The site that started it all…

Teacup and toy People, this is the site I first started gawking at—it’s hours of entertainment. It’s the first site that had me coming back for more and more ridiculously fantastic pup photos. It’s also where Paris Hilton and Jessican Simpson bought Tinkerbell and Daisy, respectively.If you can get beyond the awful sea of text to the galleries, it’s worth the trip! Delightful pups.Page46



  1. paying that much for a pup is not cute

    it is sad

    especially when people steal such pups (see link)

    and there are other pups, perhaps not so wee, that need homes

    sad sad sad

  2. what is the $20 for?

    is that some kind of a hint?

  3. I think it’s mainly to provide scale. TINY!

  4. not nearly as cute as the rest of critters at this site. And I agree that paying for puppies just cause they are teensy is wrong. Adopt, people! PS it’s not natural for those pups to be bred so small. nope, not natural.

  5. I agree. You should adopt animals. Everyday hundreds of animals are put to sleep. woof woof.

  6. that is sooo cute

  7. We looked into getting a tea cup dog once but we were put off when we heard about their terrible health problems. I’ve read some vets who are really against the whole tea cup phenomenon.

  8. that is sooo cute

  9. that puppy is the same size as my entire head! (counting my ears)
    but yes.. not rating high on the “so cute I’m dieing” factor

  10. That dog is a quarter of the size of my cat!

  11. I don’t want to disrespect the almighty being who created this site, who’s inspiration came from, but I checked the site out and as cute as those little guys are…it’s kind of creepy. These dogs are bred to be someone’s accessory and it’s just not right to treat animals like that.

  12. Oh yeah, and my cats could totally kick that dog’s ass.

  13. Didn’t Paris Hilton ditch Tinkerbell when she got too big? Yeah those dogs are cute but isn’t it inhumane to breed them to that size and suffer possible health risks?

    I love this Web site but I think some information should go along with the pictures like the perils of puppy mills that crank out those cute puppies.

  14. There’s nothing cute about puppy mills. No responsible breeder would ever have a website like that, much less sell a dog to Paris Hilton.

    And why are all puppy millers being fundamentalist Christians?! What’s up with that? Breeding and selling dogs like that is as unGodly as it gets.

  15. There’s nothing cute about puppy mills. No responsible breeder would ever have a website like that, much less sell a dog to Paris Hilton.

    And why are all puppy millers being fundamentalist Christians?! What’s up with that? Breeding and selling dogs like that is as unGodly as it gets.

  16. Totally UNcute. Poor ill-bred dogs.

  17. If you enjoy pictures of tiny dogs looking ridiculous, you should check out – it’s unbelievable!

  18. Any breeder that would ship to an unknown owner for prices like that is a puppy mill. If I was buying a dog (and I’d rather adopt a shelter mutt) I would get one from a recognized breeder with a kennel I can inspect.

  19. Lilorfnannie says:

    I don’t think those little dogs are so cute- they look like large rodents to me-

  20. I feel so sad for those little puppies! I agree ~ adopt!! Pound puppies and dogs are just as cute!!!

  21. Agree, agree, this is definitely a puppy mill. The puppies may be cute, but their mothers have been bred and bred and bred until they literally wear out and die. They live in horrifying conditions, lying in their own filth. Here’s a link:

    Please, if anyone wants purebred dogs, please contact a reputable rescue organization in your area (go to Google and type in “chihuahua rescue”, for example). Or, some Humane Society’s allow you to put your name on a list and when they get a specific breed in as a rescue dog, they will contact you. Yes, it’s not the instantaneous gratification of getting the exact dog you want shipped to you in the exact color you want, but you are saving a life, instead of consigning more dogs to abuse and death.

    Sorry so preachy, have personal experience with this.

  22. Bouncycat says:

    First of all.. the dogs may be cute yes, but the photographers make me physically ill with the terrible backdrops and dressing up the dogs. You can barely find the dogs amidst the flurry of disgusting flowers and hideous designs.

    Second of all, and most importantly to me, just because it sells animals online does not make it a puppy mill, and does not mean you know everything about it. Yes they are in-bred and shouldn’t really exist, but to say that they are “living in horrifying conditions, lying in their own filth” is just you pretending to be a know-it-all.

