‘Sup, my bitches?

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  1. Ryan Ragsdale says:


  2. That panda is CLEARLY saying “Damn it feels good to be a ganster.”

    fo’ shizzle …

  3. He looks like a pimp!!! sooooooo cute though.

  4. tardisgirl says:

    Considering how many children frequent this site, and as a teacher, I don’t think the vulgar language is appropriate.

  5. vular you say? try visiting this other “cute” site and read the commentary. The vulgarity here is downright lighthearted.

  6. lol – love the title.

  7. Cool Smooth Gangsta’ Surveying His Turf! Love It!

  8. Um, i work with children, aged 10-14 in schools. If you saw what some of those kids come out with (and i’m talking stuff from films that are rated WAYYY out of what they should be watching), and the fact many of them will be frequenting sites that would make you blush and not looking at cute animals (i think the majority of users on this site are the exact opposite of those most would assume – i’m a 30 year old grown man for the love of god!) the LAST thing you would be worried about would be a title with the word “Bitches” in it.

    Sheesh, some people are so reactionary. Meg, please don’t change the title – it fits the picture brilliantly.

    Oh and i wonder if it’s worth putting a poll up? I would like to know how many other older guys like myself who lead pretty normal lives are obsessed with the cuteability of this place 🙂

  9. I thought it was a funny title…shoot, aren’t female dogs bitches? He could be talking to some female dogs down on the ground. Maybe this panda has a thing for female dogs? It could happen!

  10. OMG!!! this is too funny- Don’t change it- its hilarous!!!!!!!

  11. Title fits it perfectly. Do not change it. He is chillin’!

  12. speedwell says:

    The mental image of tardisgirl with her chilly virgin schoolmarm hands over the ears of some squirming child who grew up watching TV, in a valiant effort to shield the child from what he probably knows better than she does, is one of the cutest things on this blog. 🙂

  13. Lilorfnannie says:

    there are some of us that can “handle” vulgar language, but choose not to. I think it’s too bad that vulgar language is included here, and I really can’t recommend this site to my friends because of it.

  14. TardisGirl —

    I’m a dad and former teacher/counselor. I completely understand where you’re coming from. And please forgive me if I slip into a preachy or clinical tone, ’cause I’m trying to be sincere… but this world we’ve been put into is very often far nastier than the language on primetime TV. The view my wife & I take with our girls is that they always need to understand context, have awareness of any given situation, and be able to gauge what behaviors and actions are appropriate therein. I think that yes, there is a time and place for swearing, and in this context, it really is funny.

    As far as the other blog mentioned above, http://justalittleguy.blogspot.com/ , I think the whole humorous premise there is the absurd juxtaposition of the back-street trash talk with the gooey adorable cuties. I also think it’s kind of a one-note act, though, whereas Meg’s blog here paints from a slightly broader palette. If not a great deal deeper. 😉 (Ehh.. when I want deep, I’ll switch on MPR.)

    And y’know, kids *do* get this. It ain’t my childhood that my kids are living, double true; but neither was mine the same as my parents’ or teachers’.

  15. Good, lilorfnannie, go hang out somewhere else then and let us have our fun in peace.

  16. you can hear “bitches” on PRIME TIME people……..lighten up please besides the panda is clearly badass. meg you are brilliantly funny, don’t let these whiney killjoys affect your instinct for captions……

  17. shit! now this is all about tardis and her lily white offspring and not some smack talking fluffed out panda god. you are so selfish lady!!!!

  18. I don’t appreciate the language, it’s unnecessary and does not fit the photo.
    If the language on this site is not cleaned up, it will be the last time I visit.

  19. The real matter here is that this is Meg’s blog, which she writes and updates because she wants to share the cuteness she finds on the internet with all of us. Whether “vulgar” language is necessary or not is totally her call and not anyone else’s. If you disagree with the use of a common word that is not all that derogatory in this context, then maybe it’s you who’s the child here.
    And speaking of children, I was under the impression that most of the readers here were adults, not middle-schoolers.

  20. I don’t know where you got the impression most visitors are adults. At any rate, there is no REASON to use common street slang on this particular site. It is unprofessional, and doesn’t fit the format.

  21. Unprofessional? It’s a blog of cute animal pics. For your enjoyment – or not. As many people say about TV: if you are offended, don’t watch. And if you don’t want your kids to see it, don’t let them watch.

    And the reason for using “common street slang?” Because it’s funny. To MOST PEOPLE.

