Added a Tip Jar

Server_bills_1Hi Peeps,I added a Tip jar, because our server bill is going to be in the gazillions of dollars. The traffic for this site is officially Out Of Control™ and we’re looking into ways to serve up The Cuteness™ in the future. Al Gore and I are working on it. Please consider the tip jar, but only if you’ve had impeccable service ;)Thank you,Meg



  1. Who is your host?

  2. move it to the top of the page, or no one will ever see it!!!!

  3. Why do you trade market every third word in your posts? Marking “out of control” is crazy.

  4. Just a heads up… I can’t tip you- something goes wrong when I transfer from the Tip jar to Paypal. My browser window still says “cute overload” at the top and it is impossible to log in to Paypal on the secure server and finish the transaction…

  5. I’ll see if I can change it. Thanks for the head’s up!

  6. newyork_cuteness says:

    You might want to
    1) move the tip jar up so people can see it
    2) open it either in a new window (target=”_blank”) or open it without the cuteoverload frameset (target=”_top”)

  7. I had actually looked for one before, since I think you should get a little help. Of course, do large tips constitute bribes for putting in photos that we submit? LOL…

    *bats eyelashes*

  8. pants. paypal is broken. keeps saying i’m logged out when i’m not… i’ll have to try again in a few days. and yes, move tipjar to more prominent position. and stick kittens on it. and make it dance!
    maybe not the last one.

  9. Mandy Speers says:

    I don’t think this picture of the donkey is cute at all, I think it is mean.

  10. fail language I can handle. Inhumane pictures bug me though. I would hate to think you found that picture funny or cute.

  11. Dear Mandy, Joanne,

    Please get a life.

    The Rest of the World

  12. Maynard Handley says:

    Can you also hook up with an Amazon tipjar? I want to contribute, but am not willing to go to the hassle of all the sign up with PayPal just for this.

    (Yeah, rant on about how I’m lazy all you like, but I already have about 50 passwords in my life, and I’m not going to add another one unless there’s a damn good reason.)

  13. I gotta agree that the picture is sad- poor donkey.

    That said, I hope the tip jar helps you keep things running here at Cute Overload.

    Without my daily Dose of Cuteness… things’d get ugly.

  14. It was there, now it’s gone. I assume it’s coming back, though, right?

    Can’t hardly contribute without some kind of link, grumble grumble kids these days…

  15. Oh and Pheral, pants to you too. And suspenders. 😉

  16. Yes, Maynard, Great idea on Amazon Tip Jar. Will look into it and add it if I can.

  17. I agree with you Mandy and Joanne.
    D.R. Tong, maybe you need to be a little bit kinder.

  18. Wow, I’m glad Mandy and Joanne don’t read my blog… I’ve used that donkey picture before…
    PayPal worked just fine for me, cash is on the way!
    Keep up the great work, this stuff makes my day!

  19. I don’t like the donkey picture either.

  20. evangelline says:

    That awful pic is supposed to make me want to tip you?
    Oh please try again – hint use a kitten and a link!

  21. I think the donkey picture was used because it’s a play-on-words… the donkey is in the air because the cart TIPPED over. Tip jar… get it? And because, well, it’s kinda funny. I doubt anyone tried to hurt the donkey or did that on purpose- the cart was just too heavy. It’s called physics.

    Donkeys are tough little guys and I’m sure they were able to get him down just fine. 🙂

  22. We get so caught up in how amusing and cuuuuuuuute animals are, maybe some of us forget that they are live beings with nerve ending and feelings.
    That donkey is hitched up so it cannot move. The psychological stress as well as the physical stress are not funny to the donkey, I am sure.

  23. Okeydoke. PayPal link worked. Cheers!

  24. I agree with the thin-skinned college sophomores. And since we’ve got no life, let’s head over to Bangladesh and set that fu@king donkey free. Then maybe we can look back on this photo and laugh? To donate funds for our altruistic ass saving mission please visit . . .

  25. Please people, the donkey looks fine. He is probably glad to get a load off his feet and is enjoying hangining out! Cute Overload loves animals and is dedicated to their happiness and well-being. Enough said.

  26. To those who think the donkey picture is inhumane, and not cute: Does it look like the ass is thriving in pain?? NO, he’s just sittin there, it’s not like he’s hanging on a hook by his neck.
    He does seem to have a look on his face like “WTF?!?” It’s more funny than anything…lighten up people. It’s like getting picked up from under the arms…no biggie.

  27. Yuck.

  28. P.S. I tried to donate but it gave me the same message of not being logged in. Will try again tomorrow.

  29. Meanwhile think of the donkey.

  30. Donkey??

  31. Oh Jeff, v funny. LOL.

  32. The Donkey picture is not funny. How do you really know it was not hurt???

  33. How do you know it was? By the evidence presented (ie the picture) it is impossible to tell, and therefore it is likewise pointless to speculate.

  34. Hi! I’d like to tip, but sometimes I get uneasy using PayPal. Is there an address that I can send a check to? Thanks!

    Karen F.

  35. Why not do what everyone else does and add Google Adwords? I know they’re annoying and not at all cute, but they help cover the costs.

  36. The donkey is indeed “tipping” and it says “Server bills” on the load he’s trying to pull! What an amazing coincidence. 😉

  37. cat lover says:

    I love this site but I think the photo of the donkey is really out of synch with the whole tone and, knowing what I do about cart & harness, that donkey was in discomfort. It does look funy if you’re disconnected from the reality of it.

    I’m amazed at the people who insult and try to invalidate those who’ve shown dislike of the inhumane image. Not only is it rude, it comes across as really hypocritical.

