Two-toed Preciousness

Brianna W., you really outdid yourself. I mean, we get your average mellow sloth photo, but this is a refined piece of genius. And two photos at that. Despite the significant B.E.F. and ‘Kilroy was here’ look, these little dudes are awesome. Thanks!





  1. i…

    there are no words.

    they should have sent a poet.

  2. How cute is that!!
    I’ve been sitting here surfing for over an hour and saying Awwwwww every 2 seconds!

  3. haha – they’re so cute! i especially like the second one with all of the fuzzballs in the back. 😀

  4. They’re PEEKING!

  5. Laura Wattles says:

    Sloths are my absolute favorite animal! I nearly yelped out loud when this page loaded and I saw these faces! Please, someone, I want to go to South America and raise endangered sloths!

  6. OMG look at how big there claws are that is sooooo cool

  7. Looks kind of like Roman Polanski in “The Fearless Vampire Killers”.

  8. Buttercuppica says:

    Oh no! Now I have to have a sloth, a hammie, and a bunny! This site is going to make my fiance very very mad at me. 🙂

  9. Buttercuppica says:

    Oh..and those little noses!! They look like people noses! How ca-ute!

  10. hm, cute, but kinda creepy

  11. awwwwwwwwwww. They so cute.

  12. OMFG, I had forgotten about sloths and their cute factor. They are very very cute! They love to sleep! Awwwwww!!!

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Sloths!! I’m with Laura, they are one of my favorites…let’s start a little rescue ranch!

  14. Sorry, but wrong number of toes == not cute in my book. *shudder*

  15. oh hey! those are my photos!
    there are more here:

  16. Holy!


    I love sloths!

    Ok, I’m calm now. But really, I almost yelped when I saw them. They’re not cute… but, they ARE!

  17. AuntieMame says:

    The Kilroy factor is what makes the photos extra funny. It’s like the toddler trying to see what you’re doing on the kitchen counter.

  18. Did you ever see Aguirre: Wrath of God? There’s a scene where Aguirre shows this little tiny baby sloth to his daughter and it’s probably the cutest thing ever. I had to rewind it a few times just to look at it again. If anybody knows where to get a screen shot of that, please post!

  19. ooooooooooooooo – and the rest of the pics are enough to send me into diabetic coma …

  20. Takes the cake. Really. I can die now.

  21. OMG!!!
    I love, LOVE sloths.
    I think they are adorable!!
    I love this picture.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing the photo. Sloths are the cutest things ever!! They are precious!

  23. E. Collison says:

    Very sweet little guys. An inspired choice!

  24. That is just too cute. Sloths are by far my favourite animals, but as babies they’re so cute I could just eat ’em up. But I won’t.

  25. heehee! these are some of my favorites at flickr – and i was just looking up pics of sloths today, so how timely! cuuuute!

  26. Terpsichore says:

    I wanna touch noses with the little guy. Then I think I’ll puddle.

  27. Who ever thought a sloth could be so squooshy-cute?

  28. wow. after a crazy and tiring day at work, these little dudes are just what I needed THANK….YOU….!! you guys rule on high.

  29. National J. says:

    There was an animal lady on the news program I watched this morning that had a sloth, and she said that sloths spend 80% of their lives hanging upside-down… I guess this is as close as those little guys could get to hanging in a box!

  30. Ah, reminds me of one of the finest lines ever written in all of English literature:

    “Jack, you’ve debauched my sloth!”

    – Patrick O’Brian, “HMS Surprise”

  31. one of them in the second picture has a tag coming out it’s butt. so uhm… yeah, they’re not real. did we know that?

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I presume that’s a stuffed toy put in the box for the sloths to play with.

  33. Where does one even find a pineapple box full of sloths?

  34. My parents would never get me a pet sloth as a child, and now I resent them. My therapist says it’s sloth envy. I feel slothful most of the time.

  35. Meg you are so right…those little guys sure are awesome..ok now for a lil skirt blowing time…hehehe
    Meg thank you for your beautiful site…you have managed to lift up my spirits when I was lower than a snakes belly at times. I am going through a divorce and at times things can get pretty lonely. Thank you for helping me to find my smile again…keep up the good work, Meg.

  36. Wow, some people are incredibly skeptical of cute things. (*cough cough* Pat *cough*) Welcome to Cute Overload, where your skeptical refusal to enjoy delights is met with unbearable cuteness. Resistance is futile!

    Check out sloth-baby with stuffed animal (with tag on it’s behind)

  37. they beckon, supplicatingly.

  38. Pretty_Generic says:

    LISTEN UP PEOPLE. You need to accept that Beady Eye Factor is rarely any kind of handicap in cutifying, and frequently increases cuteness. Every other post here is “despite BEF, blah blah blah”. It’s not despite BEF at all. BEF is great.

  39. CreepyGroovy says:

    Wow. Not only has it been revealed to me that baby sloths are indeed cute, but Adrianna just expelled some fantastic verbage. “They beckon, supplicatingly?’ That rocks.

  40. The one in the second picture is named Lily! I think the two in the first are Mogli and Mogwai. They got put in the same box ’cause the centre was running out of teddy bears so they had to share one, and now they’re inseparable. I wuvs teh baby sloths.

  41. mildmanneredj says:

    Why do you have those animals?

  42. they are from a sloth rescue place in costa rica –
    people bring the babies because they fall out of trees and the mothers are too scared to come down and get them.
    this one –
    – is only 2 weeks old.