    Geez. Can I see more hamster pics now? This is harshing my mellow. Oh no! More slang! 😮

  22. Wow..talk about over reacting here….lighten up people. If the word useage offends..then don’t read it. Being concerned that a minor/child would see an improper word is of less concern that same child browsing the net totally unsupervised. You can’t have it both ways folks. Supervise useage and therefore avoid the above heinous word or let the kid have at it.

  23. No reason to use common slang like prosh or mosh pit or props either, I suppose. Since it’s so unprofessional to use words that are common in everyday speech. Shame on her for trying to stay culturally relevant.

  24. kathleen why don’t you start a christian animal site for you and your parish and leave the rest of us alone to our childish giggling….

  25. You go, Boschka! You wouldn’t happen to be a librarian, would you?

    s – please don’t start blaming the ‘Christians’. Some of us actually have a sense of humor.

  26. This websites’ humor is super funny. Being super funny sometimes requires the random gansta reference with the word beeyotches in it. Look it up. It’s a fact.

  27. I guess now we DO know what’s up with the bitches.

  28. I must say… I really like this place.

  29. I vote to keep the word ‘bitches’. Just for funsies.

  30. Keep the slang and the captions coming…you make me smile daily, and that’s saying a lot, considering how big of a beeyatch I can be myself!

  31. One of the best things about this site are the captions. They fit the image perfectly. Not only are the pictures cute beyond description, but the humor makes this one of my favorite sites.

  32. ryansupak says:

    just my 0.02 —

    I think it would be better with G-Rated language too.

    I had planned to share this site with some people over 70 and some people under 12, now I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that…


  33. So back to the pimpin’ Panda. That animal looks sooo chill, I wish I could be as chill and cool as that Panda. Well there is one good thing about the Panda pimpin’, it doesn’t have to buy a fur coat LOL!

  34. “G-rated” cuteness:


    (from the “More! More! More!” links above, in the left-nav area)

  35. First of all, this is not a “professional” site in the context of Yahoo, or CNN…This is a cute animal blog, for lack of a better word… It’s worth everything you paid for it…
    Secondly, as for the word “bitches”, yes I was a little shocked to see it, but then again I don’t have to look at it again, if so choose…
    Thirdly, being the mother of two teenagers, I can honestly tell you that my kids passed the giggely phase and embarrassment of using cuss words about 5 years ago…Not by my choice, but by the choice of school and books..
    Fourthly, if you don’t want your kids seeing it, then preview the site and see if there’s anything offensive…
    Fifthly, if your worrying about your kid, or kids, seeing a curse word is the worst thing you have to worry about, be thankful…VERY thankful!!
    And Sixthly, Meg you run an AWESOME site here!!! I’ve got my whole office hooked on it…Don’t change a thing…

  36. ryansupak says:

    also — again, just my impression and YMMV —

    I don’t see a lot of difference between the “gangsta” and “pimp” humor and the “Sambo” and “Blackface” imagery of a century ago.

    I think that if a person studies the history and mentality of Minstrel Shows they’ll come to agree.

    All in all, I love the site though. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback…and I’ll try to be less ‘heavy’ in the future. Sorry if this comes off like a wet blanket.


  37. Pan-Double-Gizzee is now my desktop wallpaper. Yo.

  38. CreepyGroovy says:

    Context, people, context. The panda’s pose CLEARLY demanded that brilliant caption.

    This isn’t a Disney-run site. This is Meg’s PERSONAL blog. If you don’t want to see the word “bitch” posted once, then you are free to remove this site from your favorite bookmarks.

    Otherwise, supervise your own children’s web habits, go preach somewhere else, and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy a panda chillin’ in a tree.

    Meg, I want to add to you personally that although I detest this site because it makes my teeth hurt and my head throb with the alarmingly dangerous levels of cute, I can’t stop visiting every day for my fix.

    Thanks for the daily happiness and joy you inject into our lives…what a worthwhile endeavor you’ve chosen to do with your time – making people smile. Good on ya for making the world a sweeter place!

  39. WooAndYay says:

    i cannot belive how uptight people are about one word i mean come on if u r that boring go knit or somthing this is a fab site. and omg what is it the problem people have with kids swearing they all know all the words anyway so u protecting them is just silly.

  40. zillahgirl says:

    Hey WooAndYay–

    I knit AND I say “bitches”. I am also not offended by the use of one of the milder swear words there is.
    And though all people are different, if I sent this site (with that post) to my over-70 grandfather…he’d laugh. Our generation did not invent casual swearing.
    And to end all that–MORE CUTE PLEASE!!

