Chez Hole

Mr. Hole: Sugar, that was great.

Mrs. Hole: Chicken Kiev has always been your favorite, silly. More tea?

Mr. Hole: Please. Do you think Jessica will call tonight?

Mrs. Hole: No, she’s got her sorority thing at school. Prolly not.

Mr. Hole: It’s tough living in the empty nest sometimes. I miss her.
Hon, why is the fridge twice as tall as the door?

Mrs. Hole:

Baby—go to sleep.



Darrellyn S.—you’re the best.



  1. (snort!)

    I suppose “just plain silly” is a close cousin to “cute.”

  2. look now, hello, what *are* those things???

  3. Cute? Really?

  4. The big (heh) question is not “why is the fridge twice as tall as the door?” but “how do they reach the freezer?”

  5. I dread to ask, but what are those things?

  6. Josephine says:

    they’re doughnut holes… thus the “Chez Hole”

  7. amusing… and thank you for the explanation of what they are. I was wondering about the whole “chez hole” thing– and had gone as far as to speculate that they were breaded boiled eggs. No clue why.

  8. I suppose donut holes are an American peculiarity. See link…

  9. I suppose… that I over-suppose.

  10. Ack! The timbits are talking! In Canada there isn’t anybody who doesn’t know what those things are. Not just an american peculiarity, a Canadain phenomenon. Tim Hortons coffee shops on every friggin street. Timbits rule the world.

  11. Doughnt holes? Does that mean that holey-doughnuts are made whole, then have the middle punched out?

    How peculiar. Though I think it’s a nice name, I think “balls of dough” may be more descriptive.

    If the site’s going to continue posting these food-related pictures, I’d like to see a saveloy getting fruity with a piece of cheesecake.

    (I mean fruity in the Rockwellian sense. Covered ankles, demure smiles.)

  12. Like, those are totally Timbits, eh? I love cute stuff, but this isn’t cute…it’s kinda dumb.

  13. ACK! Timbits… who doesn’t know a timbit? ohhh, toasted coconut.. ohhh… honey glazed… ohhh… sourcream glazed… rule number whatever… any picture with referrals to timmys is cute.

  14. I’ll pass on Tim’s bits, thanks.

  15. Aack! Ten corny jokes just ran through my head! Mr Hole: “Is that a new bow you’re wearing? How much do you spend on accessories?Do you think I’m made of dough?” Someone put me out of my misery!

  16. My balls are smaller than those

  17. Didn’t this guy’s mother ever tell him not to play with his food? I swear I’ve never hear heard of a doughnot hold called a “timbit”..and to think I live in Michigan, which is a softball’s throw from Canada! Anyway I bet we can make this scene even cuter by putting in a hammie…

  18. as far as snack food goes, timbits are pretty freaking cute. esp the jelly filled ones. i think tiny grapes are cute and when you make pancakes and you get a few drops of batter that make tiny pancakes. does anyone remember when burger king had tiny hamburgers? i have a tiny bottle of tabasco, i love it!!

  19. alexandra, you are thinking of scotch eggs, boiled eggs surrounded by ham and then dipped in bread crumbs and deepfried(?). they are less yummy and less cute. i loved them when i was six, ew…..

  20. Not cute.

  21. Meg! Your site was just featured on CNN and you post this?

    Bring back the cuteness!

  22. chupacabra says:

    Dammit. Now I want donut holes.

  23. …even halloween candy and little marshmallows have a certain cute factor…

  24. Haha. That’s my friend’s picture! neat!
    I’ve seen them in person, and they’re the cutest things ever.
    But they’re kind of hard as rocks now.. =\

  25. Yum. But too bad they’re not glazed!

  26. I don’t think reaching the freezer is their biggest problem….uh, they have a daughter, um….how?

  27. Dustbunny says:

    Tanya: you don’t want to know about the sex life of donut holes. They do the nasty at night, when the donut store is closed. It’s messy and involves lots of glazed sugar..and sprinkles! And the Pillsbury Doughboy is somehow involved, but we dont’ want to think about that, do we?

  28. Oh man, lol…gotta stop the visuals!!!!

  29. This may be stupid but in no way is this cute.

  30. E. Collison says:

    I think it’s funny and kind of cute, too – would rather see this than more San-X stationary any day. (Varied diet and all that…!)

  31. Totally cute…however, perhaps a WICKED cute photo of a yellow and grey cockatiel would be cuter…and I THINK there might be one in your inbox. MORE BIRDIE PHOTOS! 😀

  32. Though none can gainsay the great cuteness of a timbit wearing a pink bow, the loyal readership suffers acutely from a great lack of kittens. More kittens, please.

  33. Im just trying to figure out how this is cute.

  34. I too, wonder where the cute is.

  35. If this is all Meg has to do
    with her time, I pity her.
    And I thought my life was boring!

  36. food

  37. I like it, but the production values are a little too “I Love Lucy”. “I Love Lucy’s Donut Hole”-can you say that?

  38. punk penguin says:

    not cute. dumb.

  39. this is the best website ever. why are people being so mean? they are fools!

  40. oh jesus there’s something other than kittens and puppies that’s not cute thats ugly and dumb and stupid LOL! /sarcasm

  41. this one is so not cute. should be removed. it’s supposed to be cute overload not dumb overload.

  42. this one is so not cute. should be removed. it’s supposed to be cute overload not dumb overload.

  43. The same could be said for some of these comments. (Twice.)

  44. Wow, some people need a nap. So what if it’s not Universally Cute? Perhaps Meg was pondering cute photos of food. Perhaps she thought that baked goods deserved a bit higher of a quota.

    It may not be cute to you, but honestly– one post out of hundreds….?

  45. OK, it’s cute-ish. The little hole’s bow is definitely cute.

  46. AuntieMame says:

    I was amused by the donut holes.

    Some people seem to forget two things:

    1) You aren’t the last word on what’s cute and what’s not.

    2) This isn’t your blog.

  47. yea why is the fridge twice as big as the door

  48. Megan Cutt says:


    i thought that was really clever.

    lets hope mrs. peppers doesnt find your donut holes.

  49. this isn’t even cute at all.

  50. maybe they’re not so cute, but it made me laugh, and that’s a good thing

  51. Are these TESTICLES???

  52. That was so realistic. I think they’ll have a long, happy marraige.

    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    /___| |___
    | |
    | &hearts& |
    | hole |
    | |
    | |

    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘

  53. gosh, it didn’t work. Well, to suffice your imagination, it was a tree with hole hole carved in it. It took a long time!1 😦

    But it’s cute.

  54. Is funny akin to cute? What sorority? The Pi Pi Gammas?

  55. this is so stupid, not cute at all, it ruins the overload of cuteness.


  57. Are those meatballs cause it looks like does anyone agree?

  58. whatever they are, they make me incredibly hungry. hmmmmm. I’m hungry.