Cute Overload: Cribs: Master Fluff

My name ees… Master Fluff. I haf a tiny tail. I leeve in dees Doc-tare Pepp-are manshon. I put a Coca Cola ‘expannshon’ on dee manshon. I come out when I weesh. Eef you bring me dee treats, I come out of dee manshon.Masterfluff2_4

Tank you very moishe. (Thanks 😉 Carmen G.)



  1. delicious! mmmmm, bunny on toast…………

  2. I see a little live white marshmallow peep, but no toast… ?

  3. HA! I thought my boyfriend and I were the only ones who did that accent when we spoke in animal voices!

    What IS that accent, anyway? It’s like, uh, French mixed with something Eastern European. And a dash of Mexican.

  4. Beauregard says:

    Best. Caption. EVER.

  5. I <3 fluff balls! ...and the French accent caption cracks me up. Adorable!!

  6. Your caption is killing.

  7. Great question—what IS that accent! I have no idea. I like the ‘dash of Mexican’ idea—It’s an accent that my college roommate started. I blame her!

  8. toshiro_mifune says:

    I always thought that the accent was a Monty Pyhton version for French. I do it as well.

    p.s. more bunnies please !

  9. Dustbunny says:

    The accent sounds like Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory” on the Cartoon Network. Whatever happened to that show, BTW?

  10. the caption is the most adorable thing. loveit love it!!

  11. ah, the cute…it burns.

  12. This precious bundle is far too cute for a “Ren Hoeck” accent (remember “Ren and Stimpy”?) I think of the BBC nature shows, somehow — think calm, male Brit accent! 😉

  13. yeah!! more wittle buns!

    I had a moosehead mansion of my own…

  14. Ok, let’s all fess up…don’t we all have some sort of voice we use when we make the animals speak?

    I’ll go first…mine is a bit baby talk with a dash of stuffed up nasal congestion…

  15. master fluff totally rivals monsieur poofée:

  16. OMG SOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! and funnycute caption

  17. E. Collison says:

    Too, too cute!

    More bunnies, more bunnies, more bunnies….

  18. “Ok, let’s all fess up…don’t we all have some sort of voice we use when we make the animals speak?”

    I’d go Alan Greenspan here: “It’s imperative that I, a bunny providing you with great visual and tactile pleasure in exchange for a meager percentage of your diposable income, be fed. Forthwith.”

  19. Dear lord… that’s so cute, I think a tooth just cracked.

  20. Stephiroth says:

    It’s MF! One of the cutest bunnies in the planet!

  21. Omg! I love this blog! I’d love to blog for this blog! This is too much!

  22. Any minute now, it’s going to lunge for the photographer’s throat, disembowel them, and leave the bloody bones in front of its caardboard lair as a warning to others who come too near…

    Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail recently, eh? 😉


  23. wickedbored says:

    OMG. This site is ruining my life. I am succumbing to the Cute Side…..

    (C`est la vie! I love it here!!!)

  24. I think I just imploded. SO CUTE.

  25. My coworkers are probably wondering why I’m just sitting here grinning like an idiot.

    (And I hear it in my head as a cross between French and continental Spanish.)

  26. haha, Je vois qu’il est Francais!!

  27. meniacle giggling has just been heard by my coworkers as i plan to kidnap said animal and give him an even posher pad. i think mt. dew boxes would do the trick. that and a mini disco ball.
    so cute i think i will have to violate my apartment code and sneek in an animal.

  28. I’m so glad my baby made it on the site! Master Fluff loves you all 🙂

  29. that is the cuteist thing ive ever seen in my whole life!!!! 🙂

  30. IT’S TOO CUTE. [suffocates]

  31. I’m in the middle of a really stressful apartment move, and the one thing that’s keeping me sane is saying to myself over and over, “I haf a tiny tail. I haf a tiny tail. I haf a tiny tail…”

  32. It’s friggin’ Mexican accent. Not French. Maaan. In any case – the caption rocks. The bunny is cute beyond wooooords!

  33. I always preferred a New Orleans accent for my Siamese cat. “Good LAWD! Why ya do me so WRAWNG!”

  34. Michelle in Boston says:

    “Eef you bring me dee treats, I come out of dee manshon.” I have been laughing about this for the last, oh, 48 hours.

  35. Eeee! It’s Master Fluff! She hasn’t been on the baaaaabyanimals community in far too long. (Yes, despite the name, that’s a female.)

  36. That’s the BEST caption ever, hands down!!!

  37. Onecrazylemming says:

    Damn this website. Damn it. Its gonna turn me into a vegetarian at this rate

  38. asdhkfjklfhlas

  39. Cutie Patootie! The caption is the best! I love it, love it, love it! Can’t wait to post pics of my 5 (yes i said 5) bunnies.

  40. Can’t have too many bunnies, y’know. Bring ’em on!

  41. SOCthulhu says:


  42. I’ve got this Italian maffia voice in my head… Can you imagine? A bunny with an Italian accent?

  43. The mansion is cute. the accent is cute. Everything is cute except for the entree-er, BUNNY

  44. I dont like the first post.
    Its so cute!!!!!!!

  45. Perhaps the Coke & Dr. Pepper made the Bunny all White Widdle & Cwute?

  46. i love it when u do that accent thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. red_head friend says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. falnfenix says:

    i miss Master Fluff…for some reason her owner decided to leave the aforementioned baaaaaaabyanimals community over on LJ.


  49. For some reason, I read it with a sort of Jamaican accent.

  50. I love seeing my baby boy on here:)

    thanks for posting him!

  51. Kallie and Sarah says:

    OMG!!! That is the funniest and cutest thing I have ever seen or read! LOVE IT!!!

  52. Its Jamaaaaican Mon!!!!!
    Ged it riiiite Mon!

  53. Coca-Cola ‘expannshon’ on dee manshon… lol! I can’t get that out of my head.

    What a perfect little bunny. (Master Fluff: “Leetle bunny? That’s Master Fluff to you… mortal”)

  54. cristinutria says:

    I looooooooooooove Master Fluff! Any more expashons?

  55. Animal Lover says:

    Awww….how cute….!!!:D

  56. You people… you put ideas into my head. I just made my bunny a two-story Pepsi-case mansion out of, of course, an empty Pepsi case and a piece of the cardboard box we brought him home in for the second floor. I even cut him a little window in the back on the top. Now me and my boyfriend are planning to make him his own little mansion out of wood and plexi-glass. 😀 He loves his Pepsi mansion~

  57. Randi Sherman says:

    this is one of the cutest bunnies i have seen! i wish mine was that cute!

  58. Sorry guys, I had to photoshop the saying in it.

  59. it hurts! make it stop. no, don’t stop…