    Others who have looked at this (yes, we in our office love this site!), ar ereally disappointed in the choice to use that photo… and to Jeff, we say: take your pubescent angst and shove up your sarcastic uh… donkey.

  38. Zena Marie says:

    I’ll gladly donate when there’s a different picture.

  39. You should just put up ads. They’re not that annoying and would more than make up the server costs because I’m guessing you have a pretty high daily hit count.

  40. um… has it occurred to any of you peeps who think that’s just a cute photo that the donkey was expected to pull a load that huge?… and that, even if they take off enough weight so he whomps back down on his feet, that was still a really hefty load for a relatively small animal.

    I know: he’s just a donkey, not cute and fuzzy….and it’s happening ina 3rd world country and we’re not supposed to be bothered, but it actually really sucks.

  41. Really tacky choice there.

    Get a different picture please… one that’s in line with your professed fondness for animals.

  42. E. Collison says:

    My vote: not funny, definitely painful for the animal, as the poster who mentioned their familiarity with harness horses and tack mentioned.

  43. Hey all you whiners, guess what? You’re RACISTS! That’s right, you only complain about the treatment of the donkey because you’re insensitive to economic conditions in the Third World.

    Ha! I out-PCed you!

  44. E. Collison says:

    Err – look a little more carefully at the way the harness goes under his forelegs and around the lower part of the donkey’s neck and upper chest.

    I’ve never thought of pain as being “PC”!

  45. Magdalein says:

    I AM EXTREMELY OFFENDED by all this humorless estrogenic whinging. Ladies and gentlemen, please unwad your panties. If donkeys wish to engage in consensual BDSM play, so be it. It’s their right. I don’t care what your bible says.

    Seriously folks, relax. Have you ever eaten meat or worn leather? That actually promotes animal cruelty. A mildly humorous picture of a donkey in discomfort posted online does not. No one is going to go out and hurt a donkey after seeing this. But every time you buy meat or leather, you forward unspeakable animal cruelty and murder. Shouldn’t you focus your efforts on that front, rather than complaining about some damn picture? Or are you just a bunch of overly concerned self-important hypocrites?

    Look at the picture again. Then look at your shoes. Think about what you had for dinner. Remember that the animals you consume experience pain and suffering a million times worse than that donkey’s discomfort. Now STFU.

  46. Brennan Haas says:

    Let me guess, Magdalein – you’ve never saddled and bridled a horse? It’s very possible to hurt them by doing it wrong. I’d hate to think what being strung up by *my* chest and forearms would feel like.

    That’s all.

  47. no-likee the donkey picture either, however i do get the joke.
    here are some cute donkey pics:

  48. E. Collison says:

    Oh, nice pics!

    And yes, I get the point too 🙂

  49. Bobo: You made me laugh very loud, that was awesome!!
    And Magdalein: Amen sister!!

  50. Throw some Google ads on here. I wouldn’t mind, and I doubt most users would.

  51. Cat lover is astute, y’all. I was indeed being a little sarcastic. Hell, I can’t afford a flight to Bangladesh! I apologize for wasting your time with my ‘pubescent angst’ — after all, what would our world be without the ardency and misappropriated sentiment of these dedicated hippies — in the abscence of benefaction from cat lovers everywhere, how would donkeys ever roam the earth happily & free? I admire your sentiment, and will try to direct my energy in more productive ways, like perfecting my veal sorbet recipe or trimming & tube feeding Professor Pliable, my bonsai kitty . . . . . . He’s an ornery rascal! Way Cute™!

  52. Magdalein says:

    Brennan Haas- Actually, I do know what it feels like being strung up by my chest and forearms. But this is Cute Overload, not Bondage Blog, so we ought not to talk about that.

    Also, I second/third/whatever Google ads. Their presence is innocuous, at least to me, and they’re definately worth it to keep the cute flowing.

  53. I am a life vegetarian & I also do not wear leather. ” No one is going to go out and hurt a donkey after seeing this” Well one donkey may have been hurt does he not matter???????

  54. LL Cool F says:

    Donkey lovers,
    Comedy = Tragedy + Time.
    That photo was taken in 1951, therefore HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  55. geez, does nobody get it? The picture has nothing to do with tips. If the picture would have to represent anything, Cute would be the donkey with mounting server costs which it cannot handle.( cannot bare the full burden).

  56. My goodness, some people just don’t have a sense of humor! That picture has been around forever. It’s just for fun, everyone! Some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something 😛

    LOVE the site… congrats on the Bloggie nomination! (Will be voting for you ^^)

  57. I just want to thank you for this site. I have this ridiculously stressful job and late at night when I can’t sleep I come home and look at the all of pics of sheer cuteness on this site and just melt – it’s awesome therapy. Just made a donation via Amazon Honor System, glad to help keep the cuteness up and running. Thank you! -Deb

  58. Meg, I hope that all this angst over images is not bringing you down. I donated today because your blog makes me happy every day, and an off-kilter photo thrown in every now and then is not going to collapse my happy ball of cuteness. I think the donkey photo showed your message clearly – overburdened by server costs. And I am sure that you will pacify the naysayers with a barrage of multiple-hamster photos and at least two small ear-to-head ratios in the next couple of days. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for the blog and the 99% right-on-target level of cute!

  59. First of all, Jeff – bonsai kitten isn’t real. It’s a joke. And it is funny since it’s not really happening. Look, people, this picture is not only old but let’s think of the intention: these people didn’t intentionally cause the donkey to be lifted by the load of the cart. They weren’t trying to hurt him and I’m sure they didn’t leave him that way for long. It’s a funny picture. Let’s use our animal rights energy on people who are intentionally mistreating animals. Finally, the donkey just looks confused to me – not in pain.

