Shameless begging

OK, people—listen up! This is a shameless, embarrassing request. No, not quite as embarrassing as the toy Dachschund getting it on with the tabby kitten, but almost. Hey—vote for me in the Bloggies, will you? Today is the last possible day to vote, and I need your support, yo! Consider the following categories; Best Topical blog, Best American blog, best tagline? I don’t know. What do you think?

Enter "" for a Bloggie category here.



  1. I picked the ‘topical’ category, though ‘best theraputically wonderful weblog’ would have been more to the point.

  2. Hurray for Cute Overload…
    I am happy to vote!

  3. Voted!

  4. so have i.

  5. Beat you to it and voted for your site yesterday!

  6. Voted!

  7. Wow, only around for 2 months and ready to walk away with an award – is that fair to the bloggers who worked all year?

  8. Okay, voted! Nomimated you for Best Writing (the captions are priceless), Most Humorous (ditto above), and Best American. LOVE this Blog!! I always am surprised, and occasionally have an all-out snort-giggle moment. Rock on!

  9. Done! althougth wouldn’t you stand a better chance if everbody voted for cuteoverload in the same category?

  10. The 2006-Bloggie’s site is currently down, but I’ll go vote for you when they fix it, even though you have completely and totally ruined my street cred with your large-footed bunnies and watermelon-snarfing geckos.

    The cuteness. It burns.

  11. Beauregard says:

    Done! Best new and topical and something else. Anyway, good luck!

  12. Definitely Best Topical 🙂 You got my vote. Good Luck!

  13. My vote is in! I voted for you in ‘best topical.’

  14. I submitted for Topical!
    Woo! Go Cute Overload!

  15. Catherine says:

    Done! I went with topical as well 🙂

  16. voted in topical.
    i wuv you.

  17. I voted in “best topical”

    Of course it’s fair, Marcus!!! If she’s around for only two months and kicks the ass of people around all year, then GOOD! Because this is one of the best blogs out there!

  18. I voted for photography and new.

  19. NNOOooooooo!!! I am one day late!! Damn me for skipping a day of cuteness! Never again.

  20. All taken care of! 🙂


  21. Voting still works~ I just did some nominating 😀

  22. Done! Voted for you in about 5 categories. If nothing else, I hope those judges look at your site and swoon, like I do!
    Please continue to feed us the cute.

  23. Voted!

  24. I voted because I love this site. It is a feel good site and I go to it daily. I mean come on — can you have a bad day after looking at these pics? Kudos!

  25. CreepyGroovy says:

    Done, and happily! I nominated you for Best Topical weblog.

  26. I did before I even read this post!

  27. Woods walker says:

    It is nice to look at something that is cute. So here is my vote.

  28. yankeebird says:

    I may be too late to vote, but I don’t think I’m too late to tell you the pooch in the picture is a chihuahua, not a toy dachsund.

  29. Yup, NOT a dachsund. Glad someone else caught that.

    But cuuuuuute!