Extreme close up!

Is this what a mouse sees seconds before being (licked and) eaten?Img_2724Click for an even larger image!Img_2692_2Alertly pointed out by Sparky, from the Shisso blog.



  1. okay, i don’t believe that close-up is real. those tongue-spikes look like the rubber things on your toothbrush for digging between teeth.

  2. That tongue! Oh my! It looks downright scary! I love the feel of a kitty’s tongue kissing on me all the same, though! 🙂

  3. Lilorfnannie says:

    that first one reminds me of how sometimes when I was a kid & we had cats, I’d look at the cat & he’d look like that, but with a bit of fang sticking out from the top. Killer cats!!! LOL

  4. Crikey, that tongue is downright plain scary. Not cute, not cute at all!


  6. Awesome! Cute _and_ functional!

    I have a lot of pictures of the insides of my cats’ noses and ears because they’re fascinated by the camera and just want to check it out when I’m trying to take their pictures.

  7. this makes me happy. kitties are so sweet.

  8. Oh, that tongue is intense.

  9. Great close up of the tounge!

  10. Extreme Close Up?



  11. That tongue is wayyy scary!

  12. Jan Snelling says:

    OH how cuuuuute!!! I wuv widdle kitties, and their cute widdle noses!

  13. Dustbunny says:

    Have I mentioned I welcome our new kittie overlords? Please don’t use that spiky tongue on me, Oh Great Feline Master!

  14. Oh no! The tongue is going to get me! Help!

  15. Wow, no wonder they get hairballs!!!

  16. I would pay good money for high-res prints of either of these photos. Fantastic shots, simply fantastic.

  17. I can smell the tuna breath goodness from here!

  18. That top photo looks just like my late cat…wonderful green eyes. 🙂

  19. jesus!

  20. Ohmygodsogross. As if I needed another reason to hate cats. Ew!

  21. It’s spelled tongue! T-O-N-G-U-E!
    Sorry, just one of my pet spelling peeves. Please carry on with the oohing and aahing : )

  22. If you’ve ever seen a cat stuck to a sweater by the tongue, this is why.

  23. but as for the first picture…
    that space between nose and lip.. that little cheek… that’s the best spot to be petted!!! (even for us bunnies)

  24. That tongue makes me itchy!!!

  25. What? This site is supposed to be all about over-the-top adorable. Leave the interesting or odd to someone else. I want to see little fluffy things, not a close up of a tongue. 😦

  26. wonderful pics…but not what I would call ‘cute’.

  27. Count me in with those who find this cute. The velvety kitty chin in shot 1, the pink nubbly tongue in shot 2, both made me smile. Then again I like a BIG cat as much as a little kitten.

  28. Eek…the tongue! The tongue! (Doesn’t come out right in print.)

  29. That tongue shot is way…way cool, and educational:) But I don’t think these pictures belong on this site…it’s not head popping cute. But it is kewl.

  30. WOW!

  31. Thats a neat picture! Im in vet school and in anatomy we looked at tongues under a microscope- but that by far looks better!

  32. I think that the owner of the tongue is cute enough that it totally belongs here. Besides, if Meg hadn’t blogged it, I wouldn’t have seen it. And I’m glad I saw it!

  33. AIEEeeeeeeeeee!

    *runs away*

    (So scawy!)

  34. That tongue is going to give me nightmares.

  35. i didn’t think “wow this is cute” when I saw this picture…I thought “wow – the composition of these photos and color balance are amazing. nice macro photography!” the cat’s cute, but the photos themsevles are better (of course being a photographer, I would notice something like that first. haha)

  36. that tongue looks like velcro.. and now i totally understand why my cats tongue feels so scratchy

  37. Amazing to see a cat’s tongue up close. No wonder it works so well!! Great photo for a biology class too.

  38. Great details!! Great shot!!

  39. my daughter and I just looked at this picture of the tongue. Then we looked over at our cat who was….licking his butt.

  40. I love my kitties…and other peoples kitties…but the close up of that tongue is so freakin’ icky it makes me squirm in my seat! AGGH!!

  41. The cat tongue: Is it cute? No. Is it my new desktop image, due to the lovely colors, nice composition and squicky detail? Yes.

  42. Hi, sorry for not talking about cuteness here, but I just got so curious about what camera you have used to take those photos? ;]

  43. Coooooooooooool.

  44. Wow.. that tongue is just.. whoa o__O” but the kitty is cute, it’s just that i’ve never seen a cat’s tongue that up-close. o__O”

  45. Thats one smug cat. “Yes, I know I am adorable, I am a cat.” Kittens have nothing on grown kitties!

  46. wat the hell is that?!?

  47. looking y r u guys looking at the tongue wat about the cat?

  48. Lots of up-side-down Kiss chocolates!!!

    (Some elongated…)

  49. First shot, one word: CUTE!!
    Second shot, one word: PAPILLAE!

    I admit, I got a little…ooked out…seeing the tongue shot

  50. Please, cats do not eat mice, they simply kill them.

  51. No way, man, I saw my cat eat a whole mouse once. Bones and all.

  52. cats DO eat rats. disgusting yet true.

    and the tongue, dontcha feel the roughness when ur little kitty cat licks ya?

    omg the close ups are so cuute ^o^

  53. I think this pictures are beautiful it more of Nature of what wild and pets are in their lives.

    This is the most beautiful close pictures i ever seen can you show me how to do those things? i mean what kind of camera do you have?. i would love to do those pictures to my kittens!! 😀 GOOD JOB!!

  54. WOW!

  55. http://www.shisso.org/

    The photographer is not happy about this…

  56. Great close-up!

  57. i feel like i know what it’s like to be a kitten now. grooming time!

  58. Awww….a cat’s tounge

  59. dark_moonlight says:

    big kiki go ROAR!!!

  60. oie!!!!achei essa página na internet….adorei!!!!
    sou louk por animais!!!!todas essas fotos são lindas!!!!

  61. Cats are cute. Cute is yummy. Yummy is edible. I want to eat it.

  62. Cats are cute. Cute is yummy. Yummy is edible. I want to eat it.

  63. 3g-pigowner says:

    thats just kreepy dude

  64. what kind of camera was the shot taken with? its excellent.
    the tongue one is nifty.

  65. that tongue is scarying me..help!

  66. Apparently the owner of the photo never gave permission for this to be shared; he has requested repeatedly that the large image be taken down or linked to HIS flikr, so it is appropriately credited/copyrighted there.

    So far I like this site, but I’m hesitant to keep participating if permissions are ignored. 😦


  68. pistache268 says:

    wah, the tongue! It’s got bristles on it.

  69. kellyrae says:

    This picture is sooooo good!!!

  70. Wow, very nice closeup shots

  71. RavishingRoberta says:

    No Wonder My Exfolliating Sessions Feel So Good. Thank You For The Picture

  72. Are you serious, ‘jizane’?

  73. wow. i own an oriental, and now I understand why a few licks are scrapping my skin to red. these little spikes are eeeeevil i tell you.

  74. Hey! Its called “Papillae”! Im doing my project on Cat’s.
    So, thats how I know! hehe.
    😉 Nice Site!!!