  41. I’m a cuteoverload junkie, I can admit it – and it’s Meg’s edgy and irreverent sense of humor that keeps me hooked. No matter how intoxicating the pictures are, I would get ill off the sugar if the commentary was purely wholesome and kid-oriented.

    Besides, it was priceless last night to show my husband the panda picture first, slowly scroll up to the caption, and watch him about fall off the couch laughing. Ahh, good times. 😉

  42. Beauregard says:

    Reason 1,932 why I won’t be having children:
    So I don’t have to listen to these types of debates.

  43. Doodalalala says:

    I have only one thing to say to everyone arguing over something as simple as the use of the word “bitch” on this page:

    THIS IS THE INTERNET. If it really bothers you THAT “effing” much, block this page from your kids browser. Otherwise, calm down, unbunch your panties, and move on.

    And appreciate the cuteness, sheesh. I mean, when’s the last time you saw such a pimped out panda…?

    That is all.

  44. “And remember: Horrific deplorable violence is ok as long as people don’t say any naughty words.” –Sheila Broflovski.

  45. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    So he’s saying howdy to some female dogs…No big!(Deal)
    This is tame…comparativly.Still lovin’ this site! So much so I gave C O a link back from my site…From the 1st day I saw it!
    Signed,Another Christian with a sense of humor.

  46. Tardisgirl says:

    Look, I’m a teacher… the only reason I mentioned the language was because I had an SK student (5 years old) see it and then USE it all day. Didn’t realise my comment would cause so much trouble.

  47. Yay internet. tg has a valid point, and made it politely. No need to go rabid.

    This is a unique site and one of the few which might have been suitable for young children without begin devoted to McDisney animation & illustrations in primary colours. And I don’t mean 10-14 – try 2-5 yrs old.

    No one’s demanding an edit. tg just noted that it is a shame to taint the blog and as a 20-something male internet junkie who has seen the FULL gamut of virtue and depravity that the internet offers, I agree with her.

    Relax and have a nice day 🙂

  48. Wicked Wendy says:

    Bitches unite! I myself am a bitch and am proud of it! Geez, some people around here need to lighten up and find some where else to hang out. It’s all just cute adorable fun! Don’t change a thing Meg!!! We love it just the way it is!

    Go Panda! It’s your birthday!

  49. Just as she much as you are ragging on tardisgirl for her comments, the comments I see from others want to make me throw up. I can’t believe that our society has progressed to the point where swears are permissable when juxtaposed to a cute animal. Don’t get me started on the fact that the word used is a sexist and degredating, used as a term of disrespect towards women. The truth is, that everyone sees this site and thinks it is a good site for their kids, and then lanugage like this is used. Sure she has the right as a blog owner to do what she wants, but when you realize how many people read it and what types of audiences you are attracting, you might want to think twice. All I can say is that I cannot agree with those of you above. I am a teacher too and you wonder why little 5 year olds are telling teachers (and other kids and adults for that matter) to F*** off and threatening teachers and students with knives and guns. It’s because our society has gone to hell in a handbasket and this is just a “mild” example of what has become permissable in todays society. I am proud of “Tradisgirl” for standing up and expressing an opinion that created a controversy and took a stand for a better soceity. In conclusion, in the words of a great Canadian TV comedy icon, You all can “Get stuffed!”

  50. Christine says:

    Um, yeah. I’m a high schooler, and there are a lot worse things to be worrying about than a title on a blog. I mean, your energy is better spent worrying about AIDS or rape or how girls view their bodies.

    And if you didn’t want a 5 year old to see such a word, why did you show him? Why not try ot explain instead the difference of context in how it is used on the site and how he is using it. Use your time productively instead of complaining on a website.

    And in response to “Mike”, it isn’t the progression of language that has brought some in my generation to threaten teachers and bring weapons to school, so don’t even blame it. It is the lack of trust among peers and the increase in electronic baby sitters. Granted, such lack of respect for those in authority is deplorable, and I am not condoning it. But language has nothing to do with it, it is the base of lacking respect.

    No matter who the audience is, the is her personal documentation that in previous years would have been relegated to the bedside drawer. If you want to share the website, share it, there are ways to get around the word in question, like going to the comments page and scrolling down so that the word isn’t shown.

