Thursday slump

Dude, I can*not* go out this weekend, I am BEAT! But I’ll try and rally.Kumanoko_flickrThank you, Kumanoko-san [bow] (You must click this link to see mini Hamster paw on Broccoli piece!)



  1. Congratulation for the best weblog overall.


    awwwww *melting* I just feel like smooching the tired little guy…

  3. Woods walker says:

    He must work at the same place that I do. Why haven’t I seen him around there?

  4. ahaha that’s so cute! ^^
    my hamster likes to sleep on people’s hands/laps too

  5. Bad news on the hamster front:

    Two-time CuteOverload alumni Baruchito’s not well.

  6. *slumping to the ground*

    achhhk! again with thte tiny toes… are you TRYING to kill me???

  7. ’nuff with the hamsters already. They make me want to stuff one in my mouth. Not to eat, just to revel in their evil cuteness. please…no more….

  8. Beauregard says:

    OH JOY! Another hammie! Thanks Meg, you are awesome!
    (P.S. I am trying to be happy since I read about Baruchito. Poor baby. I hope everything is as painless as possible for everyone.)

  9. Tiny fingernails…..TINY FINGERNAILS!

  10. Poor Baruchito!!!! I feel so sad!!

  11. that is so cute i could just die a little inside and be juuust fine with that.

    seriously. you just wanna squoosh ’em up and put him in your pocket to look at once an hour at the office.

  12. look how trusting, how unbelieveably asleep this hammie is. i love. i swoon…

  13. it’s the wittle paw and delicate fingers and the big rosy schnoze. i visit this page often through out the day – it’s a wonder i get any work done – but it does keep me sane.

  14. A perfect blog…it makes me smile..loved it..I’m glad I found it.
    -Marjorie Ann

  15. Awwwwwwww So cute!! 🙂

  16. I just found your site from the list of Typepad’s Featured Blogs…very cute, indeed! I’ll be sure to stop back by. 🙂

  17. Awwwwww! Look at da wittle HANDS! Ooooh smoochywoochywuzzlewoo!

  18. Oof, after looking up Baruchito’s site and reading the terribly sad update of his condition, I can’t help but see this hamster as being sick instead of sleeping. The full website for this guy has tons of cute, very alive pictures tho’…

  19. Katsunori says:

    ACK!! NOOOOO…….. agh… no.. my.. weakness… must.. return…. to… Kat Cave!….. *pass out*

  20. Wow, I couldn’t wait for that page to load:

    “Must see paw and broccoli! MUST SEE HAMMIE PAW AND BROCCOLI!”

    It did not dissapoint.

  21. awwww that is the cutest hamham i have ever seen again awwwww

  22. 😮 Hmm, it reminds me of chicken! lol *eats* >:D

  23. W’aww!! He’s all warm in that hand. He reminds me of a hamster I had as a kid. He also reminds me of Jimmy Durante. “Hotch-cha-cha-cha!”
    (OK, his nose isn’t that proportionally big 🙂

    I saw his/her another pics too.
    He/She has a seriously adorable hamster…..

  25. this hamster… cute. But ever see a hamster eating another hamster? Not so cute.