    Don’t write off a breeder as being a puppy mill just because you don’t like the breed or because they have a website. That really is your only justification.

    Adopting an animal is not for everyone, even though it is a nice thing to do.

  23. I love this site…but I’m sorry, I have to agree with the majority of commenters here that dislike teacup chihuahuas. They’re so horribly inbred and suffer such terrible health problems, and they’re nothing more than a living accessory for most people. They’re bonsai dogs.

    It’s amazing to think that they’re even RELATED to wolves…

    It’s not that I don’t like small dogs…I don’t PREFER them as pets, but I’ve met some toy canines that broke the proverbial mold of “twitchy, neurotic, and terminally yappy”.


  24. Bouncycat: really? A challenge to you then: I challenge you to find one reputable breeder who sells their puppies online without so much as a background check. If you find even one, I will take back everything I said.

    PS. I love chihuahuas.

    PPS. Why isn’t adopting animals for everyone? You can get a purebred dog, exactly the breed and even color you want, if you’re willing to wait, and for a hell of a lot less money, too. Why AREN’T we fostering a culture of finding it disgusting to support indiscriminate and unregulated breeding of dogs when thousands get put to sleep every day because they’re homeless?

    Dude, I’m not some zealot. I don’t belong to PETA, I don’t protest in front of cosmetics companies. I do love dogs and I think it’s seriously gross what humans have done to the species. Remember when it was normal to throw your soda can out the car window, and then people realized we were ruining the land and it became something that was frowned upon, to litter? That’s how social mores change – peer pressure.

  25. Bouncycat says:


    what exactly is a “reputable breeder”? the name means “a breeder with a good reputation”. the only way to find one of those is through extensive research, and i am not going to take the time to do this just because you took what i said personally. the places i myself am leery of buying from are chain-type petstores, where you have NO idea where the pets are coming from. if you buy a dog online, they (for the most part) require you to pick the dog up yourself, therefore showing you the environment the dog was bred in.

    PS. congratulations, i love pomeranians.

    PSS. some people want to have puppies instead of dogs. some people don’t want to (or simply cant for whatever reason) deal with the possibility of any problems that the dog has due to a poor life before, like temperment. i never, nor will i ever, say that adopting is bad.

    Dude, I’m not calling you some zealot. “Sorry so preachy, have personal experience with this.” i used to have to be the one putting those animals to sleep, so dont act like i’m some snob who doesnt care about animals just because i dont think everyone should adopt instead of buy.

    i never said anything about you, or about chihuahuas. if you are old enough to remember when it was ok to throw garbage out a car window you should be old enough to remember when standards for dog breeding were a lot lower and puppy mills were a lot more common.

    all i am saying is that you have no proof that this is a puppy mill. sheesh.

  26. Catherine says:

    Bouncycat: a reputable breeder is a breeder who can prove what lines their puppies were bred from, a breeder who will post pictures of their breeding areas, a breeder who will inspect your home or at least require an interview with you before they place a puppy with you. A reputable breeder, in short, is a breeder who proves they’re not running a puppy mill.

    I didn’t take anything you said personally. Isn’t this an internet message board? It would be pretty stupid for me to take personally the comments of someone I’ve never met. But nice try with the strawman – it won’t work on me.

    PS. The reason I added the PS about chihuahuas is that you said “you don’t like the breed” in your original post, which is untrue.

    PPS. (By the way, “PSS” is incorrect.) “Some people want to have puppies rather than dogs”. You can find hundreds of puppies available through rescue organizations.

    “some people don’t want to (or simply cant for whatever reason) deal with the possibility of any problems that the dog has due to a poor life before, like temperment”. First of all, that word is “temperament”. Secondly, you have as much chance of having temperament problems from a breeder’s puppy than you do a rescue puppy. As I’m sure you know, with your EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE, it depends on the dog. Besides, most rescue organizations have complete or mostly-complete records on where the puppy/dog was before they got it, and they are extremely honest about any abuse/neglect. There are lots of dogs that come from elderly people who’ve died or moved to a nursing home. They are not all in abusive households. That is a fallacy.

