Cats ‘n’ Racks—it’s official

Ow! A third submission for a new “Cats n’ Racks” category arrived. It’s now an offical category! As ‘Tracy B’ noted, “It doesn’t get any rackier than this. :)” ha!




  1. When do we get the Cock & Balls series?

  2. LOL!

  3. Isn’t Life Grand!

  4. holy crap, that is a lucky cat

  5. Excellent way to keep ones’ boobage warm in winter. 😛

  6. Wawwwwwww…. kitters is all asleepy in Heaven™.

  7. I don’t want to think about what those claws could be doing in there… ow!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Yeah, but how much of that is rack and how much is just cat?


    And she’d better not sneeze and startle the cat, or there’ll be even less rack…

  9. great rack… nice cat… gabulous category!

  10. fabulous

  11. What I would give to be that little kitty!

  12. boobs!

  13. *sigh* my hell. they’re boobs. get over it.

  14. 😦 boring. what’s happening to the standards eh??!

  15. Mr Fluffy says:

    For all we know, the owner of the otherwise-nice rack has the kitty’s claws secured in a location where they won’t do much damage if the kitty gets startled…

  16. When I got my first two gerbils the boys also found somewhere warm and quiet to hide

  17. wow that girl looks uncomfderble or how ever you spell it

  18. Did this site get hijacked by an adolescent boy?

  19. I’m right there with the first post “When do we get the Cock & Balls series?” Yeah!! Right on!

    And after that I want to see a Rectums and Dogs category… followed closely by Butts and Bunnies.

    After that, maybe you could go a step farther and show people using gerbils in a sex kink thing, eh?

    Change the page format though from “childlike innocent” to something alittle more fitting… like uses. The sweet pastels and baby chick format is joltingly out of synch.

  20. the above post was heavy sarcasm, by the way (in cae that wasn’t glaringly obvious).

  21. benjamin01 says:

    Well, I’m not going to be visiting this site with my 6-year old daughter anymore.
    She’s a bright, curious little girl and I don’t feel like breaking her in on the bad news, yet.
    “Daddy, what are racks?”
    “Well honey, there are people who, in their own minds, detach girls’ body parts from the people they are, and then name them wierd things. ‘Rack’ is what some not so nice people call a grown up girl’s breasts”.

    Nah… I think I’ll wait until she’s a little older before exposing her to that.

    If anyone knows kid safe sites with cute animal pictures, please email me. I know of one or two with some photos, but they’re not consistently posted.

  22. This is not so cute.
    First of all, the woman’s shirt is very unflattering to her body.
    Besides that, why would I want to look at a cat in some woman’s tits?
    It’s not even an especially adorable cat, it’s just a cat. I can’t even see its face or body.
    So mainly I’m left to staring at some unflattering picture of someone’s tits.
    This is not cute. NOT CUTE AT ALL!

  23. B-O-R-I-N-G category.

    That photo isn’t cute…’cept maybe to the 13 year old male mentality. (“yuk yuk boobies whee!”)

  24. playful_shelties says:

    Fffssst *pops a budweiser*

    “Yep Cletus, this har cateegory may not fit in with them ‘rules of cuteness’, but them there titties sure am good to look at. Whooeeee” *b-u-r-p*

    (site removed from “Bookmarks”)

  25. I’d like to make a note that even if it was a flattering picture of the woman it wouldn’t make it any better.

  26. I agree with you Liz.

    … and it’ll be interesting to see if the same haters who flamed Joanne and Mandy for calling out the mind-numbing UN-cuteness of posting the donkey photo will jump on your comment…

  27. Get over yourselves, please.

  28. I love cats and boobs and Cute Overload. Bring it on!

  29. cats and racks is hot! more please

  30. I have to admit, this photo is kinda boring (or Uncreative might be a better word) but I don’t really think the picture is as unsettling as several of you are making it out to be. The title of the category sucks, though. At any rate, I wonder if the website folks are reacting to all the passive aggressive remarks.

    I’m not going to stop visiting this website over one dumb submitted photo, it’s just not worth it.


  31. Doubleclick says:

    John Hurt is looking HOTT yo

  32. Anonymouser says:

    Excellent category. If the prudes want to leave, let ’em. And this is also a category that appeals to men of all ages, not just 13-year old boys.

  33. Curmudgeon says:

    This site has quietly been making my head ‘splode for months now and this is my first comment.

    I, for one, love this site. Though I suppose it takes a lil more than the occaisional use of the word “bitches” in jest to offend me. What’s more I’m not particularly offended by fully-clothed naughty bits juxtaposed wif cute lil animals. Maybe I’m just sick and jaded. Scratch that – I AM sick and jaded. Which is why I need this site! It keeps me regular. Obviously it’s too late for some of us.

    That being said, if anyone wants links to humorless-dried-up-old-prude-safe animal sites, please email me at

    Thanks and keep up the fine and not-really-offensive-at-all-if-you-ax-me work, Meg.

    PS – Isn’t a little kid asking “daddy, what’s a rack” just adorable? When they ask this you can answer “it’s a country the US unilaterally invaded in 2003” – thus preserving their innocence. C’mon!

  34. What a ridiculous uproar. Cats like confined spaces. Cats like warm places. Cats like being with their humans, no matter what body part is involved. The cat probably went there all by itself.

    If you’re using the internet to amuse your children, shame on you. If your child is on the internet without supervision, shame on you. Yes, fine, have a few sites you can go to with your kids, but you should always check it first, every single time. And besides, there are plenty of children-only sites around, don’t rag on this one for not being one of them.

    Lastly – get a sense of humour, please.

  35. really there are plenty of porn sites on the internet. if someone wants to look at tits, they can go elsewhere. please keep this a cute and fun family website.

  36. i think kittens in shirts are cute. because they’re curious. its not porn, because you cant SEE her boobs, so i dont see what the big deal is!

    some people seriously over react.

  37. *giggles*

  38. Nice rack! And the kitten is cute too.

  39. Zzzzzzzzz…. Nothing in this photo is cute, and the photo quality is crap. WTF?

    – A rule of cuteness you seem to have overlooked is innocence, also the reason I *used to* love this site more than anything; good hearted, innocent F-U-N. Kick this new category to the curb and give us what we ALL came here for!!! it reeks of what I’d expect to find in FHM or Stuff where standards are low.

    **Anyone want to suggest an alternative w/o cats n’ racks category? **

  40. It’s funny that everyone is freaking out about a picture of a fully clothed woman, with a cute cat popping out. That is cute. People just need to phukin chill out and to whoever said they’re not coming here anyomore with their 6 year old daughter, shame on you for thinking you can shelter your child through the internet. I clicked on a name of someone who posted in this thread and in 2 more clicks found a picture of 2 girls doing things together that would really freak your kid out. It’s the internet baby, I know damn well I wouldn’t let my 6 year old roamin around on it.

  41. Wow, SOMEBODY sure has some major mental/emotional issues over the word rack. Maybe you need to see a shrink before you pass your insecurities and paranoia on to your kids.


    I mean, give ’em a break! It’s just the human body, and its cute animal placed together. some may see this as HEINOUSLY sexual and get all uppity about it where others such as myself see it as something playful and fun and NOTHING MORE. Let me put it this way: if a playful rendition of placing cute animals in places where you normally don’t see cute animals offends you, then you obviously have some issues to work out, automagically thinking such things as being pornographic. Shame on you for not knowing when to simply redirect your browser when you are offended by something. Meg puts a lot of time and money offering the masses this grand service, and if you don’t like it, well just point your browser at and you’ll be happy not looking at such HORRIBLY PROFANE IMAGES. C’mon, gimme a break. is a worse offender on the Internet than Go put your energies and opinions to something that does worse than this awesome site. You people really piss me off with your misdirected taking of offense. I Meg and her site!


    I think we should actually expand the category to “cute animals down shirts” – chihuahuas, ferrets, kittens, the gamut! Ladies’ shirts, mens’ shirts, maybe even shirts worn by OTHER CUTE ANIMALS!

  44. This doesn’t bother me in the least. I don’t think of it in terms of “cute” necessarily (“tit”illating, though ;-), but I love visiting this site, I’m not “de-linking” you, and you can put whatever the heck you want up here. If it’s cute to you, Meg, then post it. Your site, your call. If people don’t like it, they can go elsewhere. Keep up the great work! (LOVE the “blonde brew” puppy pic by the way, for obvious reasons. ;-D

  45. I agree with terebi. The only problem with the new “Cats n’ Racks” category is that it should be open to cute fluffy creatures in general. I nominate, “Critters n’ Cleavage.”

    Also, I think the problem with the above photo is not that it’s offensive or overly sexual so much as that it’s just not very opportune photography. It would be cuter if we could see the kitty’s face, or if the photographer took a more interesting camera angle.

    But for all the haters up there? Please calm down. Abandon the site if you must; they seem to have more than enough visitors to keep their server busy, but do not expect to make the Internet a safe and innocent place for your children. It’s an ugly world out there in cyberspace. This is practically angelic.

  46. benjamin01 says:

    Yeah, well, Curmudgeon, you may be sick and jadeed but that’s not what this site yused to appeal to.

    “arbed” your statement “If you’re using the internet to amuse your children, shame on you.” wins the dimwit award. The Internet is one very legitimate resource for parents and teachers. Yoo do have to scan and filter and this site uused to be relaibly fine — not anymore.
    I’d email you to chat further about it but you gave your email address as Is that all that’s phony about you?

    to the person posting as “funny”: logic is not your forte, eh? “and to whoever said they’re not coming here anyomore with their 6 year old daughter, shame on you for thinking you can shelter your child through the internet”
    No, Einstein, I do not think I can “shleter my child through the Internet” — but I can filter sites ands direct her toward ones without tasteless content, which this one used to be.
    you gave your email address as Apparently you love to spread the skank around.

    The person who posted as “Nobody” gave an email address of kaskjdhjah@khkjhkjh.askdhsakjdh. And he/she/it says someone else has mental/emotional issues?? What a hoot.

    “Rack” started as an inside joke among redneck deer hunters “whoa look at the rack on that one hehehehe” and caught on with frat boys, etc.
    Way to go Cute Overload.

  47. fastdrivinwoman says:

    cats-n-racks, its catchy.and cute. get over it…

  48. Susan Simmons says:

    The people who dismiss parents’ concerns with teh glib “The Internet isn’t safe” fail to get the point that kids ARE on teh INternet adn have a right to its resources,too.
    Careful parents do select safe sites. This site was considered kid friendly… I mean Come on. “Cute Overload” — can’t get much fuzzier and kidlike than that.

