute, my nephew like them very much!

  18. I’m afraid there is a very real purpose to this site: the minute i opened the page i got a trojan. I recommend that anyone who has viewed this site do a virus scan immediately.

  19. I freaked out when I saw the posts about the trojan (I had already visited the site)- I am running Norton Systemworks with all the bells and whistles, and even ran a scan after I read the posts- nothing detected…. It has detected other problems before, so I don’t know… should I be worried?

    ~*~That said- the song cracks me up….ha ha!~*~

  20. Christoph says:

    WARNING: This egg website tries to install a Win32/Agent.FZ trojan on your computer. Update your scanners!

  21. The movies cracked me up – all puns intended!

    Same here though about the Trojan – I’ve got a very secure computer and didn’t get any messages. The only message I was getting was about installing Korean, which I did not do.

  22. Christoph says:

    if you did NOT get any messages you are most likely infected by now!

  23. i’m running a virus scan right now.

    to be continued…

  24. nothing found… how odd… 😛

  25. Pretty_Generic says:

    It’s actually a lot better in Korean.


  26. Checked updates and did two different types of scans – all is snug as the proverbial bug in the rug.

  27. That is not cute, that is just scary. *hides under the bed from the eggs*

  28. iloveberries says:

    that song is soooo cute!

  29. E. Collison says:

    I’m using Norton Systemworks on a PC (Win XP, SP 2) and didn’t run into any problems.

  30. E. Collison says:

    >>It’s actually a lot better in Korean.

    http://www.iloveegg.co.kr/egg_song.htm< <

    You’re right, though I miss some of the lines. (Like “Oodle doodle.”)

  31. Thank you so much for posting this – it made my Silly Site o’ the Day… nay, of the Year!!

  32. didnt get any virus and nothing showed up after scan.. hhmm..

  33. nellsbells says:

    love korean/japanese random cute things. they should get an award for random cute stuff producers of the century.

    for example:


  34. related, but… different…


    flash “postcards” are very popular in korea. check out all the pucca animations, for instance, at


    “cute” is an entire industry in korea, and especially in japan.

  35. protofunk says:

    On that virus, here’s the info from mcafee’s AVERT:


    This is not a virus or a trojan. It is a direct marketing adware application. Upon execution, this application connects to the site webseeking.com and downloads and displays advertisements.


    No EULA is displayed during installation, although one could be displayed by another installer if bundled with another application.

    System Changes

    Filename : adpopup.exe
    MD5 : eff8a4190be6c62c1504335f30ef1c0c

    Upon execution, adpop.exe creates a copy of itself in %WINDOWS% directory.


    The following registry key is added to hook system startup.

    * HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\

  36. I don’t know if this is related, but ever since I went to this site, every once in a while I get a “delivery failure” email from Yahoo!, stating that it was not able to deliver my messages (which I never sent) to an address that has “eggfoo.com” in it. I’m getting these once or twice a day. Since the site in question has to do with eggs, I thought this might be connected…?

  37. This should be renamed “I love Boiled Foetus song.”

  38. Most people who love animals wouldn’t eat eggs.
    Please check out:

  39. SO cute!

  40. That is SOOOO Cute!!! Personally i hate egg though

  41. Capybara says:

    Hey!if you like this, check out iloveegg.com! it has egg animations! soooooo cute!


  43. Whoa, good thing somebody figured that out so quick-like & saved us all from horrendous… something.


  44. English Chick says:

    ‘oodle doodle!’