    “i never said anything about you, or about chihuahuas.” A direct quote from your first post: “Don’t write off a breeder as being a puppy mill just because you don’t like the breed…” which as I have now twice stated is untrue.

    “you should be old enough to remember when standards for dog breeding were a lot lower and puppy mills were a lot more common.” Yes I do. I also have history books that tell me about when women couldn’t vote, and when children were allowed to work 12 hours a day in coal mines. I am awfully glad we’ve made some progress since then. I don’t think the fact that things used to be really, REALLY bad should somehow dissuade us from trying to make them better today. Weird argument.

    The point is, Americans are generally too lazy and too self-centered to do the work required to adopt the purebred dog they want rather than just going out and buying it. And I think that’s gross. I have my opinion, you have yours. It’s not personal. It’s just that your opinion is wrong. Heh.

  27. Bouncycat says:


    keep ranting if you like, i’m through with you. once a discussion moves to the point of correcting spelling errors as a way to make the other person look dumb, it’s just another flame war, no matter what the topic is.

  28. Catherine says:

    Well, it’s not that you’re DUMB, per se. Just wrong, wrong, wrong! 🙂 Oh, and once one person says “I refuse to debate this with you anymore for ___insert lame excuse here___” then that person is admitting they’re wrong and have no further argument other than “Screw you guys, I’m going home!” So buh-bye. 🙂

  29. Bouncycat says:

    I can’t believe you’re still going on about who is right or wrong. I’m still finding it funny that you are not even telling me why you think my comment was wrong other than saying you are right. All I said was that it may not be a puppy mill, and that you, (meaning anyone suggesting that it is,) have no proof that it is. Let it go already.

  30. Catherine says:

    ” I’m still finding it funny that you are not even telling me why you think my comment was wrong other than saying you are right. ” Uh, you never asked me to point out where I thought you were wrong. We’ve been debating all along here about specific points – I could rehash them now, but assume you CAN read, right? You started the whole being-an-ass thing in your very first comment: “but to say that they are ‘living in horrifying conditions, lying in their own filth’ is just you pretending to be a know-it-all.” If you don’t want people to be rude to you, you might try not being an ass to begin with. Put out there what you want to get back. You could have made your original comment in a polite way without being a dick, but you didn’t. And now you’re all confused why anyone would take offense. God, I love professional victims.

  31. Not making the weblog any cuter guys 🙂

  32. ah its ok jessie, this wasnt a cute one to begin with 😉

    (that’s sarcasm)

  33. Ladies, your mud wrestling pit and referee is all ready for you—fight! fight! fight! 😉

  34. The people that run this website use it as a means to advertise and sell more puppies from their /store/ located in Texas. They advertise and sell puppies for other breeders as well as their own. You do not see the puppies at their home environment, because when they are old enough to be sold they are kept in the store.

    While it’s true that most people who live in the area will go and pick up the puppies at the store, they are still shipping these puppies across the country. There is a gallery of puppies waiting to be flown overseas to London. Depending on the route, that can be an 8-hour flight, and that’s the most direct way.

    They will guarantee you that the puppy will stay under 2 ½ lbs for it’s first year just so that they can charge an astronomical price (up to $14,875 per their website). The website goes on and on about “Buyer Beware” and the health problems associated with the breed. But all of these health problems are made more and more common because of their breeding to gain an animal that weighs a 1/5 of what it should.

    A 6-week old puppy is /not/ a “teacup”. It is a /baby/. It will grow until it is 2 years old, and trying to guarantee it’s adult weight is irresponsible. They sell these dogs at a young age to try and convince you that it will stay that size. Selling any dog at that age is frowned upon, yet the website states that they will sell the animal to you if you are coming to pick it up (because the airlines won’t ship a dog that young).

    There are teacup dogs out there, but they should never be used for breeding because of their dangerously small size. A female dog can die giving birth to its pups if they are too big, and a puppy can easily outgrow its parents. I know, my Yorkshire Terrier gave birth to 6 pups (they usually only have 2 or 3) in one litter and they all grew up to be bigger than she (and she was twice the size of the father). Yet the people selling these puppies will void it’s “size guarantee” if you spay or neuter them.