    So now it’s Cute Overload and Tits”. Great. It’s liek having had a place with soft, sweet baby animals and healthy environment amd somebody starts stashing a Jack-off magazine among the kittens.
    Believe me, word will get out and kids won’t be coming here.

    Aside from the kids, I don’t know many women who with self respect who enjoy having their breasts referred to as a “rack”.

    Guess that getting on CNN went to “Meg’s” head, and she/he is trying to appeal to the “adult” crowd now.
    We’ve got bets that the site admin is actually a male between 18 and 25 who was posing as a girl, “Meg” because he’s embarassed to admit he’s a boy who likes cute fuzzy little animals enough to host a site.

  49. I wish the photo of the cat were good. It’s just the back of it’s head and part of it’s profile and the photo is definitely not cute. It’s like someone stuck this photo in here just to be able to say “rack”. Grow up, man.

  50. Marshmallow says:

    While I think this picture is cute, I don’t really think an entire category dedicated to cats n racks is totally necessary – you can hardly have too much originality between pictures; how many variations between cats and racks can you get? I thought the pictures were fine just sitting in the ‘Cats’ category as it was.

  51. Somebody has to have made the obvious “Puss n’ Boobs” pun already, right?

  52. border_collies_rock says:

    Well jayzus what’s all the fuss? It’s just a pair of tits, man… isn’t this site an adult site? (yeah, like)

    I vote for a ‘camel toe’ category, too. I mean, those are really cute and you could get photos of women with their puppies and a really obvious camel toe.. I mean, it’s just teh human body and only prudes object, man.

  53. Oh no, Benjamin01, I’m glad I didn’t post my email address. I’m much happier that you get to spout your illogical and irresponsible thoughts to me in public. But I digress from the picture… Get over it people. It’s a free country out there (well, at least it is here in Canada). And by the way, since you seem concerned, I am one of the least phony (and most open-minded) people you will ever come across in your life.

  54. MrPembridge says:

    Great pic!

    Moms, take the kids elsewhere. I eat babies and small children with forks when I’m not staring at cats and racks.

  55. Dear Meg, I say it’s your site and you should post whatever you want. I just come for the little fuzzy heads!

    Keep up the cute,


  56. tigerlily says:

    Humm breasts are offensive to kids….me having the anthropological background I have well it seems to me that we would not be here as a species if not for them.
    Not only that, why are we making a part of the human body into such a dirty, forbidden thing? Don’t you think that would have a direct connection to how girls feel about their own bodies? Aren’t you teaching them to be ashamed of their bodies? And as for boys, by making that part of the female anatomy “naughty” we are teaching them that breasts are meant to be oogled and nothing more. We are reaping what we sew…Our society has become so overly sexualized that even the most innocent image such as this is looked at in a sexual way. I find that very troubling.

  57. To all the parents out there: Just because your children ask questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is required to sugarcoat/wrap in cottonwool/censor what is said or done. It’s your job to prepare your children to handle whatever they might find when they go out into the world. Thank you, Meg, for the work you do to produce this fantastic site; you bring cheer into the lives of so many, and how rare is that these days.

  58. LL Cool F says:

    This is a beautiful post. I heart it.

  59. Now i can KIND of understand if you are offended by the word ‘rack’. but there is nothing offensive about the picture at all, for crying outloud it’s just a body part. Would you feel the same way if it was the close up of a knee, or a shoulder, or an ear? (you probably will but I don’t want to know…) Things are only perverted when you think it that way or they make it out that way. Just because there is a chest in the photo doesn’t make it a perverted photo. now if she was wearing a string bikini or some tight leather, then I can understand, but in here it’s a perfectly normal picture with a cute comfortable kitten. I for one found it adorable because the cat seems sooo comfortable and happy in it’s warm safe spot.
    My hamster likes to sleep on my lap, if I took a pic of that would you say it’s perverted because it shows a bit of my leg?
    The focus on this pic is the adorable kitty in a comfy spot, not her breasts. If your eyes and mind went automatically to that and is offended, i’m sorry then that’s your own problem.
    And even if your child asks you what is the word ‘rack’, you can always explain to her that this is a rude word. I asked my mom about some swear words I heard on TV, and she told me it was a very rude word and I never used it once. *is uncomfortable with that swear word ever since ^^*

  60. Not terribly cute in my opinion either, but nor am I offended by it (and I am fairly conservative. heh).

    This site has put out a >lot< excellent "hits" for examples of cuteness, so a "miss" here and there is nothing to get so worked up over. If you do not like it, go visit the "World Peace" (one of my top favourites) one again or something until another post on this site comes up to make you squeal in delight. ;)

  61. Much ado about nothing.

  62. disappointed says:

    Meg, I loved your site and used to check it every day with my 11 year old daughter. We enjoyed the picture and the humor, which I thought was snarky in a way that a lot of junior high kids can find appealing. I won’t be letting her come to the site anymore unfortunately, nor will I be promoting it among my friends with kids. I’ll have to explain to her (and them) that it joins the world of sites I consider inappropriate for a girl her age because of the sexist humor and crude remarks in the comments section. she’s going to have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that growing breasts makes you the target of leering, groping, and jeering remarks in school, on the street, and in the media without having that kind of mean humor reinforced by the type of comments I’ve seen in response to this photo. Yes, you have the right to post whatever you want (and you clearly are a clever marketer of your webdesign business). But this particular caption really lowers the quality of your site. Do you really want your primary audience to be adults who think that saying the words “rack” “boobs” and “tits” are their idea of cute? do you really want the kind of comments section where people jeer at each other and call each other names? because that’s what this photo provoked. Suddenly this site went from being a fun place to visit to being just another of the millions of sites on the internet where crude sexist humor is considered “fun” and sneering at parents trying to supervise their children’s experiences on the internet is the subject of scorn and namecalling.
    Believe me, a major segment of your audience will desert you and you’ll be free to cater to the trolls, if that’s where you think your advertising dollars will come from. I’m disappointed to have to remove it from the list of safe sites, but I don’t consider your site cool or funny anymore.

  63. Isn’t this another cutie?
    Click on my name to see it.

  64. I won’t be letting her come to the site anymore unfortunately, nor will I be promoting it among my friends with kids. I’ll have to explain to her (and them) that it joins the world of sites I consider inappropriate for a girl her age because of the sexist humor and crude remarks in the comments section.

    And I’m getting flashbacks of the fifth Harry Potter book, when a teacher banned a magazine from the school and THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY immediately went and bought it.

    If that’s what you really want to do, I hope you realize she (and her friends) will probably see this site as all the more tempting BECAUSE you’ve made it a “forbidden” place. She may know enough not to visit the site when you’re in the room, but you know what, the more people talk about this site as a crude, forbidden, overly sexual place, the more traffic it’ll get.

    You all want to know what’s so appealing about pictures of small furry animals cuddled up to breasts? It represents comfort, safety and nurturing. Breasts are associated with motherhood, the kitties look happy to be listening to their human-mommies’ heartbeats, and together it makes a lovely picture of inter-species bonding. As the article on the Cuteness Factor previously linked to the site described, the essence of “cuteness” is associated with infancy, and the same part of the brain response to cuteness as to sex and dangerously addictive and illegal drugs such as cocaine. It is not surprising that a juxtaposition of the relatively innocent and wholesome sexuality associated with human breasts, with the cuddliness of a small fuzzy mammal, registers a high cuteness factor for maximum viewer enjoyment.

    In summary, if a close-up of a buxom girl with a kitten down her top is really so offensive to you, then by all means, tell your whole family not to visit this blog anymore, but please, do not spoil a perfectly legitimate formula of cute-appeal with your stunned cries of moral outrage.

    Oh, and don’t be surprised when your impressionable pubescent offspring keep on coming here, either. You call it inappropriate, and they’ll find it hilarious.

  65. Wow, um…get over it?

    “I won’t br bringing my kid to the site anymore”

    “I’ve removed the site from my bookmarks.”

    This is a pretty tame photo to get bent out of shape over. Kids see a lot more skin than this in public. I feel bad for these kids, to have parents who will go too far off the deep end and not have a sense of perspective in their upbringing. If the parents get this upset over pretty harmless photos I can’t image what else sets them off and what else is denied the kids as far as a healthy education goes.

  66. anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this whole thing over THIS picture. Dear god. We live in an age filled with all sorts of problems, some far more serious than others, and if a picture of a woman’s CLOTHED chest is such a high priority on your list of things to get bent out of shape over, then you should drop to the ground this instant and kiss it and pray to whatever god you pray to that you are thankful that’s the worst of your daily issues.
    There are people all over the world who can’t even use the internet or have access to free information or read what they want or say what they want. If this is boycott-worthy in your little corner of the world, I would love to live there for awhile. See, cuz where I live, we have problems like famine, death, war, prejudice, disease, and so on.

  67. anonymous says:

    This argument isn’t about ONE picture, to me it’s about cynicism. I’m really disappointed too. When my husband just pointed out your new category, I immediately felt a pang in my stomach. Where the celebration of sweet, sweet cuteness used to be, I know have disappointment. What attracts us to your site is that you offer a place where pure innocent appreciation of extremely cute animals makes us all feel good. For a lot of us jaded folks to find that – to surrender to the joy of adorable baby bunnies or hamsters holding kernels of corn or guinea pigs driving toy cars – is a little miracle in our cynical society. Now even your site is cynical. Before, you had a few shots that included some boobs, and that was fine. Didn’t have a problem with it, in fact it usually adds to the feel of the picture (the cat bath for example). But now you are drawing attention to it, and it takes something away from the whole experience. You’ve got a picture up there of a kitty who’s face you can’t even see, but your point is that “hey, the kitty is in this chick’s shirt and her boobs are huge!” It just isnt’ cute at all. I can’t really explain it other than you are removing just a bit of the innocence I described above, and it’s just enought to make me really sad. My view has nothing to do with some feminist standpoint. I am a Howard Stern fan to be sure. But this just doesn’t work. It’s not cute, and if your intention is to be funny, it’s not that either.

  68. to everyone who is ofended by this post or by anything else on the internet:

    the internet is a vast “place.” if you do not like things on a site, do not visit it. there are plenty of other sites you can visit that may be more to your liking. and your lack of visiting here will not bother the rest of us.

    thank you.

  69. Grow up and get over it, people. It’s an adorable picture: to the more normal of us, breasts represent motherhood, comfort, warmth—sex is only secondary, and only if you point it out. It’s bad enough that we live in an age where the female chest has become so taboo as to be completely sexualized, but to encourage it is to do a great disservice to those eleven year old daughters you mention. These days, more girls more uncomfortable with their bodies and all because they’ve been taught to be ashamed of them, to hide them, to think of them as dirty.

