Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes and noses

…are instantly cute. I submit to you; “Chicken” the Pomeranian. A delightful little fellow, who travels by purse, and delights everyone he meets with his 5 pounds of energetic fluff. He’s the perfect example of a wet nose and eyes. You can almost hear him as he’s whisked away—”Listen, I’ve had it with the close-ups—this show is over!”Chicken_1[Click the image to see the glisten!]Chicken2Thank you, Mary and Daveeda!



  1. In the second photo he kind of looks like Michael Jackson.

  2. This is nearly toooo cute. Or is there such a thing? He’s adorable.

  3. He reminds me of my little Pom, Trout [yes, that was his real name], who died about a year ago. Poms are wayyyy too cute for their own good damnit!

  4. I do believe this is the first photo on here that I didn’t find completely cute. I actually hate that breed of yappy little dog. More bunnies, please.

  5. Dustbunny says:

    Speaking of yappy little dogs, did anybody see the story recently about the cop who was attacked by “angry chihuahuas” and got bitten on the ankle? I’m not making this up!

  6. Ah, what we have her is a troll with no ambition but to behave like a complete jerk and ruin the mood. Of course, while bravely hiding behind an oh-so-witty fake URL.

    Sorry–let me introduce myself. *extending hand* Denita TwoDragons of TinyVille, Texas; new reader and slobbering fan of this site, husband found this place and we’ve been checking it every day since. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  7. Not cute. Little (full-grown) dogs should be banned from the site.

  8. Beauregard says:

    Sheesh people, take the stick out your booties’. Some people, me and millions of other small dog owners, think Chicken is pretty dern adorable. No one expects everyone to like him, but why do you have to be such asses about it to Meg? I don’t like frogs, but when they are posted, I don’t start laying down insults.

  9. Oh, bring it!

  10. Aw, I love Pomeranians! The cute theme should be extended to the Comments section. Squeeing only please. No need to express meanness and ruin the mood as Denita said.

  11. “Yuck, he’s an ugly little bugger. Should be zipped inside that bag and thrown off a bridge.”


    And frogs rock, let’s see more frogs and less small dogs crossed-bred with rodents. ^^

  12. Aw man! I need my cuteness fix. Stopit Mr. Troll.

  13. Ahh! Poms are so cute. I’d have one if I was not allergic to them. I think both pics of Chicken are great. So cute! (He matches the bag rather nicely, too!)

  14. I believe the comment section is here so that we may express our opinion. And sometimes that opinion might be negative.

    P.S. More frogs! More penguins!


  16. I want to cry from the mean-ness. I think Poms are adorable, loveable and CUTE!! So there!

  17. Something to keep in mind, please: cute is SUBJECTIVE. Anything you think is cute, someone else is guaranteed not to, and vice versa. So just because you personally think something is totally uncute does NOT mean it should be banned from the site. And please don’t be a jerk about it. I mean, really. *pokes mean people with a stick*
    *I* happen to think it’s an adorable dog. (But that is me. I certainly don’t consider myself the universal arbiter of cute, as I think EVERYTHING is cute and have been known to squee over clams and leeches in the past.)

  18. Thank you VaCKo! The cuteness of round, plump animnals is mostly lost on my (but Chicken has a cute snout,eyes and nose). But cute is indeed SUBJECTIVE.

    This blog search for all kind of common and uncommon cuteness so you have to tolerate your personal ‘uncute’ animals. Do not flame them. Just praise your personal ‘cute’ animals.

  19. Im not flaming, and I’m not trolling, but i am expressing what I like and don’t like. Why? Not to upset anyone else, but because I’d like my voice heard as to what I’d like to see more and less of on Cute Overload.

    (And I would never say that a Yap-Yap should be “zipped inside that bag and thrown off a bridge.” I might agree with that statment, but I would never say it out of respect for the yappy dog lovers on the site.)

  20. While I agree with your desire for more frogs and more penguins,I think wanting to ban all little (full-grown) dogs
    is a bit ‘flaming’. Sure, cute flaming, but still. . . 🙂

  21. Part of the problem with these pictures, and one of the reasons they don’t live up to the accepted standards of cuteness, is that the dog is clearly in a poor temper — and possibly in mid-growl — in the second picture. NOT CUTE. It just isn’t. The first pic is fine, and even though I personally don’t find little dogs cute, it isn’t offensive. But the second picture IS kind of offensive, because a dog in a snippy mood just isn’t adorable. Really.

  22. I just find this little Pom absolutely adorable…and find people who are saying to throw it off a bridge and etc… that maybe they should look at themselves…probably that little one would think the same about them 🙂

  23. moist eyes might, MAYBE, possibly be cute, but RHEUMY eyes are most definitely NOT.

    moist nose, MAYBE cute, runny nose, NOT cute.

    little dogs like that make my eyes itch.

  24. Beauregard says:

    I am glad people have relaxed a little with Chicken here. Billy K, speaking for only for myself of course, yours was the only comment I deemed appropriate. You just said that you didnt think it was cute and you’d rather see other animals. I think that’s fine and I think most people don’t have a problem with that as it will allow Meg to know what kind of things people want to see. I think some of us are just annoyed that some people were talking about things like drowning poor little Chicken just because they didn’t like him. Cute overload should always be for fun and heartwarming things; if I wanted to hear arguements and insults, I’d just go back to real life.


