Holy inter-species bonding!

Here’s the deal. "Finnegan" the squirrel was found under a tree in Renton (state unknown.) Finnegan was brought to the home of Debby "Sure I’ll take care of him!" Cantlon for care. Meanwhile, Debby’s papillion pup "Mademoiselle Giselle" (I am not making this up) decides she can help out too, and brings Finnegan in with her new puppies. Finnegan proves to be one sweet squirrel, riding mosh pits of puppies and cuddling with his littermates.


Riding the puppy mosh pit


Cuddle Central™


"Dood. wot’s up?"


Puppy: "ZZZZZ" Squirrel: "zzz"


Thanks, Michelle Matthews. ADDENDUM: Huge apoloprops to Elisabeth who sent us this back in the ’05.



  1. Awwwww, look at picture 3! Never seen anything sweeter n.n

  2. Love is blind. How cute I want a squirrle for a brother. Woof woof

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!

  4. Awww! This has got to be one of the cutest things ever. Love knows no species. <3

  5. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And Renton is in Washington near Seattle. Lots of squirrels there 🙂

  6. Proves us humans can learn a thing or two from “man’s” best friend!:)

  7. This just kills me….I love the pics of it all cuddled up napping with them :o)

  8. These would be really heartwarming if they were real…

  9. Firebird2110 says:

    Have to agree with flapper, those photos are fake. They did a reasonable job until you blow them up and then you can see some obvious edges.

  10. That fur looks sooo soft to the touch. Any confirmation tho on whether they’re real/fake? If fake, it still calls for a real arrangement of what’s going on!

  11. Come on, it’s a direct camera flash. Not fake.

  12. IHateToast says:

    re: the is it real debate….
    do we really care? santa isn’t real yet we embrace that fat chump with all the commercialism and ignore is inability to locate the poor.
    most actors’ bods and faces aren’t real, but we shell out the cowries for their so-so flicks.

    the site is for cute photos. there’s no funding for investigating the truth behind the photos. we also don’t know that the mother dog doesn’t beat the adopted “red-headed stepchild” when the photographer leaves. and we don’t have cuteoverload decorations making our city tacky in december.

    ah eeenjoy the faaaahntahsy, tatu. all cute photos are real and steve buscemi wants me.

  13. Word Toast!!! I dont care if it’s fake. It’s still the cutest thing EVER!!

  14. Awww, he thinks he’s a puppy.

  15. If not already declared, I claim recognition of the Superior Cuteness Value of Interspecies Nursing, uh, Rule.

  16. I’d like to cuddle with that pile of puppies!

  17. Just to put the debate to rest, these photos are real according to the Urban Legends Reference, Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/finnegan.asp

  18. I saw this gallery in an online news story months ago. This is real. The lady was known in the neighborhood for taking in animals in need of care, and someone gave her an orphaned baby squirrel just days before her Papillon was due to give birth. The dog kept dragging the squirrel’s cage up next to her birthing basket while she was delivering the puppies, and a few days after that, she let the squirrel nurse on her.

  19. Renton is in Washington. How hard is it to do a little research?

  20. the red one says:

    It seems for every cute pic, someone complains that “it’s not real”. Isn’t the idea of this site is to show pics that make us smile and go “awwww”?? Not
    to challenge its authenticity. Think what you want but please keep your negative comments to yourself!!

  21. Squirrel & puppy = CUTE!!

  22. I LOVE happy endings!! ^_^

  23. aw, sweet!

  24. It doesn’t matter if the pic’s are real or fake. They are still adorable. My family used to raise squirrel’s that were abandoned by there parents. Our cat had kittens and she adopted two of the squirrel’s. No pic’s though sorry.

  25. I believe it. Dont forget about Owen the baby hippo and Mzee the geriatric turtle. Awwwww.


  26. Renton is a suburb just to the south of Seattle. The pictures are real, there was en extensive article in the local news, and they were taken by the newspaper’s photographer. I saw video as well on the Early Show several months ago when the story made national news.

    I love Finnegan!

  27. Have to agree with flapper, those photos are fake. They did a reasonable job until you blow them up and then you can see some obvious edges.

    The only “edges” are in your sad, paranoid imagination. Not everything that’s out of the ordinary is fake, for Christ’s sake. This trend of arrogantly dismissing every photo online as fake is ridiculous. It’s a strange world. Deal with it.

  28. I must admit those photos look fake but they aren’t so…yeah.

    I adore this, I’m a big fan of papillons and squirrels, too.

    Btw, a papillon with ears that flop down is called a ‘phalene’ (French for ‘moth’)

  29. Espilonarge says:

    3 is cute with all of them sleeping but 5 has to be even cuter because its kinda like “guess the odd one out.” ^.^

  30. Not only did Mme. Giselle keep dragging Finnegan’s cage over to her birthing basket… she kept dragging it over from ACROSS THE HOUSE. Gotta love ultra-maternal dogs.

  31. Beauregard says:

    Awwww man, I’ve seen this before but dang, photo three is sooo freakin’ cute! Arggg!!!