    Sure, rack might not be the best word to use (I’m more of a fan of Critters ‘n’ Cleavage, myself). But what about the music world, a place where women are “hoes” and the only way to success is through an unnaturally thin body and breasts larger than a girl’s face? What message is that sending to your daughters? Rack is pretty tame in comparison, and wouldn’t you rather explain to your kids what it means, and it’s connotations, than have them learn it on their own? Personally, I think Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan are far more dangerous than a website—especially an adorable one such as this.

  70. This picture is both amusing and cute, and whoever said that the shirt is unflattering to the girl is both blind and rude.
    Did you all make this much fuss when *the*same*thing* happened in “An American Tale II: Feivel Goes West”? I think not!
    Taboos are breaking. This is a good thing for America. A lot of you had better grow up before you get left behind in the Stone Age.

  71. Ignoring the big “rack” arguments (that is, the big arguments over the word, not the big…well, whatever), it’s a cute picture because how small is that cat’s body? Is it big enough to match the size of it’s head? Doesn’t look like quite enough room in there. Is it all curled up, or are there legs and tail hanging below the shirt that we can’t see?

  72. I dunno, I just thought the title “Cats ‘n’ Racks” was meant to be silly or something, and to express puzzlement at why there should be enough pics of it out there to make a category.

    So. Not. Offended.

  73. LL Cool F says:

    I would prefer the category be retitled “kitties and titties” please. If not, I will withdraw my support and tell my sons high school gym class not to visit anymore.

  74. I suppose another post here will not make any difference, but it’s hard to resist voicing my reaction.

    First of all, I am a female, a reasonably conservative one at that. I’m exposed to the whole “too many derogatory comments are used about women” debate every day. All I have to say to that is, “Get over it!” If you are offended by the fact that the female bosom is referred to as a rack, you simply care too much about what other people think — and I, for one, would not want to raise my child to be one who takes other people’s words that seriously, especially if they are people who resort to using those words.

    Secondly, I agree that the picture is not particularly cute, but I fail to see it as sinful in some way. A lot of children are exposed to breasts from day one — breast-feeding, anyone? A picture like this contributes to that sense of nourishment and comfort rather than sexual excitement. It is precisely the fact that “responsible” adults who attempt to brand an innocent photograph as something vulgar that leads children and teenagers to think it an object of focus and naturally begin to express an interest in it. If everybody recognized it as simply a body part, perhaps we would not have these problems.

    Lastly, a word of advice to the adults who attempt to project a responsible vibe: learn to type correctly. While you’re at it, make sure that your children do the same so that they are able to defend their own high moral ground with proper writing. Bad spacing, lack of capitalization, and typos are hardly convincing.

    By the way, the email address is entirely real — and I welcome any responses.

  75. I’m a feminist and a mom, and I’d be happy to have my child visit this site (provided it keeps its current blend of cute ‘n’ snark). I don’t find this particular shot offensive or demeaning at all — like a few previous posters said, it seems to highlight the warmth and maternal nature of breasts. And it’s funny. Just because you can’t see the woman’s face doesn’t mean it’s objectifying her.

    (Of course it’d be a better & cuter photo if we could see the kitty’s face or if the focus was better, but whatever; the essence comes across.)

    There may be a generational divide over the use of “rack” — for younger feminist types, it’s one of those old-fashioned sexist words like “broad” that we’ve reclaimed in a sort of retro/ironic way, but I can see how some folks might not recognize the cheekiness in it. But really, it’s not a word to get up in arms over. (You don’t hear asshole fratboys chanting: “Show us your racks!”)

    Keeping the site on my bookmarks!

  76. In african Cultures the women walk around topless. Does anybody care about it? NO!
    Our society turned “Boobs” into an erogenous part of the Body, because they have to be hidden. I’m sure that no man in these african tribes is getting aroused by looking at the topless women.

    Anyway, it’s unbelievable that this Women is offended by such a cute Picture.

  77. An 11 year old girl hears much, much worse things on the school bus than the word “rack”. If her innocence is going to be destroyed by a photograph of a clothed bosom then you need to blindfold her every morning before she leaves the house. Surely many of the adult women she encounters throughout the day have breasts.

  78. Firstly, lighten up.

    Secondly, I agree with everyone who won’t lighten up. The “category” does nothing for this site– it is too restrictive (i.e. adolescent-male oriented) and there are other places the males in questions can go. No need to implicate little beasts.

    Also, you can’t even see the kitten so well.

    Let’s not have any more of these. They’re too easy to come by. Now, can we have more baby sloths, please?

  79. zillahgirl says:

    No! I am terrified of sloths. And it lowers the cute-factor of the site for me when I pull it up and there are those little bundles of evil staring at me. I, for one, would rather see cats in shirts.

  80. the only thing i find “offensive” in that picture is that girl’s shirt…

    however i think throwing around “racks” on an otherwise cutesy and innocent site is a little icky.

    just my opinion.

  81. I think “Cats n’ Racks” needs its own blog. That would definitely hold my interest.

  82. Lighten up, squares!

    And good–get lost! Go find some other website if you don’t enjoy the fun playful spirit of this one. Who needs ya?

  83. wow… you people have far too much free time on your hands. if you dont like the picture… ignore it. if you do… enjoy it.

  84. josh bomb says:

    two of my favorite things: kitties and titties!

  85. The picture by itself is fine. It’s the title I have a problem with. Please skip “women as objects” and just have the cute animals. Besides, it’s not a “rack” unless it’s on an ungulant.

  86. Christine says:

    It’s not an offensive title, but I do think it is a bit immature. And one-sided. At least appease both sexes. And all animals. Why is it limited to cats and women?

    Just make sure it doesn’t become soft-beastiality and it’s all good.

  87. Grown-ups like cute things too, and most of us understand the silly nature of a site like this. Why do cute topics and “adult” topics have to be segregated? There are lots of other places on the Web stricktly for kids, let the grownups have this one!

  88. I was going to post this comment over on the “Hiding From The Comments” post, but then I thought the kerfluffle might spring up over there, so I figured I’d keep it contained, if I could.

    What I planned to say was: Right there with ya, babe. ::is embarrassed about her part in afore-mentioned kerfluffle, mostly just because it rained comment negativity on poor Meg’s head::

    Although I have to say…none of it really changes my opinion of what I submitted, nor my sense of humor or anything — I’m sorry I didn’t think of the parents on the list when I jumped on the “CnR” bandwagon, but then…I didn’t realize there WERE any parents sharing the site with their kids till someone said something. I was just thinking from the POV of my own demographic: a non-parent, ex-stand-up who has heard it all (and I do mean all), and from that point of view I didn’t consider “CnR” to be anywhere near the encroaching evil some on this list appear to.

    Personally, I’ve always liked the fact that Meg doesn’t take the cuteness too dead seriously — I couldn’t relate to a person like that. Instead she spices it up with the commentary of someone who knows she’s too “adult” for the stuff she posts to be drawing her in so completely, yet has to admit that it totally is. THAT I can relate to. Frankly, her gently-snarky sense of humor just cranks it up yet another likability notch for me. And that’s how I saw the category name — gently snarky, the product of a clever adult mind who has to do something to excuse herself from being this addicted to cuteness.

    (I did, however, think “Critters and Cleavage” was a pretty good compromise, if one wanted to go that route. Besides, it would open the door to other kinds of snuggling beasties. 🙂 )


  90. “What a ridiculous uproar. Cats like confined spaces. Cats like warm places. Cats like being with their humans, no matter what body part is involved. The cat probably went there all by itself.

    If you’re using the internet to amuse your children, shame on you. If your child is on the internet without supervision, shame on you. Yes, fine, have a few sites you can go to with your kids, but you should always check it first, every single time. And besides, there are plenty of children-only sites around, don’t rag on this one for not being one of them.

    Lastly – get a sense of humour, please.”

    * * *

    “It’s funny that everyone is freaking out about a picture of a fully clothed woman, with a cute cat popping out. That is cute. People just need to phukin chill out and to whoever said they’re not coming here anyomore with their 6 year old daughter, shame on you for thinking you can shelter your child through the internet. I clicked on a name of someone who posted in this thread and in 2 more clicks found a picture of 2 girls doing things together that would really freak your kid out. It’s the internet baby, I know damn well I wouldn’t let my 6 year old roamin around on it.”

    * * *

    People, go get a sense of humor!! I feel bad for your kids if they’re not even allowed to go to a website like this because of one picture that is taken the wrong way! I thought it was hilarious, and apparently Meg thought so as well, and if you don’t like it… Well nobody here at C.O. is gonna miss ya if you leave.

    But I must admit, I thought the Critters ‘N’ Cleavage thing was cute, and it would allow more pets to be added to this section weither they’re cats or not. *BUT*, this is *MEG’S* site, and she may do *WHATEVER SHE WANTS WITH IT.*

  91. By the way, the comment previous is what i would say, if i where like 56% of the stuck-up people that posted a comment here, BREASTS ARE NOT DIRTY!!!
    They are a natural part of the female body, and, in this picture, THEY ARE FULLY CLOTHED!!! Stop being such prudes, your kids are going to face that language and worse when they get older. Stop being so sensitive. if you don’t like the site, DON’T GO TO IT! There is no reason to whine about it.

  92. i thought the comment was very funny and did lol with a friend. if you’re a parent maybe you need to check the sight out before showing it to your kids. if you feel it’s offensive, then don’t show it to them. if you’re an adult and you didn’t like it – you can just not go on the site. we all get to pick and choose what we want in our personal environment. the point is that just because you don’t like it – don’t hassle the host – this is her page and she gets to do whatever she wants. love it or leave it.


    * * *

    Oh no… It’s a Christian pyscho.

    One more reason why I just *love* being an athiest. -_- (No offence to normal Christians, some of them are very nice.)

    And um, I wouldn’t get a breast reduction if my life depended on it, I love my boobs, what little I have of them. o0

    I feel bad for your daughter, and I thought my parents were bad.

    And no, I think female circumcision is quite useless.

    Be glad this is Cute Overload, and not a porn site, ’cause if it was, you’d be seeing alot more then covered breasts. XD

  94. Haha, I thought you were serious Kaze. XD

    Forgive me and my pea sized brain.

  95. Yeah, i’m fed up with Religious Zealots, freaking out over the tinyest things
    “oh knoez!!! someone killed someone else, it must be music and video games fault!!”

