File under “A” (FOR ADORABLE)

Debbie H. hates it when she finds kitten Ruby pretending to have a day job. Says Debbie; “She’s a real ‘Type-A’ kitten—always organizing. But come tax time, it’s a big help.”Ruby_debbie_hawley_1



  1. Is that intern even legal??

  2. Can I borrow Ruby during tax time, too? I could also use some help with that. ;P

  3. yeah i need ruby for tax time that is to cute

  4. Albertanator says:

    Oh man, that is so sweet!!

  5. i luv kittens….but adorable and math dont mix well ;P

  6. Wow, there’ve been some really calendar quality pix posted lately! Love those little girl tricolored kittens!

  7. Wow, there’ve been some really calendar quality pix posted lately! Love those little girl tricolored kittens!

  8. awww…what a very cute baby! You gotta love that little kitten face.

  9. she has to be filed under C!

  10. Squeeee.

  11. eeeee!!! she is adorable! and oh so helpful i am sure!

  12. Darling kitten! I love calico cats! I have one that is an adult cat.

  13. i hate cats and that cat is especially ugly. BRING ON THE BUNNIES!

  14. bunnyluv…if you can’t say anything nice about the kitties, just look at the bunnies.

  15. totally agree with bunnyluv. cats are the devil incarnate. EVIIIIL creatures- must be destroyed. mmmmmmwaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaaa

  16. Not if the cats destroy you first…times infinity!!!!!!!

  17. If I found more of those in my filing cabinet I’d do more filing. 🙂 Think of how neat I could be!

    [ps: shush, trolls!]

  18. so freakin adorable!

  19. That looks like me, Trinity, in my younger days. Tell this kitten she has a good future as an administrative assistant. She could be just like me! I am executive secretary for the Animal Adventures blog in our house!

  20. Woods walker says:

    bunnyluv, I agree with Tigger. Just look at the bunnies. The cat with the bow tie probibly had one for lunch. Just enjoy the cuteness of all young creatures if you can.

  21. The little guy looks like she’s got quite the workload. I’d hire her. 😛

  22. my husband sent me the link. this is, too precious! i love your site, it’s permanently in my favorites. keep up the good work!

  23. Hi jkfvdjkgfbjkvshlvdavdsmbfdnmfd says:

    Hi, so cool.

  24. I love little Kittens too.
    There are a few Cuties on my Blog too.

  25. these so-called “cute” images represent what is wrong with western society. Americans adore and cherish that which is deemed “cute,” but you destroy that which is not cute. You love kittens but smash cockroaches. And you apply those same ideas to humans and other cultures, destroying people that you don’t find cute. Shame.

  26. i know a chick with the last name of cute, she gives some mean head!