  32. damn, this site and all its cuteness… 🙂 thanks for bring us such cute content.

  33. “riding a puppy mosh pit.”

    That alone brings the cute up a few notches. 🙂

    (Hey, doubting people – it’s true, Snopes corroborated it, and just bask in the glow of cute, OK?)

  34. Well, my head a splode. Poit.

  35. PERCIOUS!!!

  36. PRECIOUS!!!

  37. i’m 31. i just made the *squee* sound Out Loud.

    at Work.

    *dies of teh cute*

  38. this squirrel is going to have a serious idendity crisis when he grows up. A squirrel fetching your slippers!!!

  39. Hey, I submitted Finnegan around Christmas! My dream was to be on the cute blog…shattered! *sniff*

    Until I discovered the cute blog, he was my daily source of cuteness.

  40. sandra_nz says:

    Reminds me of that Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other…”

    Very cute!

  41. Doubleclick says:


    Latest on Finnegan. He’s left home now, and if the couple have correctly identified Finnegan then he’s still around 🙂

  42. Ever watch animal planet’s funny video show?…animals take care of other animal babies….not unusual or fake……way cool to the owner who did that.every baby deserves a chance!

  43. oh my god.
    I think I might die from cuteness overload!!!

  44. Good old oxytoxin! It gives mom that cozy maternal instinct! Babies must be cared for and nurtured! One of the reasons we all love these baby pics too!

  45. Hon-est-ly!
    The cutest thing in the world, and you question this?
    ‘ They did a reasonable job until you blow them up and then you can see some obvious edges.’
    Why would you want to blow it up and examine the edges. You. Are. Not. The. Cuteness. Police.

    I love this site and those pictures!

  46. I realize it’s basically already been said, but:

    OMFG!!!!! THAT IS TOO CUTE!!!!

  47. The puppies are also faked. You can tell, because they have ears.

  48. yes, very cute, but VERY, VERY BAD IDEA. Unless this squirrel is kept as a pet (also bad idea, and probably illegal in most states), it will grow up being unafraid of one of its natural enemies. In fact, it may grow up thinking it’s a dog.
    Which means it will probably have a very short life.
    Soooo… not so cute in the end.

  49. Melissa: You might want to check the new article linked a couple times in this thread already:

  50. D.R. Tong says:

    Melissa (Crispin?),

    It’s time to pull that stick out of your ass and just say, “Aw, squirrels and puppies together are cute!”

  51. nlm,
    thanks so much for the update. Makes me feel better. I used to work with wildlife rehabbers, so I wasn’t just yapping.

    D.R. Tong,
    you’re an asshole!

  52. Tsk. So much hostility in these cute little posts, la la…

  53. And so much pointless posting, la la…

  54. Eh Steve… please go back and look at the squirrel & puppies again, it sounds like you may need ’em.

    Alternately, you can have fun following out the so-cleverly-concealed links in my postings, which quite often allude to my real point. La la.

  55. Seems cute, but there’s actually nothing cute about exotic animal ownership. Squirrels are native wildlife and either belong in the wild, or if you are rehabilitating them, put them back in the wild or in a sanctuary… not with a bunch of dogs.

  56. Michael: see this link posted above. Seems like everyone is happy and back in their natural state:

  57. SandMaster says:


  58. Charming. Sweet dreams.

  59. i thought cute animals made us feel loving and kind towards living things

  60. S,
    People don’t get it, do they? :/

    It’s a cute picture. People like cute. Let’s just enjoy it.


    *Everyone *Is* Happy*

  61. the link about the snake and the hamster is cool, but its only been like 6 days so far. i bet its gonna eat it soon.

  62. jacqueline says:

    SO CUTE!

    Yes, Renton is in Washington State, approx 45 mins out from downtown Seattle.

    More importantly, I HAVE SEEN THIS SQUIRREL! The girl whose mother took care of her (or owned her or was vet, I never quite understood the whole story) was a friend of mine way back when. And the squirrel was as cute in real life as in this picture. Maybe cuter.

  63. I haven’t seen this exact squirrel, but I have 1) an albino squirrel on my road and 2) a squirrel with no tail…looks like a giant rat actually…but it’s not I tell thee.

  64. Too cute!
    Renton is near Seattle,WA. I don’t care if it’s real or fake. It’s the cutest thing ever, just as long as the squirrel ends up living a normal happy life!

  65. Oh so cute..

  66. The cutest thinh I have EVER seen…ever! Wow! Just sent a link to this to all my friends!
    Mr Squirrel, you are cute!

  67. *************************************THE CUTEST thing I have EVER seen…ever! Wow! Just sent a link to this to all my friends!
    Mr Squirrel, you are cute!
    Eak! *********************************************

  68. so, uncontainably CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  69. Catherine Wallace says:

    In the photograph entitled, “Holy inter-species bonding!”, your web address: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/01/holy_interspeci.html, you list the state as “unknown”..

    The photo was previously posted on http://www.msnbc.com in the “Animal Tracks section of the Web site. The photo is attributed on the MSN web site as originating from the Seattle Times newspaper.