  96. benjamin01 says:

    You know rainbow, for havb=ving such a pretty name you sure are kind of lead-balloon-like.

    Parents have checked out this site — repeatedly — that’s the point. It has been consistently kid friendly and had a pretty big little kid audience. Little kids that shouldn’t have to deal with adult sh*t yet. Adults dominate the Internet and there are relatively few places without skank. This used to be one of them.

  97. “oh no! there is a picture of a woman that shows below her neck??? BURN THE WEBMASTER AT THE STAKE!” and by the way, i find the picture to be very cute

  98. benjamin01 says:

    Your labeling me a religious fanatic shows how far fetched your little reality is “Kaze”.

    I’m not christian nor am I religious but I do respect women and excising out females’ sexual body parts then labeling them is crappy. Call me or feminist, or feminazi if you’re a Rush fan, even though I’m male. Find whatever label you want to put on me and then kindly pound sand up your dimpled a**.

    This site has drawn all sorts of people — all ages — and the knuckle-dragging slurp mentality that uses “rack” to refer to a woman’s breasts clashes with what this site was supposedly about.

  99. Susan Simmons says:

    Why “kimmy” what makes you think that people who don’t especially want to wallow in sleaz are all “christian”? have some issues, honey?
    It mmay come as a surprise to you but there are “liberals” (or maybe you cal lthem “libtards” if you’re as head-up-the-ass rigid as you sound), who find the attitude toward women expressed via “rack” ugly and toxic.

  100. This reminds me kinda of the recent movie “North Country” where the people who spoke out against degrading sexualized references got attacked — even by some of the women.

  101. so than, you obviously think that labeling male anatomy is wrong also, correct? or labeling any body part, male or female?

  102. benjamin01 says:

    You sound like you’re about 14 years old Kaze, is that correct?

    I generally don’t debate with angst-filled adolescents (it’s the same kind of pointlessness as arguing with neoconservatives), but if you want to email me, feel free.

  103. also, if i am not mistaken, isn’t feminism for the equality of women towards men?
    so, wouldent you holdeing them as different kind of defeat the purpose?

  104. forget the cat. how lucky is that cat to be buried in a warm set of boobs.

  105. So, people are *still* yammering on about the fully-clothed kitten cradle?

    Rule Of Thumb For Life’s Mysteries And Obstacles:
    Try to keep a balanced perspective, for the love of Pete.

  106. hi – thanks benjamin01 for the response. it made me realize that i was commenting on the comments, instead of on the cuteness. i don’t want to be doing that. in fact the comments are getting to be undecidedly “uncute” and ruining the experience for me. i’m new to this page so i didn’t realize it was a very kid friendly site – sorry for your disappointment in it now.

  107. benjamin01 says:

    The point zinged right over your head, “Kaze”, give it up. If you want to further comment at me, email me.

    rainbow: thank you for your reply to me. Peace.

  108. This comment thread is like a train wreck. I can’t look away. Does Fandom_Wank serve the weblog community, I wonder?

  109. Brenda Zilno says:

    Hey, folks – if you’re gonna overload Meg’s server with all these daggoned comments, how ’bout leaving a tip?! (See link on upper left.)

    I’m sure she’d feel less like hiding in a shoe if y’all helped out… 🙂

  110. I’ve talked to several people (conservatives, all), and there are a couple of comments as well, and no one has a problem with it. Compare that with this.
    (BTW, the link above won’t take you directly to it, just a little info. There’s another link to the short commercial.)
    There’s a difference, folks.

  111. BAH! we agree to disagree, and thus ends the saga of Kaze, poet, hero, speaker for kittens who like to hide away in warm shits rights

  112. *shirts, sorry

  113. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that every one of these people taking the ‘good LORD a female form!’ stance have donated to this site in some way, either with pictures or a Pay-Pal donation…


    You haven’t?

    Well then where the hell do you get off telling other people what they can and can’t put on their own site?

  114. nice tits and pussy

  115. “An 11 year old girl hears much, much worse things on the school bus than the word “rack”. If her innocence is going to be destroyed by a photograph of a clothed bosom then you need to blindfold her every morning before she leaves the house. Surely many of the adult women she encounters throughout the day have breasts.”


    I always thought that the title ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ was meant to be a humorous, un-serious title that poked gentle fun at itself. Personally, I find cats and breasts together to be cute because it’s this “I have a baby kitty and I’m his mommy, so I’m going to cuddle him” kind of thing. It’s like an inter-special motherhood.

    By the way, I am a fourteen year old girl. I do not find anything about this site offensive, pornographic, or unsuitable for a child of any age. Kids see clothed breasts all the time…in fact, my own mother’s breasts are clothed!

    What makes these particular breasts so different from the rest?


  116. It would be nice if the visitors of the site were mature enough to comment in appropriate ways…not just make a quick shoutout to the coveted female body part. But, before another adamant parent steps in, I’d like to note that repeated exposure tends to desensitize people — and perhaps if there were more images such as this one out there, people would get more accustomed to seeing them without sexual arousal.

    As far as sheltering your children goes…I agree with the numerous comments which stated that no matter how hard a parent tries to protect his or her child, there will be bad influences. Plu, a child needs to be able to deal with the real world, which is not always kid-friendly. One teenager I know went to a proper Catholic middle school and had a very moral upbringing. The result? Totally, completely clueless about life. So when she, being a smart girl, became editor-in-chief of the school paper in a public high school, she was put on strict probation for allowing certain words to slip by her — simply because she did not know they were vulgar. Telling your child that “rack” is a bad word is educational, if anything (though it needs to be followed up with an explanation that bad words should not be used). Of course, you’re free to disagree, benjamin01.

    And Ms. Simmons, in advocating kid-friendly content, it seems a bit hypocritical to be using language such as “libtards” and “head-up-the-ass.” Please pardon my disrespect.

  117. I think the women who send in these photos are more than a little desperate for attention. Now, I adore cats, but this picture sucks. It’s not cute, the only appeal is the lop-sided breasts.

  118. I found this picture rather boring and not all that cute… I did find the title a bit offensive and found most of the comments even more offensive. Come on… this is a site dedicated to cute things, not “adult” content.

  119. I think most people who have commented negatively are objecting to the slang word which puts an emphasis on the female body parts, as opposed to allowing the picture to speak for itself. Because the breasts part of the picture was singled out by using a slang word denoting sexuality, it was made raunchy instead of cute; made sexual instead of the cuddly mothering cuteness that it is.

    Some people may find this amusing. Most thoughtful people will not.

    (Lilac, when my child was 14, she had no problems at all telling boys or men who referred to her “rack” exactly what she thought of them (and it wasn’t pretty). She didn’t lack for dates and she got plenty of respect because she demanded it.)

    Delete the word “rack” or similar words, and you return to cuteness. Raunch is never cute.

    Once again — the problem is not the body parts. The problem is raunchiness.

  120. at least the cat’s face is worth showing, i guess.

  121. Right on, Flyinfur – you said it best.

    Cuteoverload, I’m disappointed in you.


  122. It’s not silly or stupid or prudish to not want one more site to talk about “racks” and use woman’s bodies as the punch line to jokes (“it doesn’t get any rackier than this!”). So what if the world is a vulgar place and women hear this kind of crap and worse all day long and we should just “lighten up” and get over it and take a joke? How about no? The world won’t stop treating women’s bodies as punchlines or as objects until people say no each and every time it happens. So no – it’s not funny or cute or harmless. Stick to pictures of animals and leave women’s bodies out of it.

  123. Wow, look at all the degrading comments that this post brought out. I mean, come on, you probably knew that would happen when you posted it. I can’t think you’re that stupid. You knew guys would come here hollaring about titties and pussy. ‘Cute’ isn’t the word for your site. ‘Shitty’ is a better one.

  124. Michael.C says:

    For those of you that find ‘rack’ to be offensive, I honestly can not understand it, at all. I tried, I really did try, and I really AM the sort of open-minded person, but I just can’t understand it. The people who are saying the word ‘rack’ is not really the taste of this website, then I can kind of see where you are coming from but on first reading it I merely saw it as a cheesy opertunity to put rhyme into a title of category, CERTAINLY nothing offensive.

    For those who think the image itself is innapropriate due to its exposure, then I really feel sorry for you. You must have an awfull life. Lets say the cat was outside the womans clothing, would it be too explicit then? Just a pair of completely clothed breasts — how can that honestly be rude? Especially when the focus isn’t even on the CLOTHED breasts!

    As for the people who won’t let their kids come on this website because of this picture and similar ones, this is what really makes me angry. I’m 16, I’m a boy and I know plenty what it is like to be young in this generation. I can tell you that a picture like this, would’ve had no effect on me WHATSOEVER. Seriously, I wouldn’t have thought twice over it. It’s people like some of you commenting that bring the attention, and ’cause for concern’ over such perfectly innocent images.

  125. Michael.C says:

    oh and, do email me about this matter!

    I honestly feel shameful now for having taken part in this debate, here, on the website in question for inapropriate behaviour, when the real concern is to be found in the comments themselves. On reflection I wish I hadn’t, but there is no delete button and what with this being a topic of discussion I have such strong views on and feel so strongly about.

    Apologies to CO for my un-called-for responce.

  126. Good stuff! Just as a bra supports cats in racks, so too do I support this adorable category.

    *Adding to bookmarks!*

  127. who the heck are people who come onto a website and tell the owner of the website what it is about? i just don’t understand. it’s the very same thing as if you went into a restaurant and told the owner not to serve spaghetti because it is a chinese restuarant. if you don’t like the restaurant, don’t go there. no-one yet has explained how they have the authority to dictate the content of someone else’s site. i challenge any of you to explain why.

  128. First of all, to everybody out there who said they’re offended by this picture- I don’t believe you. You simply like to hear yourselves talk. Grow up.

    What’s more important is this- ‘racks’ obviously refers to stripes (here, the stripes on her shirt), not to breasts. You big dummies!

    Bad dummies! Bad bad BAD!

  129. Lizzybeth says:

    My tolerance for this “LOOK! BOOBS!” mentality is extremely low. It would be very sad to see this site go in that direction. While I’m not about to stop visiting, I did feel a regret, upon looking at this entry, for voting for this site on the Bloggies. Wish I could take it back.

  130. Not commenting on the title, but just the picture itself.
    For the people who immediately saw the ‘boobs’ and is offended, you are the perverted one.
    A little kid would just go: aww kitty! and Kitty being hugged!
    A kid won’t go: hey look there’s BOOBS in the picture, oooooh. Because to a kid, BREASTS are not offensive, and they shouldn’t be. For god sake it’s a part of the body, it’s just FLESH.
    So if you feel embarassed by looking at this picture, you should be embarassed at yourself.
    If you are soooo disappointed at this site, then go make your own ‘tame’ site and show that to your children for all we care, just lay off please.

