Oh, you think the world revolves around you?

For Charlie, it does.What bed will Charlie pick?What does Charlie do the minute he gets home from vacaishe? Can Charlie snake a popcorn kernel off the table?What prosh face is Charlie making today? Answer below.011306All these questions are answered, and then some at LoveCharlie.org. Thanks to Megan Hendrix 😉



  1. He thinks he’s people.

  2. Aww that is so cute. You should send that picture to http://dailypuppy.com
    It’s like this site. Just cute

  3. what does prosh mean?

  4. Eh. Not cute.

  5. I’m sorry, this is a great blog and I read it constantly for a cute-break at work and elsewhere and you’re usually right-on with these posts and I sincerely appreciate your dedication to bringing me the cutest shit possible.

    But this dog is a nasty horse-faced abomination. Please no more dogs unless they are newborns. kthx.

  6. I really do love your site, but that dog is ridiculously ugly.

  7. Are you people really that harsh? I check this site and Love,Charlie everday. He is sooo cute. Animals don’t have to be small to be cute! His expressions are adorable. Look at his archives and you’ll see. Calling an Italian Greyhound an abomination is just wrong. And, I think a lot of time one persons ugly is another persons cute! There are times when I don’t find a particular post “cute” but I just wait for the next one. Please don’t limit this site to one specific version of cute.

  8. Knowing two of these beautiful dogs in person, I can say that they ARE absolutely adorable! What a great site! Now I have a new one to check every day. 😉

    And hey, would it really hurt you guys to hold the nastiness? So not everyone has the same idea of “cute”. Whatever. Get over yourself and go find a real hobby.

  9. Lilorfnannie says:

    Thanks for the cute site about Charlie- now I have another to read! Yay! But I do hope his owner doesn’t have children too.

  10. Hello there… I am Charlie’s owner and web designer.

    I am glad Charlie inspires such passion – whatever side of the cute/ugly fence that falls on. I’d hate to think he was mediocre in any way! Thanks for noticing us!

  11. Pantone314 says:

    Please add me to the ‘cute’ side of the equation!

  12. I think he’s cute–I’ve always loved lean, skinny dogs like whippets and greyhounds. And that is one pampered hound!

    It’s a dog’s life, I tell ya… *grin*


  13. This dog is so adorable. I love his expressions and the captions that go along with the photos. I agree with the other Cute-aholic who said that now we have another site to check every day! Also, I have to say that the photography is really really good. I take tons and tons of really sweet photos of my dog, but the composition of Charlie’s pictures is just really wonderful. Plus it was fun to go back and see him as a baby pooch and then grow up and learn new tricks. Keep it up, thanks again!

  14. Charlie’s cuter than some children I’ve seen! Seriously…cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. The site’s not just for YOU, it’s for all of us. Sheesh.

  15. My boxer thinks Charlie is cute. She wants to know if Charlie has a girlfriend. She’s very disappointed that she didn’t see Charlie when he visited Texas. 😉

  16. awwwww….so cute

  17. Charlie is gorgeous! I would LOVE to have a dog like this! Please stop the hatin’. The best thing about this site is, well, the cuteness, but also that is is positive and friendly. Squee!!!

  18. i agree that the photography’s great. i wouldn’t be surprised if the words and pictures of that site were to be published in book form.

  19. What a cutie!

  20. dark_moonlight says:

    is he rich?

  21. I just like to see an animal that well-loved.
    Charlie could use some booties for walking in the snow though.

  22. Hey, if you go all the way back to the beginning of Charlie’s blog, there are some swingin’-cute baby pictures. 😀


  23. It’s ugly.

  24. Beaureagard says:

    He’s cute!

  25. Ahh, what a cutie. When I saw him, my first thought was “that’s an IG, isn’t it”. Sure enough, not a Whippet, not a greyhound, a cute little properly spoiled IG.

  26. frogdor says he’s ugly cute.

  27. “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” –

  28. Charley is adorable. Not ugly. Dogs are cute in general! Whoever said not to post dogs is full of it.

    But I don’t understand prosh, and neither does the web when I search for it. I’m guessing it’s some variation on “precious”?

  29. i have a whippet…i know that’s not that same as an italian greyhound…and i thought i would never say this about another dog, but charlie is just average and on the uglier side of “sighthounds”.