Ladies and Gentlemen—we can achieve world peace with this image

Let’s show this image to all World Leaders (Perhaps carried on a silver tray by UN Ambassadress Angelina Jolie?). Without a doubt, he ooh’s and aah’s (in their respective native languages) should lead to world peace instantly. The image may also cure cancer if used properly. Please be aware that two Cuteologists lost their lives bringing you this photo, due to head explosion.At least Three Rules of Cuteness have been acheived, therefore earning the Coveted Cuteness Trifecta®:#11 Cute animal + food#6 Mimic humans#14 An everyday, small item makes you look smallI give you… Akagami Hamster:Akagami4jm



  1. Wow…that’s a lot of food for such a little dude! He looks like he’s going to explode!!

  2. take… can’t take much more…

  3. Wouldnt’ that technically be “world piece?”

    Check out my site occasionally if you want… I have mr puddins sightings, Maddie and more!

    (mr puddins real name hidden to protect the innocent from his Gynormous size)

  4. this is the essense of cute! Fat cheeks and fluffy butterfly whiskers all top notch, not like pinky-fleshy thin-haired baby hamster two pix below… no offence, baby lovers

  5. BOOOOOSH! my head is dented in, right above the ‘i can’t believe how friggin’ cute that is’ gland.

  6. Peter, Paul and Mary. If I stare at his wittle hamster paws cluching that corn kernel for much longer, I might spontaneously combust.

  7. just look at his little feet. oh thank you for this cute spot.


  9. I don’t know if I can handle that much cuteness in one day. I may actually stop being so snarky and be nice to people!

    (see, it’s working already!)

  10. Oof. That little owl-shaped critter bears a certain character I recall from a Monty Python movie.

  11. erm… a certain *resemblance to a* character, etc.

  12. oh my GAWD! i love how its cheeks are so massive and its feet are so wee!!!

  13. that’s “achieve”.

  14. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, which is cuter: Akagami Hamster or Master Fluff? Discuss.

    I vote for the bunny, by a whisker, mainly because of its adorable bunny ears and tail.

  15. samplesize says:

    I propose rule of cuteness #15: Whiskers as long as entire body.

  16. Okay, that is so cute, it hurts a little bit.

  17. CO author (Meg?) —

    You habitually misuse the word “ubiquitously” in the context of the phrase “ubiquitously small.” “Ubiquitous” means “ominpresent, seemingly everywhere at once”; it doesn’t seem likely that “ubiquitously” can modify “small.”

    I know this is an un-cute comment, but there you go.

  18. I just died a little inside.

  19. Does this also fit Cuteness Rule #1, paws up?

  20. spellcheck says:

    acheive?? should be achieve and I didn’t notice that the first 55 times I was forced to return to see this little guy cause he so dang stinkin’ cute!!!!! Curse you cuteoverload!!!! 😉

  21. Kayla Klingberg says:

    I just fell in love, with this website. I love you all!!!

  22. How do you DO it?!?


    That was my head exploding.

  23. Must. . resist. . the. . cute. .! Oh FSM! My ovaries are exploding!
    Resistance is futile . ! (cute but futile)

  24. Hi CP,
    I did check that ‘ubiquitously’ is an adverb in Merriams. But I did get a B- in Engrish, so there you go. Is it still wrong?

  25. what about gwamma?

  26. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    It might work better this way:
    #14 Ubiquitous, small items makes you look small

    …meaning items that are both commonplace and tiny, rather than usually or frequently tiny. Small change, but it does tidy things up.

  27. this is the best site ever ever to exist EVER!!!!!!!
    thankyou, your daily cuteness brings me moist eyes and overwhelming disbelief.
    its marvelous.
    may the cuteness never end.

  28. Terpsichore says:



  29. Just read about another cuteblog that’s “declared war” on cute overload:
    and all I have to say is that with cuteness like the Akagami Hamster, how can anyone be “at war” with that?

  30. Awwwwww!!!!! says:

    I think the original use of ubiquitious made more sense as a cute rule. If something is always small in every incarnation, such as a corn kernel always being small, it could be said to be ubiquitiously so. The point is, the item has to ALWAYS be small so the animal is automatically, and with certainty, recognized as tiny. It appears to be a recognized adverb as per the dictionary. It might make sense at first for a small tree to be called both a ubiquitous and small object, since trees are everywhere (ignore the most baren inner cities for now) and the specific tree in question is small, but that would be mixing the application of two adjectives in a single sentence with a single subject (trees in general for ubiquitous, and one tree in particular for small). It wouldn’t meet the cute rule to say it that way because if you aren’t sure how big the tree is, because they aren’t all the same size, and animal next to a tree does not, as a rule, automatically qualify as cute. Maybe it’s a full size tree with oversized leaves making an elephant look smaller than it is. That would be coincidence, not a rule. But a corn kernel, being ever-present in small size, or alternatively you could say “corn kernels are ubiquitously small”, sets a standard for smallness and could be used to rule a kernel-sized elephant cute for sure.