  131. I am a 19 year old female with a good amount of self-respect — yet I honestly do not see the difference between calling breasts “racks,” “breasts,” “mammary glands” or [insert obscene teenage word here]. My respect does not depend on the fact that people could be looking at my body, and my opinion of myself does not change based on what other people refer to me as. Isn’t that what self-respect is all about? Moreover, nowadays any woman can label any action or any statement (no matter how innocent or chivalrous — I’ve seen a woman yell at a man for opening a door for her!) by a man as degrading simply because she can, and she knows she’ll get sympathy for it from other women. I wish people would simply stop finding offensive material in places where it does not exist. Oh, and let people run their websites the way they want to. You’re not the webmaster’s employer or sponsor.

  132. looks like this category just outed all the generation Y members on here. the webmaster just lost a whole lot of cred.

  133. It isn’t the pictures, in a society that isn’t as brainless as this one it would be fine. But of course men are going to come here after seeing those pictures and start making comments that are derogatory and sexist and just blame disgusting. That’s what’s shitty about this. And I’m not a prude for getting disgusted by male vulgarity whenever they see boobs.

  134. id like to thank morgan for using the word “shitty” and taking this conversation to the logical end.

    #1 this is NOT offensive, that is, unless you were attacked by aliens that wore striped shirts and had feline heads between a pair of breasts.

    #2 the internet is NOT safe for children. yes, teachers and schools use the net as a very helpful learning tool. BUT THEY DONT USE IT AS ENTERTAINMENT, which is what this site is, no matter how you cut it, this is entertainment-based content. So saying that teachers use the net doesnt mean its safe for kids in any way, shape, or form, outside of EDUCATIONAL sites.

    #3 all you blow-hards that see someone saying “nice rack” as male vulgarity are only perpetuating a cycle where women feel violated for being noticed, and have thier self-esteem trounced everytime they are complemented. i do acknowledge there are limits, saying “nice rack, we should hump, come on slut!” is vulgar. a simple “nice rack” en-passing is not, and next time that happens to you, why dont you just try giving a simple “thanks” and keep walking. see how good you feel about yourself after.

    #3-b. women who find the above picture or comments (that dont cross the line, vulgar, i find to be spewing female vulgarity. which is to find offensive material wherever they can, thus making themselves a victim as much as they can.. this would be refered to in the psychological feild as “munchausen syndrome”. what you are doing is DETREMENTAL to yourself. there are some things in this world that you will not agree with, and cannot change. (please see the Iraq war, which actually IS obscene, and in your, and your childrens faces EVERYDAY)

    get the FUCK over yourselves, and your baggage.

    (id again like to thank morgan for making this thread PG-13, and alowing me to use the “F-bomb”)

    P.S. the only reason i would ever stop comming to this site is because of jackasses like the ones bitching and moaning above.

    flame me, i dare you

  135. It’s easy for guys to say, “Oh, don’t be offended when we treat you as sex objects!” because you are never exposed to anything similar. I don’t see any “Dogs and Balls” entries here, and I’m betting I probably won’t.

  136. I love Cute Overload. But this is not cute.

    Please eliminate the offensive “Cats ‘n’ Racks” category so I can keep enjoying the site and keep it on my blogroll.

  137. bring it on.

    back to the cuteness.

    offended people, go away.

  138. i just find it funny that the people who are the most offended are the ones using their children as shields as well as using the most offensive language.

    if you don’t like it voicing your opinion once in comments seems to be enough. i don’t understand why you would lurk and constantly prattle on more about what you find offensive.

    if you don’t like something then you can abstain from visiting again.

    but either way. i think it’s all very silly. especially since children are innocent and wouldn’t find anything offensive until you tell them otherwise. that’s the joy of being a child.

  139. who gives a shit about your “blogroll”. look at the kitties and the ittybitty bunnys and a cat in a shirt, and be amused. jackass. this website is about overly cute animals, if you find anything about cute animals offensive, humanity is better off without you.

    i dont speak for the site or anyone else, but F*ck your “blogroll”, why do people like you need to try and force everything to be as you want it to be?

    oh and
    “It’s easy for guys to say, “Oh, don’t be offended when we treat you as sex objects!” because you are never exposed to anything similar.”
    is dirty lie. dont think that because im a guy, that i have never been exposed to being treated as a sex object. ive been hit on by gay men and thanked them for the complement but let them know that im not interested. how hard is that? but lets take it from the reverse side. lets say you started buying your own dinners, and tickets to the movies, and your own drinks when going out, maybe then these “guys that treat you like sex objects” would have a little more respect for who you are on the inside than just what you have on the outside. simply put, you ALLOW yourself to be treated like a sex object, you have set a cultural and societal standard that YOU need to be worshiped and when that comes out as basic human responses, you flip out about it. nice double standard there.

    anyone wanna take a picture of a puppy on a guys muscular physique, go for it, whats stopping you? call it “6packs n pups”

    just STFU and stop getting so butt hurt over everything

    look at the cute little animals and remember that somewhere deep inside that ice cave you call a chest, there IS a heart.

  140. or in this case a cat

  141. AuntieMame says:

    Tyler, your foul-mouthed, ignorant diatribes are not helping.

    And just so you know…the first man who tells me “nice rack” is getting slapped in the face.

  142. What’s the difference between a man complimenting my breasts and him complimenting my skirt? Both are part of my physical appearance at that given moment. I’m sure that there would not be such a violent reaction if a man complimented a pretty piece of clothing — but then again, maybe there are some who will see that as a vulgar sexual advance, too.

  143. It’s times like these that I am ashamed to be human.

    It’s not your site. So…Shut the fuck up. Seriously.

    But, this is definately e-drama at its finest. Yay for e-drama!

  144. well i hope that man prosecutes you for assault, you sexist pig. and why would that be alright, yet if i slapped you id be a monster?

    and what are my rants not helping? this is a non-issue. GET OVER IT

  145. Also, the sad thing is…it would be so easy for a woman to feign innocence after having slapped a man who told her “nice rack.” Meanwhile, if a woman loudly noted the size of a guy’s package and thus offended him, she would still be innocent.

    And if the site doesn’t carry an explicit “CHILD-FRIENDLY” label, the language used within it should not be criticized.

  146. My two cents (plus tax)

    Personally I would get rid of the “Cats and Racks” category, not because I’m offended but apparently some people go ballistic about the word “rack” and it would be nice to keep this site free of (ridiculous) controversy.

    Also, in my opinion, anyone who finds that picture too “suggestive” for kids — look in the mirror, it’s you who has the dirty mind.

    Finally, I will be donating money to this site because I feel bad for the owner having to put up with all of this crud < -- family friendly enough???

  147. AuntieMame says:

    If anyone who is still down here in the pit of this discussion had looked at the top of the list, they would see that I was NOT offended (and am still not offended) by the picture or the category.

    I’m not even commening about the picture or category anymore.

    I’m simply pointing out to Tyler that slapping other people’s opinions down, and using all the vulgarities in your limited vocabulary proves nothing except that you are as narrow-minded and ignorant as the people you’re yelling at.

    There are appropriate and intelligent ways of expressing yourself, ways that actually convince people to change their minds, ways that don’t include telling people what stupid *&^^%$# they are.

    Learn them. Remember them. Use them every day.

  148. “auntiemame”

    #1. did i ever say or imply that YOU were offended by either picture or title? and if so, id like you to repost it.

    #2. i have used very few explitives in my posts, so i must assume that by saying ” and using all the vulgarities in your limited vocabulary proves nothing except that you are as narrow-minded and ignorant as the people you’re yelling at.”
    you are saying that i have said things that you find VULGAR, most likely the parts about women having to pay for themselves and the whole double standard thing… well. im sorry you find truth to be vulgar,

    #3. when people start telling other people what to do, that is no longer thier opinion. someone needs to put these people back in thier place, which is at home, looking at a website they do not own, and most likly have not contributed to. so when you say “I’m simply pointing out to Tyler that slapping other people’s opinions down…” you really mean to say “dont dissagree with anything i say, or else, because you have used the word “FUCK” i shall call you ignorant and dimwitted.” right?

    #4. i have used the carrot in situations like this for years, and i really find that the stick is more effective when used properly. a good jab every now and then, if justified usually gets the people to really think about what they are saying instead of regurgitating rehetoric. so id say i AM expressing myself in a very intelligent, thought-out, appropriate way, which if it doesnt change peoples minds, at least i dont have to look at thier mental diarea anymore.

    thanks for trying though, can we get back to the bunnys in cups now?

  149. here is a shocking piece of information…. women have breasts. and obviously, the woman who is in this picture does not have any qualms about her breasts being the focus of a picture on the internet.
    And with that in mind, paying them a compliment is not doing harm to her, me, you, your children,feminism, or the universe. I think prior to the comment-attack, tyler did a good job at pointing out blatant double standards here. don’t think that women have to deal with SOOO much unwanted sexual attention and have to fend it off with a stick (or a carrot, whichever the case may be) every day, while men just sit back, happily skating through life paying for dinners and making lewd comments. both sexes have their obstacles to overcome. and their biases. it seems this debate has become more of a protest against women being viewed as sex objects. and yes, society projects an image that women should be thin and beautiful etc. etc., but don’t think for a second that men aren’t subjected to insane stereotypes and standards to live up to as well. so what is the point of all this? that someone was offended by… *gasp* a body part? that this site is not safe for children? what the hell is everyone arguing about anymore anyway?!

  150. Well, I think it’s a very cute cat, that’s a lovely set of tits, and if anyone would like a kleenex to clean up the mess they’ve made, I’ve got plenty.

    Excellent new category! I like it!

    -Straight chick and boobie-proud

  151. What on earth?!

    I am an adult woman, and I am not in any way offended by this. Come on people. This is NOT a sexual picture. It is a cat. It is a photograph of a woman’s clothed chest. Your children see clothed breasts every day. If you look at this, and you immediately think of it as sexual, then it is you with the problem. You are the dirty one. I don’t think of cats down shirts as sexual, and nor do most people. Your children definitely won’t.

    If you’re this wound up about something over the internet, how do you manage to cope in the real world?!

