What’s cuter?! We need to know! Announcing the latest in Cuteness Technology, the “CuteTracker.”Check it out now on the left side of this page.Brought to us by our friends Gina and Jon and at Thank you both!



  1. gosh that is cute ijust can not how cute this stuff is

  2. Meg, I don’t think this is working quite right. Everytime I click on a picture it just brings the pic. up in another window.

  3. whoa, that was weird

  4. Thanks for trying the new “CuteTracker”! I removed the image, I think it might have been confusing.

    Try checking out the left-hand column of this page to see the CuteTracker™ in action!

  5. E. Collison says:

    Tres chic!

    (Vive les lapins encore!)

  6. I want to see kittens, puppies, and bunnies-some of the other little things creep me out. I guees I have a finite cuteness quotient.

  7. Woods walker says:

    Going into cute meltdown. This is great stuff.

  8. E. Collison says:

    Oh, I think the seals and penguins and pandas and squirrels and geckos are cute, too – also the snail. (Must confess that I’m not much of a cat fan, and feel very creeped out by the “pandog.”)

    To each his/her own, I guess!

  9. I think a link to the ‘new battle’ page at ( ) would be nice; the pics at your front page are weally weally tiny… cute though!

  10. This is so cool.

  11. Fun, but if that’s what’s slowing your page load down soooooo terribly, it’s not worth it.

  12. I agree with Reecie – it’s very cute, but slows down the page load a LOT. Besides, who can choose a favorite among the cuteness?

  13. Hi Peeps,
    Yes, I agree, it’s slowing the overall page load too much. I’ll see what we can do about it. Good suggestion on just linking to it. Thanks,

  14. The picts are so small that I can’t see what they are. And I have a 20 inch screen here at work!

  15. Hi Peeps, the CuteTracker™ is off the page for the moment, while we tinker with it s’more. It’ll be back reeeeal soonlike!

  16. E. Collison says:

    Y’know, the actual Ning pages are even slower…

  17. this is awesome! i am addicted. my only problem is the inclusion of humans. most humans aren’t cute, in my opinion.

  18. The “CuteTracker” is back! and , like, totally improved. Thanks to Ning peeps. Enjoy it! And yes, whatever is submitted to the CutteTracker will most likely be approved—I’m only doing a lewd submission check.