Do you mind? I’m trying to take a dump here…


In what is likely going to be my last post ever, Meg let me write about Knuckle, who clearly has deep seated hostility issues toward owner Anna that haven’t been resolved despite years of costly dog therapy.

Grumbled Knuckle, "stick my nose in the carpet… They were symbols of affection, I tells ya! Symbols! It’s not like I can go out and get a Hallmark card! At least I didn’t bring you a dead rat like the goddamn cat did! And let me tell you a little something about that precious cat. He licks his butt before jumping into bed with you… There, I said it.”

(Ed. Note: The names of “Mr. Noodles” and “Linda” were used as a placeholder in the original post. The post has been updated to reflect the correct names)



  1. Who needs a paper shreader with Mr. Noodles around? I say let him have his way with all the junk mail!

  2. OMG!! That’s hilarious 😀

  3. Oh my God, that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! He certainly looks as though he gave that T.P a good butt-whipping (no pun intended). :o)

  4. Woods walker says:

    Looks like a frat prank to me . What college does he go to?

  5. You do realize that that the trademark symbol is an actual legal symbol and it shouldn’t be used unless you actually have trademarked names / phrases.

    I seriously doubt you have gone through any process and since you just made up these words right this second and they don’t identify with any product or service, you can’t claim a usage type of trademark.

    I’m not trying to be nasty, it’s just annoying to see every other word and some of your categories marked when you obviously don’t know what the mark means.

    The ® is a legal symbol too and just because you list it doesn’t mean it means anything.

  6. E. Collison says:

    This is too, too funny!

    Very truly yours,
    E. Collison ® ⁂ © ™ ¥ ~|~ ¶
    (Former US Copyright Office Inspector General for Punishing those nasties who overuse !s, &s and +s.)

  7. Hey my dog does this!!

    But she doesn’t look that cute when she’s up to no good. No, she looks evil.

  8. Regarding trademarks (Re: Female Dog™):
    – ™ can be used by anyone for anything they would like to claim as a mark; you do not need to register the mark to use ™.
    – ® is for legally registered trademarks, and may not be used for unregistered marks. Using ® may be punishable by a fine.

  9. “Mr. Noodles” is obviously making a play to be Mr. White.

    er, Mr. White™.

  10. Can Mr. Noodles come over and shred the piles of stuff at my place?

  11. ar hes so adorable! i want! PS hope u guys win all the awards at the bloggies; i need this site to get me through my day of boredom at collage here in england!

  12. Beauregard says:

    Sparkster, I think you did a great job for your first real post. I am disapointed, however, that this dog’s name isn’t Mr. Noodles. How freakin’ cute would that be. Awww man, he looks a lot like my dog and that is so cute.

  13. Is this the puppy you are sending us, for voting for you into those darned Web awards?????! We should have known you would pull something “cute”, like that. :^)

  14. This is not a cute picture.
    The dog is not cute and the tiling (both wall and floor) is terrible! Go ahead take a dumb!

  15. No, no, and again no. Uh-uh. And no for good measure. This thing isn’t a dog at all, it’s a wannabe chinchilla.

    I know it can’t help what it is; the whole concept of breeding dogs to be toys just fundamentally bothers me. Dogs deserve to be Real Dogs. Please, think of the pups!

  16. I do like the wall tile, though.

  17. aww come on give the poor dog a break he really had to go

  18. I think the trade mark signs add to the cuteness, and if you don’t like it, you should go elsewhere to get your cute fix™.

  19. To the detractors–

    Hand-laid handmade tile looks like that. Get over yourselves.

    The dog is cute to some, not cute to others. Like Theo, I’m one of those folks who prefers their canines to be closer to wolf than rat–but while I may not necessarily want them for pets myself, I can still say that dog is funny-cute. Of course, not having to clean up the mess afterwards also helps my opinion somewhat. *grin*

    Take a chill pill, y’all. Bask in the silly cuteness!


  20. Laura is cool, Chloe is Adomant, Anna is likebll says:

    Hi dude, these pic’z R soo cool. I really like them!

  21. Thanks for posting my puppy’s photo and on my birthday no less!

    Just so everyone knows he’s 5 months old and a complete terror. His real name is Knuckle which was quickly changed to Knucklehead after this photo was taken.

