Now that’s what I call a Crum-pet!*

King Charles musta dug these pups bigtime to have them take his namesake. When I opened this email from Tanya L., I ‘oohed!’ in an English accent even. I guess it was more like: "eeeeeeehw!"

This is Zoey:


Do you think the English know about rule #13?


*Yes, that was the wust pun evah! [say in English accent]



  1. Must….touch….those….silky…..ears…..

    I hope my plebian hands did not sully the royal appendages.

  2. Another cuteness rule is that sad eyes=high cuteness factor. This guy has great colors, great pink paws, and a nice little wet nose. a perfect 10.

  3. I want to squeeeze it T_T

  4. want to snuggle….
    want to SNUGGLE!…
    widdle cheeks, wiff a widdle nose… *ack! gag… where is this baby voice coming from???? it’s taken over my mind!*

  5. ACK!!! HOLY CUTE!

  6. such eyes! such wet, gleaming eyes!

  7. Aren’t you the cutest widdle puppy in da whole wide world. Such a cutey-ba-tutey!

  8. oh goodness i squealed when i saw this cutie. beautiful lighting + sad shiny eyes + lovely fur + 3405984 factors = the cutest spaniel i’ve ever seen

  9. add kissable snout to that equation!

  10. Oh, that moist schnoz is just begging to be kissed… sweeeeeet… :-*

  11. Would it be possible to list out the Rules somewhere on this site? I am eager to participate in semiotic analysis of the cuteness, but I need a reference guide.

  12. AWWWW!!! wuv the cute little ears! and the glistening eyes!!! *explodes*

  13. daisydoodle says:

    OH Lord why do I come to this site every day? Now I will be haunted by those eyes, that soft nose, that metaphysical cuteness. I dont know which makes me more ooey-gooey, this puppy or the little bun-bun the other day. It just makes me want one.

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Lovely chap, eh wot?

    Seriously, he’s adorable, and if I didn’t have such an aversion to pure breeds (and to puppies), I’d get one.

  15. *cries* soooooo sweeeeeet! *snuggles* I want one soooo bad. He looks like he would just bury his little face in your arms as you hug him. The sad eyes is just the cherry on the sundae.

  16. So cute !!!

  17. Ah, the King Charles Spaniel puppy. Experienced cuteologists commonly refer to it as Nature’s Crack.

    In other news: I cannot tear myself away from this website. I just sit here & look at the Cute. I’m starting to wonder (with the part of my brain that still sorta functions) if I’ll die of starvation before the power company cuts off service for nonpayment. Maybe I should…. Ooh!! Hamsters!

  18. I can`t decide what picture is the cutest. :o)

    I have decided that it`s not fair to ask us to say what picture is the cutest. I can`t wait to pass on this website to my friends.
    I am so glad I found this place. So nice to find something like this on the internet.

  19. must…eat…it…up…now!!!

  20. WickedWendy says:

    He is just too cute!!!

  21. he looks like those mexican kids with the big eyes on the black velvet canvases

  22. Yeah, he looks exactly like a Mexican kid…who happens to look exactly like a King Charles Spaniel.

  23. ellaelise says:

    that’s honestly the prettiest pup i’ve ever seen!

  24. such a sweet blenheim king charles but doesn’t the white on there coats dirty easily King charle spaniels are seriously adorable but are rly english (well i cant talk i am english and i iove in england) i got a black and tan king charles spaniel and he is adorable but he soes love to sleep and those silky ears get rly knoty and matted and if they get wet they take ours to but other wise

  25. OMG! thats so CUTE!!

  26. Lucy, Queen Of All says:

    what does rule #13 have to do with being english? -checks nose/eyes for glisten- sawwww cutseh little pupple though ^^ i used to have a KCS but he was a lardeh arse. tee hee.

  27. I have blenheim Cavy. She is the cutest pup with the squishy cheekies and the silky floppy-doppy ears and paws like furry soup spoons! She only gets really dirty when she walks under the car, which is pretty often.

  28. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor from “Sex and the City”