Happy! Kitty! Bunny! Pony!

Like Gwen Stefani’s “Love Angel Music Baby” album, the “Happy Kitty Bunny Pony” series is also meant for those with a “Fatal Attraction to Cuteness”. The cover art reminds me of 1930’s wallpaper, but has some modern design inside too. The book follows all things cute from the 1930’s to present day, with a running commentary. Cute imagery + commentary—hmm, sounds kinda familiar! [shifty eyes]There’s also a spiral bound journal and a plastic purse for note cards & envelopes. Both include stickers to close the letters. Redonk!Happy_books_1Happy Kitty Bunny Pony : A Saccharine Mouthful of Super CuteHappy Kitty Bunny Pony JournalHappy Kitty Bunny Pony : Plastic Purse Note Cards



  1. It is supposed to be “love angel music baby”to spell LAMB..

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The text in these books was authored by Mike Nelson from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Cool!

    Bring back the otters & bitches.

  4. Tyger, that’s not cute! One day, when the snake is hungry enough, he will eat the little, fluffy hamster!

  5. OMG I need this!!!…but I’ll have to hide it. I don’t have a cuteness problem! I can quit any time!

  6. Thanks, Jess. Updated!

  7. YUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!! so not cute! If you want cute stationery go to Sanrio! Not this second rate fugly rubbish!!

  8. I don’t know about thaaaaaat! [singsong]


    You be the judge…

  9. Jackie: but I think for the time being…it is cute 🙂

  10. Wow.. super creepy looking. I’m sticking with San-X and Crux.

  11. Lilorfnannie says:

    I love the pictures in this series but hate the text. Sorry but “cute” actually does makes me happy, and when it’s paired with ugly, sarcastic, supposedly “humorous” text, it’s like- something- really ugly & cold. Yuk. I don’t even want to make my mind go there. 😛

  12. I went to an AIGA design conference a couple years ago and met one of the guys who put those books together. He was telling us how something like 80% of all greeting cards have either a puppy, kitten, or baby on the front, so they wanted to see what kind of response a book with only cute things would have. The result? Their best sellers!

  13. cute blog ! HAHA. check mine out yo ! 😀 remember to comment !

  14. But Meg…that Sanrio stuff is cute!!!
    Way cuter than those creepy alien headed things that all look the same despite being different breeds….shudder.

  15. spot moskowitz says:

    Is it me or does the pony look a little like Paris Hilton?

  16. LOL Spot — you’re absolutely right! Check the link, I think she’s the one on the right…

  17. I have to say, I do not care for the disembodied-head element of this. Although I do recognise the bunny from somewhere.

    A semi-ironic approach to cute does not negate affection for the cute, people. You’re taking this too seriously.

  18. This book is hilarious. It’s not cute in the sense that it’ll make you puke rainbows, but more like…creepy cute? If you’re interested in graphic design, it’s cool to look at.

  19. Robyn: “Puke Rainbows”! Can I steal that!? Fantastic.

    Squish: you’re right, the Sanrio stuff is cute too. More subtle, but still cute.

  20. Link: Monday’s Sam & Fuzzy comic. Relevant in a general sort of way. Also ****ing cute.

  21. Congratulations on being nominated for the Bloggies Awards! 🙂

  22. inanimate objects are NOT cute. small, furry animals ARE.

  23. Yeah, hello? We come here for pictures of real animals.

  24. A friend suggested that a picture I just posted on my blog be sent over here. If so, what is the “protocol”? I think my baby girl is tooooo precious.

  25. I think it’s weird when people get offended by irony.

    If it’s not your sense of humor, that’s fine–but why get all offended about it?

  26. The images are great in these books (except the re-worked Keanesque stuff in the gothic book—that’s just stupid), but the writing is stunningly unfunny and if you go to the popink website they want you to click a permission screen to look at a bunch of art that they didn’t create!!!! It’s bizarre.

  27. i used to have little pine air fresheners with these pictures all over them. they were lovely and pine-y !

  28. punk penguin says:

    cute. animals. please.

  29. That cat is wayyy to cute for a computer how about a tv show about cats and only cats.

  30. Cats really get more cats or I will hurt you real real real real bad.Think I am joking come and try me.See what happens.

  31. Those are super cute:)