    Yes, these dogs are cute, but the seller’s irresponsibility is not. I hope no one will support this website, or any others like it.

    I think this post should be deleted, so that these puppy brokers do not receive any more free advertising.

  35. I don’t see cute. I see sick. Liver shunts and other sometimes life-threatening congenital deformities from being bred to be so small are not cute.

  36. My friend got a teacup and it died in a week 😦 She has a regular chihuahua now. He’s 8 pounds, can be carried around, and he’s super cute.

    And as far as people who want purebreds and/or puppies, there are people who end up giving them away (that’s how I got mine).

  37. I think that this puppy is very cute, but I agree with bascially everyone else on this thread, that it’s very sad. I feel bad because I know this puppy will probably not live as long as a normal sized chihuahua. I also agree that this should be taken off of cute overload to stop any advertising for this nonsense of breeding small teacup pups. if it has to stay on this site, I say re-file it to the cute or sad section. it seems more fitting in that area.

  38. These chihuahuas come from puppy mills. It’s a horrible business. Any site that lets you put your name on waiting list for a dog is despicable. A reputable breeder would never sell you a dog without meeting with you first. Nor should you buy a dog unless you can visit the kennel, meet the pup’s mother, etc. These “teacup” dogs are NOT breed-standard, nor are they AKC recognized, and they are often sickly and endure a lifetime of pain from congenital defects and injuries they sustain. Not to mention the humiliation of being dressed up and carried around like an accessory instead of being treated like a dog.

  39. Hi everyone,

    You make some eye-opening points. I agree “Puppy Mills” are reprehensible, but I must admit I did not think of Teacup and Toy pet as a “Puppy Mill”—I’ve always thought of a “Puppy Mill” as a low-end breeder who sells animals to inadequate pet stores. Does anyone have a good definition of “Puppy mill”? and is Teacup and Toy pet such a place? Know that your comments may serve to be educational for me and others.

    Regardless of its possible “Puppy Mill” status, it appears the overwhelming disdain for TC&TP comes from the purposeful breeding to produce small pets, at the cost of the animal’s health in some cases—and that is a shame.

    Good idea on placing this entry in the “Cute or Sad” section. I’ll do that.


  40. “Puppy mill” is indeed a subjective term. If you want to go with a relatively authoritative source, the AKC says a puppy mill is the “random, large-scale breeding of dogs for commercial purposes.” (Note that this differs from a “backyard breeder” which is just the same lack of responsibility on a smaller scale.) If you want a definition by consensus, see Wikipedia’s:

    No matter what you call the online pet store you’ve endorsed here, they likely wouldn’t be considered responsible breeders by anyone except those seeking to make money off such a venture. These dogs are not bred to any standard (such as the AKC’s or those of another well-regarded kennel club), so they aren’t able to be judged against other similar dogs for conformation (ie., the most desirable structural and genetic characteristics that perpetuate individual breeds and improve them throughout generations of breeding).

    Therefore, whatever you call this web site–be it puppy mill, backyard breeder, or whatever–charging as much as ***$12,875*** for such dogs is pretty much a flashing neon sign that says “scammer.”

  41. That would be a good idea to file under “cute or sad?”

    That website was disturbing…really

  42. I have to agree with some of the previous posts. This is an irresponsible website. They claim that some of their pups are $50-$75 which is cheaper than Animal Shelters. Well actually it’s about the same price as animal shelters and when you adopt a dog/cat from a shelter you are saving it from the risk of being put to sleep. If a person cannot be responsible for a pet bigger than a dollar bill they should be given a fish! As for Paris Hilton she has a new pet weekly, what are the chances that she actually cares for those pets when shes lost interest in them? Why pay thousands of dollars for a special bred dog when you can pay less than a hundred dollars for one and know in your heart that its the better option. Not cute…irresponsible.

  43. Good talk, guys.

  44. Just for reference, here’s a great site on what to look for in a Chihuahua breeder:

    Kennels that ship their dogs without first meeting the owner are disreputable, period, and kennels that deal with more than one or two breeds will not have the knowledge to produce healthy, breed-standard pets. Plus, the site that this pic came from offers “discount” dogs, which is a -giant- stop sign.