  70. insane in the membrane..insane, got no brain!! 😉 😛 😀

  71. Oh man, that’s so CUTE!

    By the way, there’s a Renton in Washington state.

  72. Fake as hell!

  73. Yet another talks-loud-says-nothing. Didn’t bother to follow the MSNBC or Snopes links, did you, Jeff?

  74. haha renton is in Washington State.

  75. haha renton is in Washington State.

  76. So cutesy-wootsy!

  77. As a licensed wildlife rehabber, I can say that although these are very cute pics, this squirrel (though released) will likely die in the mouth of a dog. This is the BIGGEST mistake a rehabber can make and goes against the National Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Minimum Standards guide.(the Bible of wildlife rehab do’s and don’ts) If it’s wild, and will be released, it MUST STAY WILD or it will die a premature death. Period.

    It is illegal to keep a wild animal of any age in your home without a license. And most non-releaseable animals are euthanized because the only other way to keep them is to place them in an educational program…and that is hard to do as there are so many animals needing placement and each facility can only legally aquire one of each type.

    Call me names, I don’t care. I’m out for the best interests of the squirrel.

  78. Hey Carol, that squirrel is living with other squirrels. It wouldn’t let the previous caretaker touch it after it had been released into the wild. I think its safe to say the squirrel knows dogs are bad.

    Also, would you rather have a squirrel die as a baby because noone took care of it, or have it die as an adult after living a full life?



  79. How does the squirrel not coming to a human mean that it’s not going to approach a dog? Especially after nursing from a dog?

    Did I say she shouldn’t have taken it in? That she should have left it to die? Absolutely not. But if you ARE going to take in wildlife you are not doing it any favors by acclimating it to it’s NATURAL PREDITORS. How is that going to help this squirrel?

    Not everyone is cut out to care for wild animals. Namely people that can’t separate wild from domestic in their own minds. Even a wild animal imprinted and raised to be tame is still a wild animal. It will never be like your dog, hampster, bunny, or cat. Period. That’s why you have to have training and apprenticeship to become a rehabber.

    I still think the pics are cute and if you think I’m ruining it, it’s only because you know I’m right. :o)

  80. Really really cute pic =D

    Though, why would anyone makes laws against keeping wild squirrels? I’m not really debating it I just don’t understand since they’re not very dangerous and don’t tend to have the longest life span.

    Carol, for future reference, it’s HAMSTER. I would have thought a “wildlife rehabber” would know that…


  81. Not a hamster: squirrel. It’s name is Finnegan and it ended up just fine. MANY NEWS LINKS are right here in the comments if you’d just bother to look.

    For the last time: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002705884_squirrel27m.html

  82. (ignore the rogue apostrophe)

  83. Carol is right. The best interest of wild squirrels’ should not be sabotaged for the personal enjoyment of humans shrieking in high pitched voices, “oooh so cute!! omg so cute!!”.

    If you are going to post, do it without spelling mistakes which make you appear stupid and uneducated. Predators is spelled like so, not with an “i”. Lisa, a squirrel is not the same as a hamster, you idiot.

  84. Geez, chill folks.

    Firstly, arguing over whether or not it was a good idea to let the dog ‘mother’ the squirrel is not going anywhere — it happened, the squirrel is living in the wild now, and is, presumably, just fine.

    Secondly, no one claimed a squirrel was the same as a hamster, so let’s actually read other people’s posts before name calling.

    Thirdly, those are some extremely adorable pictures. =)

  85. I WANT ONE!

  86. Pardon my spelling errors, but do you really think that it makes a difference in how I care for the animals I rehab? Please. If it makes me look stupid, oh well. Better than being a rehabber that doesn’t do what’s in the best interest of the animal at all costs.

    The reason why you can’t keep any wild animal in your home (even squirrels) is because they need specialized care. For instance, doves feed differently than robins do. If you don’t know how to do it, the dove will starve to death. Pinky squirrels and rabbits must be stimulated to urinate. Sounds weird, but it’s true…and if you don’t know that, or how to do it properly, the animal will die of poisons in it’s body.

    Wild animals are not like domestic ones. I can’t stress that enough. The best intentions won’t keep a wild animal alive, no matter how much you love it.

  87. Sarah J says:
  88. butteredtoast says:

    way too cute to be true….this stuff has to be computer animated get real!!!!

  89. Yeah, it doesn’t get much cuter than that!

  90. Looking at these pictures seriously makes me want to hug someone

    group hug!!!

  91. Regarding the photos at the end of the Pub segment, with the Papillon and the squirrel, Finnigan… Renton is in Washington, just south of Seattle.

  92. when do we find out what happens???? i need to know the rest of the story!!!!

    does someone adopt the squirrel thinking it’s a puppy? do they try to show it at an AKC registered event? i need to know! it’s a kids book waiting to happen.

  93. “it’s a kids book waiting to happen.”

    meghan, your mission, should you choose to accept it…

  94. My heart just burst.

  95. Mandy T says:

    That is the cutest thing in the world. HOw in the world did that happen?