  60. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “I think the donkey picture was used because it’s a play-on-words… the donkey is in the air because the cart TIPPED over. Tip jar… get it? And because, well, it’s kinda funny. I doubt anyone tried to hurt the donkey or did that on purpose- the cart was just too heavy. It’s called physics.

    Donkeys are tough little guys and I’m sure they were able to get him down just fine. 🙂

    Posted by: punkpie | Jan 25, 2006 at 03:12 PM”

    Well put punkpie…I would have said the same things but you beat me to it…So I just included your post with mine because our post would match so why re-write? Hope you don’t mind…

  61. hang in there, meg. i think the donkey is waaaay cute (and your point is well taken) and when i can, i will contribute to your absolutely cute blog.

  62. Use for cheap hosting. For like $10 a month, I literally get more storage space and bandwidth than I could ever use.

  63. Jeez. If y’all need to get your dander up about injustices in the world, save it for something that really matters, not a donkey who is temporarily in a bad spot. Perhaps you could worry (and, more importantly, do something) about the 100’s of thousands of children in our country (the world’s wealthiest) going to bed hungry every night, mmm-kay?*
    Anway, all lectures aside, my daughter and I adore your site and check it every day for cuteness. I will donate as soon as my paycheck comes. Cute cute cute cute cute!!!!! I love cute!!!!
    *just a little perspective, folks.

    also- the Bonsai Kitten site is a joke, right? RIGHT??

  64. frog and turtle says:

    I come here to get away from images like this. I was really disappointed by this. I can see both sides of the controversy, but in the end, this just seems inappropriate by gut reaction. What happened to the cuteness rating scale? This seems to fall pretty short. I feel like holding on to my tip right now and not coming back for awhile.

  65. You guys are WAY too uptight. The picture is funny, get over it.

    PS – $20 just put into the tip jar. Keep the cuteness coming.

  66. After reading over the comments again I really couldn’t help myself but to say this: I really hate goddamn hippies. The only meat I eat is fish, and very little at that, but tomorrow I’m going to eat a full burro just to spite you PC thugs.

    Thanks, thanks a lot. The burro thanks you too.

  67. Meg, I think the daily flame wars over what is and is not cute are sort of distracting from the cute itself. Please consider taking the route of other highly-trafficked sites like kottke and dooce and disabling your comments.

  68. Ovo je najsladi blog v povjesti blogova..Tolko slatkih malih zivotinjica na jednom njestu…Bas je kjut…Kiss

  69. No adds please. Adds are awfull. They wouldn’t bother me because I use Adblock, but just the thought of it…

    But once again: who hosts your site? Perhaps there are better alternatives. Dreamhosts offers a lot of bandwith at a reasonable price (and no – I am not in any way connected to dreamhost :)). It’s where we host our sites and we and our clients are very happy with the service.

  70. common.. one post u ask for money .. u put the worst picture …
    would’nt be pleasing if there was kitten with a tip-jar or something.. that makes people happy .. and give more.
    remember.. if it when people are happy they tend to be loose with their wallets..

  71. You could try uploading the pictures to a service like Flickr but downloading from there directly into your page. I do not believe that Flickr limits the number of your downloads – I may be wrong. I know I am able to share photos from my Flickr account on my blog without making people visit flickr…

  72. Ah yes, I hadn’t thought of that. Flickr is a good option, and it will attract even more visitors to your site.

  73. HORRIBLE! so sad to see this donkey tortured. how you could see this as cute or funny is scary!

  74. Why not just move over to a free Blogspot blog? It won’t have as many features, but at least it’s free.

  75. My family used to train horses- when one of our ones became very ill (and could no longer stand) we had to suspend him from the rafters in the barn on a pully/harness system. They don’t mind it at all- and actually love getting off of their feet.

    Everyone, please get a sense of humor. I have never posted a reply in this blog- but this string of threads is ridiculous- and proves everyone really needs some more time with real animals.

    Meg dear, I couldn’t find the tip jar until I searched for about a minute. Please move it to a spot where it is easily accessible! Thanks~

  76. Forget Google Ads, find someone using Blogads and try to get an invite. Blogads look much nicer than Google Ads (definitely cuter) and are a little more money too. People could buy blogads on Cute Overload to advertise their cute things, crafts or books or whatnot.

  77. i would have gladly given you some dough if someone there has enough sense (or class) to eliminate posts from bullies who want to torture and kill defenseless animals.

  78. Enough already people! I am sure she gets the picture(no pun intended) that many of you are offended by the photo. I’m sure it was not meant to be so. Can we puh-leeeeeeeeeeeze move on???! Meg- I will donate soon, am low on funds right now!

  79. I’m nor sure how much websapce u nedd but if u got less then 2 GB u should try
    It got unlimited fraffic…

  80. tracey, i am not talking about this photo. i am speaking of a poem on the kitten page that suggested all the ways to kill/torture a kitten.

  81. Ok – I thought the picture was funny. The point that was trying to be made, I think, was that they felt like the donkey, overloaded. I guess, according to a lot of you, I am insensitive, but oh well. Stop being so incredibly uptight and just laugh. The donkey is a work animal and it’s life is hard. A lot of people have hard, uncomfortable lives too.

  82. Some of you people need to grow a sense of humor. Seriously.

  83. you need Blogads!!

  84. I think everyone gets the “joke”/pun ha-ha of th ephoto…however, some take it at the superficial level )
    and some see that there is more too it that a cutesy little photo.

    The people trashing those whoobject to the photo reminds me of what happens when a woman calls someone out on harassment — same thing.