  45. With all due respect, it’s true. No reputable breeder would sell dogs for that much or to just anybody who sends them an e-mail. Wizard Of Claws is just as bad and is currently under investigation.

    Many of the breeders who advertise on the teacup and toy pet site have public USDA breeder investigations and you can see for yourself how they raise their dogs and what violations they’ve made.

    Trust me, I made the mistake of working at a pet store and once you do your research, you’ll be horrified at the conditions these pups are raised in. It doesn’t take that much work to find out.

    Check out for free USDA reports on the breeder. You need to know their name and location to fill one out.

    Also, no reputable breeder breeds for profit. They breed for love of the dog and to improve the breed.

  46. Denise, my husband and I breed and show miniature poodles, and your last line really struck a chord–I almost laughed out loud and woke everyone up! Profit??? HA! I like to think that we breed some pretty fine dogs (maximum to date has been 6 puppies in any 12-month period), but make a profit on them? It is to laugh. Once we’ve shown them to their championships, which, in our breed, usually means hiring a handler due to the extensive grooming requirements, completed and published publicly all relevant health screenings and genetics tests, found an appropriate stud dog to complement our bitch (and often, that “ideal” stud is on the other side of the country, so you either have to ship your bitch to him and back, or have frozen or cooled/fresh semen shipped to you and a surgical insemination performed), paid your stud fee, paid for progesterone testing and all prenatal care, seen to the birthing and dealt with any emergencies that come up there, raised the puppies to at least 10 weeks of age (it’s hard to make your “keeper” picks earlier than that)…why, you’ve almost certainly LOST money. Why do we do it? Like Denise said, for love and support of the breed.

    We breed only when we want something to keep and show for ourselves, and not to meet any other “demand,” though heaven knows we certainly could. We have sold ONE puppy in the last year, and we certainly didn’t sell it for anything like $12,000. Of course, our dogs don’t have any “rare” attributes, like mismarks, being undersize/oversize, etc. that would make them more “valuable.” We breed to the standard set forth and maintained by our parent club. Novel concept, eh?

    Puppy Mills thrive because there is a market for their product, plain and simple. The only answer is to educate the public, and that is sloooow going at times. Especially in America, when we want something, we want it NOW. We don’t want to shop breeders, wait for the “right” litter, and then wait to see if there is a good match for us in that litter. If we want a puppy, just like if we want a cup of coffee, by golly, we want to walk into a store (or a BYB’s home) and pick one out, like picking out a sweater!

    Whew. Why didn’t someone stop me? Off soapbox now. It’s safe to come out.

  47. I agree with what has been said here. I would also like to point out that there is NO SUCH THING as a “teacup” dog. There are toy breeds which can be very small, but no breed recognizes a “teacup” classification. Not Chihuahuas, not Pomeranians, not Yorkshire Terriers. “Teacups” DO NOT EXIST. They are simply inbred runts that have horrible health problems. Anyone who says that they want a teacup dog obviously knows nothing about dogs or dog breeds, and should do some serious research before getting one. And any breeder who advertises “teacup” puppies and has the audacity to use their size as a selling point is obviously only out for money and does not care about the health and happiness of their dogs.

  48. Where’s the cuteness OR sadness? cripers, theres neither in this photo!

  49. I’m a strong advocate against the ‘teacup’ fad. Though cute, these animals area bred to be smaller than usual, resulting in many health deficiencies. I think its sad, really.

  50. A lot of teacup varieties are starved while they are puppies to keep them small. It’s cruelty, do not support this!

  51. I have a chihuahua of “teacup” size, and she’s healthy, but I didn’t get her from a puppy mill, and that is the issue with finding a healthy dog.

    A teacup chihuahua is actually a midget chihuahua, just as you find small animals in other breeds. It’s not a real breed.

    You never breed a teacup, EVER, because it’s not healthy for them to give birth. It can kill them.

    You will find reputable breeders who sell teacups, but they are random occurances, not anything the breeder tried on purpose to create.
    A good breeder will also TELL you, straight out, that teacups are not a real breed.

