Let’s check the mailbag!

Pencil_2SUBJECT: Damn you to hell!Thanks. Thanks a lot.I spent years, possibly decades, honing my post-modern ironic cynicism to a fine point. I went to grad school. I wrote a thesis. I smoked, I drank straight whiskey, I guzzled coffee like there was no tomorrow. Confronted with “cute”, I would raise one eyebrow, sneer ever so slightly, and nod with a palpable sense of ennui. “Riiiiiight,” I would comment, “cute.”Gone, now. All gone. All that work, ruined with a single “awwwwwwwwwww.” I want my money back.Distraught,JD Henry



  1. What can I say? Cuteness happens.

  2. I feel your pain, brother.

  3. I so feel your pain as well.

  4. Jacquilynne says:

    I’m maintaining my ironic cynicism in the face of cuteness by making this my desktop wallpaper:


    It’s both angry and adorable.

  5. I too must admit that my manly manness has felt the steely sweet sinue of a cutie pie fluffy-wuffykins at the very core of my most testosterone laden being. My therapist will no doubt hear all about it one day.

  6. get a job u nob

  7. get a job u nob

  8. u need a job man far

  9. get a shag u hag

  10. u tell him dub

  11. lol

  12. oh and go mia

  13. you and mia have the same email address.

  14. or nearly. what’s the deal?

  15. ROFLMAO!!!

  16. hey adrianna shutup mia’s my sis

  17. i say its time for post-post modernism (endorsing cuteness)

  18. Sabrina Rivera says:

    What’s wrong with cuteness? What the crap! WHY are you drinking coffee and whiskey and smoking LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW?!?!?!?! You offend me with your insult to cuteness!! And HOW did you loose EVERYTHING with the word “Awwww”??? Well- Nevermind. I dont understnd you.Why am I posting. Oh great I’m posting.