Fat coat with a little guy

It’s the opposite of Chris Farley’s ‘fat guy with a little coat!’ Ahn.Judanne_copyThanks, Judanne. 😉



  1. very cute…..zzzzzzzzz

  2. Aaaaaw a baby kangaroo =]

  3. Every time I have a rough day (which is often!), I come here and stare all googly-eyed at the adorable pictures. I do have to warn you, though, that I think I’m running out of my allotment of Awwwww’s!

  4. So cute, I am almost ready to forget that they pee on the rug. Awww!

  5. CurlyGirly says:

    Rug schmug 🙂 Can’t you just picture this little guy coming up to you and emitting what would be the most adorable attempt at a bark and wagging his wittle tail looking for some lovin’??

  6. Looks like the kid (Ralphie)in a bunny suit in “A Christmas Story”. “He looks like a deranged Easter bunny!”

  7. Looks like “K-Dog” needs to up his daily paint-chip ration… o_O

    That is industrial-grade cuteness right there. The picture that is, not the infantile rant in the comments. The rant is just…um, stupid.



  8. Remind me to type my own comments, instead of dictating them to the parrot that hides in my pocket and tends to repeat things… *grin*


  9. ban K-DOG, what a waste of space.

    Too Cute. Lil doggie looks at home in there.

  10. lmao, i love the way k-dog cuts off at the end, in the middle of ‘they know where i am’. like you just abseiled down his building side and crashed through the window waving puppies (dogs i mean, get your mind out of the gutter) and screaming “AWWWWW!!”.

    Btw, fantastic blog, i’m checking it every day now and it’s making work vaguely bearable. Go you! 😀

  11. Aw, so cute, what kind of puppy is it?

    Looks kinda like my corgi when I first go him.

  12. Pheral, I knew what “abseil” meant (i.e. “rappel”); I had to look up the alternate meaning for “puppies” tho (i.e., “norks” comma “large”).

    Hi from across the pond.

  13. K-Dog’s rant, by virtue of its profoundly stupid, uhh, stupidity, just makes the dog in the bathrobe cuter, by contrast. I do note a disturbing trend, however…highly, even fiendishly cute situations (such as the pup in the robe) require a deus ex machina for their creation. Can’t America’s pets be cute on their own, without artificial assistance? This deeply troubles me.

  14. lol, yes… i could have been sure you were all these in the gutter with me… but it turned out you were all off reading dictionaries trying to work out what was so goddam dirty, lmao 😛

    In my workplace, we’ve used every possible innuendo and double-meaning known to man. In our workplace, saying ‘phone extension’ sounds dirty. :s

    ::dips paw in the pond:: tis cold.

  15. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

  16. OK, just branching a bit off-topic here… I’m not sorry to see “K-Dog’s” post vanish. I’m fully aware that this is one person’s blog & she can do as she pleases with it.

    But: I’m pretty sure K-Dog’s foaming-at-the-muzzle post was an attempt at humor (as in, over-the-top satire, IMO lampooning other poorly-thought-out comments which do occasionally appear in this and other blogs/forums). There’s plenty of folks who don’t pick up on tone, especially with the written word, but I thought with K-Dog it was pretty blatant.

    Anyhow. Even when we’re talking about obvious “troll” posts (like the dude who OMG OMG loves teh weiners!!!!11111!!), my view would be leave the post in place (poetic justice) and just “mod them down.” I don’t know if TypePad is set up to allow for this, but y’know what I mean, right? Give folks a yes/no option for “Did you find this person’s comments helpful?” and compute a post’s rank that way.

  17. I think it would be great if the world was such that we could react to trolling that way Theo, but sadly there was some pretty harsh language in that post, and this is by no means an adult-restricted site, so it was definitely something that needed to be removed i think. 🙂

    Better yet, Typepad should be set up to have a “publicly shame, degrade and generally destroy this commenter” button and then we’d all be happy. 😛

  18. Proposed CuteOverload Comment Management System(TM)
    (please click only one):

    . . . {Woo Yay!} . . . {PANTS} . . .

  19. Not Telling says:

    lol!! that’s cute!! love it!!

  20. lmao, by george – i think he’s got it. a ‘PANTS’ button!! ingenius. lol.

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  22. ^
    That is just…woah…

  23. Beauregard says:

    Yeah! That guy showed us! We sinners who look at cute hamsters. REPENT!

  24. {PANTS} button for Mr. Troll, anyone?
    On my mark: 3, 2, 1, mailto:ryanmimo@yahoo.com

    (disclaimer: I have not tested that email addy, nor do I intend to)