    This is the world today. Caring more about a word on a website that the real issues at hand. And in the time it took me to point out the idiocy of this thread, 20 people died from AIDS. How about that to change your perspective.

  51. Christine says:

    I love this picture. It makes me go “Aaaawwww” and then the title just makes me laugh until my sides hurt.

  52. If we are feeling riled up about this, we should all look one more time at the picture of the Akagami Hamster chowing down on a single kernel of corn. We can achieve world peace with that image.

  53. for gods sake come on you here you herelanguage much worse then that if you watch tv listen to radio or go to school even. most kids like me just dont even notice of someone uses a bad word!

    and you think kids dont here stuff like that every day jeezz!!!

  54. Wow, look at you guys. Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.


  55. nah dont change the title pls, it’s really really funny 🙂

  56. Kelly! You stole my line. Excellent.


  57. I think it fits the pic great! No reason to change it. Obviously some of you are blind to what the world is really like. You have the choice to view or not. Relax. For gosh sakes. My nephew is 10, and he has come home to tell me of much worse things that are being said at his school. Open your eyes!

  58. Cultural socialization sits squarely on the shoulders of the parents and primary educators. This blog doesn’t count. And unless any of you actually pay the individual running this private blog, no one has the right to make demands of it. Does the word have bad implications concerning gender roles and stuff? Perhaps.

    But I would argue the movie “The Incredibles” has more insidious gender symbolisms than this one word in the panda context. And if you don’t know what I mean… then you’re not to the level of truly understanding the instillation of cultural mores and gender roles in any broad sense. 😛

    But back to CONTEXT: The body language says it all, man.

  59. You know this topic is getting way too out of hand. I can’t believe that one small comment stirred up so much controversy. Although I am not in favour of the phrase (as you can see above), everyone is taking it way too seriously. Someone made a comment “kathleen why don’t you start a christian animal site for you and your parish and leave the rest of us alone to our childish giggling….” She has the right to her opinion as does everyone here and I think that putting someone down like that is childish and petty. Being “moral” doesn’t automatically mean you are a Christian. It so happens that I am, but that is not the reason for my earlier comment. I made it because I am a teacher of young children and that was first and foremost in my mind when I made my post.

    And to address the person who commented to me, you also have the right to your opinion. Language in my opinion is the strongest weapon that is out there and it IS partly to blame as well as other things. Do you know how much damage you can do with words. They are used as threats and to bully. But I digress.

    We’ll NEVER agree on this topic so why are we all wasting our time. I am sure you (and I) have better things to do than debate a stupid word. Let’s stop this fighting and get on with our lives.

  60. speedwell says:

    All you people so exercised about a perfectly good English word or two… you are so damn spoiled, you pillow-strapped-to-ass-and-anti-fall-helmet-wearing, cotton-wool-preserved, sweetness-and-light morons. Permit me to wish (somewhat evilly, I admit) that you soon have a little bit of actual trouble to worry about, just to give you a sense of proportion, a little perspective and a bit of appreciation for true humor. it’s called REALITY. Deal with it or it will deal with you.

  61. speedwell says:

    The reason I’m so upset about this, you guys, is that the “tyranny of the nice” is the enemy of the happy, innocent, and funny. Good people don’t ascribe bad motives to everyone else. Happy people don’t go around spreading misery. Innocent people don’t go around pointing the finger of guilt at happy people just having a little laugh about the funny side of the serious. And finally, decent people do not see indecency, harm, and danger in the pleasure of ordinary, normal people. It says something very unattractive about your own moral sense that this one little word, appropriate in the place and time in which it was used, should offend you so badly. Grow a pair, and quit making your precious damn offense a club to bludgeon normal sane people with.

  62. Not to make anyone blow a gasket, but . . . why worry about children seeing/hearing swear words in the first place?

    When I am around young children I find it much more important to sheild them from language with harmful *intent*. I would never call someone else an asshole in front of a child. But tell a joke using the same word? Yes.

    You can teach children not to use a set list of words, but (aside from that often not working) it does nothing to teach them about respect and expressing themselves politely.

    P.S. Meg, keep up the good work! Totally loving it 🙂

  63. I don’t know if anyone has said this or not, (kind of quit reading partway through the comments. My head was clearly about to explode.) but, sadly, a whole lot of 5 year olds know these cuss words and hear them everyday. From parents, older siblings, TV, movies, etc. I think the first time I was punished for cussing I was 2. Also, I might add, that I had no clue how to spell/read most cuss words until I was older. Not the first words you learn. So, yeah. That’s my little contribution to this internet drama. And I thought college was drama filled…

  64. Just for the record, most kids these days are exposed to language far worse than this before they hit middle school. I know I was. It’s the reality of life.

