Moooooom! stop it!

Snoooooork![tongue slather]Picture_11_2



  1. oh that is SO good. my mum’s spit always smelled like coffee and cigarettes, barf!

  2. Oh, I love giraffes! I don’t think of them as cute so much as fascinating. Those things are huge!

  3. cutechloe says:

    tht giraffe is sooooo cute!?!?! even thought the things are huge

  4. Oh my god, the eyelashes.

  5. my favorite!!!

  6. Nothing in that picture is illegal – in the countries it was filmed.

  7. I saw this picuture at

    ‘This mother giraffe actually suctions her baby’s head and then catapults him into enemy territory where the lanky limby little guy goes whirling dirvish on his enemy.’

    This pair of giraffes is cute (dangerous, but cute)

  8. In this extremely rare photograph we see the alien “pseudo giraffe” from the planet Xotsdth-pppttthhh trying to suck the brains out of an native Earth giraffe. Crikey!

  9. giraffe tongues are actually pretty nasty. they clean up the insides of their noses with them.

  10. Just want to say that it’s about time a giraffe makes it on the list. 🙂 They are soooooo cute and have to be my favourite African animal!

  11. Mr. Fluffy says:

    I have news for you, kid.

    She’s your Momma™ and, as your Momma™, it’s her right to slober you and shower you with love without giving any notice or reason or care about your age or perceived coolness so you better get used to it *whew*

  12. Giraffes in the air!

  13. rrr sooo cute im to tall for my mum to do that

  14. One word – lurf!

  15. After reading news article in Korea, I visited this site. *^___^* This picture is so good! Really cute!! I can feel motherhood of the giraffe

  16. Wow..
    This picture is very nice,
    I am impressived the picture, and I can feel motherhood of the giraffe!

  17. hey! I sent in this pic!Idn’t it coot?!?!

  18. One of my ALL TIME favorite photographs! This is actually an exact replica of a photograph called “First Kiss” that has been sold all over the world 🙂 They are such amazing creatures!! Not to mention they have a 12″ tongue 😉

  19. This pic was taken at Perth Zoo by Ron D’Raine of Perth, Western Australia. The baby’s name is Makulu 🙂

  20. Josephine-Christene-Bender-Emerson says: