New Kitten Swiffers®

For one low, low price, this roving pack of kittens will clean your floors. Act now, and we’ll give you a FREE Hamster WetJet Duct Cleaner™ and Pomeranian Shoe Shine™!Mike_3_1Thanks, Mike 😉



  1. Can’t you just see their lil heads bob-bob-bobbing on those weak lil kitten necks, and see them stumble ’cause their tiny claws snag on the strands of the carpet as they try to crawl?

  2. hahaha…new kitten swiffers. wonderful blog…i like it, therefore, i voted for you for the best new weblog.

  3. It’s probably been said before, but here goes-Ultimate Definition of Cute-if you cannot look at it without smiling, no matter your mood, it’s cute. “The Kitten Swiffer” definitely fits the bill.

  4. Until this post, I thought “yeah, Cute Overload, that’s a whole lot of cute!” I never thought much about the “overload”. Until now.

    This is so cute I’m actually terrified. There must be some kind of international treaty banning pictures like this. It’s HURTING me, is how cute it is.

  5. i need to have the first gray one to the left of the white one. just post it, kitty’ll get here fastest by fedex. you can COD it.

  6. need

  7. How exciting, these kittens (obviously part of a single brood) show a precicely mendelian distribution of colouring. What are the odds of such a perfect distribution!

  8. Very sweet.

    They make me of carpet cleaning ninjas.

  9. This is just too… cute. But I don’t feel overloaded yet. More, MORE! 🙂

  10. so cats can be *useful*?? boy are mine in for a surprise when i get home today. time to earn yr keep!

  11. OH my goodness! How sweet are THOSE faces?? Oh, just adorable…Love it, love it, love it. You guys rock my world.

  12. Hmm…only chocolate, blue, cream, and black models. I’ll take the blue.

    hehehe, definitely a cute picture

  13. I can just imagine them scouring the carpet for the ittiest bittiest bits of fluff. Too cute!

  14. Part of what makes all theeze peectures so cute is your leetle captions!!

    They are totally a *roving* pack of kittens and I would like 10 of them, please.

  15. Ok, I am officially a diabetic…too sweet!

  16. Do you have any idea how painful this is? Looking at their widdle kitty faces actually hurts!


    overload, overload… system is shutting down, repeat system is shuttingdown….

  18. Oooh! They’re all wound up to pounce on something! Is it a mouse? Is it shoelaces? Maybe the unsuspecting tail of the calico model (not pictured here)?

  19. i would like to thank you all at cute overload. you have provided me with the cute kitten ammo to convince my boyfriend that we NEED one.
    thank you!

  20. It also makes me think of all those Febreeze commercials where everyone wants to smell the carpet… so cute!

  21. Precious! Just wonderful Fantastik!!!

  22. Monochrome never looked so cute! 😉


  23. Trying again with that link… source is here:

  24. I am going to have a stroke.

  25. i knew i shouldn’t have gotten that chicken scent carpeting

  26. i knew i shouldn’t have gotten that chicken scent carpeting

  27. Your’re quite right, Sal. I would never have notice that phenotypic ratio had you not pointed it out. Very astute!

  28. Gah.
    OK, you clinicians need put on pink sunglasses, right now, and take bubble tea break. (I’m thinking mango or lychee, but pick whatever you need.)

  29. *Rubbing eyes* after making my first landing here today.

    Temporarily blinded by cuteness.

  30. Doodalalala says:

    There are times that i honestly question if looking at your blog is healthy for me, it brings my head so close to exploding.

  31. This is kitten perfection. It’s making me weep it’s so beautiful.

  32. All I can think is: What are they looking at? what do they smell? Are they aware of how cute they are?!
    Of course they are, they’re manipulative baby-cats!

  33. MEEEP!
    first comment on anything here: I had to. Oh dear gods is this cute. It is killing me, it is so cute.

    No… too much cute Noooo! *gasp*

  34. Cuteness Forever says:


  35. josephine says:

    the tail! on the white one! it kills me!!!!

  36. -THUD –

    Sorry about that, but I just fell over from an especially nasty cuteness brain freeze. They’re yummy at first, but view slowly.

  37. gah head just exploded. i rip off yer fotos a lot for my desktop backgrounds.

  38. gah head just exploded. i rip off yer fotos a lot for my desktop backgrounds.

  39. *gasp gasp* cant breathe… cuteness.. so utterly.. suffocating…

  40. Ahhh. Now I have had my cute kitten fix, and can go another 24 hours before developing headache, tremor, and nausea.

  41. omg! my pancreas just exploded!!

    and the black one looks just like my baby boy when he was that age 🙂

  42. How cute!!

  43. Aaaawwwwww, look at those milky blue eyes, and they’re all a different solid color. So precious:D What could be going on with that carpet to keep they’re focus like that??

  44. Guess I’m the only one who finds their faces really creepy looking… They look sorta ghostly with those dead glassy eyes.

  45. Awwwww…they’re so cute! Just to show what a nerd I am, as soon as I saw them, I thought they are the perfect example of Mendelian genetics: 1 black (BB), 1 white (bb), and 2 gray (Bb).


  47. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! The last two posts are an interesting juxtaposition…the first a scientific treatise on genetics, the second a primal squeal about fuzz.

    I fall in the squeeing category myself. 🙂

  48. I’ve tried it all–yoga, meditation, deep breathing. For pure bliss, nothing beats this. I love it!!!!!!

  49. This is true, through this site I have reached the coveted Enlightenment of Buddhism. Thank you Meg.

  50. Katsunori says:

    Please no… ahh… this website will be my absolute downfall!!!!! i’ll die watching this site.

  51. Very adorable photo, as always…But DO NOT use Swiffers if you actually have pets, as they can become poisoned. Just FYI.

  52. cripes! this one had me on the floor! I hope it does a good job….i spilled lemonade on tile! Maybe they can lick it instead ;P

  53. omg, i just want to bury my face in the middle of them!!!

  54. I would happily add all of them to my family! Unfortunately my house is in no way big enough to accomodate them. I already have 5 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit and a fish. But they are too cute!

  55. Beasts!!!

    I want a silly little kitten with a tail like a fluffy carrot.

  56. HOW do you get them to stay like that?? Amazing. I want to take them home and keep them in my room… all to myself… and if people try to get near them I will bite them… hard.

  57. Ohh…you know how something is so cute, you want to make its head pop off?

    This is BEYOND that.


  58. Soooo very cute. I wonder what theyre thinking?

    “Cute and cuddly Boys, cute and cuddly”

  59. This picture should be available for the T-shirts! I’d buy one then (and I’m poor)!

    em they sre so cute.

    i wonder if ther on the coption thing?

  61. they are sooooooooo cute !

  62. What are these little guys sniffing on the carpet?? Look at the TAILS!!