Teeny bun bun

I don’t know *what* this bunny is covered in, perhaps he was sleeping in cotton nest, but he’s anerable! (yes, that’s ‘adorable’ without the hard ‘d’ sound.)Lucy_dayThanks, Lucy, D.!



  1. Awww!

    It looks kinda like a rat, but who says rats aren’t cute everynow and then?

    *Snuggles baby bunneh*

  2. CurlyGirly says:

    Baby rats are surprisingly adorable, but this little bunbun takes the cake!!

    My addiction to this blog grows daily … is it any wonder why??

  3. He is covered with his mama bunny’s fur! When mom bunnies prepare to have a litter, they make a nest and fill it up with straw or bedding material and bits of fur to make it soft.

  4. He looks like a bunny angel!

  5. If you squint a little, it looks like a saber tooth tiger cub… not that I’ve ever seen one…. which I haven’t by the way.

  6. Cute wittle bun bun!

  7. OMG that is the cuteist bun bun ever

  8. Is no rat – ears too long! So cute can’t write complete sentence. Keep the cute coming.

  9. awwwww… sooo cute! with the little ickle nose and little ickle eyes!!!
    PS I wanted licking kitten to win but oh well… yay for the cutest hammie on earth!

  10. Look at his nose!! Look, look! It is too cute… It almost seems to be wiggling!

  11. omg – it probably feels as soft as peach fuzz.

  12. gah. lookit the way his ear is all flat and smooshed like it hasn’t unfolded yet. bun bun fuzzy wuzzle schnuggle grffle mgncheblwny!!!1 gaaaaaah!!

  13. He looks so warm and fuzzy and sweet!!! I WANT ONE.

  14. Oh … my … God! How absotively posolutely adorable!!!! My faith in the goodness of the world has been restored! Thank you!!!!!!!

  15. It looks so soft!

  16. wertygirl says:

    Me thinks he looks like a dust bunny.

  17. awww now I’m warm and fuzzy all over ^^

  18. That’s not even furry, it’s just plain FUZZY. aww.

    Also, I hope the original Akagami hammie owner and photographer has given permission and maybe will even get a cut of profits…

  19. AWW! I love the ickle bun bunny kin!

  20. mejezabel says:

    LOOK…is that bun bun’s tail between his thumb and forefinger? I can’t even look at him…he is so anorable that I must turn my head away.

  21. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! how tiny and sweetykins, i want i want. it looks like it’s all covered in big bunny fur, like mummy fur

  22. hammie winner is cute but i voted daily (sometimes more than once per) for bunny tongue. i love that picture so much i almost can’t function without it

  23. Oh god.

    I feel sick. Too much sugar.

    Seriously, ya’ll should put up warnings with this stuff… you’re killin’ me here.

  24. I voted to Lickin Kittin too (many times), but the world peace hammie is *just* as adorable

  25. bun bun bun bun!

    bun! BUN!

    Okay, now the brain overload is done… ^^;

  26. OhmyGod!! Cutest! Baby! Bunny! EVER! Must-resist-urge-to-SQUEEEE!!!! Didn’t work. I can go to sleep with a smile on my face now. :o)

  27. it’s a BOOONNNEEEEEEEEE!!!

  28. It’s a DUST bunny! *squeee*

  29. Tis a cutesome baby-wabbit!!


  30. *Dies!* So cute!! I want to hug it @.@ =)

  31. *gasp*

    I love.

  32. looks so velvety! So tiny! So totally unreal! want want want

  33. aaaw baby!!!! sooooo cute!

  34. I don’t think this is a bunny…or a rat. It looks like a baby wallabee…see the little tail that is decidedly NOT a cotton tail poking out by the person’s fingers?

  35. So THAT’s what a dust bunny looks like!

  36. i just love the wee ears!

  37. Baby bun-buns aren’t born with fluffy tails–just this cute fuzzy stub on their cute widdle itty-bitty booty…oh help me…I can’t move…I am weak from the cuteness…I have reached oxytocin saturation levels…I think I sprained my ovaries…

    Someone hurry over here and sponge me out of my chair, please…


  38. This photo is less cute if you imagine that the wispy white stuff was spun out by some gigantic spider that intends to liquify the bunny’s innards and suck them out later at its leisure.

  39. I hope you touched the mother rabbit before you handled the baby because if the mother smells the human scent on them she often eats her young – i know it was gross!

  40. he’s just so…so…edible!!!

  41. So, so cute. I wanna hold him.

  42. It’s rabbit hair. Does pull hair from their dewlap (the flap of skin below their throat) before the birth the litter.

  43. Michelle aka BuniLoohver says:

    I have a few things to say:
    1. The baby bunny is of Rex breed
    2. It is covered in the mother’s fur from the enst she makes
    3. Adorable *squeal!* I had baby bunnies one time. They were awesome. I would have more only they’re expensive and just make more animals, which we don’t need

  44. E. Collison says:

    Oh, what touchable-looking fur! It must be incredibly soft, since it’s brand-new.

    (Weird fact of the day: rabbits are born blind and hairless. Hares are born sighted, with fur.)

  45. OMG! I only just got released from day care after my last overload..looks like I’m goin straight back in there. This is really bad stuff

  46. i don’ t think that the material around this little one is cotton-but mommy-bunny’s hair! she’ll pluck her hair to line her nest with warmth and love…

  47. cute bunnies make me gasy. AW ITS SO CUTE! fuck

  48. cute bunnies make me gasy. AW ITS SO CUTE! fuck

  49. I’m SHOCKED nobody made the dust bunny connection!!!

  50. Maybe the little puffball will grow up into this:

    (someone posted this on baaaaaaaabyanimals)

  51. I submitted this photo! Just wanted to update all you nice people on this baby bunbun’s progress. She has grown up happy and healthy since this photo was taken, and has just found a new home 🙂 She sends all her love and fuzzy snuggles.

  52. baby bunnies are called kittens.
    This thing is just too cute!


  54. it just wooks so woft and wuddly! i want it.

  55. It looks only a few weeks old!!!!!!! I wanna touch it!

  56. Good lord, Herman is Huge.