  31. This truly is the best website ever. I love little beasties, be they bunnies or newts, so this feeds my obsession nicely. And this particular picture, goodness, those whiskers (or fishing rods bursting from the little hammy-ham’s face) are the utmost in precious. You rock. Keep up the good work.

  32. I do not care who uses what words, this site makes even bad kemo days seem better. Thanks for the smiles you cause.

  33. yikes……gonna be a cold winter?????

  34. thank you thank you thank you for this webpage – it makes being at work 8 hours bareable.
    this is too cute to be real. i have to keep on looking on this webpage throughout the day to keep sane.

  35. Juan Padilla says:

    Where the hell do you get these pictures?!!!!!

  36. LOL @ “Awww” — am now tempted to post a rambling, bantering grammatical dissertation, though not really enough to overcome my literary laziness.

    RothBeastie — your design website is AWESOME. Two thumbs/four paws up. I’ve forwarded it to the director of Carleton College’s web communications dept, who might just be in a bit of a bind right now, design-wise; who knows…

    IowaLadyFox — by “kemo” do you mean chemotherapy? If so, keep reading, keep posting, get better, stick around.

  37. Theo, ya beat me to it! LadyFox, as the daughter of a Mom suffering from cancer, you have my heartfelt sympathies and bottomless encouragement. And this site is great for helping boost the spirits–and as anyone with any sense knows, a smile is the best medicine in existence. Stay strong, girl! 🙂

    I’m so not a hamster fan, but I’m finding myself more and more endeared to critters I never really cared for. Meg, you’ve done it again–my jaded cynical heart is currently puddling in my slippers and leaving little heart-shaped dribbles all over the floor!


  38. AMAZING. Good gawd.

  39. I wish we could get larger versions of some of these … They’d make such great desktop images!

  40. dewy eyes… puffy cheeks… tiny paws… long whiskers… o.o O.O *poof*

  41. OMG…. adorable. which is cuter? the fluff or the eyes?! And I LOVE the Princess Bride, Theo.

  42. Cuteoverload, you should be ashamed of yourselves. ASHAMED. Causing people’s heads to explode worldwide. It’s like in that “And Now, For Something Completly Different” sketch, where a joke was so funny it caused people to die laughing. A picture like this could be the cause of a new head exploding epadamic. Be ashamed, I tell you, ASHAMED.

  43. Beauregard says:

    Thank you Meg, for more hammies!

  44. Lilorfnannie says:

    It’s hardly fair- we have neither the room nor the desire to put up with the cage smell & hassle of having a cute critter like this, yet every time I look at your blog I have the intense desire to go out & a critter just like it, and all the accoutrements, anyways! So it’s YOUR fault if my husband gets all angry at me because he doesn’t want it in the house, and I went behind his back, and now the kids are in the act, begging to keep the little thing!!

  45. I could just eat him…no.

  46. I actually used this picture in a presentation!

  47. the tiny kernel of corn held by the tiny paws … it’s too much cute for humanity!!

  48. four words I…LOVE…CHEEK… POUCHES!

  49. **puts hand to chest** too….cute…**dies**

  50. So Cute!! I love this pic!

  51. OMFG … Damn You, Cute Overload! The money I so fastidiously saved for a trip will now go towards my effing repairing-head-explosion-due-to-cuteness surgery. DAMN YOU!

  52. This just make me more keen to get a robo!

  53. Who gives a damn about the use of ubiquitously!! CHECK OUT THE MAJORLY CUTE AKAGAMI HAMSTER!!

  54. this is the best blog in the world

    and that hamster makes me so happy

  55. Just Curious? What kind of hamster is that? I love this site!

  56. Haha…Theo. Way to pimp The Princess Bride!

  57. incredible photo! thanks!

    some non-cute, non-puddling comments: There’s nothing grammatically incorrect about the way that you use the word “ubiquitous”.

    The problem is the exact meaning, or the meaning with connotations. You seem to be using ubiquitous in the sense of “something you might see every day”, which just isn’t correct; it has the wrong connotations. The word really means “something that is somehow everywhere at once, like the ubiquitous iPod.” Corn kernels are commonplace, everyday items. However, they are not everywhere at once.

    Instead of “ubiquitously small,” I would prefer “incongruously small”, or just rephrase the sentence using the equally fine words “quotidian”, “commonplace,” or “everyday.”

    Once again, though, thank you ever so much for this blog. The combination of fantastic pictures with snarky, sarcastic text is irrestible. I swoon every time.

