Mini chomp

Proving that carbs never went out of style, this lil’ dude can’t open his hamster mouth wide enough. But he’s gonna try.Mike_1Click the image for full detail. Bravely submitted by alert reader Mike. [High five, bro]



  1. AAAAAAAAGH! I want one!

  2. too much salt for his sysytem. i’m concerned

  3. aw, hunny!

  4. YAAAAWN dis cuuuuutie looks sooo tired . . . someone should cuddle with him ´til hes asleep . . .

  5. *melting*

    That is the sweeeeeeeeeeetest little hammie I’ve ever… ever… *pant* *pant*


  6. Is that a super tiny hamster or does that guy have a giant hand? What’s going on?!?!

  7. who is this mike character and why does he have so many small creatures available to be photographed in his palm? should i come over and hold them in my palm too?

  8. that is by far the cutest thing i ave ever seen. it’s definitely cute overload for me.

    i really really want one now.

  9. S:

    The subject of the picture appears to be feasting on a Baked Lays™ so it should be fine…

    … although the fact that the chips are bigger than him/her/it concerns me.

  10. Awwwww he’s just too tired and teeny to eat that! God Bless him for being so cute!

  11. little teeny nose… little teeny mouth… why are small things soooooo cute??

  12. I always loved hamster and I knew that they’re very cute, but this is really to much. It’s a real cute overload. Man, I want one of them, too.

  13. soooo cute and sweet i want it for a pet it was that cute a cried. well thats it from me bye.

  14. Aw, the li’l feller’s saying Grace!

    “…Dear God, I thank you for the wondrous bounty before me. Please don’t let me be eaten by the cat. Amen.”

  15. Beauregard says:

    Oh Bejebus! I just went into a cute coma!

  16. Guh… *dies of cute*

  17. if only my hamster was as cute it is so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    i have to have one now

  18. xiaolongnu says:

    Dude, that’s not a potato chip, that’s a cornflake.

  19. Aw he’s so cute i wanna hug him and hug him foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ohhhhhhh u cute hamster u made my day y thank u ill find ur cozin and bring him back

  21. ohhhhhhh u cute hamster u made my day y thank u ill find ur cozin and bring him back

  22. You have *got* to be kidding me.

    I had no idea they made hamsters that small!

  23. I want to give him kisses, but he’s so small, I’m afraid it’d squish him! Excuse me while I go into a coma from the cuteness….

  24. What? Are you kidding me? ….trying….to….type…head….exploded…..from….cuteness…..

    This is the best website in the entire universe.

  25. ok i admit it its cute

  26. now back to hateing more pics

  27. i thought if you touched baby hamsters and then put them back in their cage, the mommy hamster would eat them? i hope this isn’t so… that li’l thing is capital-p precious.

  28. curlygirly says:

    ohmigosh 🙂 cuteoverload is the bestest site ever!! and the little hammy is adorwable – who knew they could be that tiny???

  29. Aw! Cute hamster!

    Love your site! So many photos! Just wondering, how many GB’s of bandwidth do you need each month?

  30. omg, *melts*

  31. tigerlily says:

    OMG talk about eating out of the palm of your hand! LOL Awwww sooo cute…and soooooooo vewwy vewwy sweepyyyyyyyy snoozeeeeeeeeeeeeee alarm! LOL

  32. Wow…very cute! Now I want chips!

  33. No longer are we allowed to eat our food, but spruce it up nicely or ever which way and stick a cute furry thing infront of it. XD

  34. aDORubble!!!

    (tho i think its a gerbil, rather than a hamster!)

  35. milkpanzer says:

    I almost stopped breathing for a moment this guy is THAT CUTE.

  36. I am concerned about that greasy, salty snack in front of him. I don’t thing hamsters that young can even eat solid food like that. With that aside…what a cuuuuuuute little baby, he’s just so itty bitty and shweet. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  38. That’s it…I had a overdose cuteness!!

  39. thats a roborovski hamster, they have litle white eyebrows and mustaches but are otherwise about the same as dwarf hamster..too cute


  41. He’s so *tiny*! He’s so *Cute*! I wanna kiss his widdle nose.

  42. My heart will melt looking at such cutie!

  43. its so sweet … but i´ve a question! do you understand german if i say hi leute was geht ab ??


  45. I think my blood sugar level just reached it’s highest point ever in my LIFE. This website should have a WARNING FOR DIABETICS!!!!!!

  46. New to the site!

    This is one of my most favorite pictures ever! It’s too cute to be real!

  47. Where’s its mother?! This little guy is too young to be touched by human hands. Human scent on hamster babies can make their mothers eat them! 😦

  48. my manliness just went down a bit…

  49. my manliness just went down a bit…

  50. Tooo cuuute … must … avert … eyes …….

  51. *dies from the cuteness*

    As an aside for everyone worried about the hamster being too young to handle: don’t worry. I’ve been around many litters of rodent babies, and have handled them as young as a day old, and the mother has NEVER rejected, eaten, or otherwise had a problem with the baby afterwards. Chill out and enjoy the cuteness! 🙂

  52. omg how dou get that cute u shweet littlehamster

  53. It looks like it’s about to sneeze or yawn, it’s absolutely adorable, next to one of the kitten ones, this has got to be my favorite!

  54. AWWWW!!! now someone take me to the hospital before my heart stops. oh,wait, it just did…

  55. omg no fair i sent that picture in 😦 hahaha. oh well. i guess he beat me to it.

    anyway, isn’t it ADDOOORABBLLEEe <3

  56. I would be scared of cuddling with that baby. He/she’s so little I’m afraid of breaking something…gah…He could live in my bag of cotton balls^^

  57. whats wrong with it? why is it so small? i worry for its health… SUPER CUTE THOUGH!

  58. AWWWW!!!



  59. Oh my gawsh! THAT IS……………..SO DARN CUTE omigawsh! I want iT 🙂 *hugglies and snugglies it!* ^-^

  60. pistache268 says:

    That is the tiniest thing ever.

  61. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!

  62. That’s it. I just died. And I don’t mind.




  65. hello… dont relly know u , 2 cute ur hamster…

  66. did he/she enjoythe tiny cracker? lol .i could hardly tell there was a animal in the pic. have a good one with your lil pet!!!

  67. caca

  68. OMG!, i have 2 dwarf Hamsters and They’re Both Pregnant!:D i cant wait for them to Have babies!