C’mon, Baruchito!

It’s come to our attention that Baruchito the Hammie could use some good thoughts heading his way. As one commenter on Baru’s site said so perfectly: “C’mon, Baruchito!” pull through, little guy…20051113flan_in_her_new_bed1



  1. All the best to Baruchito. We hope you get better.

  2. aww – i’ve been reading the updates on the poor little ham. 😦 so cute and so sad. glad to see there are lots of treats involved, though – tofu, eggs, yogurt… 🙂

  3. It’s too sad. I can’t stand it. I’m attached to a li’l ham I haven’t even met!

  4. Poor little fella. Hoping he pulls through… It sounds like he’s a fighter, so don’t give up hope.

  5. Hope you get better. My furkids and I send wishes for a speedy recovery, you are sooooo cute.

  6. c’om little baruchito you can do it

  7. Hang in there, lil cutie! You have so much support from all of your admirers!

  8. On a totally unrelated note, may I suggest an approach to your links, so that we don’t leave the page?

  9. Hi Susie,
    Sorry, what does that mean, an ‘approach’ to the links?

  10. Well that didn’t work at all.

  11. Baruchito, I hope you get better. I read your web page, and your papa is very worried. Much love from the sunshine state here in the USA.

  12. how sweet that his pop takes such good care of him. i’m sure he’ll be fine.

  13. I can’t stand it either.

    Hang in there, little buckaroo!

  14. dearest baruchito, be brave you are a strong boy. rest alot and know your dad loves you and all of us visitors at CO send you our love too…

  15. So cute! 🙂 with that red cloth or whatever it makes me think of the part in that Christmas poem “…not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” (well, hamster)…

  16. Baru, I hope you make it through your spell. It just makes me so sad to see a small innocent animal suffer of any kind.

  17. Reading about Baru made me quite unhappy at work. I hope no one noticed my red eyes.

    I hope he gets better.

  18. Hamsters aren’t that cute. More rabbits and puppies please!

  19. Baruchito, please get well!! We’re pulling for you!!

  20. I’ve been reading Baru’s website since I found a link to it *here*. I hope the li’l guy gets better. His poppa sure loves him…

  21. oh little hammie – you are so loved by your poppa and everyone at OC

  22. I have tears in my eyes. I’m so sad for the little one. No hammies of my own, but have had plenty of sick pets. Pull through little one!

  23. I’m hoping for a miracle for Baru… get better little guy!!!

  24. Pink Glitter says:

    Oh No! I hope the little guy pulls through, he’s such a little darling and his mama and papa love him so much.

  25. I’m pulling for you, little Baruchito!
    You too, Mama & Papa!

  26. I’m so anxious! I hope he makes it! I love that hamster blog

  27. Nellie and Lynne says:

    We are Sending our good thoughts and prayers to you, Baru. Please get well soon!

  28. Oh! We hope he gets better soon!

  29. I hope he is ok….poor little guy….*sending healthy critter vibes his way*

  30. Espilonarge says:

    Pull through little guy. *whimpers*

  31. oh, this story breaks my heart. please, get well soon, little guy.

  32. Woods walker says:

    Little guy get well soon so we can find out what new mischief you get into.

  33. The poor little guy! I had no idea how many different foods you could feed hamsters. He is adorable, I hope he feels better soon.

  34. The poor little guy! I had no idea how many different foods you could feed hamsters. He is adorable, I hope he feels better soon.

  35. Awww…pobrecito! It sounds like he’s doing a bit better than he was, though. I hope that continues.

  36. Hey Meg, you know that’s Flan, not Baru in the pic. I really hope he gets better too. Poor thing getting the same flea meds as a dog would! No wonder he’s sick. 😦

  37. Lisa Brooks says:

    Get better,little one!! we love ya!! Lisa,Outlaw,and Beau-beau

  38. Some improvement reported for little Baru today by his poppa!!!

  39. Get well, Baruchito!
    He reminds me of my late gerbil, Yerb, who was the happiest and most industrious animal in the world. He lived for four years!

  40. I guess he lost his fight yesterday morning. It’s so sad….he was so cute :o(

  41. Poor Baru…he has gone to Hammie Heaven….

  42. RIP, little Baru.

    I wish all the world’s creatures could be so lucky as to be so well loved and well-cared-for as Baru. His poppa is incredibly kind and generous. Namaste.

  43. I had to hamster like this and was the best one of the world! hamsters is brilliant mascots I recommend them to all!
    they have a precious face

  44. Anybody's says:

    Dear everybody,

    I’m new to this web site, but as soon as I saw one of lil’ Baru’s pictures and found out that he passed away to Hamster Heaven, my heart broke. R.I.P Baruchito.


  45. Anybody's2 says:

    HI guys I’m back, but I’m not mean anymore, sorry to every body I made fun of, Theo got it through me that I was being a jack ass and I don’t wanna mess with you guys any more, ok, and yeah I am a twelve year old, so don’t start that I’m an adult, ok, I wont spam any comment areas any more!!!

  46. Anybody's says:

    HI, people

  47. Anybody's says:

    Dear Meg,

    Sorry for being so mean to every body and I wanna be part of this website too, and I promise to never be mean here, ok?


  48. Anybody’s–bless your heart for trying so hard. You’ll pull through too, don’t worry.