    Meg, I think you’ve done a great job with this site, but you must not have been thinking when you used that photo. I’m sure a basically compassionate person and can relate to the objections voiced as well as to the reality behinf the pun in the photo.

    Please add my vote in for 1) a different photo and 2) Google ads.

  85. speedwell says:

    I’m a vegetarian too, for health reasons, but I think I will go have a rack of ribs for lunch today, in pure terror that I might otherwise be identified as belonging to the same species as the whiny Puritan horse’s asses that think they can force their whiny little animals-are-better-than-people malice on others. (Heck, I’d hate to think the last time I had ribs was the last time I would ever have them until I died.) People First!

  86. The picture of the donkey is silly, I am sure the owner of this site does not support cruelty to animals. It is a joke. And my vote is for no Google Ads, I find that as annoying as people who take themselves to seriously.

    I donated! Yay! Keep it up!

  87. I’m sure someone already mentioned this, but if your traffic is so high, then how about setting up some ads instead of asking people to send you money.

    Get chitika or adsense or blogads.

    I have a site and the ads more than take care of the hosting costs.

    Snd since you didn’t post the pic I sent you of the cutest lion cub in the world, here is the link:;_ylt=AoQ8f2kYCSVB3PTMlSzQvjMDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

  88. Meg, I think the daily flame wars over what is and is not cute are sort of distracting from the cute itself. Please consider taking the route of other highly-trafficked sites like kottke and dooce and disabling your comments.

    Posted by: Bree | Jan 26, 2006 at 12:58 AM

    Are you KIDDING me? If you really can’t handle all these mean, scary people arguing (relatively respectfully and calmly for that matter!) in an open forum, how about you just don’t click on the little “Comments” link next time?

    … Furthermore, this picture in no way promotes or glorifies animal cruelty. One can still be amused by the situation while recognizing the unhappy circumstances of both the animal and its owners. Or are some of you conveniently ignoring the plight of people whose unfortunate situations in the world place them in a position where they must resort to relying on a single animal to help them live, thrive, and survive?

  89. By the way in case you were thinking that putting up ads would affect your traffic, it doesn’t. Don’t be discouraged by people saying that they don’t like ads.

    If you have bills to pay, then put those suckers up.

    Trust me that you’ll get a lot less complaints about ads, then the ones you have generated from asking for donations.

    This “controversial pic” has done more harm than a few ads ever would.

  90. All the drama over this picture is amusing.

    Hell, it looks like the donkey is actually sitting (notice how the hind legs are dangling?). So, if anything, this tipping has benefitted the creature.

  91. Just a thought: if you don’t like the photo, CONTRIBUTE to the tip jar and then the entire issue might go away of what photo is used. I find it hard to believe that anyone with an internet connection is unable to spare the $2 minimum at the very least.


  92. it so nice to get cursed at and made fun of for expressing my opinion. Thanks to those of you who while maybe didn’t agree with my view were still civil and open to my pov.

  93. How is it that my two posts are somehow missing?

  94. my bad my comp. is retarded

  95. Adriana- not sure why you don’t see your posts but they’re there. Good ideas! 😉

  96. “”People First””

    That wins “stupid comment of the month”.

    Go have your ribs speedwell — who cares?

  97. Benjamin01 says:

    This doesn’t make a lot of sense:
    >>””One can still be amused by the situation while recognizing the unhappy circumstances of both the animal and its owners. Or are some of you conveniently ignoring the plight of people whose unfortunate situations in the world place them in a position where they must resort to relying on a single animal to help them live, thrive, and survive?

    Objecting to the obliviousness aboutthe animla’s discomfort does not preclude being concerned about the people…nor does their plight justify overloading a little animal to the point where it’s hooves don’t even touch the ground.

    I’m amazed there is even an argument about this. It’s obviously a sad, sick photo with a subtext of cynicism and obliviousness and it was simply a bad choice.
    Couldn’t the site owner switch to ads and be done with it?

  98. okay – so we all obviously get the pun – which is cute. the photo – i don’t know about – i didn’t like it and it may or may not illustrate inhumane treatment towards animals. we unfortunately live in a world that is inhuman to animals, to small children, to adults, to seniors, to peoples of varying colors, ages, sexual preferences, religious affiliations, etc. here’s the deal – we can change the world on this very web page by allowing each of us to have our unique opinion about this photo without being judgmental and cruel. the buck stops here.

  99. Wow, you people seriously need to get over yourselves.

    Meg, I’m not sure who you’re using for a host, but I use Doteasy ( and I’ve been thrilled with them. The basic hosting level is $25 A YEAR, and that includes a domain name. The next bump up is $8/month, and I bet that would more than cover your bandwidth woes.

    That said, I’m adding to the till as soon as I can. And I think ads are a good idea. And you should definitely add a permanent “contribute” button to the sidebar, too.

    This site is one little highlight of my day. 😉 Keep up the fabulous work! Long live CO!

  100. Meg, don’t change a thing. It’s still your blog and for every negative opinion I read, there are 10 more positive ones. I agree with the other posters who suggest that if one doesn’t like the picture, one takes his or her uptight ass elsewhere for daily pleasure.

  101. who cares about the stupid picture? that’s not even what this specific post was about anyway – it was about helping the site by donating tips. basically every other post here has to do with something cute, and if it’s off-topic of cute, then there’s a picture to go along with it, as well (like the bloggies – I don’t see anyone getting all snippy because the picture for that is not “cute”). i’m sure if this really hurt the donkey that badly then PETA has already tackled the situation. meg seems to have the utmost respect for animals and some of you don’t seem to realize that.

    anyway, i’m going to go donate now. 🙂

    thanks for such a great blog, meg!

