YOU are getting a time out, young lady

Is this photo genius or what. That’s not a question, that’s a statement, People! Genius PugBlogger™ Amanda sent us her website and we plucked this gem. This photo is so good that Henri Cartier-Bresson is prolly looking down from Photographer’s heaven going: “Oh! zee momente! Shee has captured an instante of zee Time Oute!”Time_outLook at that composishe, with the eyes and nose right through the gate! Holy Croissants, People. As for the story here, one of Amanda’s pugs “Miko” got busted for pee-pee-ing on the bed. Baroo!Thanks Amanda at



  1. don’t look into it’s eyes… that’s where the power is … ack! too late!

  2. Jeez, Cute O. Why are you so intent on making peoples head’s explode? I find this incredibly annoy-

    *head explodes*

  3. Great. I should be in bed right now, and instead I’m having to scrape tiny bits of my cranium off the living room walls.

    I’ll be sending you the cleaning bill…


  4. T_T Waaaah Baru passed away!


    TOO CUTE!!

  6. i realize you’re trying to run a fun blog here, but meg. meg meg meg…. by publishing this and telling the world it’s cute, you’re enforcing the behavior that got Miko behind bars to start with. Miko will probably enjoy the fame, pee again and there you have it. … a lifetime of inappropriate urination. ….or do you just want to keep that sad face behind those bars… hm… me thinks…

  7. Would it be considered rude to nibble on him just a bit? Maybe just a paw or something?

  8. My uncle is a black pug.

  9. What a price to pay for a moment in the Internet sun. A little pug like that won’t last a week around the all the big bruisers in jail. He’ll be somebody’s bitch in days…oh wait, it’s a she? She’s already a bitch.

  10. OOOOO, hangover cure!

  11. Sooo adorable. I love little pugs.. Can I keep him?

  12. oh the cuteness the cuteness make him stop make him stoooop

  13. This is SadCute – waaaahhhh ahhhhh sweet thing behind bars…

  14. oh mah gawd!!! and his little paws are up on the gate, too! 😀 <3!!!

  15. Oh my! Is “being so ugly you’re cute is cute” in the rules?

    PS: People! Miko – the pug pup in the picture – is a SHE, a FEMALE, a LADY PUG to-be!

  16. Cute as a pug in the jug.

  17. You should definitely do a tribute post for poor Baruchito.

  18. Miss_thing says:

    Miko…prisoner in Cell Block H. So, so sad and yet so, so cute. The one thing that would make this truly over the top would be if she was wearing a pug-sized orange jumpsuit.

  19. E. Collison says:

    I like the Cartier-Bresson reference and link, too…

  20. AHN!! Look at the juicy little nose! Look at the forlorn expression, and the saggy little lip! Look at her little paws on the bars of her cell!


  21. Those eyes… she’s pulling in me… trapping me in her vortex…

    too late! *faints*

  22. WOW – I’m so flattered, but your right, I shouldn’t be condoning and celebrating this behaviour… so as soon as the champagne is finished and the 4 piece band has left we will sit little Miko down and explain to her again what she did was wrong.

    Thanks everyone!!

  23. I just have something in my eye, is all. What? It’s an eyelash or something! jeez.

  24. This photo is a prime contender for ‘cute or sad.’

  25. Oh, I love it! Its so cute.

  26. What a great picture! As a black pug owner myself, I can tell you that they can be cuter and more manipulative than anything on the planet. They were bred to be the lapdogs of royalty and once I understood that we reached an agreement on who was boss. I think it’s me, but I have to go warm her food and dry off her raincoat. 🙂

  27. pug-a-licious – here’s to the year of the dog

  28. Cutenessnessness!

  29. I blacked out for about six hours after looking at this. Too. Cute.

    Must. Be. Stopped.

  30. Rule of cuteness #13 applies to this one. Total “juicy” eyes and nose factor. Hooray for pugs!!

  31. How cute and funny! Great picture!

  32. OMG! What a pic! Ickle doggyz dont lyk bein in bars ! 0:)
    *Randomly Dances*
    Great Site!
    Keep Shining!
    Luv Hollz ;]

  33. That is the cutest thing ever I love this site!