It’s like a cute version of The Godfather

Remember in The Godfather when the dude wakes up with the horse head in his bed? Well, this was much cuter. We had the pleasure of pupsitting for “Rufus” (which we immediately adapted to “ROOFEES!”) for the weekend, and he was a total delight. The entire weekend, I couldn’t do any work—nuthin’. All I could do was stare at little Roofees and his little tiny eyes and touch his ears. The amount of staring got so ridiculous that I barely took photos, I just stared at him. What a beautiful animal. The best part was that he liked to sleep in too, ’til like, 11.RoofeesSo, it get’s to be late on Sunday night, and I realize I haven’t accomplished a thing but staring at this puppy all weekend long, so I sneak out of the room to work after Rufus goes to sleep. I come back 2 hours later and this is what I see:FeetsPerfect! And I thought I was Slugerella. Thanks to Tommy and Claire for the quality Rufus time.



  1. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  2. LMAOOOOOOO at that last picture

  3. i love the paws sticking out of the sheets…and especially how they’re magnified for us. hahaha

  4. Oh my goodness! This site provides me with my office’s daily “Awwww!” The paws sticking out from under the sheets is classic.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    A dog that sleeps in until 11:00??? Where do I get one of those?

    What a cutie-pants!

  6. look at the little earzze

  7. Beauregard says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The feet! THE FEET ARE SO EFFING CUTE! AAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  8. That dog definitely has some cat in him. Or her. And I mean that in the behavioral sense, not digestive.

    The caption commentary is pure undiluted adorevil (can I coin that? somebody come up with a better one?) and if I were drinking milk it would’ve been out my nose.

  9. Yes, the close-up of the feet is really pushing the cuteness envelope!

  10. omg – too much – i totally understand not getting anything done. roofees is adorable and yes the blow up of the feet is too much. thanks

  11. The tennis ball is bigger than his whole mouth! He’s adorable!

  12. Moonbearmama says:

    Those little feet restore your faith in fairies. Fairies that smell like corn chips. Delish!

  13. Those little bitty feet! *head explodes*

  14. Ohhhhhh! A baby Whippet or an IGgie? I cannae tell.

  15. He’s an Italian Greyhound. And get this… That’s a *mini* tennis ball, so he’s even smaller than you think.

  16. They keep doing it their whole lives, by the way! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind finding the sheets all discombobulated every day when you get home!

  17. don’t ya just wanna tickle those feet!

  18. Look at that widdle face!

  19. oh, cutie paws!! you can’t leave them alone for a second… they just get cuter when you come back! *i want to babysit a puppy toooo*

  20. Awwww… Thank you Sparkster! His name is the Roofidoozikon destructor because when he isn’t sleeping, he’s the playful puppy. Such a great dog. The secret to getting work done is keeping him on the lap in a blanket 😉 He loooooves to shnuggles.

  21. yes the corn chip smell – yummmmmmmm

  22. Miss_thing says:

    Must…have….puppy…feet… That is too frickin’ adorable! I love this site. Teh cuteness is such a great stress reliever. Thanks so much!

  23. Shelley Noble says:

    I love you for not Photoshopping the bed to look made up.

  24. Kiss Roofee’s puppy feet for me.

  25. absolutely adorable

  26. I thought it was just our old labby Shadow that had frito feet…I didn’t know it was a widespread phenomenon! Smokey and Wizard never had frito feet, but Radar’s starting to get em.

  27. You make us dogs proud!

  28. Awwww, I love that white stripe going down his sweet face. And the feets, *how* cute is th-

    (head explodes, all over my desk at work, the custodians are gonna love this)


  30. esp like the green-haired person in bed sucking his/her thumb. nice touch.

  31. This is the dog I will get when I do get one. Italian Greyhounds are notoriously lazy homebodies.

    Whenever I see one I stare too!

  32. I have a toy fox terrier and he is just as lazy and smells just like corn chips! (sometimes I call him Frito) My doggie sleeps under the covers every night, even in the summer. In the mornings I get up, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and then get him out of bed when its time to feed him. He could easily stay there all day!

  33. And here I thought only ferrets smelled like Fritos (especially when they’ve just woken up!). But yes, I remember Frito-feet on puppies too…ah, corn chips never smelled so cute!

    I almost woke my husband (who works graveyard shifts) up with my laughter! The feet are coffee-through-the-nose funny! BWAHAHAHA!


  34. Puppy toes!!!!

  35. Rufus needs a page at dogster!


  36. what a cutie!! my terripoo does that with sheets too…it is awesome!

  37. Here is Rufus’ dogster profile:

    enjoy the little budunkadunk 😉

  38. That is just wicked right there. I love how when we first see the pic, it’s like wha-? But then with the zoomage it’s just… Wow. Great effect right there, lol. Good lookin’ pup right there. I don’t even like dogs that much and I’d take him home. Don’t know about the date-rape drug name, though. *winkles*

  39. Thats seriously hot wallpaper.. puppy is cute too! 😉

  40. joyce cornell says:

    he looks like my dog bella she is a jack russell rat terrier mix and she does the same thing and by the way she loves to sleep under the covers by your feet. we all just love her to death

  41. Spookaboo says:

    Well if that just isn’t the most adorable italian greyhound ever :3

    I have 7 italian greyhounds myself and they all love to sleep under the black (with either their heads or feet out XD)

  42. I get to see this mini horse baby at work….. he’s a galloping lil guy. SO cute, you wanna bite his head off.

  43. IG’s are all too cute! We have Sadie, an IG, and I stare at her cuteness for hours too! I love to watch her under the blankets. When she is cold, she huddles underneath and then you see a nose, ears, toes and then the whole iggy as she warm up
    They are the sweetest little cuddlers.

  44. this image is precious! that dog is cute!
    it seems a charming dog and sweet I also want one!

  45. It’s like I’m looking at my dog! And I thought she was one of a kind. What breed is Rufus?

  46. Rufus is an Italian Greyhound. Very handsome, my girl gave birth to him.

  47. Is he an italian greyhound? I’ve had one for years, they really have the right ideas about sleep. Duke goes to bed with the first person in the house to go to sleep, and gets up with the last person who gets up. I’m convinced if we all just went into a sleeping rotation he would just sleep 24/7.

  48. i cannot believe i have found such a cute site! i have to go back to bed, but i feel as if i have found a soul mate………your site. i, a lover of cute… in the high waters of bliss just seeing a couple of your pictures. Thank you so much!

  49. Oh, those little feet! The best things that I’ve ever seen!

  50. oaklandcat says:

    I’m digging the wallpaper.