  102. I saw that picture before. . . It came in an email that said:

    “How can you tell if you ass is too small.”

    Then you open up the picture and there is the donkey.

    I think it is cute. 🙂

  103. Oh my god you people! It’s not like she took the picture!

    There are far more upsetting things to be found on the internet. Why don’t you go save some seals or something, instead of bitching here?

  104. Pete Davis says:

    have you thought about renting out ad space
    if this site is so popular you should be able to easily make more than you need for the server
    you’d probably even make money off it
    i know everyone hates seeing ads but if you’re careful about who you allow to rent the ad space the people shoulding mind
    just rent it out to sites that your viewer’s would find interesting
    like pet food sites
    or pet clothing sites
    you know what i mean
    i think you should look into it

    a brief history lesson about this picture of the donkey that you posted
    i read all the comments saying that it’s not cute and that it’s actually mean
    i think if everyone knew the truth about the picture they wouldn’t find it mean
    the picture isn’t real
    it was faked in an attempt to teach the moral lesson of “don’t put the cart before the horse”
    it’s not a real picture of an abused donkey
    it’s fake
    trust me on this
    i studied art history in college
    and surprisingly enough one of the professors made us study this picture
    i could never understand why but it is pretty cool
    so yeah
    i hope some of you are less offended by it now

  105. Casey, I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about with web hosting. This has rapidly evolved into a very high traffic site, and its full of high resolution images. So the bandwidth requirements are very high. The site you mentioned says it has no bandwidth per month quotas, but what that really means is that they have a limit to how much bandwidth they can handle per second, which results in the server being slow or unresponsive when multiple people are visiting. Multiplied over a month, the “unlimited” bandwidth per month but limited bandwitdh per second sites have a de factor limit on how much bandwidth you could possibly squeeze out of them per month. And thats at the more expensive tiers of service than you mentioned, the cheap ones have quite limited bandwidth quotas. Do you suppose that slashdot or google are using one of these “unlimited” servers for $20 a month? High traffic sites are expensive, and the more traffice the more expensive they become. Ads are a nice way of supporting a site because they scale with the traffic and turn it into a good thing instead of a liability.

    I tried to leave a tip but ran into the paypal problems logging in that some others described. I’ll try again in a few days and see if thats resolved.

  106. hello there.
    I also had to study this pic in Art History first and second year University.
    I believe people are taking this way to seriously. I am one of those hippie vegetarian fine arts people. but I think this picute is funny and whitty. If you need financial support I will be happy to help.
    Meg keep up the cuteoverload. It makes me happy!

  107. Seriously people, stop being a bunch of JACKASSES! If CO has given you that warm, heart fluttering feeling inside (even if just once a week) throw this chick a bone!!!! Speaking from experience, the server bill is going to be OUT OF CONTROL so go ahead, DO EEET. Then go back to feelin warm n’ fuzzy, K?

  108. E. Collison says:

    I’m not sure that anyone who’s bothered by the pic is objecting to the blog! (I’m certainly not.) There’s something called “agreeing to disagree”…

    But, since we’re killing Meg’s bandwidth by posting all these comments, maybe we should all donate, no?!

  109. E. Collison says:

    Can’t get tip jar to work in Firefox…

  110. Great idea, tip jar! hope every little bit helps (used the PayPal option via Safari and it worked like a charm)

    We must keep CO going– I am convinced that daily viewing is somehow adding years to my life.

  111. Great idea, tip jar! hope every little bit helps (used the PayPal option via Safari and it worked like a charm)

    We must keep CO going– I am convinced that daily viewing is somehow adding years to my life.

  112. Bobbi Lee says:

    I was so enjoying Cute Overload until I saw the donkey hanging in the air.
    Not cute, not funny, except to sadists (of whom there are plenty in this world). Goodbye forever, Cute Overload. I don’t need to see this kind of shit on a “fun” and “cute” website, and I won’t take the chance of ever seeing it again.

  113. Bobby Joe says:

    Somehow, I doubt you’ll be missed, Bobbie Lee.

  114. Bobbi Lee Williams says:

    While i won’t be looking at CO’s animal pictures any more, having been sickened by the helpless little donkey dangling from his harness, and not wishing to repeat that experience, i was curious about further comments on the photo, and decided to add some more verbiage to the boiling pot.

    Throughout my years of internet use, i have been shocked at the type of activity which goes on…shocked, but not surprised…we humans being what we are…we are the only animal which blushes, and the only one which needs to (I believe Mark Twain said that).

    People despise certain animals and glorify others. They will root for the rescue of a whale near the Farallon Islands off California, and demand the execution death of a 76 year old blind man in a wheelchair. They will make pets of dogs and glory in their intelligence, while slaughtering pigs, who are among the most intelligent land mammals on this planet. They will domesticate animals like turkeys and in the process remove their wild attributes of strength, speed and intelligence, then make “turkey” a synonym for stupidity.

    It seems clear now from fossil evidence that our remote ancestors suplemented their diets by eating each other. We certainly tend to devour everything we can in Gaia’s Realm, and have fond hopes of continuing out into the Galaxy, there to find new life to torture, kill, and eat.

    Yet there continues to be hope for the Human race and hope for the planet it inhabits. To paraphrase Dickens in Nicholas Nickleby, we must hope, hope till the last, never give up hoping…it’s the only thing that answers.

    Contrary to the impression i may give, i too am a flawed and imperfect “bare forked animal,” and have in the past been sadly lacking in Empathy. On occasion, i make mistakes. For these i am truly sorry, but i don’t think that questioning the judgement which posted the donkey’s torment on this site is among those mistakes.