    Or, hey, maybe the internet really is serious business…

  152. What on earth?!

    I am an adult woman, and I am not in any way offended by this. Come on people. This is NOT a sexual picture. It is a cat. It is a photograph of a woman’s clothed chest. Your children see clothed breasts every day. If you look at this, and you immediately think of it as sexual, then it is you with the problem. You are the dirty one. I don’t think of cats down shirts as sexual, and nor do most people. Your children definitely won’t.

    If you’re this wound up about something over the internet, how do you manage to cope in the real world?!

    Or, hey, maybe the internet really is serious business…

  153. Apologies for the double post 🙂

  154. I keep on coming back to this post because I love reading the comments. It is interesting one ONE simple post has sparked. And since everyone seems to be tossing in their two cents worth, I’ll be tossing in my five dollars’ worth, ’cause that’s how much I’ve just donated.

    Meg, you are awesome. I love your blog, and for you to devote to something as therapeutic as seeing the cutest little animals ever is very altruistic and deserves a Nobel Cutness Prize™.

    To those who are offended because of improper content for children: educational sites = safe for kids [as someone has mentioned earlier.] Why don’t you try introducing your children to sites that go by COPPA, you know? I have seen no COPPA links on Meg’s blog [and I mean, its a blog, its someone’s electronic version of a DIARY], so, for those of you parents who are not as keen as I am on internet-related things, I present to you this:

    Use it wisely. Your opinions are yours to make, I won’t say it is wrong to make them, however I will say that I disagree with you, and leave it at that. We both are too firmly set in our comfort levels with the aforementioned picture and category title to be able to change each others minds over the internet, right?

    To those who are offended because it degrades women: Sure, there’s a hundred and eight words for the term “breasts” out there [this one being one of the “friendlier” derogatory terms for it], but it is a most unfortunate fact that Neanterthals posing as men will continue to harangue women for id-driven sexual purposes. I simply find it quaint that CO of all sites is being assaulted for it.

    To those of you who have no problem with the previous: Please, make ME and the opinion for which I represent look respectable and keep the foul language and bad spelling and grammar out of it [yes, I know mine is not perfect, but I can hold my own against most of the masses.]

    To Meg, want to have coffee sometime? :-p

    Eh, worth a shot. 🙂

  155. …and I cannot seem to locate the Tip Jar link. 😦 Anyone mind helping me out? 🙂

  156. Huh, good point Hashi, I can’t find the tip jar anymore either. I do see an empty category for “Goooooogle” though…?

  157. If you think this photo (aww, kitty!) is cute then leaving a comment is lovely. But I can’t quite work out why all the people who are offended need to comment. I am certain whatever they feel the need to say has already been posted at least twice. Don’t you charming people think it would be easier for all concerned if you just clicked that little cross in the top right hand corner?

  158. Wow – people. Seriously, calm down. I really don’t see anything offensive here. This is a great site, and people need to lighten up.

  159. Mr. Fluffy says:

    Has anyone else realized that this particular post of the CnC are has more comments than the other two COMBINED???

  160. There is nothing wrong here. In fact, everything is perfect. 😉

  161. People arguing over the web. Whaiii! I don’t know who deserves more attention. The kitten or the gal. Actually, all this stemmed from the first negative comment.

  162. I too am going to donate money right now, because CuteOverload is awesome and shouldn’t be penalized by a *ridiculous* debate.

  163. with all due respect J, thats what the debate is about. cuteoverload give no promises as to the child-friendly nature of its content, so when pretentious asses get all upity and think they can dictate what the site produces, it gets on my nerves. this is a good-hearted clean site that, because of THIS catagory IS being penalized by the above mentioned asses, which i think is ridiculous.

    the purpouse of the debate was if cuteoverload would remove this content or be penalized for not.

    and by all means, i think that everyone that posted a negitive comment on this subject is OBLIGATED to donate to the site for putting up with thier jackassness. so please do. i know i am.


  164. This photo is cute because it’s a cute cat in an unusual position!
    How prudish can people be to get upset about this?! Quick info: yes, women have breasts, get over it! There’s nothing “dirty” about body parts – and these aren’t even only covered by a t-shirt but also by that p- cat.

  165. Omigod, women have BREASTS? How crazy! So, that’s what those two jiggly things on my chest are…I NEVER knew that.

    C’mon, people, grow up. I can just see how this is going to go: “No, Suzy, don’t hold the kitty there, you can see the shape of your ‘dirty pillows’ under your shirt. Yes, Suzy, I know that’s the natural place for your arms to fall when holding a cute animal, but…hold it above your head or something. That’s it…arms straight up, over your head. I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable, we cannot pollute the minds of the children! Think of the children, Suzy, the children who have no idea that women have breasts!”

  166. I think it’s a sweet picture. I showed it to my seven year old daughter the other night, and she loved it. She said the kitten looked happing ‘snuggling’ because–gasp!–young children don’t see breasts as sexual. Which the picture clearly isn’t.

  167. Seriously, when do we get the Cock n’ Balls series?

    Serve up something FOR THE LADIES! Some male roosters snuggling up to some fuzzy testicles – that’s CUTE!

    Or how about some Pups n’ Buns – cute little doggies resting on some beautifully rounded male buttocks?

  168. I for one find this sort of kitty porn horribly offensive.

    Got any more? 🙂

  169. that is mingin

  170. KnifeGhost says:

    Benjamin, I hate to question your feminist cred, but virtually all of the feminists I know (and believe me, I know a good many) are in favour of womens’ bodies. There is a difference between objectification and representation. If yo don’t want your daughter seeing tight-framed pictures of women’s breasts, that’s fine, that’s your right as a parent. But kindly refrain from playing the “feminist” card when a very very good many feminists love cats, love breasts, and love them both together.

    And for those who object to the term “rack”, that’s your right. But please understand, again, that there’s a difference between unthinking objectification and ironic reclamation. To me (I’m 23), “rack” is almost a laughably cheesy word. Who calls breasts “racks” anymore? I assure you, the frat boy mentality you’re so worried about has moved on to other words by now.

    If anyone finds that this pictures spoils the cute for you, that’s your right and you’re welcome to leave. But do you honestly think Meg is trying to appeal to the prurient interests of adolescent males? Are the people who’ve expressed their support for the picture on here all adolescent males? If adolescent males want to see boobs on the internet, do you think they’ll start coming here and that Meg will cater to that?

    I’ll go ahead and suggest a firm “no”.

    If you’re offended, you’re welcome to leave, and you’re right to leave a message explaining why — otherwise, Meg can’t guage her constituency. But please please don’t take the pseudo-feminist moral high-ground. I’m a feminist, I’m surrounded by feminists in my everyday life — they’re all, to a person, in favour of women’s bodies, and can tell the difference between lewd and just there.

  171. wow, read some of the negative comments here (mostly from women, who are likely fat or fat on the inside) … there are some jealous bitches in the world. You go GIRL! keep stuffing things between your tittays!

  172. I enjoy this section. 🙂

    Insane parents who are flipping out over the word “rack”: Know that your sheltered kids will someday have a very rude awakening, and it’s best when someone they love awakens them to such things.

  173. The One Called Zorron says:

    Ya know.. their is no reason for this picture to be attacked. The woman has her shirt on.. nothing is exposed.. I think it could have been a better picture.. but overall.. it is cute still.

  174. Seriously? There are people offended by that? The chick is wearing a shirt that doesn’t show ANYTHING. My god… that six year old is going to have one rude awakening one of these days… perhaps when she figures out how to come onto the Cute Overload website herself and reads the word ‘racks’. Besides… ‘racks’ is the closest word for boobs that rhymes with ‘cats’. (No petty arguments for that please: I know rack and cat don’t have a perfect rhyme)

    If you make a big deal out of something as clearly innocent and somewhat funny as this is, your kids chances of growing up innocent and normal go way down. If you tell your kids they can’t come to this site anymore, it’s rude and sexual, your kids are going to come to this site and look for the stuff that’s rude and sexual… lucky for you, they probably won’t find it because it’s not here.
    Try and relax a little. The girl is wearing a shirt.

  175. Heh. Honestly, if anyone ever told me “nice rack,” I’d just laugh inwardly and keep walking. (Who actually uses the word “rack” in earnest, anyway? Clearly the category title was a joke.) I demand respect as much as (if not more than) the next woman, but demanding respect doesn’t necessitate making a fuss whenever something rubs you the wrong way.

    Do I think it was necessary to make a separate “Cats ‘n’ Racks” category? Probably not. But really, folks. The cuteness of this picture stems mainly from the fact that there’s a kitten’s head sticking out from underneath someone’s clothing. It would have been just as amusing if the head had been protruding from a sleeve or pant leg, or from under the collar behind someone’s neck. That’s all that’s really going on here: kitten in unusual (although not that unusual, if you’ve ever had a kitten) position, looking cute.

    Finally: women have breasts. Kids see them every day. This site is obviously about the critters, and when you call attention to an aspect of the photo that’s just incidental, you’re doing just that: calling attention to it. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d want them to grow up understanding and respecting people’s bodies, not being afraid of them and thinking they’re shameful or dirty.

  176. tigerlily is right. I think this section is totally worthless, plus there is nothing cute about it, to you MALE people. Anne is right too. Go all you feminine rights people! We dont ask for breasts too, btw

  177. To the first person who commented: you are a sicko bastard asinine unfeeling jerk.

  178. MellowBanana says:

    I must say this: If the kitten were sticking out of the sleeves or pant legs, it would be cute. Did this site be bought by Some stupid boy jerk bought it, and is turning a sight were i can go to like the cuteness, then barf and the sudden disruption of the cute cycle. The idea is not cute. Cute Master, what *ARE* you thinking?! Some ASSinine 15 year old boy bought this wonderful sight andd is turning it vulgar!

  179. I’m not saying that this place is goin down the tubes, but some rather vulgar people are adding DISGUSTING comments which innocent children are gonna read! The idea of a kitten *snuggling* is cute, but i think some really BAD male guys are gonna keep commenting!

  180. To meg: I sincerely doubt (and hope) that no one asked you to do these pictures, and that some of these vulgar people will not ask you to use your remarkable talent for disgusting purposes. I love CO, but with all these people making comments that young kids will read. (I.E. the first person who commented) I just feel like barfing. This idea of cats snuggling with humans is a good one, but i think you might want to try a different angle….the back of the kittens head looks rather odd. I agree with Wild Geek. Slang words come and go with the breeze, peeps! Look at the word “Groovy” not many people use that one often now. The idea is not vulgar……its just that perverts of people are gonna start commenting a avalanche! (Larger then this one!)

  181. I have to agree with MellowBanana and Wild Geek. I find this very offfensive. Some of these comments are plain gross! That is NOT right. So someone please make a seperate link that specifically states PG to Cats ‘n Racks-please?