  65. I’m offended by the text “gun shot” above the angry puppy photo! Won’t somebody think of the chilllldren??

    Seriously, uptight people:

    1) Read current entry
    2) Determine if entry is suitable to be read by your little angel.
    3)If so, show them. If not, don’t. If the kid’s that young to be adversely affected by the word…they should NOT be surfing the net unsupervised!

    Meg, you rock. Change nothing.

  66. CreepyGroovy says:

    Well, I think Speedwell (above) just said everything that needed to be said, and so eloquently.

    Consider this closed by majority opinion, and let’s move ahead, team – deploy, deploy, deploy! I hear there’s a baby otter sucking down the leche on the main page!

  67. Considering how many children frequent this site, and as a teacher, I don’t think the vulgar language is extreme enough.

  68. newyork_cuteness says:

    Love the panda, keep the caption! Regulating what goes on in a household is the responsibility of parents, not bloggers.

  69. I’m by no means a prude – you should hear me when I’m having problems with my computer. But this is such a great site for kids, I would prefer not to see such language on the site.
    I just recommended the site to my little nephew.

    I do think the caption is funny.

    Yes, you hear worse on TV. So what? Using such language will result in less eyeballs on the site.

    “Yo… ‘sup?” would also have worked just as well.


  70. Aw, I see from the comments that Meg is as much of an asshole as most of the intellectually-stunted commenters. Great. See you later, Cute Overload. Fuck you and your shitty creator.

  71. Once again, charming… the human capacity for grace and civility on the internet never ceases to not amaze me.

    To recap: It’s a website about CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES. “Cere,” I don’t believe for a minute that you’re not reading this. Deep breaths.

    In other news, a big orange tabby is here next to me wondering what all the keyboard racket is about, and you can *still* do anything you want at Zombo-Com.

  72. as a biologist, i find the inaccuracy in nomenclature offensive. female pandas are called sows.

    i feel i can no longer refer my scientist friends to this site.

  73. I know we don’t get a vote, but if we did, I’d vote for the caption to read “‘Sup, mothafukkas?”

    It’s a blog. As far as I can tell, its only target audience is people who like cute pictures. It need not be an all-ages site.

    So: more vulgar language on the front page, please. The fewer puritans visit, the better the blog will be, IMHO.


  75. People, I teach online to home schoolers. Let the people shelter their kids. Just wait til they hit college (if college will take students who have had no socialization and are completely unrounded). Then they will all be whining about why they can’t understand how their kids went apeshit once they hit Reality U; didn’t they teach them better?? No, they taught them how to be Amish.

  76. TO: Dr. Meg Smith-Jones, Certified Cuteologist, CCPA

    FROM: Acme Animal Marketing Research, Duluth branch

    RE: Primate Interest Marketing Program [PIMP], Panda Division

    Dear Dr. Meg,

    I appreciate your time reading this email. We here at Acme pride ourselves on our cutting edge techniques of ‘pulsing’ the american heartbeat, especially our young consumers.

    As you may know, the web is aflame with positive and negative feedback your current campaign, ‘Sup My Bitches’ [SMB]. I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing your recent work, but I believe I speak for all at PIMP when I state that you are a true innovator!

    I don’t have the figures in front of me, but we here at PIMP have long been concerned about the decline
    in primate interest in the urban youth market. I believe your SMB campaign could raise our points by at least 2.74% in the 10-14 year old consumer market.

    Unfortunately, Acme has been downsized after the ill-fated “Joe Camel” campaign, what with all the tobacco lawsuits. But I believe America deserves, nay NEEDS, to introduce it’s youth market to primate cuteness.

    So Meg, I challenge you and your writing team [78 posts to date –impressive work!] to write some rap lyrics capturing the wondrous panda controversy you have aroused! Snoop Dog has expressed some preliminary interest, contract details pending.

    Yours Sincerly,
    John Q Public

  77. LOL, this was cute, but when I read the title I almost sprayed the monitor with the tea I was drinking — very, very appropriate! 😀

  78. Whoops, didn’t realize there was a discussion here over the appropriateness of the title. (I should have read the comments first, maybe.) I loved it and thought it was spot-on (the panda is just so anthropomorphized, how could anyone resist?) but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You may lose some younger viewers, Meg, if guardians keep them away, but I love it and hope you don’t change your style.