    As for the donkey, who has figured so importantly in so many great tales, from the Old Testament (Balaam’s Ass, who saw the Angel of the Lord when he did not, and so saved his life) to Aesop’s Fables to the New Testament to Midsummer Night’s Dream to Don Quixote to Eyore in Winnie the Pooh, he has meaning for all of us.

    Some of us may like to remember Whose Mother this little beast’s ancestor carried into Bethlehem (and later carried Her Son into Jerusalem).

    Others of us may take the Pantheistic view that Gods and Goddesses are in all living things, or the Native American idea of the Manitou, a spirit in all of creation, animate or not.

    Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and members of every religion have been taught “Reverence for Life.” And those of us who have no formal religious belief, or do not even consider the possibility of intelligent design, are awed by the wonders of Nature and able to empathize with living creatures from the largest to the smallest, like the microbes whom HG Wells entrusted with saving the Earth in War of the Worlds.

    Our ability to empathize holds our redemption. If we cannot “feel what wretches feel,” whether Human or Animal (aren’t they really both the same?) then how can we expect mercy in our time of suffering?

  115. Holy dung, BLW… you want sickening? Read the damn news!

    Leave. Go away. Depart. Begone. Beat it. Scram.

    And leave us to enjoy our fluff site in peace.

  116. My, you’re rather mouthy for someone who’s suppose to be gone ‘FOREVER’,Bobbi Lee.

    If only those who get OMGOFFENDED! and say they’re leaving forever, would actually, you know, leave. This blog would be a much happier place.

    Meg great job, keep it up!

  117. I never understood why free web sites sign up for plans that have overage charges. When I put my server in a rack I bought 256Kbits/s connection. I usually get much better than that, but I never get a bill for “500G over limit”. I’d rather my site load slow than get a $200 or $2000 bill.

  118. Try’s server hosting or some plans – you should be able to handle a lot of traffic for low cost without worrying about bandwidth overages.

  119. Those writing novels in the comments have not obviously read that the picture is NOT REAL! Meg- I love your site.. keep up the great work.

  120. Hi Peeps,
    I want to say a great big Thanks so much for both the great advice on how to handle the bandwidth issues and your generous, generous tips. We’re still working on it. I’m not a fan of ads (as a web designer, I hate to give up any precious pixel space!) and have had many nice offers of server help. We’ll report back when we get it all figured out. Meanwhile, The Cuteness™—she continues!

    P.S. the Google Images search word on the donkey pic was “Overload” natch!

  121. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  122. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  123. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  124. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  125. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  126. Janet, Angus & Misha's mom says:

    Not crazy about the donkey pic; not crazy about cruelty involved in steak and leather shoes either; but am crazy about Cute Overload and was delighted to leave a tip. (But maybe it isn’t cute if an animal is in jeopardy.)

  127. Bobbi Lee Williams says:

    My goodness! Such vicious frothing at the mouth rage from people who frequent a “cute” site…the mass of men (and women) who lead lives of quiet desperation never cease to amaze me…if my comments anger you folks to the point of apoplexy, just don’t read them…or if you must read them, try to learn something from them…obviously a novel experience for some of you….

    It is the height of illogic to assume that because i was “sickened” by the little dangling donkey, i am oblivious to the myriad horrors of our world and do nothing to protest or right these wrongs…as for my leaving the site forever, so i lied! i see no reason why i shouldn’t visit this site as often as i wish, (my son introduced me to it) and although i would not be surprised to receive threats of death and injury next(judging from the ferocity my comments have triggered), my motto is “live free or die.” Or as Jimmy Cliff wrote, “I’d rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave…”

    i am SO curious about the IQ’s, educational background, vocabulary and grammatical competence, rap sheets (after reading some of your vindictive comments), personal histories of political and social activism and general lifestyles of these posters that i may actually write a book about all of this. It is fascinating! Appalling, but fascinating….

    i am also intrigued by the idea that this web site is somehow being polluted by any form of criticism or negative feedback…that i am with you or against you. Reminds me of someone in Washington DC we hear from a lot…

  128. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Bobbi Lee…You’re full of –it!–>—->
    Don’t let the door hit ya on the wwwwaaaay out there!

  129. You know Bobbi Lee, for someone who seems to be unable to use the back button or figure out how the delete function, on the bookmarks menu, works; you really shouldn’t be asking about other people’s IQs and educational backgrounds.

    Oh and the pretentious ‘enlightened snobbery’ you got going on, isn’t impressing anyone. Just saying.

  130. what the hell are your problems with Bobbi Lee? Why do you keep attacking? All she seems to be doing is talking, and the fact that she seems to have a decent vocabulary and education doesn’t automatically make her a snob. If you have problems with it, why don’t you email her personally, like me?

  131. Bobbi Lee?That name sounds familiar……

  132. Bobbi Lee?That name sounds familiar……

  133. Dearest liz, I don’t have a problem with Bobbi Lee, nor am I attacking her. I’m merely commenting on her comments. I fail to see how that bothers or affects you one way or the other.Course if I’m being offensive,I’m sure Bobbi Lee is quite capable of defending herself without your eager assistance.

    Oh and I wasn’t commenting on her vocabulary,but rather her little snide high handed comment on people’s backgrounds; educational, criminal and otherwise, merely because they thought the picture was funny. That was rather a low blow, yes? Most certainly not Cricket.

    Course if Meg thinks I’m making a nuisance of myself, I’ll certainly stop.

