I don’t know what’s better. The fact that a person named “Creepy Lesbo” sent this photo in, or the fact that if you look at your own credit card in your wallet, then look at this photo again, you might faint. Both are great! As Creepy points out, this photo is like, sooo Rule #14.Thanks, Creepy!88374633_833d31d104“Baby Monty” photo by “Oh Joy!” in the Flickr group “Bunny Lovers Unite”



  1. is no trick? bunny that small?????? wha? (faints….)

  2. I want a tiny bunny *_*

  3. i’m going to end up getting a bunny damn soon if i keep coming to this website.

  4. OMG that isn’t only priceless but precious too. Aren’t bunnies just the best? No matter what size they are their back feet are just enooooooooormous! I couldn’t be without a bunny in my life having shared it with my fuzzbuzz for so long. Thanks for the gorgeous pic!

  5. someone is going to steal that credit card number

  6. there are times its so cute. that I just want to eat it.. haha jk!

  7. How come wild bunnies are so much cuter than the store bought kind?! If I ever had that little bunny in my hand it’d just turn into a tiny red, hairy smear. I’m like Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

  8. That’s sooo cute!

    At the same point, someone should blur out the credit card number there, I can almost read it

  9. The author on Flickr has assured the audience that the credit card expired years ago.

  10. The bunny must be much bigger now, no? Still, I’m glad Creepy took this picture when the bunny was small!

  11. 54** **** **** 1477, thanks for the Mastercard info.. too bad it’s maxed out

  12. anonymous says:

    and the expiration date has changed

  13. I want one!

  14. 32oz. timothy hay … $3.99
    leather boots … $99.00
    wells fargo platinum mastercard … 11.90 % APR
    tiny tiny bunny next to all these things …

  15. Wow! That baby bunny really is tiny! So sweet, lil’ baby! [kisses!]

  16. thank you for the adorable baby bunny picture. peace has been restored to my universe.

  17. Those little wild bunnies can jump insanely high.

  18. E. Collison says:

    Daggone it, I’m ready to go out and get a bunny *right now* and it’s all your fault! 🙂

  19. *looks at credit card*looks at bunny*

    *chokes on cuteness*

  20. ooh so want bunny..n credit card ^__^

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  22. Pwnt..

  23. wow i did not know that bunny’s uesd master card who wouldu thunk it

  24. sooo teeny!! *thros credit card at brother who is allergic to fur* curse you!! arg.. I want it 😦

  25. please get rid of the neopets referral spam 😦

    neopets is crass commercialistic scientology crap

  26. Awww it looks like you have a bit more to grow

  27. HOLY JACKRABBITS!!! That’s the smallest and cutest effing thing I’ve ever seen >SQUEEEEEEEEEEE<

  28. gasp

  29. A cute lil’ baby bunny came into my yard once and had cornered itself on the deck. I thought awwww, so cute as I reached down and picked it up AND IT SCREECHED SO GOD DARNED LOUD THAT I HAD TO DROP IT RIGHT AWAY!!! Just thought you would want to know. Baby bunnies, cute, but not defenseless.

  30. I’d heard that rabbits can scream, but neither of ours ever have. But then our house-rabbits were/are so far removed from the wild that they sometimes actually “chase” the cats.

  31. evangelline says:

    OMG! I cannot take this much cuteness…I want one!! Do kitties ( I have 2) get along with bunnies?

  32. i once had a bunny that when picked up screamed like a woman who was getting murdered. as cute as they are, i never really wanted another one after that

  33. chasing cats IS fun…


  35. taste like chicken

  36. Rabbits do scream but only if they are utterly terrified or in horrendous pain. They also grunt if annoyed or, um, ‘aroused’ (if male).

  37. My parents live outside of a city where sometimes bunnies fall prey to owls, hawks and such. From 1st hand experience, the bunny scream is a blood-curdling one and very scary to hear.

    Anyway, tiny bunny, so cute!!!

  38. That wittle bunny sooo cute! Thanks for sharing..i raise bunnies and yes they are even smaller than that when they are born..only they are born naked…but they get hair shortly after that. Mine give kisses and when they’re mad thump at me!

  39. I have a 3 year old son named Randy and sometimes I wish he was never born.

  40. Evangeline-
    No, kitties don’t get along with bunnies really well as a rule. That little guy (Monty) was a wild brush rabbit rescued from the jaws of my cat. He was rehabilitated and released.

    Everyone else commenting about Mastercard-
    That account was cancelled and I no longer have any accounts with Wells Fargo (because I hate them) so I didn’t feel it necessary to blur the numbers 🙂

  41. That bunny is soooo tiny it’s unbelievable. Although kittens are really small too when they’re just born. still… I’m amazed. :O

  42. can’t get over the fact about how cute it is

  43. can’t get over the fact about how cute it is

  44. some guy says:

    You need to pull this picture down.

    I was able to copy down the credit card number completely.

  45. As I’ve stated on numerous occaisions, the credit card number will get nobody anything… it’s been cancelled since 2003.

  46. luvadarodents says:

    haha! it looks like he had alotta readin’ material goin’ poopie-doops! haha! thats what it looks like he’s doin’.

  47. luvadarodents says:

    rabbit pellets 8.99
    special ordered rabbit nail clippers 100.00
    the joy and heart exploding cuteness of a boonyay rabbit so small PRICELESS

  48. luvadarodents says:

    5thape you, are an evil person who has sick fantisies aout small animals and you holding them, you should be blocked from here and not allowed to post here anymore. you EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL

  49. hrh.squeak says:

    This is my very favorite picture on Cute Overload, the bunbun looks just like an egg with ears and hind legs. An insanely cute egg! Tiny insanely cute bunbun! Squeeee!