  52. i have a teacup dog, too, a yorkshire terrier, and i disagree that they are unhealthy because my dog is just as healthy as every other dog i’ve had including my pit bulls, rottwheilers, and pomeranians. They were all just as healthy as the rest.
    i did not get mine from a puppy mill either, but she is pretty much the same size as those dogs, so, sorry, but i just disagree.

  53. about the breeding, though, i agree because it is unhealthy to breed teacup sized dogs.

  54. This site is a broker for Puppymills! Please inform yourself of where you are buying dogs from and look for responsible breeding practices if you must get a purebred dog.

  55. Puppymills are bad. People should get their chihuahua puppies from ethical breeders, like, thats where i got mine and its very healthy and cute

    Oh, and paris hilton did NOT get her dog from that teacup and toy, she got it from a greek breeder- search tinkerbell in wikipedia. that breeder is lying about breeding celebrities puppies to get business!

  56. Please please please take this pic and link down! It has no relevence to this site and it only glorifies these poor dogs. We ask so much of the animals and they ask for so little from us (well, my dog food IS kinda expensive) and we continue to manipulte THEM to fit OUR lifestyle. If you want to carry something small and fuzzy around in your purse YOU DON’T WANT A DOG, you want a beanie baby. And hey, your beanie baby won’t pee on your rug! If what you want is the companionship of an animal there are millions of animals waiting right now at a local shelter. Anyone who has adopted an animal knows that nothing compares to the love these guys give back! Seriously, cuteoverload-lady, PLEASE take this pic down. It’s just an ad.

  57. I wonder if the dog is thinking to grab the money and run while it can….
    I would!

  58. Long live Cute Overload! I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone, it’s just that in the past few years I’ve learned so much about pet overpopulation in the U.S….an estimated 3-4 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. every year. I have three dogs – two are shelter rescues but the first was from a breeder. I love all my dogs immensely but I regret having bought a dog from a breeder, even though that breeder would NEVER have sold her pups in a pet store, and I had to sign a contract that I would get my pup spayed – if I didn’t before the dog was 12 mos. old the breeder could reclaim the dog. There are decent, responsible breeders, and then there are puppy mills. I’m sorry folks but pet stores and commercial-looking pet-selling websites = puppy mill alert, big time! Since learning more about dog rescue, puppy mills, and pet overpopulation, I now provide foster care for a dog rescue organization and have joined the board of directors of that and another animal rescue organization. Please get your pet spayed/neutered, and spread the word about pet overpopulation. Human Society pet overpopulation estimates:

    Number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year:
    6-8 million (HSUS estimate)

    Number of cats and dogs euthanized by shelters each year:
    3-4 million (HSUS estimate)

    Number of cats and dogs adopted from shelters each year:
    3-4 million (HSUS estimate)

    Number of cats and dogs reclaimed by owners from shelters each year:
    Between 600,000 and 750,000 — 30% of dogs and 2-5% of cats entering shelters (HSUS estimate)

    Number of animal shelters in the United States:
    Between 4,000 and 6,000 (HSUS estimate)

    Percentage of dogs in shelters who are purebred:
    25% (HSUS estimate)

    Average number of litters a fertile cat can produce in one year: 3

    Average number of kittens in a feline litter: 4-6

    Average number of litters a fertile dog can produce in one year: 2

    Average number of puppies in a canine litter: 6-10

  59. Wow there is a lot of conflicting information here but at least you are all chatting.

    the Best thing to do is a little research … The net is full of free resources to find out about every aspect of a Dogs life.

    You can get photos so you know exact what breed looks like from and photos, descriptions and historical information on at and your can “fill in” any any of the missing information on items like Dog Food, Dog Training, Dog Health and Dog Care at … by creating your own personal PDF and keeping it for reference.

    Once that is done … it is time to got dog hunting at your favorite spots … see the postings above. Such as:
    Animal Shelter
    Animal Rescue
    Breeder ….
    or your next door neighbor. Their Dog maybe having puppies.

    Keep in mind, many people have their dog for many many years … so it is not a simple decision but a very enjoyable one.