    FYI…He’s now being treated for his toilet paper addiction at the Betty Ford Clinic.

    Knuckle is 100% dog. No toys in this house!

  22. Also, the tile is handmade, hand-laid… It’s the bathroom of a house we are renting in San Miguel Mexico.

  23. I think the dog, wall and floor are horible and fabulos at the same time.

    The only deffinitely cute thing about this pic is a twist of Mr Noodle’s body and a tiny bit of paper in his mouth 🙂

  24. AuntieMame says:

    What I find annoying™ is all the people™ who feel compelled™ to tell us what they find annoying™.

    And also those who just come here to dump. (And I don’t mean Mr. Noodles…uh…Knuckle.)

    He’s adorable, and the tile is lovely.

    (I prefer smaller dogs myself, but that’s mostly because when you want a small dog to go somewhere and he balks, you pick him up and carry him there. But you don’t just pick up a 70 lb. Golden Retriever.)

  25. I LOVE THAT DOG!!!! Knuckle is so cute…my cat Tre doen’t like him though, and my friend Karl put that cute little head in his own mouth, just to bond I guess? Those knuckle heads are great and I LOVE the tile, looks kind of like the ones I laid with my own hands in NM. Congrats momma, your little Knuckle is FAMOUS!!!!

  26. The puzzling thing: where is the actual loo? Perhaps Mr Noodle-Knuckle is helping someone to extend their grasp?

  27. I think I see a suspiciously toitie-bowl-shaped shadow in the upper right which might indicate the, er, loo.

    And while I definitely have my opinions on proper canine format & layout, please understand that I dole out my criticisms with a wink and a woof.

  28. “Noodle?” “Knuckle?” I guess I’m grateful that glad Fred Durst didn’t get a chance to name him.

    Must get back to work now.

  29. Beauregard says:

    Knuckle! Better name! LOVE it!

  30. i look that look of being caught in the act. not being a dog owner – i didn’t know they did this also. my cat Scout does this when i don’t answer his meows to turn on the water in the bathtub for him to get a drink – but instead of looking “caught” he just looks “innocent” like those darn cats will do.

  31. What a dog. I had one like that once. :}

    PS: Get over it, trademark Nazi. It’s cuteness…trademarked cuteness. So deal.

  32. haha I like this I think some one stole peanut (my dog) and put her in this picture. I have causght her like this with rolls of paper towels. as for size of dogs, big small fat or skinny I love em all.

  33. i don’t like these fluffy curly little white dogs with their ucky brown anuses parading all th4e time because they can’t put their tail down and they always have that rusty redbrown eye goo spilling out all down their noses. ugh, ew, ick.and this comes from me, who like snails and puffer fish and hedgies and caterpillars and rats and even their tails but these doggies gross me out, i sorry………..

  34. Hehe, my cat will do that if you leave him alone with a roll of toilet paper. Once I locked him (accidentally) in the linen closet and a whole 12-pack fell victim. It was gruesome.

  35. CurlyGirly says:

    Despite your position on big dog vs. little dog, you can’t look into those eyes and not think he isn’t adorable!

    P.S. Too much thought has gone into tiles and copywrite law in this section … chill 🙂

  36. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like regardless of their appearance. Can’t say the same for people.

  37. Oh, it is NOT your birthday Anna! How great is that? Happy birthday, and thanks for sending in such a hilarious photo.

  38. You have my dog! Isn’t she just the cutest baby?
    Her name is Kimmie!

  39. No Diane, that is my dog “Max” – we rescued him from a shelter and I’ve always wanted to know what breed(s) he is. Appears to be part Bichon but not sure.
    What breed is Kimmie?
    And, yes they are the cutest!!!
    Does anyone know what breed Knuckle is?

  40. Knuckle is a Maltese…

  41. Thanks, Momma!

  42. Auditioning for Cottonelle, are we? *gives adorable pup mock-stern look*

  43. My dog does that!

  44. oh man i would eat my dogs flesh if he did this and then maybe use his fur to wipe my ass.

  45. this reminds me of my last meth episode when i took apart my mom’s entertainmentt system. whew!

  46. I don’t appreciate the foul language – this is supposed to be a website for cute pictures, not foul mouths. They don’t go together.

  47. “I didn’t do it”