I reached for a cotton ball and got this instead

How do you expect me to clean my face with this?

This high BEF was brought to you by K. Akagami.


Who owns this blue couch of Fabulousness?

Yet ANOTHER prosh pup (this time with pup-tocks) featured on this mysterious blue pleather couch! What’s the deal? Is there some Pup Lounge™ somewhere? It appears there are magical qualities to this piece of furniture that makes the best pictures—I mean, whaaat’s the deal? [Seinfeld voice]


Thanks for the photo, Bridgett M. 😉

Can you find the kitten in this picture?



There’s got to be a good pool joke in this one…[scratch!?]


And The Oskar™ Goes To…

THE Academy has SPOKEN! Chief Sister Officer has selected the following Kaptions for the Kaption Kontest™. Kongratulations to the following winners, and ALL entries. It made for an extremely difficult choice, so difficult we had to choose SIX winners. Ya’ll get a hamster T-shirt! Please write in and let us know your preferred shipping address.

[drum roll!]

This Coffee Tastes Like Ass

Nobody Puts Baby In A Cup

Dunkin’ Dognuts

Quarter Pounder with Fleas

[Orchestra music starts…]


And Honorable Manshons to:
“That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball!”



So a week ago, I heard ’bout this coolio widget called "Rock You" that’s for all the MySpacers out there. I tried it, and it’s great—especially when you add a song to it. Today, I went back to update my Cute Slideshow, and someone else had added their own Cute O show! And they did a great job.

Anywho, here is the one I made, enjoy. You can make one too, of any set of photos.

Tasty Snuggling

This is a great lil’ video of a kitten (who grows up, ahn) with his cuddly chicken pal. The snuggling is the best. At first, the chicken is all "WTF is this?…oh. OK."


Thanks, Gromenawer B., great video.

Built-in blush

I love the name "Noodle". What a prosh name for a bird. The fact he has built-in blush is the best—he’s always saying "You really shouldn’t have…. no. Really?"


Thank you, AWarnack!

P.S., I think we should keep the lil’ piece of crapulence by his foot and not Photoshop it out.

Mondee, back to, uh, work there

[Cliff Claven voice] Yep, that’s a little known fact the longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds. Yeeeeeeeeeep. Well, I’ve got to get back to work. Yep, all in a day’s work here. Just a feeew more acres and she’ll be, uh done for thee day. Caaaan’t push it too haad—gotta let that soil rest, there, Sammie. Yep.


Cute O in New York Magazine

NyThanks to writer Sonia Zjawinski, who included CuteOverload.com in her article Five Blogs to Check Out in New York magazine, the February 20, 2006 issue. That is totally sweet. Thanks, Sonia.


Let’s cure cancer, People!

Below is an excerpt from an article in NOW Magazine on cute images—and how they make you feeeeel.


Confessions of a Cute Junkie
Turns out my addiction to pix of furries and fuzzies is medicinal

by Elizabeth Bromstein

"…Anyway, I’m going to entertain the idea that pleasant pix are good formy health even if I can’t find a whole lot of research to back this up.It’s obvious there’s something here, though, when you look atadvertising. Has anyone ever wonderred what bunnies have to do withcellphones?" Read more

Thank you for sending this in, Dr. Nick and Sparky 😉