Pupshoe vs. catshoe

Which one is more uncomfortable?Dogshoevs.Catshoe_1



  1. Kitten in a sandal….


  2. Catshoe puh-owns (or however you say that).

  3. Oh lord. I just sent you a small (but cute!) donation on PayPal, and now you post this. Obviously I’ll have to send more money. I cannot lose this regular fix of awwwwwww. I swear it’s strengthening my immune system.

  4. evangelline says:

    Which one is more comfortable? I would say it is a toss up! They are both comfy cosy!

  5. The puppy!! The puppy looks so fat and rolly polly!! Awwwww…

  6. That is disgustingly cute. I’m losing my cynicism just looking at it. Got. To. Fight. It.

  7. I for one am very upset and offended at the choice of these pictures which show poor living creatures tortured by clearly malicious footwear designed for one thing and one thing only blabbidy blah blah kaschputtlephlegm never got the attention I deserved in kindergarten woo hey, shiny! Ooooohhh…

    Today was crappy. Glad to have this fuzz blog.

  8. i think the kitty… cuz look at his poor lil legs…

  9. Awwww…

    The puppy is soooooo cute!

    *Steals the puppy picture*

  10. It’s da puppy all da way. Awwww … look how cute and roly-poly he is curled into that sandal ….

  11. um…OBVIOUSLY pupshoe wins 😀

  12. Definitely cat shoe 🙂

  13. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Theo!

    I’m getting a crick in my neck looking at that kitty. I’m sure they’re both totally comfy, though.

  14. today I wished I was a shoe

  15. Pupshoe! Um, we should replace the poll on the left for this one. 🙂

  16. Aren’t they both silly! Why do little pets do such silly and cute things? It’s the pupshoe for me tho!

  17. Duh. The cat sandal wins hands down. The poor puppy is going to have shoe face when he wakes up. This doesn’t happen at my house because I keep my shoes in the closet, otherwise, big kitty chews on them. He loves me.

  18. WARNING! Bad pun following. (don’t say I didn’t warn ya)

    I would say that both of these darling critters have some really big shoes to fill!!!

  19. Dani Lima says:

    Well, as owner of three cats, I can say that they really like to sleep in weird positions. I don´t know that much about dogs, but my guess is that the puppy is more unconfortable 🙂

  20. I think the sandals are more comfy..come on?..these babies are adorable.warm and soft!Who wouldn’t want to be in their comforts?!
    But ok, I think the puppy is.*~*
    -Marjorie Ann

  21. Beauregard says:

    Theo! That was AWESOME. As for the cuteness, I have to go with smooshy face puppy.

  22. Awww, you like me, you really like me! 😉
    This is what I’m talkin’ about. This is the stuff. Fine Friday footwear among friends.

    Norty: U R teh Qute(TM) N U r0x0rs.

    Robin: “shoe face!” LOL

  23. …and btw while both sandals shots are awesome, I gotta go with the otters.

  24. wow i would say the cat is way unconfortable in that ugly excuse for a shoe

  25. aw! How adorable!

  26. Ah, the sweet perfume of shoes! Smells like my owner loves me!

  27. Ah, the sweet perfume of shoes! Smells like my owner loves me!

  28. I like the pup better – mainly because it’s more round and seems to fit in the shoe better. Round animals = best animals. 🙂 (I hope they’re not stink-stink when they wake up!)

  29. I like sandals and kittens, but neither together! (especially when they chew on em ;P) That cat does look most uncomfortable

  30. oh pleeeaassee – stop – it’s just too cute. what a great way to start the day

  31. The puppy has his front paws wedged in there too. I’d be very curious to see how he manages to extricate himself.

  32. Dustbunny says:

    I think the puppy is a shoo-in winner for cutest!

  33. Sometimes I’m in a bad mood.

    Then I go to this site.

  34. Hello, I am Leon. I am a big male tabby cat. I like to stick my head in shoes. There isn’t a shoe big enough to hold me! I am a friendly cat and I like to be sure all the animals in my house are nice and clean. I would gladly wash both the kitten and the puppy for you.
    Your friend,

  35. >Which one is more comfortable?

    I think upper
    also named “Pupshoe” goo!!

  36. I would say the kitten …… it looks as if he where trying to escape then gave up and just passed out in the sandle. Way cute.

  37. Theo:: I’m a here now in the what now?… you lost me at “r0x0rs”

  38. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet


    That was me trying to sound like an AIM-addicted teen. It just meant I liked your comment.

  39. right right.. trying???

  40. I’m dyin’ lookin’ at that lil hushpupp[ies]y.


  41. this is funny! ;-D

  42. I had a simalar situation once with my kittens at home, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, but i keep my shoes in the closet now.

    RIP Kitty kitty


  44. mishyfish says:

    ok, since i’m a snowshoe lover, and the kitty is a snowshoe, and the contest involves shoes, clearly i have to vote for the kitty.