  182. Thank you, emma

  183. MellowBanana says:

    Thank you, also.

  184. MellowBanana says:

    We are both watching, hoping for some more support from the public.

  185. No problem 🙂

  186. I think that it is awful to have this catagory. It is awful, you should think about your yonger veiwers!

  187. ITHIS IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE KEEP THIS PG!!!!!

  188. We don’t want to discourage Meg….only the Pervs who are commenting.

  189. Not any of us, only the guy people who are making gross comments

  190. MellowBanana says: is real, BTW

  191. To Meg: This is not a very good picture at all! It is very inapropriate and I do hope you are not offended by my comment, but I think this is awful (especially the title!)

  192. MellowBanana says:

    We dont really think the idea of kittens and humans snuggling is bad, but this idea of right next to private areas is gonna get pervs in swarms, and their gonna defile glorius CO!

  193. Totally, …! I hope that there could be a new category that states PG so these people with dirty minds can comment and we won’t have to put up with it and they can look at it whenever THEY want. But it is poisioning the site!

  194. Its like dropping a uncovered vial of poison into a pure stream. It shouldnt be done. I mean, look! lots of people are saying their never come back, like so many people would be poisened from drinking river-water.

  195. MellowBanana says:

    They would be dead. So they couldnt come back to the river. By posting somthing that is offending half the women on the site, the Cute Master is throwing the vial. Maybe Meg will read some of this.

  196. MellowBanana says:

    This is a good-hearted sight, and we dont want some pervs to go demanding bad pictures from meg and dirtying the site.

  197. Honestly. Kids look at this site- jeez. It wouldn’t be as bad if people didn’t comment with such rude and foul language!

  198. MellowBanana says:


  199. I totally agree with emmma

  200. Thank you, Wild Geek! Meg, you need to take this OFF the site. As a kid myself, I think that this is gross and some of these comments are sickening!

  201. MellowBanana says:

    Indeed. I am a kid, too, and this idea of the private areas is offending.

  202. Ditto to MellowBanana

  203. I find it a violation of people’s privacy! Even though some of the cats are cute, but the whole picture is just offensive. Offensive is bad.

  204. MellowBanana says:

    Right on, emma! I wonder if Meg had the girls permission, too. That would decide if it was a violation of privacy. (and if she wanted that photo all over the net)

  205. MellowBanana says:

    signing out

  206. Signing out….emma, good luck

  207. Exactly! If she did, it wouldn’t have been as bad. Even then some of the comments were tastless and crude!

  208. DearAbby Lady says:

    Since the cat’s head is turned, we are forced to view the lady’s *area*. Not cute.

  209. CrystalAngel says:


    Maybe comments shouldn’t be allowed. Then the vulgar comments that the innocent children could read wouldn’t happen. And there wouldn’t be a huge debate of over 200 comments over a cat sticking it’s head out of a shirt. Big deal.

  210. In case anybody’s wondering, emma, MellowBanana and Wild Geek are the same person. Nice try!

    By the way, webmaster, I still only see three CnR entries. If I had a camera I’d offer more; c’mon, ladies! Add to the cuteness.

  211. In case anybody’s wondering, emma, MellowBanana and Wild Geek are the same person. Nice try!

    By the way, webmaster, I still only see three CnR entries. If I had a camera I’d offer more; c’mon, ladies! Add to the cuteness.

  212. I can’t believe that the Discussion is still going on.

  213. MellowGeek says:

    Ok, ok ya caught me. Glad people are staying alert. Meg has the right to post what she finds cute, and, this picture, in general, is cute. Its just that some pervs are commmenting and kids are gonna read them (i.e. the first person who commented on this picture) Humans and cats snuggling is OK. but pervs are commenting a avalanche. (and so are we 🙂 )

  214. Alright. Gonna stop posting on this picture. Just going to accept the fact that this is going to stay a category and I can just steer clear of it. Even though some of these comments are crude, I guess I am just going to have to live with it. Sorry about annoying all you people with my ranting.

  215. MellowGeek says:

    I think ill follow emma’s example, bless her 🙂

  216. OK, here’s a cat. (link)
    I leave the rest to your own imagination.

  217. that’s not a cat, that’s a pinata.

  218. HOLY COW.

    I mean holy cat.

    that sucker is HUGE. I mean, seriously. I’m surprised he doesn’t warp time/space around him, single-handedly making that cat a quantum singularity in and of itself.

    And to go back to the previous argument; Its your own opinion of what is disgusting. I donated 5 bucks to this site because I love it. Not necessarily for this particular category alone, but because I lurve all of the cute animals on it. If I am offended by something on this site [which would have to go along the lines of] then I would say “eww” and be done with it. I wouldnt sit there and debate people, attempting to force my petty [yes, petty] opinions on everyone else just because I feel like wasting my finger-breath attempting to convert open-minded people to something drastically conservative. Waste your time on real pornographic sites, people.

    Theo… geez. Fat cat. No more can be said.

  219. Lick My Pickles says:

    It makes no difference to those who enjoy this site so…DONT LIKE IT DONT LOOK…EASY!!

  220. Oh for heaven’s sake.

    I can’t believe this discussion is still going on. Please, people, have your say and then find something else to talk about. Saying the same thing dozens of times in a single thread makes the discussion awfully tedious.

    Also, this blog is a “site,” not a “sight.” Please learn the spelling difference.

  221. Psh, teaching people to spell and forcing decent grammar upon them is impossible, Alyson. Not everyone could be as scrutinizing as the likes of you and I.

  222. Well, I am, hashi. I’ve been scrutinizing your comment & I believe the word you’re looking for is “rigorous.”


  223. You’re a rigorous, theo! shu’up! meanie!

    *wets his pants out of anger*


  224. Big wet cat pants??
    Um, what were we talking about again?

  225. I’m not hugely offended, but at the same time, I’m not thrilled with this category.
    This particular cat isn’t particularly cute, and it looks like the woman in the photo stuffed the cat in her shirt just to submit it for the “Cats n’ Racks” category.
    I also think having this category may lead to a rash of women stuffing cats into their shirts, risking bodily injury.
    Just thought I’d cast my vote on the subject since everyone else is doing so.

  226. this is the best pic in this entire site …

  227. I wonder how many more people are going to repeat themselves…


    (cos that really bore repeating.)

  229. wet like a a toad’s sprocket, baby!

  230. You know the Monty Python connection there, right? Click link…

    (I say we make this the official Off-Topic Thread for CuteOverload, unless & until someone really has something to say about le decolletage.)

  231. Wow. You know, I find some of the titles “interesting” overall on the site, you want to rise against those as well? I mean, this is a site that caters to all ages and genders. I think the management is doing a great job.

    Some of you folks need to lighten up. You don’t know how ridiculous you sound. Making a bloody protest over the use of “rack” on a cute website.

  232. dont make me come back and shut you over-protected, social retards up again…

    if you watch CNN or any cable news network, you are exposing your “pure and innocent” children to things 10,000 times as disturbing, vulgar, distateful, and down right crude, every damn night.
    “war, rape, murder, crime, but as a redeaming quality, we’ll show you a fluff peice on a psychic hamster.”

    welcome to the world, its vulgar.
    this picture/catagory/”site” is a far less crime than turning on the tv for 1 comercial.

  233. Actually, Susan Simmons, Meg is not a man as I’ve seen a photo of her on her blog profile. Also, men couldn’t come up with the great comments that she does, so stop dissing her. Do you have a problem with putting a sensible cute photo on a site called the problem is the people who post stupid comments.

  234. Oooooh, interesting. Being a mild fan of MP, I have never come across that.

  235. pistache268 says:

    Nice rack.
    And stop being FUSSPOTS.

  236. I think only FUSSPOTS use the term “FUSSPOTS”.

    You fusspot.


  237. Big cat fuss pants??
    What were we talking about, again?

  238. If this little pic is offensive to some ppl, what do they say if a Women in Breastfeeding a Cat?

  239. add questing tendrils and this would make some sick anime.

  240. “Questing tendrils”

    Methinks finn writes bad hentai/romance novels.

  241. my hentai brings all the boyz to the yard.

  242. Does it catch Sexy Chicken right off her guard?

  243. Like it? Here’s what’s next.

  244. Sith Happens says:

    Good god, suddenly the site is horrible because it has a cats n racks category. I think people need to lighten up.

  245. I just saw this picture and submitted one of my own. I think it’s adorable! My cat sleeps in my shirt all the time (when I’m wearing one he’ll fit in!) because he likes the warmth and it gives my arms a rest from holding him. I think anyone who sees anything NOT innocent about this photo has more issues than the girl in this photo who found a loving, comfortable way to hold her kitty.

  246. Remember folks, the internet is serious business.

  247. hmmm looks interestin down there!!!

  248. ok that is rong. i would not want to be her boobs

  249. looks interesting down there. any room

  250. anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, well, my grandma works at a bank.

  251. So??? I used to know a kid who had a hole in his chest! He could fit a whole orange in it!

    (…which is to say, “Huh?”)

  252. I’ve only ever heard of jumper puppies.
    Can I stroke them, please?

  253. nice rack, theo.
    some nice trussing there.

  254. And the flying buttresses were a nice touch, were they not, finn? Theo’s a veritable… erm… guggenheimer?

  255. Heh. Thanks, Finn. And that’s only our LEGACY rack. It does have the primary & secondary switches, though, and the trussing is my little obsession. (All those wires used to be labeled & numbered at both ends, even, but I relaxed a little.)

    Hashi — I though that started with a “J”?

  256. perhaps, hashi. but theo, to me, is more along the lines of a Jingleheimer, of the John Jacob Schmidt variety.

    see my name link for the wiki, but verra applicable is this:

    “Part of the appeal… seems to be its infinite loop, presenting the opportunity to turn a potentially intolerably long wait into an informal psychological experiment with the idea of infinitude and the infinite-loop motif.”

    Very Theo.

  257. [once again giggling like a moron, albeit a happy one]

  258. juggenheimer! I like that. it sounds like Juggernaut!



    hashi = humanoid manifestation of the concept of non sequitur. 🙂

  259. Shouldn’t this sections be called “Kitties ‘n Titties”?

  260. Ferret — hmm… That seems to work, but as this *is* the internet, I think people would assume it was about the NEKKID kind. And, y’know… claws? Eek.