  43. i’m 8 years old. I’ve seen pictures of baby sloths before and this one’s the cutest because the sloths are so cute that I can’t stop saying aaaawwwwwwwww

  44. Dearest CreepyGroovy,
    Good point on the Beady Eye Factor. Maybe High BEF *is* good?! [world trembling beneath feet]

    Here’s why I think BEF is “bad”. Typically, beady eyes are small and black and it’s hard to see any light in them, so they’re ‘scary’ and ‘unfocused’. But as you pointed out, sometimes the rest of the adorable animal can trump that scariness! Just look at hamsters and these sloths—absolutely adorable AND Significant BEF!

    Is BEF an OK thing after all? Obviously, high BEF does not stop us from cooing over tons of animals. Maybe BEF can be neutral!? [Switzerland joke in there somewhere.]

  45. I had the chance, many years ago, to visit the Toledo Zoo (as in, Ohio, not Spain) with some fellow natural-sciences students. They had this room set up as a free-form rainforest environment, with wooden walkways through it. I stood on the rail for probably 20 minutes, as a 3-toed sloth (not 2, this time) sssssllllooooowwwwly made its way upside down across some branches, then the railing, then dismounted & inched over the walkway right past me (with barely a glance), then back up the other railing & off across other fronds & branches. Its back-fur was greenish–they actually grow algae.

    Looking back I wish I’d though to make myself into a convenient “branch” between the railings, as it’d probably make a better story.

  46. I never saw them with a different number of fingers but can imagine that if my cat had only two, it would be pitiful rather than cute

  47. Cutest picture EVER! OH MY GOD I WANT ONE!!! :o)

  48. E. Collison says:

    Maybe BEF could be mysterious and beckoning instead?! Honest, I don’t get the idea of BEF being a “bad” thing. These little guys are absolute proof of it!

  49. Awww so cute. I have never seen a baby sloth.

  50. Aaaw!! cute little aliens 😛

  51. BEASTIES!!!!!!!!!

  52. Can we add another rule? Peeking out of boxes makes things cute…
    or even just “peering over, around, or under an object- multiplies the cute factor”

  53. Awwwwwww they’re peeking! Norty, I agree. Peeking makes things cute. Jeez even the word Peek is cute, especially if you say it with a little kid voice.

  54. I have always thought that high BEF was a good thing. It makes Hammies and the other little pocket critters just that much cuter!

  55. so cute 😀

  56. Dear baby sloths – I love you.

  57. I LOVE sloths. Although it is wonderful that so many people would love to have one, they are an endagered species. They are very slow moving and gentle. Their habitat is being mowed under and when absolutely forced to leave their trees to cross on the ground they are often attacked by predators because they are very defenseless. It would serve them much better to determine how much you would spend to feed and house one for a year and donate that amount to a sloth sanctuary or preserve. Often people in the region keep them as pets without knowing how to take care of them and they die. I wish I could save them all…

  58. i also love sloths very much..the babies are SO CUTE..looking always tired and kind of poor that i wanna hug them anytime..this shots are masterpieces…not only that there is a great pose, no it also has beautiful light and the fading away (i don’t know the words) in the first pic is awsome..really well done

  59. Adrian Koh says:

    Dear All,
    My 10 year old is interested in reaing a pet sloth. We are moving to China in March and need to know more. Where did the 2 really cute critters come from? How does one raise sloths? What kind of environment do they need? etc etc etc…. are there any sloth dealers around? Pray tell and email me… Thanks


  60. Whoa. OK, I’m including the source page for this sloth pic in my namelink.

    My very strong impression is that sloths aren’t good pet candidates. I don’t know the details of sloth care but neither have I heard of any available at “dealers” as pets, even “exotics” dealers. Zoos have them sometimes, because they have access to advanced facilities, research, personnel, and vet care.

    The pics from this post are from someone’s visit to “a bird sanctuary and sloth rescue centre on the caribbean” and the second pic is of a sloth called “Lily the biter”. I’m not thinking these are the best choices for a 10-yr-old.

    And I definitely don’t know what sort of rules and regulations you might run into in China about exotic pets — do you?

  61. weasel_tea_party says:

    Bree–they’re not terribly defenseless. Although they have a funky metabolism that makes it energetically very expensive, they -can- move quite quickly if they need to. Combine that with those claws and a coating of algae, and you have something most predators don’t want to mess with. They’re also good swimmers, weirdly enough.
    For folks having sloth envy, the site Brianna visited has an adopt-a-sloth program:

  62. Just to be clear here — the “Adopt-a-sloth” program, like many other adopt-an-animal programs, is basically charitable giving. You send money, they send you info & trinkets about on the specific sloth you’re funding. The don’t actually ship you a sloth.

  63. Ack! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been scared to death of sloths. They freak me OUT.

  64. Hunter D. says:

    What the H is wrong with you, Tiffany? For goodness’s sake, it just a SLOTH!

  65. what are they?

  66. oh right it’s a sloth. i should try reading in future. it may be helpful.

  67. The Libster says:

    I LOVE SLOTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Julia Trent says:

    Holycow I’d love to eat one of them.

    Does anyone know if it’s legal?

  69. Julia Trent says:

    Wait let me change that, anyone know if they taste nice?! xD

  70. Julia Trent says:

    that was NOT me!!
    i do NOT want to eat cute sloths.

  71. So cute this animal!