KHAM—All hamsters, all the time

I know things have been a little Hamster-centric this week, but with photos like this, it cannot be helped. Yes, I think this is the very first Hamster tongue ever caught on camera.

The Flickr photos of one "K. Akagami" should be awarded a Purple Heart or knighted or something. Check them OUT!




  1. i’m speechless. i don’t know what to say… i think that’s probably THE cutest picture i have ever seen. ham!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Is… is that blood?? That’s just beet juice or something on that fingertip, right? Do vampsters even show up in digital photos?

  3. Actually, he’s going to take her finger off with a killer chomp at any moment…wait for it….

  4. Theo, we think alike…we’re sick individuals 🙂

  5. I’m telling you, this should be a new Rule of Cuteness: Show your tongue!

  6. I hope that isn’t glue at the end of the finger. If it is I can imagine playing the guitar is going to get a whole lot more difficult!

  7. Holy Hamsters! I just stepped in a big pile of CUTE!!!

  8. Theo – a vampster? *lol* That, along with the ridiculously cute pic (and the one before, with the corn kernel), just made my day! Priceless! 🙂

    I’m soooo getting addicted to this site…

  9. awwwww…i so agree with Alyson, lil tiny tongues should be included in the rules of cuteness!!…this is soo my fav site now, aswell as entertainment, u get to see all these mega sweet rare pics!

  10. Now I want a hamster!

  11. squeeeeeeeel! so cute! just caught giggling like an idiot by my boss. totally worth any repercutions!

  12. Leanne Woodall says:

    My dwarf hamster Hannah does that all the time! It’s so cute 🙂

  13. Yeah, it does look like blood… Get the stakes, garlic and crucifixes, we may have Vampster on our hands, watch out, it’s cuteness may infatuate you.

    Reminds me of the time I was feeding my Hamster Honey, and she took a chunk off my index finger. That hurt like freakin’ @#$%. Anyways, I beleive Meg has redeemed herself with these past few photos, I shall now forgive and forget the Pomeranian ordeal. XD

    Good job Meg! Keep the cute pics coming.

  14. Cute Overload, you are killing me. Tiny little pink tongues! OMGWTFBBQ!!!

  15. Do hamsters poop everywhere when you take them out of the cage to play with them? Because due to the recent string of unbelieveably cute hamsters, I feel I must have one. But if they have a poopie problem….I don’t know…anyone know?

  16. Speaking of hamsters, I just saw a couple of really cute ones on Flick. I didn’t know they could have long fur!

  17. ….picture taken seconds before……….CHOMP!

  18. stop it…is….so….cute…*gasps*

  19. aw, what a sweetie-kins! so miniscule! i especially love this pic –
    where he looks rather pensive after stopping to contemplate
    on the Great Wheel that is called Life.

  20. “I told that human for the four-hundredth time not to stick his finger in my cage, but NOOOOO, he refuses to listen! So, I’m gonna give him a licking before I chomp that finger into a stub!”

    You gotta admit, that hammie cute despite the BEF. I wonder if he is related to the corn eating hammie from a few posts back? Doesn’t matter, for they’re still super cuties!

  21. najjie: there is a type of hamster called
    “teddy bear hamster” that has long hair. i had one once and he was a little sweetie… but not much of a vampster!

  22. nella darren says:

    Argh! So far I’ve been a cuteness lurker – checking out the site once or twice a day. THIS tute lickle tootsitoo…. *gargle* !!!
    *death by hamster*
    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  23. at first i was all like “watch out he’s all bitey!!” but then i was ll like “oh wait, he’s all lickey!”. my hamster bit me hard when i was 6 but i forgave her……………

  24. tm: “squeeeeeeeel! so cute! just caught giggling like an idiot by my boss.” Oh well, gonna have to put this down as a NSFW site.

  25. it’s just toooo much – i am sooo addicted to this site – thank you – it helps me keep sane at work

  26. awwww..i see sum1 is a fan of the silent wheel!! love it!!

  27. SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Watch out though it’s the cute ones ya gotta worry about. So adorable.

  28. Some hammies are very licky and gentle. One of mine (Starfish) will jump in my hand and slurp slurp slurp away, especially when I taste like something interesting. I haven’t managed to capture her teeny tongue on camera yet, though.
    It’s comforting to know that I’ll always have a job as a hamster lollipop if my main career falls through…

  29. There are lots of good flickr hamsters. This person has some shockingly cute photos:

  30. Wait, no no no, this is the best one:

    He has crumbly stuff on his face! Too cute!

  31. I think the “awww” gene just imploded in my brain and nothing will ever be as cute again. Ah..head hurts…

  32. Awww…So cute!

  33. Just wait until he becomes an alien-augmented gigantic unstoppable death-machine–then no-one can resist the POWER of PEEPI!!

    …sorry, but with all the hamstercentric pictures posted lately, it was inevitable that someone would make an Invader Zim reference…*grin*


  34. sock monster says:


  35. have you seen his flikr site? that has got to be the best fed hamster on the planet!!!!!!