  261. LOOK AT IT. Seriously. HOW IS THIS INAPPROPRIATE? All of the chests in this category are clothed. All the kittens are happy. How are any of them inappropriate in any way? They are lovely, very cute, and besides, you focus mainly on the kitten and not the breasts! The name of the category can be rather demeaning, but otherwise, this is fine. And an 11-year-old girl will be going through her period, won’t she, along with the development of her breasts? Everyone has a right to know what a rack is. Please, stop flaming a single picture and if it bothers you that much, just don’t visit it!

  262. firstly, unless we all believe we’ve been cheated all along and meg is indeed a 15 year old hormonal boy/perverted old man who spends his retirement days looking for pictures of cute little bunnies and kitties, realise this.

    meg is female.
    meg has boobs too.
    as do i.
    obviously it doesnt disturb either of us, nor kristi nor mandy, nor a lot of other people.

    i’m not saying that women should take derogatory comments, but seriously, cats ‘n racks is hardly derogatory. honestly i am surprised that there is such a big response to this picture (with reference to all the people who seem to be offended, those who are merely replying and siding meg i can understand, after all i am one of them ha ha ha. yes we side her because basically what this is, is her site, and i don’t see why you need to spoil it for her or anyone else just because you have problems.

    i don’t think the slew of comments is really about this site, more about your own personal beliefs and how you feel you have to impose them upon others.

    sorry for adding to the already ridiculous amount of posts, but i figured since i took the time to read em all (i happen to be very free now lol) i should be allowed to repeat the views of lots of pro-CO posters, if not for the content then at least for the fact that meg knows she has one more supporter out there. keep it up girl!

    p.s. i’m all for kitties and titties. i find the rhyming thing makes it rather adorable as opposed to crude ^_^ i’d send one in if i had kitties… or bigger titties for that matter LOL. hearts

  263. an old yorkie's mom says:

    on cold days in upstate New York, I stuff my ole puppy inside my coat all the time. She’s too use to tropical weather from another life and so that just gives extra warmth and endless love 🙂

  264. Yorkies ‘N Norkies!! OH NOES!!!!!111!

  265. First Post! Lookit me!!!
    w00t or something.

  266. Firster, Postier Post of Firstly Firstness!


  267. Hey little doggie. This hydrant’s *mine.* Go find your own to pee on.

    (geesh, dog metaphors for cat people… I think the rain of frogs comes next)

  268. Terris Branborough says:

    The photo quality and creativity here leave much to be desired, but it mustn’t be said that the theme cannot be acheived tastefully and attractively. There is nothing wrong with sharing pictures like this with young children. Even if you filter Cute Overload out of your child’s life, there is endless material they encounter every day — at school, watching television, walking around a grocery store — that objectifies the feminine form WITHOUT the presence of cute fuzzy animals…or even a shade of the modesty desired by protective parents. I say continue browsing this site with your young ones. There is nothing dirty or pornographic here; it only becomes that way if that is what you make of it. Seems to me that this disgust with a pair of clothed breasts is sicker by far than the attitude that they’re just sacks of flesh. By filtering this imagery out of your child’s education, what are you teaching him or her but that breasts are “bad”?

  269. “meg has boobs too.”
    w00t! Someone’s talking about my rack online!!! Yeeeeeeeee haw! It’s almost as exciting as getting a first post.
    Thanks, Faith,

  270. Chuck the Lucky says:

    I have read with interest the comments of people who are offended by this category or who feel it is “not safe for kids” or that the slang word “rack” or images of same are objectifying to women.

    Are you people really like that or are you the kind of people who post bizarre comments just to get a reaction? I hope you all get a chance to talk to someone about your problems because you all sound very phobic about the human body in specific and the human condition in general. It is just some cute animals in cleavage, not a snuff film.

    Two points:

    1) Finding secondary sexual characteristics attractive is not something that creeps up like a medical condition at 13 years of age and is healed by the time one reaches adulthood.

    2) If your child asks “Mommy what is a rack?” simply say that it is a common or impolite term used for boobs and that you would rather she not use the term; is that somehow too traumatic for people? If so they should be warned that parenting is not going to get any easier. There are lots of cultures and museums where children see female breasts and there has never been one case of brain damage resulting from it. Most kids used to live on farms and saw half a dozen reproductive acts (not to mention the occasional expression of “alternative lifestyles”) between animals before they were old enough to ride a horse. Has living in cities turned humanity into a bunch of dainty doilies?

  271. Whoa hey, found another one…

  272. way to go curmudgeon!!

  273. $comment++;

  274. OK that was WAAAY geeky.

    (1 row(s) affected)

  275. Christina says:

    I didn’t read all the posts above, however I did catch a few comments about the girl’s breast not being so great and the shirt not flattering her body.. I think she looks fine!

  276. are you looking for a date, christina?

  277. i’ve never wanted to be a kitten so much in my life! meow!

  278. Christina, I wholly agree. For the pure simple physical nature of her build, I would say she is quite flattering.

  279. Excellent! I love it!

  280. You know, not everything has to be about sex, yet everything is turned that way.

    It’s called the dumbing of America, really. It’s “okay” to do this and that… forget about morals and forget someone trying to rasing their children right… these people just lack a sense of humor, right? Not.

    I think, personally, whomever says “I’m Jealous of that kitty” and “what a lucky kitty” has little respect for woman. Whomever created this category has little respect for women… and the girl that submitted the photo… respect for yourself? None. This category is to, in some way, shape, or form, to please people sexually. That’s it. Shame on this site.

  281. I’m jealous of Becky.

  282. Uhm, didn’t rack originally mean boobs large enough to set things on? So it’s an accurate title. Chill.

  283. Now I’m sad that this is no longer the most ridiculous, out-of-control thread on CO anymore.

    (…though I suppose it hasn’t been, for a long time, actually)

  284. Supershuttle says:

    The detractors — of which are mostly women — are clearly jealous. The woman is well endowed, why cast aspersions? How something so blithe and playful turned into a contentious issue of the woman “not respecting herself ” is ridiculous. If she weren’t as svelte and supple I doubt anyone would care one way or the other.

    At any rate, would anyone happen to know this young woman’s e-mail address or phone number or, at the very least, website? I think I’m in love.

  285. On the OMGLOVE side– Someone over on Fandom Wank mentioned that Cute Overload had a “Cats n’ Racks” section, and that was the only reason I showed up here. And then I was sucked in by the cute. But kittens in boobs amuse me far more than they should.

  286. “then I was sucked in by the cute”
    Like a kitten into…

  287. the auntie says:

    This is the craziest string I’ve EVER seen! First, I know the woman in the photo–she’s my niece and I assure you she: (A.) She doesn’t stuff-not even a little, hellofarack if you ask me!! (B.) Was not expolited in the taking of this photo-she probably shot it herself, or had her boyfriend; who she keeps properly in line thank you very much, take it! (C.) Loves her cats, rats, chickens and tarantuala very much (but I am fairly sure she doesn’t put the latter two in her bra!) I don’t know what’s more rudiculous the “feminists” jumping up and down about this…or the Mommies. I for one am both a parent and a feminist, but am able to recognize the difference between exploitation (which this REALLY isn’t-look at that Benelton, no clevage deal the girl is wearing,) and a little innocent fun. Parents who are worried that THIS site is too rauncy for their kids–have you seen the rest of the internet?? It’s just cats and boobies folks you are thinking WAAAAAY TOOOO MUCH!! Gloria Steinham would even say AWWWWWW if she saw this photo.

  288. As the proud owner of that rack, you can say whatever the hell you want about my tits, I don’t care. Said kitten is dead, though 😦

  289. Also this picture was on CNN during the Webby Awards, I am eFamous 🙂

  290. MrDeodorant says:

    I’m a twenty-two year old guy, and I’ve carried my Jack Russell Terrier in my coat in a manner surprisingly reminiscent of this photo. There was nothing sexual about it, it was simply a warm, comfortable, and easily-maintained way of carrying him (He’s a short-hair, and winters are cold). Here are a few points I’d like to make about this discussion:
    1) There are several stages of sexual interpretation. First there’s the child’s “Eww, sex is gross”, which leads to blushing and maybe giggles. Then there’s the adolescent’s “Oh my god, sex”, which leads to blushing staring. Then there’s the adult’s “Ah yes, sex” where sex is just a thing, no longer taboo or extraordinary. Children are aware of the concept of sexuality as soon as they realise that girls and boys are different; attempting to keep them ignorant is an exercise in futility. So a child seeing this won’t be offended or scandalised by the sight of Ariel’s breasts. I knew all the common swear words (if not exactly their meaning) literally by kindergarten, and I grew up in a small town. Any adolescents coming to Cute Overload for erotic content are to be pitied, for they are repressed beyond social functioning.
    2) I find it highly unlikely that Ariel was forced into modelling for this shot; from her posts, it seems more likely that it was her idea. Furthermore, any adult (and objectively, with breasts like those Ariel had better be an adult) would be aware of the implicitly sexual content of the picture. Thus, submitting a picture of yourself cradling a cat between your breasts into a category called “Cats ‘n’ Racks” is hardly male objectification. We can’t help being sexually aware all the time; it’s how most of us are, and we can’t change that. What we can do is act with maturity and empathy, so while I abhor the fratboy mentality I make no apologies for appreciating the female form.
    3) This is hardly pornographic ‘filth’. It’s a tongue-in-cheek expression of implicit sexuality and feline cuteness. I’ve seen far more blatant expressions of the human form at the mall; hell, I see more boobs than this thread in my Physics classes… on both genders. The best way to raise our children to be sexually healthy is by showing them that sexuality can be separate from sensuality. Women are allowed to have breasts, and guys are allowed to notice that. I think we all agree that ‘noticing that’ to the degree of exclusivity is unhealthy and undesireable, but repressing it leads to innocence in a world full of predators. If I ever have children, I will take every measure I can to show them that having gender isn’t wrong, it’s nature, and frankly, a tacit admission that you can have breasts outside of a Playboy magazine serves that purpose exceedingly well.

    Love the site, Meg. Sometimes you just need the cute.

  291. I think boobie mctubbles is the cutey wooty princess of kittywittens! For the win! Magical kitten tit power! More love to you, lady kitten boob, I for one support your cat rackery.

  292. *giggle* I just linked to this off the CO glossary under “Commentroversy”.

    You know what…^-^ I’m a lady, and I love calling it a rack. I think it’s hilarious. My little baby ratsie used to sleep in my shirt while we watched ER T.T *sad/happy Memories*.

    Anyway, It’s a cute kitty, and a cute girl ((yes, I said it, Ha!))…Everyone just needs to calm down, have a cookie, and think happy thoughts <3.

    THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS!!! *twitch*