  134. Bobbi Lee Williams says:

    Wow! What a rush! Never have i been the object of such vitriolic hatred for my expression of an opinion, and i have spoken out in print on racism, elitism, sexism, political and religious oppression, war, animal cruelty, and a host of other “isms”. However, i have also been guilty of elitism by calling into question the backgrounds of those who have insulted me in their posts. For this, i apologize. Believe it or not, i don’t consider myself a saint, and have been wrong numerous times in my life! But objecting to the donkey picture is not one of them. This has been a sobering experience, because along with Anne Frank, i like to believe that people are really good at heart. i still believe it, but i also know that as innocent as we are all born, many things occur along the way to affect our behavior and thought. There’s a lot of anger out there in this world, but right now i hope to quench the fires of anger in my own heart, and have a compassionate and loving attitude towards those who have felt such rage against me…. i will end with yet another quotation:
    “Not to hurt our humble brethren (animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough.”
    Francis of Assisi

  135. that picture isnt cute its tite

  136. cat lover says:

    Bobbir Lee Williams YOU ROCK!!!

    And you have an office full of people here who read your post(s) and are applauding you.
    You nailed it at alot of different levels. With those who would try to trash you rather then let in a glimmer of the wisdom you spoke, perhaps you have at least planted a seed that might grow into empathy in them someday.

    In reading over the whole batch of posts, what emerges is that, among the interesting perspectives expressed by many, there are three main groups visit this site:
    1) people who have a deep empathy and concern for animal well-being and view this site as a treat but do not forego the integrity of their caring for animals in order to ignore and/or defend the posting of a picture that shows animal cruelty.
    2)people who get a “fix” from teh site and who just want the issue to go away and would rather focus on the surface aspect, i.e. the pun, and the need for tips to keep the site going.
    2)people get a “fix” from the site but who react agressively toward those who remind them about the whole reality of animal welfare, and attack the messenger of these truths rather than examining their own attitudes and lapses. The attacks of people who have stood up for animal welfare are really wierd in the degree of hosility and/or insistence that everyone participate in denial.


  137. Bobbie Lee, bright spirit… please know that for all the hostility vented at you there peopel people who have read what you wrote and are amazed at your wise articulation of realities.

    People will hate, in the moment, what or who reminds them of things they’d rather not look at or think about … it’s fear lashing out. And your compassion for those who have attacked you here is right on. They are at the site for a fix and they don’t want reality to seep into that… kind of pathetic, really.

    You’re a real jewel Bobbie Lee. Keep the spirit up!

  138. Woo!I absolutely love how the supposed ‘conscientious’ crusaders are casting aspersions on people’s psychological makeup, simply because they didn’t mess themselves with indignant rage and righteous ire, at the picture.Internet Psychiatry always cracks me up.

    Oh Bobbie Lee, you so crazy! Who ever will you be comparing yourself with today? Martin Luther? Gandhi? Buddha perhaps? Seriously though, you really need to come down off that cross. Someone might need the wood.

  139. benjamin01 says:

    Wow Jena…who hit you with the nasty stick?

    Maybe you could try I think they may be more on your wavelength, poor dear.

  140. wow. after reading this long thread, I must say, I’m all for Bobbie Lee. Since when is compassion a quality to be ridiculed? Is it uncool? It takes a lot more courage in this world to be compassionate than callous. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. To what end does being mean and callous serve? and labeling people (e.g., “hippie”) seems really low to me.

  141. I am more offended by Bobbie Lee’s suggestion that the frequenters of Cute Overload who were not enormously bothered by the donkey photo are low IQ’ed, poorly educated criminals than I am by the photo.

    I agree that the donkey looks uncomfortable, that it was a perhaps a poor choice for the website, and I am not really amused by it; but it does not make me never want to return!

    Keep up the excellent site – my grad school friends and I are fans – and add more photos of guinea pigs!

  142. Alexis, your post sounds well thought out, and I was curious about the low IQ thing so I scrolled up to re-read what Bobbie had written, and saw this:
    “i am SO curious about the IQ’s, educational background, vocabulary and grammatical competence, rap sheets (after reading some of your vindictive comments)”

    Clearly the guess about IQ, etc. were tied to “vindictive comments”… so, unless you’re using other board id’s and have posted vindictive comments, it’s not about you.

    I also wonder about the people who have reacted so violently towards the people who expressed dismay at the photo and what is in the photo. SOme of the vitriol and agressive hostility give anyone reason to wonder, and I think Bobbie’s statement was, in that way, relevant.

  143. You are right, Tom, I didn’t read as closely as perhaps I should have – there are many posts and my computer screen is small! I think the vitriolic responses to Bobbie Lee’s statements were, likewise, uncalled for. Bobbie Lee’s original comment that the image is “shit” was one that shocked me, however, as rather vehement, and I’m not surprised that the situation escalated in what may have been a misguided fashion on both sides.

    On the other hand, we are all entitled to an opinion regarding the images (perhaps we should move on from commenting on the people making the comments). The presence of the “post a comment” option encourages it!

  144. You could reduce your server bills by shrinking the size of some of those images. A lot are about 200 KB in size and could easily be shrunk to under 50 KB in size. You don’t need high resolution photos when just viewing them on a computer monitor.

  145. You’re right Alexis, we are all entitled to an opinion and if the people who had flamed Mandy and Joanne ( the two who originally pointed out that the photo was decidely not animal-friendly) had gone by that principle, I doubt this part of the thread would have gotten started.

    Ignoring their agression might’ve been the “better” route but som epople here are passionate about animal welfare and that’s why their indifference to what was being shown (and the lashing out at those who aren’t indifferent) was not just ignored… Just a guess.