  26. hmm, it appears cute overload is suffering a bit of a meltdown in the comments department. may i remind some of you that pomeranians and other yappy types of breeds that are likely to annoy people are still not without their cute factor:

  27. Thanks Billy K.

  28. Dustbunny says:

    Yappy little dogs are not my favorites either, although they do look cute. I try to stay away from ’em, because I don’t want to be bitten in the ankles. And speaking of which, don’t miss the yappy little dog story of the year:

  29. I happen to have a very adorable black pom with a white snout. I don’t perticularly care if other people think she is cute. She is also NOT yappy In fact I had to teach her to bark so I would know when someone was at the door. But my dog is fat and weighs about 15 lbs about double what she should weigh But we love her so much she is just like our baby. She is extremely cute to us and we do matter so keep the adorable poms coming. In fact all dogs are cute in thier own ways so dogs should be acceptable just bucause some one probably loves them. Thanks for all the adorable pics the world needs as much cuteness as possible.

  30. chihuahua attack! omg.

  31. Look, I prefer my canine companions large enough to bowl down an attacker if need be, but I still think cute is cute. As to what Meg posts on HER site, I think that’s HER business.

    You don’t go to a restaurant and rip the owner a new one just because they didn’t serve YOUR personal favorite soup every day. Meg doesn’t have to cater to every individual taste. If you don’t like what she posted, wait until something comes along that you like. Otherwise, start your OWN site and post what appeals to YOU. Why the HECK do some people think they have exclusive blog-content consulting rights?!

    Now, let’s all just relax and enjoy the cuteness, mmkay…? C’mon, this isn’t a forum, this is a Comments thread.


  32. For the record, when I said he looked like Michael Jackson, that didn’t mean I didn’t think he was cute.

  33. That second shot is a very good shot. Good composition, and that dog is simply adorable.

  34. Woods walker says:

    Dustbunny if you are afraid of ankel biters wear boots.

  35. Hey Meg,

    Did you ever consider disabling comments? I hardly ever read them, but when I do it always ruins the pictures by reading all of the unnecessary negativity that people feel the need to share. I think this blog is awesome, but it’s not really the kind that needs a forum for people to post their opinions on every entry.

  36. I hart comments and could never disable them. No problem with the negativity; i think throwing Chicken off a bridge is a hilarious comment! Can’t you picture him yapping all the way down like a cartoon? It’s simply funny, and not real life. The other comment is lame, I agree. I’ll take that off.

    The comments on this blog are brilliant, engaging, funny, sometimes negative, sometimes positive, and all entertaining. Let’s not forget this is a silly blog, and silly comments are fine. If people post super crazy stuff, I can always hand-pick and delete, but very few have chosen to do that. Vive le Comments!


  37. Dustbunny says:

    I like reading the comments. Don’t disable them because of a few *&%$heads! Just don’t feed the trolls, people, and they’ll go away eventually to bother someone else.

  38. I happen to find many types of animals, including tiny dogs, cute. I just don’t find this particular pom cute. But, it did save me from having my head explode from too much cuteness. I find this picture to be something to cleanse the palate before moving on to further cuteness.

  39. Cute is not the word. In my house we tend to refer to yappy little dogs as “cat food”

  40. Rule 16: An animal in a container is cute.

  41. Paris Hilton should be zipped inside that bag and thrown off a bridge.

  42. “Paris Hilton should be zipped inside that bag and thrown off a bridge”

    I think that’s something that large dog lovers and small dog owners can all agree on 🙂

  43. Oh, come ON people!! You are all acting so immature, The comments section is for COMPLIMENTS, not put-downs!! You people should be ashamed!! Can’t you clearly see that whether this dog is cute or not is a matter of opinion? And besides, I never thought I would EVER find a website filled with such immature people!! Shame on you!!!!!

  44. I agree with Lee. Paris Hilton is so effin’ retarded, She got rid of her Chihuaua JUST so she could get a smaller dog. God, that is SO mean!!

  45. Heh, not surprised that scroll down to the bottom of the post only to see a comment bout Paris Hilton. Dogs should not be carried around unless they are a few weeks old. This picture does not belong on this post. Small, Yippy dogs do not classify as cute. There are some very unique, cute pics on this board, so i qusetion why we have to tarnish it with these overally cliche picks of a known annoying dog breed. for shame!

  46. cool dude dog lover says:

    I happen to think that he is EXTREMELY cute. I love those little dogs. And to all the people who think he’s ugly, you, your pet and your mother are too!


  48. That gus has got it right. That dogs SICK!

  49. I think he’s simply ‘anerable’ cue borrowed word from Meg <33

    Anyways, it IS all just a matter of opinion, and I don’t think anyone has a right to bash others in because of their opinions.

    But my opinion: It’s cute! It’s not a rat! And we shouldn’t drown it. o_O