Colonel Cupcake will be your date this evening

He’s wearing a tux that says “Hey!” [paw double guns] May I have this dance? No? maybe some other time then?Showhost_2Colonel Cupcake is wearing Zack Meyers this season.



  1. He looks like he’d rather rip your throat out than dance with you.

  2. “Why yes, my owner really IS a moron. why do you ask?”

  3. “I am so tired of this dressing up, let me just be a normal cat” mraauw

  4. Orange cats are the best! Of course, as others have observed, poor kitty! Hopefully, he’ll spend the night banging the blinds, keeping his owners up!

  5. Oh my goodness people! Lighten up! Cute pic!

  6. I have an orange cat named Pavel who always has this slightly annoyed look on his face. 🙂

  7. Why do people think a pet who is dressed is so moronic. Lighten up the negative thinking. Not just here, it happens most places someone sees a dressed pet.

    I wonder if at the beginning of time people sat around thinking humans were morons for putting clothes on, too. 😀

  8. “I don’t mean to be rude, but would you mind straightening this thing? I’d do it myself, but you know … declawed.”

  9. Beauregard says:

    Colonel Cupcake! Crap, that is the cutest name ever!

  10. The name’s Cupcake… Colonel Cupcake…
    And I’d like my food shaken, not stirred…

  11. That looks like one pissed off cat!

  12. I think that colonel cupcake is excessively cute and well dressed. I want him to be a little plastic post that I can buy for two five cents and put into my cupcake.
    ay dot

  13. marie sharon says:

    Why does everyone think the look on Colonel Cupcake’s face is one of annoyance? I think it’s one of seduction. This cat’s obviously a Chip N Dale’s dancer. (‘Colonel Cupcake’?! That is so obviously his stripper stage name, people!)

  14. He’s not annoyed, he’s just embarassed- they caught him with only his bow-tie on.

  15. Lisa Brooks says:

    Awww,he is adorable!!!

  16. Very cute, very handsome cat! And he is not ‘dressed’ up! Only wearing a bow-tie, which accents his ex-manly charm.

  17. I don’t think that’s what they meant when they said “tuxedo cat”.

  18. He’s got a crafty kitty-smile on his face! That SO reminds me of the one my cat Underfoot gets when she thinks I don’t see her getting ready to pounce on my toes…*grin*


  19. Honly mackerel–StormCat? You the same StormCat I used to hang with lo these many ages ago? If so, it’s been ages hon–drop me a line, willya? 🙂


  20. Robert Gebel says:

    THAT’S MY CAT! (if you go back to 1966, that is). Haven’t seen him for nearly 40 years; wondering where he ended up. But we never put him in a bow tie; He never went for gimmicks. He also never had a name (other than “the cat” as in, feed _____, find _____, etc.)

  21. Sorry, Robert. Your never-given-a-name cat went to that big hairball loving farm out in the country. They give cats names out at the farm. And love. And tins of sardines. And bow ties to wear whenever they want.

  22. Yes Colonel Cupcake, you MAY have this dance. And might I ask, where can I get the newest Zack Meyers threads for this season?

  23. This kills me! The Colonel looks just like my orange cat whose name happens to be… James Bond! I totally have to do this picture with him. Maybe with a martini shaker in the background… 🙂

  24. Usually pets look ridiculous when people dress them up, but in this case, ahh, he looks ridiculous too. But this feline has enough class and dignity to carry it off. More power to Col. Cupcake.

  25. All ready for a blacktie affair.

  26. I think the caption should have been: “My name is Bond, James Bond.”

  27. Heh. I’d like to see Col. Cup face off with Blofeld’s lap-warmer. (Or Mr. Bigglesworth, for that matter.)

  28. izzzzzzzybelly says:

    awwwwwwww very cute!!!! luvin it luvin it luvin it!!!

  29. this is NOT a kitten. it is a CAT. go put your cat on a cat page. when i click on the word “kittens” I WANT TO SEE KITTENS!

  30. colonel cupcake looks very classy – i always thought bowties would look good on cats. very cary grant.

  31. What a good cat to put up with that adorable bow tie and the name Colonel Cupcake. I’ll bet he thinks he’s the meanest thing alive, too.

  32. Sugarbyte says:

    The title and description for this pic (along with the pic) make me laugh everytime i look at it XD

  33. Looks more like a Bond villan than bond. Hello Mister Bond. Prepare to die!

  34. Just look at how CLASSY he is XD

  35. Handsome, handsome cat! Looks like he could be a feline version of James Bond. 😛 🙂

  36. butteredtoast says:

    this cats got james bond goin on!!!!