  79. Linda, AKA. John Q. Public – HA! Love it!

    Mad props!

  80. t kitty, you’re the shit…

  81. Holy opening Pandora’s box, Linda/John Q. Public!

    Oh, it’s ON! very, very nicely done. Now the only question remains; how to answer the Challenge!?


  82. Holy opening Pandora’s box, Linda/John Q. Public!

    Oh, it’s ON! very, very nicely done. Now the only question remains; how to answer the Challenge!? Hmmmm… [Hamster wheels start spinning]


  83. o__O

    If you dont like the language.. just dont look at it. I dont see how you thought making a comment about how ”vulgar” the title is would do anything besides start an arguement.

    Even if you did change the title theres many other places where your children will learn cuss words.

    For those of you that keep saying that your leaving this site, stop acting like anyone cares. If you leave that will just be less of your bitching.

    Ohh my i said a vulgar word, im sorry all you overprotective parents who are sheltering your kids from the real world.

  84. Ya’ll bitches up in this web pizzy need to lighten da fuck up, or else Pan-Diddy’s gonna climb down outta dat tree and bust a paw off up yo’ asses. Dig?

  85. Meg, you rock, the site is too bitchen for words. I have an 8-year-old who reads at a 7th grade level and understands context like you wouldn’t believe. The title for this photo is FUNNY! But, unless she was at a dog show, my daughter would no sooner use that word herself than put her Polly Pockets down the garbage disposal. She has learned what’s appropriate, and, yes, what is funny! My own mother always said, “I don’t believe in censoring what you read, because if it’s trash, you’ll know it’s trash.” Well, all this cuteness ain’t no trash!

  86. pistache268 says:

    It’s pretty much impossible to protect children from mild bad language such as this anyway; it’s such a commonly used word.

    Such a great panda.

  87. Love the Panda. Love the title! Don’t think I’ll ever forget this one. Good job, Meg.

    (I’m still laughing)

  88. The caption had me rolling on the floor, and all the feedback on the bitches is hilarious. But t kitty’s comment takes the cake – I was rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off! Opps, I said ‘ass’.

  89. advisor says:

    hahaha if only it was even Humanly possible to separate the comments between the ones that are absolutely genuinely fun and the um … skip-ables … then I, for one, wouldn’t be as ‘needing urgent medical care’ hooked onto cute overload as I am now :]

    but it sure does make me curious of CO readers’ age range …

  90. All you people hu are complaining that there is the word ‘bitches’ in the title of this pic are stupid coz the name fits this pic perfectly! This panda is a pimp! Lol and im 13 and im pretti sure ive known the word bitch since, like, year 2. kids who are growing up in this generation arent gonna be influenced by a pimped up panda. think about it. =P

  91. AHAHA!! this picture cracks me up !! and the title! It fits like a glove!! Dnt change it no matter wat anyone says!! People rrly gotta open their eyes and lighten up !!! Panda, U ROCK!!!

  92. t kitty, your comment made my day. ^_^

    we should indeed conduct a poll to see the ages of people who visit CO. It would be interesting.

  93. gabbers says:

    i happen 2 b an 11 year old and a big fan of pandas and thought this was hillarious but after readin the comments seein wht ppl would write i thought ppl needed to shut up and have a laugh and get along with each other there is worse things than the word bitch in the world on the internet u should expect thousands of slang words and i suggest that the ppl who have a problem with it should go on with there life and dont say anything to the person who put it onthe comp. 2 make them feel bad and take off what they think off the website i think they did a great job on the caption and im happy they didnt take it off it gives u a great lol

  94. gabbers says:

    o one more thing SHUT UP MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. asdf;alskdf says:

    omfg it’s late september and i’m just reading mike’s comment. when you hear five your olds saying the f-word, it’s not because of “society.” it’s parents. the majority of american parents are too wimpy to discipline their children to be more respectful. i’ve noticed that families that are strict to a reasonable extent produce the most enlightened children, who won’t resort to anger and disrespect.

  96. Sorry about necroing this rabid-comment-thingie but just had to add my two cents.

    IF you’re afraid of 2-11 year olds finding swears…
    WHY are you letting them on the internet, television, outside, mall or anywhere else. Just buy a cage, or better a plastic one so they won’t poke themselves on any sharp corners.

  97. It’s official, cuteoverload is no longer for children.

  98. Welcome to the internet, Marcel.