  146. Bobbi Lee Williams says:

    Dear Friends (and this means EVERYBODY whether you hate me or not), thank you for your kind support, your IDing and denouncing my lapse into elitism, your well-taken shocked reference to my use of the word “shit” which was not characteristic of me (altho it’s just a good old Anglo-Saxon term–Chaucer used it too–check it out!) and your brash and endearing (and refreshing) comments about my being “full of it” and to basically get the hell out of your lives!

    I do deeply appreciate the other very insightful, articulate and encouraging reactions to my little posts and am glad they resonated in a positive way with some folks.

    As I told Jenna, who kindly wrote directly to me in response to my email, not only to take me to task, but to express some warmth and understanding–this whole thing has sure been a lesson to me.

    And as I said in my previous post, I am no saint, no martyr, no genius…well, maybe just a little bit…but I do have a sense of humor…if that photo had been funny to me I would have been the first to LOL.

    The adorable hamster photos are almost more than I can stand, but I also salute Cute Overload for featuring snails and frogs, and other little slimy folk who often get such a bad rap from those at the very top of the food chain.

    And that is, after all, what we all are, eventually…just like the least of these our brethren… Food…let’s not forget it in our haste to feel important and powerful (and that goes double for me too!). I am truly sorry, not for being indignant about the photo, but for descending into anger directed at any other living beings. Mea Culpa, or in the words of Eminem, My Bad…Let’s try to love one another, right now!


    I made more with blogads in 4 months than I did with Google ads in 2 years. It’s easy to set up and you get to approve/disapprove ads (unlike Google).

  148. Bugaboo-X says:

    I think it’s cute how many people are emotionally moved to discuss the plight of the cart-pulling donkey.

    Cute cute cute! The anger and outrage are adorable!

  149. Hear, hear, Bobbie Lee. I am one of those people “passionate about animal welfare”, not usually shocked by the word “shit” (but for the fact it was on Cute Overload!), and ready to put the matter to rest. I’ve had an interesting time posting and reading, and I think from now on I will be reminded more often to donate to my choice of creature-benefitting charities.

    Again, bring on the guinea pigs.

    Ave atque vale.

  150. AuntieMame says:

    I stopped reading Bobbie Lee’s comments after the first posting, so I don’t know if she made valid comments or not. It was the fact that she said “I’m leaving forever,” and then came back…FOUR TIMES…that made me lose interest in anything further she had to say.

    One of the definitions of a troll is someone who keeps on repeating herself over and over and over and over and over, as if the sheer volume of her opinion will drown out everyone else’s.

    Make your point ONCE and drop it.

    For the record, I am very pro-animal welfare, but I am equally vehemently anti-troll.

  151. Hi folks,
    Meg here, reporting back on the server issues. I have great news. After much discussion, reading helpful suggestions, and researching all kinds of wacky scenarios, we got a great deal with Typepad. Without leaking the exact deal, let me just say they are a very generous service provider and I’m happy to keep Cute O going here until there is some reason to change it. Keeping the blog here is ideal, so all the links continue to work, you get your bunnies, etc.

    You’ll also note the tip jar was removed, and I placed some ads in the sidebar instead. Ads will help cover the cost of the Typepad service and add to the Cute R&D. [snicker]

    Once again, thank you all very much for the extremely generous tips. I’m very grateful! [hamster bowing head] You’ve feed the little hamster wheel that keeps Cute O going!


  152. Ah. Now I get it. Nicely done.

    So this explains the vanishing tip jar, but what’s with that empty “Gooooogle” heading in the left-nav?

  153. Waaaaaaitaminnit… I use FireFox with AdBlock installed. Is that heading maybe not empty after all?

    [checks IE — aha!]

    …nevermind. Heh.

  154. Well, what if we want to tip you anyways hmmm???? then what?!

    *picks a fight, a la baby hamster with a doberman*

    … sigh. Meg, you’ll gobble me up.

    anyhoos, I have a tech support comment: I’m using IE 6, and your “Remember personal info” checkbox doesn’t function. 😦

  155. Roberta Tennant says:

    A friend sent me this joke (it has nothing whatsoever to do with the donkey picture…or does it?)
    One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well.
    The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth it to retrieve the donkey.

    He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey
    realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone’s amazement he
    quieted down.

    A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

    As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well
    and happily trotted off!
    (ending is a surprise… keep reading.)
    Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds
    of dirt. The trick to
    getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a
    step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it
    off and take a step up.
    Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
    1. Free your
    heart from hatred – Forgive.
    2. Free your mind from worries – Most never
    3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.
    4. Give
    5. Expect less
    NOW ——–Enough of that bull. . .The donkey later came back, and bit the farmer who had tried to bury him. The gash from the bite got infected, and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock.

    When you do something
    wrong, and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite

  156. Bite-happy asses will now haunt my dreams forever.

    Thank you, Roberta. 😦

  157. From the Duchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Web Site:

    Cruelty consists of any act(s) which a person intentionally causes, procures or permits any animal to be:

    Denied food and drink
    Seriously Injured
    Cruelly Beaten
    Overdriven or overloaded
    Denied Veterinary care
    Mutilated or killed
    Exposed to unsafe or unsanitary conditions

    This law not only includes the person(s) who actually inflict the act of cruelty but also those who know of such situations yet do not act to either stop or report the act.
    Source: New York State Agriculture & Markets, Article 26, Section 353

    Aggravated Cruelty: Torturing, overloading (beasts of burden), cruelly beating, mutilating or maiming any animal, wild or tame, or permitting any animal to be tortured, cruelly beaten, overloaded, mutilated or maimed.
    Punishable by imprisonment for up to one (1) year, or a fine of up to $1000.00, or both.

  158. you don’t realize the treatment those animals get.. good roberta tennant. This pic is not CUTE AT ALL. Sorry.