  58. Travis—great idea! That makes sense. Thanks,

  59. Dustbunny says:

    I believe this hamster is a kernel in the Cuteness Army…

  60. Mr. Fluffy says:

    *opens mouth to speak*

    *head goes BANG!!!*

  61. Little hammy’s got quite a spread!!

  62. This is the cutest thing I have seen, ever…I have him on my desktop and smile everytime I see him…

  63. Oh. My. God.

    That is becoming an icon. Or two.

  64. this is so cute. But you guys on cute overload need
    some more guinea pigs. Who’s with me!!!!????

  65. this is so cute. But you guys on cute overload need
    some more guinea pigs. Who’s with me!!!!????

  66. Mommmeeeee! says:


  67. I just fell in love

  68. E. Collison says:

    Cute, but it would be even cuter if it was a bunny instead!

  69. i HAVE to look at this photo everyday, several times a day – it just makes me the happiest i’ve ever been. everyone on the planet should be given a copy of this photo.

  70. i think the little dude is an overload pig. he is awfully cute though

  71. I’m with rainbow. I come back to this photo several times a day, show it to the very same people several times a day, and send out mass emails to everyone I’ve ever known because this is the cutest picture ever to be viewed by humans. It’s so cute it’s painful because you think you’ll never get enough of it.

  72. Hi, I am “k.Akagami.”
    I appreciate your comment.
    Moreover, I appreciate that the victory has been won in the contest.
    Thank you.

  73. Angelina Jolie can save the world with her lips

  74. Amen, howard. I have it on my desktop at work. I tell everyone about it. I love it so much I can’t stand it. He just makes yr heart burst. Aaahhhh….

  75. it looks like it is goin to explode!!

    so cute 😀

  76. SOCthulhu says:

    The look on his face:

    “Oh crap, I’ve been spotted.”

  77. wow! i wonder “how”! how can like this cute animal exist? this looks like a doll! this can’t exist in U.S.A, Korea, Japan, and anywhere! i guess this hamster is from the flower planet~

  78. tew cute

  79. CUTE

  80. “All we are saying is give peas a chance…”

  81. I just can’t stop looking at this little fellow. Absolutely adorable. The look on his face just melts your heart.

  82. they r so cute why cant u add them 2 ur pics

  83. the pocket pals r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute aaaaaaaawwwwww!!!!!!!! i wish i could take them home !Can i pleaaaaaaassssseeeee????

  84. my hearts brakin i wanna take em home ! BOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO

  85. cool dude dog lover says:


  86. Audrey chia says:

    I used to have a hamster who likes to munch on corn kernels. When I first saw this picture, my heart sank. I remembered how my lil hamster nibble on my middle finger and then staring at me blankly into the space, then continue to nibble it again.

    I am really happy I can relieve this memory again and I learnt the true meaning of lossing something important when you don cherish them.

  87. i dont get it.

  88. that is the sweetest thing i have ever seen..ever!

  89. DeMoNiCpRo says:

    Wow.. What a cute pet…

  90. So cute! Aww, little ball of snuggly, soft, sniffable fur! Will you be my friend? *twitches wiskers hopefully* eak!

  91. must….stop….staring….at….the…

  92. I bought the hammie t-shirt! Hurrah for hamsters and world peace!

  93. Lacrossedragon says:

    I actually have pains from all this cutenes..

  94. i spent ages gazeing at this saying – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. I believe I saw in in Cinderella. Is his name Gus Gus?

  96. CakeForYou says:


    So cute!

    *Spins around singing* Heaven, I’m in heeeaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeeak!

  97. …with a heap of corn and veggies in my cheeks.

  98. cuteness says:

    its adorable i mean look how big the corn is compard to it come on all with me
    that you people for making my day more cute

  99. The ideal poster boy for
    vegans! Bright, attentive,
    and definitely not anorexic!

  100. it looks like it’s going to explode!

  101. Looks like my uncle at an all you can eat buffet!!!!

  102. Looks like my uncle at an all you can eat buffet!!!!

  103. Looks like my uncle at an all you can eat buffet!!!!

  104. the first picture is SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!

  105. AWW….HOW ADORABLE!!! I used to have a dwarf hamster just like him/her and his name was Henry…poor baby died…this little guy looks just like him…*tear*

  106. OMG, if that isn’t the cutest picture of a hamster I’ve ever seen. I love how soft his/her fur looks, and how his/her whiskers are all feathered up, very stylish. 🙂

  107. OMG!.. Theo said a quote from The Princess Bride and I DIDN’T NOTICE!!..

    ohh.. Theo.. Marry the Heather and have many small kittenish looking things with meh!

  108. oh. <3 SO CUTE. It hurts me a little bit.