Do you have these in an 8 and a half?

If you squint, Olive and Gizmo look like a pair of shoe tips. SHOES WITH TAILS THAT IS!Corikindred_olivegizmoThanks, Cori!



  1. Fuzzies! 😀 Oh, so cute…I lub fuzzies…they’re adorable. 🙂

  2. FINALLY! A picture of ferrets. I LOVE ferrets. My daughter once had five of them and they were so dear.

  3. “Trouble” never looked so cute:)!!

  4. If I ever get a ferret, I’ll name him Bobby McFerret :))
    They’re lovely! Mischievous pair…

  5. I agree with becky. I think they are up to something.

  6. We use to have a Siamese cat who would peek out from under the couch at my parakeet. You would only see the tip of his nose, and then “WHAMO” he’d attack the bird cage…freaking my bird out. Wonder what these two are up to?? VERY cute picture! BIG TIME KUDOS!

  7. Awe. This picture makes me miss my ferrets so much. Stupid college and not allowing animals! Grr. Anywho, my Frodo and Sam could never pull off a cute picture like this, they’re too energetic and Sam steals just about everything in sight.

  8. As if I wasn’t addicted to this site already, now you bust out the ferrets? Even the 12 Step Cuteaholics Anonymous can’t help me now.

  9. Espilonarge says:

    Fewwets!!! ^.^

  10. I was just looking for a ferret picture to send you yesterday, and today you post a ferret picture. The force is strong with us.

  11. Those are my nieces!! And this isn’t even close to how cute they can be! They aren’t even trying in this picture. haha i love these girls!

  12. Oh my god…those ferrets look exactly like my brother Jeff’s ferrets, Tater and Tot. So cute…keep the cutie patootie pictures coming!

  13. Ooooooh …. Your blog is AWESOME!! These photos are VERY VERY CUTE!! LOVE THEM ALL!!


  14. wooandyay says:

    I LOVE FERRETS and think it is fab that a wunderbar site like this is FINALLY showing the cutest animal of all yay

  15. Just found this site today and have forwarded it to everyone. It’s wonderful.Thank you so much

  16. *sigh* These two fuzzbutts make me miss my Loki, Oni, Pele, Koko, Spriggan, Bacchus, Leannan-Sidhe, Beowulf and Wendigo…may they all be resting in peace and enjoy unlimited Ferretone and the plumpest raisins…

    I miss my whisker-kissies so MUCH! I want another fewwet soon!


  17. teri canary says:

    they just made ferrets illegal here in New Zealand 😦 *sobs*