Mon-kee-kee, mon-kee-kee

Thanks to alert readers Amy F., Marlene W., Erin T., and Jade W. for sending in thees little perfect monkey…





  1. Awwww!

    Did you see the news?

  2. Monkeys aren’t cute. Monkeys are scary. This one is *very* scary. I mean, I accept BEF in hamsters, but the closer the animal looks to an human, the more unsettling the BEF gets.

  3. i hardly ever think monkeys look cute, but this is one time where i think cuteness is definitly involved. i love the way he’s hugging the duck – especially since they’re basically the same size! <3

  4. Whoa… check out the mini monkey fingers!

  5. i had a giant duck like that. i wish it had a wee monkey attached.

  6. I guess this is the original story – saw it in the paper yesterday and was going to send it here, but someone beat me to it!,5478,17873992%255E662,00.html

  7. Is that monkey’s nails painted?! That is too cute…

  8. Daniel—That’s cool. I hadn’t read the story about this little fella yet. I thought the 2nd pic seemed he was sucking his thumb and the article says he does. I bet he thinks that toy duck is his mommy who died :o(… Cute little guy

  9. Aw, what are you talking about? MONKEYS ARE ADORABLE! Cute monkeys!!!

  10. *shouts*


  11. omg omg omg soooo cyoot!@!

  12. Neil Anderson says:

    Oh God! Please stop! I can’t bear it! It’s killing me…

  13. Monkeys don’t do it for me, but chacun son gout…

  14. ummm, those little fingers are too too! But someone might want to invest in an ear hair trimmer for that little guy!

  15. liquidnight says:

    I think he looks frightened. . .

  16. a snake and a hamster? … that’s unpossible!

  17. omg.


    *pauses for breath*


    *drinks more, as she will surely never see anything this cute, EVER again*

  18. I agree with Me about the scary BEF thing … it reminds me of that baby alien that pukes on Will Smith in Men In Black! But all the same, it looks rather sad, poor thing.

  19. Onecrazylemming says:

    Aww…. look at his face. I need to take more testosterone. Its stripping away my manliness…. falling… must scraztch own eyes out…

  20. what? no comments about the Monchichi reference above? Am I the only other commercial jingle dork out here?

    Behold, the jingle in its entirety:
    Monchichi, Monchichi,
    oh so soft and cud-dle-ly,
    with his thumb in his mouth he’s really neat,
    fun to fiddle with his little feet,
    yah yah yah..yah yah yah,
    Mon-chichi Monchichi!

  21. URRGGGHHHHH….monkeys are NOT cute. They are evil, horrid, spiteful little creatures. How can anyone think that creepy thing is cute?!?!!

  22. Will I know if it’s bestiality? Please help me

  23. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT how could u ever think this monkey is anything less than ADORABLE?! now granted, everyone think koalas are cute, but i think they are evil, but i still acknowledge that they are cute (but evil) same goes for squirells.

    anyway, way cute monkey

  24. That second picture is bordering on the pornographic.

  25. oh wow. that baby alien from men in black was so effing cute, holy shit. monkeys are money, esp these little telus guys. people with super browny/blacky eyes have a similar BEF quality i find hypnotizing. they are hypnotizing me with their cuteness.
    must drool….must fall down…

  26. IDgaf you are pervy

  27. The little monkey is sooooo cute. Monkeys are the best. He looks so scared too. I bet he misses his mommy. Poor Little Guy.


  28. Me pervy? I’m not the one cuddling the wrong end of a goose.

  29. How adorable!!!

  30. soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

  31. where can one obtain a monkey?

  32. AWWW!!! I LOOOOOVE munkies! and it’s so small and cute! 🙂

  33. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen he’s adorable I wish I had one.

  34. Cuteness Forever says:


  35. adorable

  36. thats looks a bit doogey

  37. wicked cool kid says:

    so cute


  39. i also love monkeys.